PlayStation Plus Coming to PS Vita, Online Game Save Storage Getting Upgraded

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PlayStation Plus Coming to PS Vita, Online Game Save Storage Getting Upgraded

Since its inception, PlayStation Plus has delivered a strong value to PlayStation gamers. We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground and asking Plus members “What would you like to see added to PlayStation Plus?”

Today, I’m happy to share the news that was announced at Gamescom: PlayStation Plus is coming to PS Vita this year, and Online Game Saves are getting a giant upgrade in September.

PlayStation Plus New Features

We will also deliver PlayStation Plus, which is currently available for PS3 users, to PS Vita users this year. By purchasing a membership to PlayStation Plus, PS Vita users will be able to enjoy various services which will become available exclusively for members.

PlayStation Plus New Features

Additionally, we’re upgrading Online Game Save Storage. Previously, Online Game Saves offered up to 150MB of game save data storage in the cloud for PlayStation 3. With this update, Plus members will get to store up to 1GB of game save data. This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of space for your game save files!

We love hearing feedback from the community, so please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We recognize that PlayStation Plus is a big part of what gamers have come to love about gaming on PlayStation. If you think we’re stopping here, think again — we’ll continue to roll out more features and content for Plus members to make it the best way to get the most out of your PS3 and PS Vita.

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10 Author Replies

  • What services will be available for Vita users?

  • I was starting to run out of save space. This’ll get here just in the nick of time!

  • Will we be able to upload our Vita saves to the cloud as well?

  • It’s about time! I’ve been out of space for a bit now, the FFXIII-2 save file is a space hog!

  • That sounds pretty cool. 150 mb doesn’t seem like much anyway, 1gb is more like it. I think I’m gonna sign up for PS+ very soon, after I install my 500gb hard drive. Thanks for the upgrade Sony, makes PS+ way more appealing to me now.

  • I’ve had to prune my online saves many times, so this is great news! It sure would be nice to have a couple more options for cloud saves, though — not just “automatically copy all saves for this game to the cloud” and “do nothing”, but something like “keep copies of the five most recent saves in the cloud” so that games with huge save files don’t eat up too much space but still get automatically backed up.

    As to Plus for the Vita, this is FANTASTIC news! Will it be a separate subscription, or will those of us who are already Plus members and own Vitas automatically get Plus for the Vita as soon as it rolls out?

  • I’ve been meaning to ask, if your PS+ subscription runs out, what happens to your save files?

  • This is absolutely WONDERFUL NEWS!
    Please allow us to transfer saves back and forth without having to wait 24 hours.

    Thank you.

  • The cloud storage was one of the primary reasons I signed up for PS+. After I filled up my 150 MB I started begging for more space. Thanks Sony!

  • In a day full of great PlayStation news, the size increase for cloud storage is the best thing I’ve heard all day! (and that’s saying something)

    I had stopped using it, because of the annoying “online storage full” startup messages, but now I can turn those auto uploads back on!

  • 1GB is a ton of storage space for saves! (^_^)

  • Just to confirm, if we already have a PS+ membership on the PS3 we won’t have to purchase a separate membership for the Vita right? It’s a packaged deal?

  • is the us region getting red dead redemption next month for the instant game collection or is that just the europe region?

  • How about retail PS3 games added to the SCEA PlayStation Plus IGC just like Europe has been adding to their collection.

  • Is this separate from the PS3 PSN Plus?

    I will really like to purchase the membership for my Vita but I wouldn’t one to pay for this if it is the same as the PS3 version, as I do not own a PS3.

    I’d be missing out on PS3 content and only paying for half the experience. It would be great if there was an option for separate owners.

  • We have to wait until September for this 1GB? Really? This should be available today when the announcement was made.

    Why can’t this just integrate with a real cloud storage provider like Dropbox (2GB) or Google Drive (5GB)?

    With that said, I am extremely happy for this much needed and overdue upgrade, I had more than 150MB the day PS+ Cloud Saves rolled out. I’m just glad I had less than 150MB of those asinine protected saves so when I get both of my 60GB systems back from repair/replacement I will have all my saves.

  • I’m all over this. I’ve sat on the sidelines loving what I see about PS+, but haven’t yet indulged, but now that it supports TWO of my systems, I’m all over it.

  • Very excited to hear what we’ll be getting for PS+ on our Vitas. Fantastic news!

  • Will you ever open up paid options for storage for PS+ members or otherwise? I can pay 20 dollars a year to google and get 80GBs worth of storage. Seems like you’d be selling yourself short making this option only for PS+ members and not offering a 1-10 dollar per year fee for non members.

  • I really hope that the Plus extension to Vita is not a separate entity. I’m already a Plus member – have been since day one and would like to see it extended to Vita as a single package so that if I pay $50 per year, I can enjoy the benefits as they apply to both. Not a separate $50 for the Vita and $50 for PS3.

    Put it this way – if it’s a single package, I’m buying the Vita right now.

  • Finally I’ll be able to back up my Beyond Good & Evil save file. That thing is huge.

  • Suggestion, let every user have 150MB of storage on the cloud so they can get a taste of how useful it is to have.

  • I just want to let the PS+ team know that this is VERY much appreciated. The free games and beta access are nice, but the features like Cloud Saves and Automatic Backups/Downloads are the things I would really miss if I stopped subscribing. Keep it up, I think PS+ is a bigger value now more than ever.

  • First thing first. Sony do listen to us, albeit implementation is a little slow. Thanks for that.

    Secondly, is it just me or did this line “By purchasing a membership to PlayStation Plus, PS Vita users will be able to enjoy various services which will become available exclusively for members.” sounded like there will be TWO (2) PS+ subscriptions, one for the PS3, and one for the Vita?

    • Thanks for the comments and I want to reiterate that our community team like Morgan Haro and Kristine Steimer are always listening! They regularly provide your feedback to the other folks here at PlayStation, too. Rest assured that your Plus subscription will provide you with benefits for both your PS3 and Vita systems!

  • As in, thanks for listening to us.

  • I don’t know if anyone asked yet but will it be as a bundle with PS3 and Vita? That would be cool if we had that option to get them together instead of paying for them separately.

  • I really appreciate that 1GB because I was running out of thous 150 mb

  • Gamescon is making me buy a vita. Well done!

    Now I hope to see USA get Red Dead Redemption & 25% off discount for Plus too. Won’t be fair if it’s exclusive to EU!

  • REALLY good news but…

    …I won’t be able to sleep well until I know what love the Vita will get with Plus integration… Cloud saves? Sweet discounts? Free games? Full game trials? Pleeeeease give us more info! And is it coming in September? October? November? Or do we suffer until December?

  • I’ve been on the fence about signing up for PS+ on my PS3, but with this announcement should I just go ahead and get it now, or wait for some special deal that’ll come out with the Vita support?

  • Regarding the psv inclusion in plus. I think it might be a toss in, if only on two factors.

    The smaller selection of titles and the need for more interest in the Vita.

  • There are a few improvements I want to see on Ps Plus. For 1 there should be atleast 1 free Vita game sense there are free Ps3 games at the moment. 2 Sony need to enhance Remote play for 1st party Devs I want to play Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 on my Vita. Remote Play should be easy sense Sony own Gakai now. 3 On August 28th when update 1.8 comes out you should have a ps1 game sale atleast 25-50% off for Ps vita users. I for one would be buying alot of classics. 4 a Ps Plus Vita theme. Also I have a unrelated question. You guys announced Cross Buy for a few games like Playstation all stars. Buy Ps3 Version get vita version free. Is the free game a Dlc Code? if so I need to know I plan on buying all 3 and need to know if I have to upgrade my memory card to 32gigs.

  • Very good news. 150MB was really, really small for us and an upgrade to 1GB is a very good move! One of the things we needed for us PS+ subscribers. The question that’s hanging on my mind and perhaps most of us: Are we going to get a free PS Vita game? If so, I hope it’s not Little Deviants.

  • Awesome News!

  • Will Red Redemption be NA’s free PS+ game eventually?

  • One quick question, if you are already a PS+ member on the PS3, does that carry over for the Vita? I personally will not spend $50 more a year, so I really hope that it carries over to the Vita for current members.

  • I hope it’s fair to give away red dead redemption for the two regions

  • Well done. 150 mb has always been pathetically low.

  • I’m really psyched about this, thanks for the great news. 1GB of storage will be great, and I really hope Red Dead is one of the North American games too.

    Like everyone else, I’d really like to know what the Vita PS+ services will be. Cloud saves would be fantastic, since there doesn’t seem to be any way to back up my Vita saves without backing up the entire game. Freebies and discounts would be appreciated too!

  • Thanks for your thoughts… Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog in the weeks ahead for more information!

  • Ok, for one I am super excited that PSOne classics are coming, it’s about damn time they listen. I really want to play Parasite eve 1 & 2…I can’t wait.

    Secondly, I don’t understand PS Plus on the Vita??? Doesn’t vita already have PS Plus support….can anyone give me some sort of speculation on what they mean. Does that mean that we will be able to play PSN exclusives like Journey or Choplifter HD, if that’s the case THAT WOULD BE THE COOLEST EFFING THING IN THE WORLD AND I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST PS VITA OWNER EVER. Someone give me something please.

  • Could the cloud saves please support more types of save files? PS1 saves in particular would be handy given the PS3 and Vita can both play them, but PSP and Vita save support would be a great addition for Vita owners as well. Minis and TG-16 too. :)

  • Excellent. Cloud Storage is one of the main perks of PS+ for me, glad to see the service getting a substantial upgrade.

    If only the REST of the service was on par. I miss the discounts the most, since the games have hardy been anything to write home about (unlike the EU offerings), getting some better discounts would be excellent.
    And “better” actually includes “better” as in more items and “better” in terms of savings. 20% discount doesn’t really amount to anything, and I really doubt it has ever pushed anyone to make a purchase they would otherwise not make.

  • Wow…. I don’t know how, but I need to buy a PS Vita…. you should add some free games for us, PSP owners, I still enjoy playing it…

  • Very pleased that we are finally getting 1GB of space as I was starting to have to pick and choose what games to put up on the cloud. Hopefully there are new improvements to the automatic download feature coming soon.

  • @Brandon

    Thanks for replying. I was searching for specifics about cloud saving, and this page below says your save files will be stored for six months after your subscription runs out:

    I couldn’t find this info on the US F.A.Q. page. Could you please confirm, and update the F.A.Q.? Thanks.

  • First I would like to thank you for everything you’ve been doing for PS Plus members. It’s come a long way since I signed up as the program began.

    I know that you do a lot for us in the PSN store with all the free and discounted games, avatars, etc…, and I’m hoping you are still trying to figure out ways for this to extend into the PS Home genre too. I know a lot of PS Plus members would like to see more recognition in Home.

    As a beginning, how about a discount or free package of Home items like the packages that are sold in the PSN store? I know you offer some in X7, but I would like to see them contain a more variety of items at different prices. A lot of what we get in X7 in the .99 packages are things that have been in Home for a long time and as I CAN afford PS Plus; I’ve already bought those things as they first came out. So think about your target audience too…those that usually purchase Plus can afford to purchase things as they come out, and THAT is when we need the discount. Or, how about a Ssony line of furniture or clothing just for PS Plus members? Even if they are for purchase??

    Thank you for listening!! Love Plus!!

  • Oh man. I have 3 boys muttering words that rhyme with me too in reference to a new console coming but these announcements about Vita, Plus and PS3 have me muttering my own desires. I’m not so sure they should here me saying some of them either.

    If I see more games stacking up on the Cross-play and now Cross-buy lists I might just rethink purchasing a Vita.

  • Yay! I’m getting the Vita then.

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