PlayStation Plus Coming to PS Vita, Online Game Save Storage Getting Upgraded

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PlayStation Plus Coming to PS Vita, Online Game Save Storage Getting Upgraded

Since its inception, PlayStation Plus has delivered a strong value to PlayStation gamers. We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground and asking Plus members “What would you like to see added to PlayStation Plus?”

Today, I’m happy to share the news that was announced at Gamescom: PlayStation Plus is coming to PS Vita this year, and Online Game Saves are getting a giant upgrade in September.

PlayStation Plus New Features

We will also deliver PlayStation Plus, which is currently available for PS3 users, to PS Vita users this year. By purchasing a membership to PlayStation Plus, PS Vita users will be able to enjoy various services which will become available exclusively for members.

PlayStation Plus New Features

Additionally, we’re upgrading Online Game Save Storage. Previously, Online Game Saves offered up to 150MB of game save data storage in the cloud for PlayStation 3. With this update, Plus members will get to store up to 1GB of game save data. This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of space for your game save files!

We love hearing feedback from the community, so please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We recognize that PlayStation Plus is a big part of what gamers have come to love about gaming on PlayStation. If you think we’re stopping here, think again — we’ll continue to roll out more features and content for Plus members to make it the best way to get the most out of your PS3 and PS Vita.

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10 Author Replies

  • Well this is a decent post. Increased game save space is fantastic! Don’t know why it took so long (some games have 30mb individual save files after all). But better late than never.

    Sad to see it’s not until September tho. My Plus runs out at the end of this month and I wasn’t planning to renew.

    This is the first thing in almost 3 months to make me think it might be worth renewing my Plus (game save space) so good job on that.

    But the lack of detail on upcoming Plus deals be it for Vita or PS3 still makes me hesitate to renew when the last time I renewed, I’ve regretted ever since.

    Could you perhaps add an option to the PSN to buy one month of Plus at a time? The vast decline in Plus quality/content is disheartening, but I would risk buying 1 more month of it to see the September changes. Just can’t justify buying 3 months at a point where I’ve had about 2.5 months of let downs.

  • Great additions but I have to ask any chance I’ll ever be able to activate my auto-update on my other PS3. I have 2 systems and game on them both depending on if I’m in the living room or upstairs however only one will auto-update it’s kind of annoying.

  • I would also like the ability to have a second (at least) device added to the auto-update. I have s PS3 in my home-office that I use 30% of the time and it would be nice to have it on the auto-update, but I can’t on my plus subscription.

  • VITA gets better and better i think and plus for vita wow…What a nick of time for that 1GB of game save data, i was running out!!

    Sony u just keep making Playstation better and better keep up the great work!

  • I hope that plus on your account is enough, and not having to add plus for Vita and PS3. But over all I am relly impressed by what Sony has announced in the last few days

  • yes i am glad Sony stopped ignoring the vita because their not selling. I have 1 so focus on us that have a vita but this is a great addition plus i will get it next month

  • About time. I sent Sony a recomdation for the increased save space 6 months ago after I had to delete some game saves.

  • This announcement plus finally bringing PSone game support to Vita may get me to finally make the switch from my PSP to the Vita.

    Also, I have heard that Sony killed it at Gamescom. Any chance at getting the entire press conference put on the blog ? I would love to watch that.

  • I missed the live stream :(
    and when I went to that article now, there isn’t a way to watch it again now that it is over.

  • P.S. Love the Cross-buy promotion.
    That sold me on Vita. I will definitely pick it up once those games come out.

  • I’m like, way late on commenting but I just wanted to say… Finally! I’ll actually be able to allow certain games I restricted because of their stupid large size or upload, especially those that I couldn’t copy to a flash drive thanks to the stupid copy protection.

  • I understand the advantages for Plus on PS3, but besides the Data storage what other benefits will the Vita get?

  • there’s any way to change to psn+ europe? :(

  • wow I feel spoiled being a ps plus member now!! Now come on give me some ps2 classics for free and that’ll make me feel real spoiled!!

  • This is great news! I have been out of room for some of my saves on the cloud for a while now. Smaller ones will still upload, but I have some larger saves that just will not fit! I hope we get some full game trials and similar features that we have on the PS3 because there are so many Vita games that I’m not sure about, it would be great to be able to play them for an hour and get a good view of what it’s like.

  • This is great news , but playstation you guys need realize that if you give more FULL PS3 GAMES & NOT DUMB PSN GAMES , YOU WILL HAVE MORE MEMBERS , WHICH MEANS MORE MONEY !! , why is eu getting better games we have not gotten a full ps3 games since ? june , something to think about , next month is gonna be all on the line for me , if we get psn games again , i will not purchase ps+ again

  • PLEASE READ >>>>>> now i hear eu is getting red dead , next month , GIVE US EITHER KILLZONE 3 OR GOD OF WAR 3 , YOUR CHOICE , AND PLAYSTATION PLUS SALES WILL INCREASE !


  • For us PS+ users without Vitas, can we still get free Vita games and discounts and other stuff for in the future for when we do buy a Vita? Or do we have to buy a Vita before we can get in on the PS+ Vita deals?

  • I would love it if on Day 1 of the PS+ integration I could play all of my PSN games (Walking Dead, Sideway NY, etc.) on the Vita. I would run out and buy one if that’s the case.

  • @ 120

    YES! Yes please, add the ability to play many more PSN games on Vita. I don’t understand why we can’t play most if not all PSN games on Vita.

    What PSN/PS3 games or remote play is possible on Vita?

  • Thank you! I have been a Plus subscriber since it started, and have been pleased with its growth. The Instant Games idea is BRILLIANT. Even with some of them on disc, having them right on the HD is awesome. Glad I upgraded to a 1TB!

    I do not use as much game save spaces most of you, but now I really won’t be concerned!

    The Vita Plus opportunity just makes Plus all the more sweet. Sony definitely should fold some Vita games into the Instant Game Collection, and I look forward to discounts on new games moving forward!

    Keep up the good work!

  • @119
    You can DL games and other media to your PS3, then connect the Vita to transfer. So you should absolutely be able to stock up on Vita items and hold them until you buy a Vita.

    Don’t forget that last statement, either… Buy a Vita!

    I play on it more than my PS3 lately!

  • @123

    thanks for the response. Well, I cannot buy a Vita until it has turn based JRPGs. So far there isn’t anything I want.

    Uncharted Golden Abyss would be good for a single playthrough and then what, and I’m not sure about Gravity Rush. No other announced games interest me, since there’s no AAA blockbuster RPGs. I’m waiting for a PS1 Final Fantasy styled Final Fantasy and not current gen Fail Fantasy crap, I’m waiting on a D Souls Vita, Mass Effect Vita, Fallout Vita, brand new Tales of…Vita, Legacy of Kain Vita, Baldur’s Gate Vita, Diablo Vita, Hitman Vita, Knights of the Old Republic Vita, Xenogears 2 Vita, Chrono Trigger 2 Vita, Breath of Fire Vita, Monster Hunter Vita, etc.

    Those are the types of games that will force me to buy a Vita. As of this moment I cannot say that any Vita games are must haves for me. I am severely let down by current gen gaming.

  • Thank you for the new updates! :D Go Sony! Glad I’m a Playstation Plus subscriber :D

  • As it is now I will NOT renew my subscription, the September instant game collection will make or break my decision. I’ll tell you what will mean more to me than all of this, FULL PS3 TITLES NOT PSN TITLES. Hear us, your lively hood is speaking, SCEA.

  • well it good for people who are playstation plus members
    and the extra space is good to

  • but i really want is playstation one game on the psvita more then plus and one or two playstation 2 game on the psvita

  • This is awesome news!!! been dreading a larger cloud storage capacity for awhile now. Also these are for the haters who are about to sign out of plus

    Don’t you realize that it’s the summer and nothing big and epic comes out. Only during the Fall through Spring. Thats when the big titles come out whether it’s Full PS3 game or Retail PS3 game. Who knows maybe for Back to school month they’re be an awesome Full Free PS3 game.

  • Wow. 1GB, finally. Never thought I’d see the day. Thanks! Now I can stop deleting rosters from the cloud every time they get copied over.

  • Nice!!!!!!!! im new on plus and they gave me this hell yeahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ps Plus makes a lot of difference i lm loving it

  • finally.

  • Great increase on the Cloud storage. But I will wait for my ‘US PS+ to expire at the end of this month and won’t renew it. I agree with some of the members here – ‘US’ is definitely getting shafted here. I will be going for the EU version instead.

  • Groovy! Since I was thinking about getting a Vita. Having PlayStation Plus on the vita will be a great benefit to me.

  • Woooooo. I’m psyched. I just cracked and finally bought a 32 gig card for vita, put some money in my wallet. Gimme gimme on the 1.8 update. And gimme gimme the plus for vita. Please tell me it’s coming sooner than later. I’m hard up for some good games on plus for vita.

  • this afternoon finally will have some news

  • Holy crap one 1 GB thats more then what xbox live gives thats awesome

  • This looks very promising, I just signed up for PS+ last month after waiting and researching all the benefits. As soon as I found out there are FREE games i jumped on it and signed up for 3 months, and so far I am LOVING it!!

    I was a little disappointed that Plus had not been integrated for the Vita yet, but this obviously changes everything.

    If PS+ for Vita is as sweet as Plus is for PS3 then I will definitely renew and upgrade my subscription for a year of Plus. Looking forward to some sweet FREE content for my Vita =)

  • This is my first post, I read that we might be able to play games we have on our ps3 on our vitas, will be possible, because i would love to play the last of us on my vita

  • just awesome! I’m joining PS Plus now!

  • I would love an XMB on the Vita and saving to the cloud is just sweet from a vita.

  • Will Dark Cloud to PS2 Classics? I really wanna replay it.

  • Is there going to be as many games for the vita as playstation on plus?

  • I have a question. I have to be permanently connected to Internet to play games downloaded for free in PLUS or exists a validation period to be renewed periodically? This period is based for each game individualy or is account-based? Thanks for help.

  • @145 Its account based it doesnt matter when you get the game. You still only get it from the time you activate untill it expires

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