PlayStation Plus Coming to PS Vita, Online Game Save Storage Getting Upgraded

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PlayStation Plus Coming to PS Vita, Online Game Save Storage Getting Upgraded

Since its inception, PlayStation Plus has delivered a strong value to PlayStation gamers. We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground and asking Plus members “What would you like to see added to PlayStation Plus?”

Today, I’m happy to share the news that was announced at Gamescom: PlayStation Plus is coming to PS Vita this year, and Online Game Saves are getting a giant upgrade in September.

PlayStation Plus New Features

We will also deliver PlayStation Plus, which is currently available for PS3 users, to PS Vita users this year. By purchasing a membership to PlayStation Plus, PS Vita users will be able to enjoy various services which will become available exclusively for members.

PlayStation Plus New Features

Additionally, we’re upgrading Online Game Save Storage. Previously, Online Game Saves offered up to 150MB of game save data storage in the cloud for PlayStation 3. With this update, Plus members will get to store up to 1GB of game save data. This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of space for your game save files!

We love hearing feedback from the community, so please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We recognize that PlayStation Plus is a big part of what gamers have come to love about gaming on PlayStation. If you think we’re stopping here, think again — we’ll continue to roll out more features and content for Plus members to make it the best way to get the most out of your PS3 and PS Vita.

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10 Author Replies

  • Considering that with Plus there might be a chance for the occasional free game, and the cross buy announcement and I’m more than sold. Also looks like I’m going to need the 32Gb memory card.

  • I don’t know about ” never have to worry about running out of space for your game save files”. If you are an avid Madden, NCAA, Fifa, The Show, and 2K gamer and play the franchise for those, you’ll run out of space. Having said that, this goes a long way towards credibility. 150MB was pretty low, 1GB is pretty good.

    If I were in charge, I would have 2GB+ for PS+ folks and 50MBs for us peasants. The peasants get a taste of the treat and will eventually want more anyways.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking, “TLF, 2GB? Are you crazy?” Well, no I’m not. Go to your gmail account. You get 10GB+ of storage for free and it’s always increasing. Used to be 7GB not too long ago and I’m using 3GB on my gmail account.

  • I’ve been waiting forever for this! Heck yeah I want 1gb cloud saves!

  • Ive been a Plus Member since day one. Ive only had to renew once so far ($100) and ive enjoyed hundreds if not thousands of content they offered from free games to discounts and DLC…but the 150MB limit is killing me. Glad its being bumped up to 1GB. between large saves like the Fallout Series, Oblivion, Dragon Age, etc those ate the cloud storage up fast. the not enough space warning everytime my system started from an auto update is an eye sore as well. Had to get sell my vita for financial reasons but once i get a replacement i will reap the benefits of plus there. thanks for the support.

  • Great Update. By the way, is there any chances of getting ps2 classics as freebies? :D

  • Really glad of being a ps+ member still squeezing all juice out of it

  • Sadly they are giving almost everything but what is wanted on the vita, more storage? Meh, give us the reason to pick up our psvitas and not leave them by the charger. Summer is ending in about a month tops. I have always been a sony fan but this genre just seems subpar on delivery.

  • Awesome! I’m glad I’ll have Playstation Plus on my Vita. Its a pity this announcement didn’t come with any specific details about what type of support we’d be seeing, though.

    The one thing I suggest you should do for Playstation Plus on Vita would be to allow ports of PS3 titles to be buy one, get both. I want the new Sly Cooper and I’m definitely picking up Playstation All Stars, but I REALLY do not want to buy them twice. I totally appreciated the decision to do this with Sound Shapes. I wasn’t originally going to pick that game up, but I just had to in order to show my support for that strategy. As a bonus, I found a totally awesome game that I’m really enjoying!

    I wish there was a way to send that type of feedback directly to the team at Sony Santa Monica, SCE, and Queasy Games, but I couldn’t actually find a way to do that.

  • Thanks for the extra storage. Is it effective immediately?

    Also, I like to see Vita get some support, though I don’t plan on getting one. I just hope the new benefits for Vita don’t take away from what we would normally get for the PS3.

  • Thank you guys for listening. Thank you for the gig…. I beyond needed it :3

  • I would like to know more details on the Vita support though :D>

    • Glad to know you’re excited, and we’ll be going into more details on Plus for Vita in the coming weeks.

  • I’ve been wanting more cloud storage for a while now Thank You so much!

  • This is great news. I’m down to around 6MB now and with all the Plus content over time, my Cloud Save space has become smaller and smaller. 1GB is fantastic news! I’m also glad to see that PS+ is finally going to extend to the Vita and that we won’t need a second subscription just for Vita.

  • I hope you don’t take away from the PS3 side of Playstation Plus in order to provide content for the Vita! While it’s a nice portable game system, I have no interest in getting one. I paid for PS3 content, not Vita content that I will never use!

  • i wonder if they r going 2 up the prices 4 plus subs. i hope not

  • I just renewed this week. Keep expanding the already amazing service.

  • Great, open up the can o’ worms. From now till Dec. 31 all we will be seeing is “When is it coming.” I’m already in so I look forward to the added bonus on top of an already fantastic Service/Perk. Don’t know why I ever hesitated joining Plus in the beginning. It has kept me busy month after month. A big thank-you from me on improving an already great service :)

  • I heard that you can only register 2 systems with your PSN account. Since you have 3 consoles that use PSN (PS3, PSP, PSV) you should increase that to 3 at least.

  • 1 gig.. highly appreciated since i have low space on my ps3 now. Thank you Sony! now only if Sony would sell original ps3 hard drive upgrades so i wont have to worry about buying some c#appy one lol

  • YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS! THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was hoping it will be upgraded to a GB, because 150mb just was not cutting it. In my opinion, this PS+ update is better than the instant collection update. Thanks again.

  • @67 You can register up to 2 PS3 systems and 2 handheld systems on a single PSN account…

  • Does a Vita need to be activated on the PS3 first to take advantage of PS+ Vita offers? I plan on remaining a PS+ member for years to come, but refuse to buy a Vita until it has a boatload of JRPGs and WRPGs. So, can we take advantage of PS+ Vita offers and perks now to save until later, or no?

  • Automatic cloud saves are one of my favorite benefits from being a Plus member. I was starting to run out of room myself and had to moderate which games I would back up based on file size. I did not think the file increase would jump from 150 MB to 1 whole GB. Once this gets updated I will go back through my catalog of games and make them all back up my saves. Thanks Sony for listening to your fans and giving us this service.


  • I want to extend my gratitude to all of you at Sony for everything that you do for us! I am so excited about everything that was announced today at Gamescom! Also, a huge “thanks” for including my beloved Vita on PS Plus, I outgrew my 4g and 8g memory cards pretty fast and I just upgraded to a 32g card and I am ready to fill it up!

  • Thank you Sony.. You guys are the best!!! These past announcements have been great. ..!

  • yes! i’ve been hoping that they increase the storage space…

  • 150 MB was a bad joke. I think I have approx. 700 MB of save files on my PS3. Therefore, 1 GB is the upgrade I have been waiting for.
    But why is there an upload limit anyway??? That is just bad marketing! Every cloud storage service offers you several gigabytes for free, while paying PS PLUS users get only 1 GB?
    You can only upload save files, so there is no risk that PS PLUS users will flood you expensive storage servers.
    Just remove the limit.

  • All-in-all awesome announcements–especially the storage bump-up, as that’s one of the primary reason I became a Plus member. I’ve most definitely been pining for that for WHILE, lol. Plus, I’m psyched for PSV addition to Plus, too!

  • Motorstorm Apoc.
    Dead Space 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    better games, better discounts, better prices… i just dont see how the USA Plus thinks it can do better than that EUR Plus … seriously what are you planning! Stop leaving us in the dark over here!

  • Cool idea! Though how does this work? Is there a satellite in space which saves the extra 1gb of data for ps plus users. If not, is it really in a cloud as the picture shows? Is it a comany secert? Overall, cant wait!

  • Is it true that not all games saves can be transferred to the Cloud? I

  • That news made my night!! I love playing both my PS3 & PS Vita, and appreciate the huge upgrade in the online game save :-)

  • @78

    I hear that!
    Sometimes it feels like the plan is to string us along for as long as possible and hope we renew before we figure it out.
    I really hope I’m wrong on this. Please prove me wrong Sony, please.

    Another thing, now that one PS+ sub will cover both PS3 and Vita, do you think we have any chance of having one sub cover 2 PS3s? I mean could we get automatic updates on a second PS3?

  • Free games + Cloud saves for Vita and I’ll be happy.

  • Will it be possible to subscribe to PS Plus without having a PS3? ( with the vita or pc )


    Will buy a psn+ BUT NOT US. Europe have better price, best discount, better free game and right now ps+ is at 25% discount why I will bother to buy a INFERIOR VERSION of playstation + in Us?

    Sorry but since June the game offer not so good. EU offer are EXTREMELY FAR better.

    Can I transfer my US account for a European account ?

  • Excellent

  • Europe just Borderlands for free as well. So that’s Deus Ex, Dead Space 2, Darksiders, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Red Dead Redemption, and now Borderlands.

    All while we’re getting bottom-tier PSN games like Gotham City Imposters and Bloodrayne….awesome, huh?

  • Is there a time frame with this update, or are we on a TBD release?

  • hey great news 4 me because all the games us ps+ members are getting in the next couple months this is really great news! cant wait for this update i just got new games! this is gonna help me out !

  • Its about time that the cloud space gets increased. We really didn’t have much space to begin with. I cant wait until this takes place. Hopefully we will see more new features coming to plus in the future.

  • It would be nice if Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited would be added to place to reap more benefits. If we could rent 1 movie per month in HD and use the Music Unlimited service it would be great.

    The reason I signed up for the plus was the following

    Cloud saves
    Automatic Update
    Free PSN games

    It is nice that we see some PS3 full games but I want to say again I really hope this month and next month we get some themes and avatars since I really liked that part of Plus. And it was nice getting them each month.

  • Thx for the 1 gig but too late for me I am done with psn+. DON’T SAY wait next month I have waited in july, and august. Foul me one but don’t foul me twice. I have 4 friend with psn+ and they will not renew it because of the game are not good and false adversing.

    I completely agree with DeathGazer @87. Psn US get bottom-tier PSN games and Europe Get AAA game.

    Since June I have download 0 games because you known …. In June, downloaded 3 games on the twelve so 3 games downloaded for 3 month is not good for me.

    Renegade Ops, Pac Man CE DX and Gotham City
    Walking dead only the first and the second + Outland BloodRayne Betrayal
    Deus Ex, Darksiders, MotorStorm Apocalypse,
    Dead Space 2, Borderlands, Red dead redemption

    Hmmm difficult choice right ?? NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Awesome. I stopped uploading alot of my saves because it just kept getting full. Now I no longer have to worry. And I have 2 ps3’s so I like to transfer save files around. I hope us PS+ users get some sweet vita deals. That way its not at risk of collecting dust.

  • I know what I would like from the functionality of Plus: Cloud Saving for PSP and minis titles.

    PSP game backup is obvious; same reasons you’d want it for PSN and PS3 games. But minis are a special case, since they (nearly) work on all the PlayStation Network’ed systems. I’d be a relief to just upload to the Cloud when done, and draw from the Cloud if I boot the gae up on a different device. No more worrying about which save file is the most recent, nor hassling with cables to transfer it. This, off course, would also require Cloud access from the PSP itself. Get on it, folks!

    Also, could we get the “check for updates” feature for minis? And, for that matter, allow the version number to be seen on PS3? I have to boot them onto my PSP the cross-check with, say,, just to make sure I didn’t miss an important update (such as with A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks!).

  • So you did my email about upgrading it to 1GB, now I’m wondering if you are going to make non Plus member be able to get 500mbs or something.

  • great news, i love the cross buy feature…. time to buy a new PS Vita memory card…

  • About time. lol.. sound somebody trying to get a raise around the psn place..

    vp-psn legionarre group

  • I’m wondering if you’ll be able to upload your Vita saves to the cloud too once PSN+ is active on the Vita?

  • Amen to this great news. The increased saves will definitely help me :)
    PS+ remains awesome!

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