PS Vita at E3, Minor System Software Update Coming

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PS Vita at E3, Minor System Software Update Coming

Hi, Everyone. If you were following all of the coverage from E3 last week, you know that there’s plenty of great content coming to PlayStation Vita. From the first unveil of Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (which will also sport a limited-edition PS Vita bundle) to the announcement of PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale coming to Vita with PS3 cross-play support, from PSone classics support via a system software update (coming this summer) to new streaming partners (Hulu Plus and Crackle), the content lineup for PS Vita is stronger than ever.

In the coming months, you can look forward to new game reveals and other news for Vita; in the meantime, we wanted to let you know that a minor system software update will be released tonight that improves software stability. The update (v. 1.69) is completely optional, but we did want to give everyone a heads up that it was coming.

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  • thanks for the update it helps a few things

  • And with the all the bells and whistles that Sony puts out on PS Vita, it still doesn’t compete with the 3DS. Its seems that Sony itself doesn’t really take the PS Vita seriously like the PSP. How sad. Its no wonder that Nintendo has been beating Sony since 2005. Oh well, cest la vie…….

  • im really annoyed by all the people posting crap about vita getting no love at E3. I get it, the PRE-E3 press conference only showed 3 new games 2 new apps, and announced psone support. but the press conference is NOT E3! Sony actually had something like 25 vita games on display on the show floor. there are 60 some odd games Slated for release before the end of 2012.

    i agree that sony did a poor job of conveying the content during the presser itself, and they have aknowledged that in interviews, but the actual showing on the floor was decent. And if you actually look on playstations youtube channel and the post e3 comming games list on various sitys and in stores you would actually see that.

  • @47 he said they makingmior adjustment so when go online withtese games it will good be . and no issues

    41, all e3 videos work on the vita. well they do for mines :) i cant speak for everyone

    45. they required by law to ad sercirty to it.. if they donthey cannt sell it inthe store.. you have to maitenance a media device, so many times a year. for them to do these so many times a yr. is good service quality .. most media devices get these updates once a yr./.. and you can get hacked at gas station getting gas with pre paid value savers card.. nothing is safe.. the free sercutiryupdate we get would retial value around 30-60$ a mth else where.

    vp-psn legionairre group

  • I love my Vita, I do.

    But it felt like the red headed stepchild behind Wonderbook…

  • @ 51.. yea but alot folks are just hear to complain sont could y give them all the ps1 and ps2 classic games free. and they will still complain for a 24k gold midway pinball machine via mail ..Not everyone that comes on the ps blog are ps3 owner/gamers alot of them are xbx trolls. Trying to devalue everything..

    I dont see the point in that. Its a bit silly

    vp-psn legioniarre group

  • a very lo t of no livers here on this blog. the internet makes people act really dumb because they can remain unidentified to the avg user.

    pdate my system, i cant wait knowing its getting set up to start doing more than what it currently does which is a lot by no means, no one here appreciate it though, they think because they went and bought it they can complain like they have no parents to teach them respect.

    if i worked on the blog at sony id straight up be dissin the isht out of people who try to come sideways like they dont know the system WAS JUST KUFING RELEASED!


  • Still waiting for multi-account (at least two) support…
    Cuz I want to play Hatsune Miku (Japanese game) as well as Assassin’s Creed: Liberation (US game)!

    If I use Japan PSN account then I cannot play Assassin’s Creed: Liberation DLC (if there are any)
    If I use US PSN account then I cannot play Hatsune Miku new songs when they release as DLC

    (T T)

  • I hope this update allows us to Delete Game Icons while retaining Game Saves and Settings. Please, please do this Sony. It’s annoying when Deleting a game Icon = Delete Game Saves … your memory cards ain’t cheap and to buy new games we need space deleting Game Icon = More Space but we want to retain our Saves !!! Come on Sony fix this A.S.A.P !!!

    Thank you ~

  • We need a new web browser, the actual it’s a crap.

  • my vita is great. but the one thing thats killing it is the lack of games… hopefully there will be a remote play update

  • polo155
    so if you worked for sony you would tern a deff ear to your loyal customers cus thy dont like how sony gimped the vita other then graphics and tuch and motion the vita dose less then the psp so i feel its not as good with the vita you were not limeted to how many games you culed have on it exept with space on the mem card in it it did not leve a icon when you dont have the game in it did not force you to load a game if you left it in the system but your ok with this till you hit the 85 game/app limit its not aceptable i would love to suprt sony i have a ps1 ps2 ps3 had a psp have a psvits have over 200 digital games on my ps3 37 disc bast games for ps3 80 something ps2 games had over 100 ps1 games traded in for ps2 and games i have 4 ds3 2 move 2 nav 2 sharp shooters 1 pseye and im a plus member from day one

  • i have payed my dews to sony and have suported them even when i did not like things thy did yes i complained and thy fixed it only took 4 years on the ps3 but i guss im just tired of wating for sony to add stuff that shuld be ther at lounch and watch them remove stuff that was ther im just tired of the its arrouned the corner aproch sony is good at guess what im arrouned the corner and its not ther i love games i just dont like the ppl in charge now i grew up on video games and helped it grow up to what it is today and i feel thy are alianating the ppl that helped the become what thy are

  • you tae what someone says and go allover the place budtoker, if sony decided to say f off to all and shut down no one can do isht and im the type of person if im a complain about something i’ll do it better then what a lot of people here show.

    sony dont owe anyone anything, people need to just thin how the ps3 was ran, they secured the systm and then added everything to it lil by lil and still doing so 6 1/2 yrs later… the vita is a powerful handheld that’ll be around for a minute just the same.

    honesty butoker, i didnt even read your reply to me i guess because you writing books everytime you post.

    people shouldnt by a “launch” gadget if they dont know how o deal with lull’s in its lifetime till it gets rolling.

  • as for you paid your dues Bud_Toker,i know ive spent 1000’s with sony from HDTV’s to Music Studio Equipment to HD Cams and all type of isht from them since the 70’s but i would never say “they owe me” or “i paid my dues”… thats just me! :) back to my vita!

  • Answer this bud: did you use “Other OS” feature?

    More people didnt then did and then someone finds and uses an exploit with ih it so sony said this has to go now!

    Ever hard “one bad apple can spoil the bunch?”

    i understand what u saying to dont get me wrong but sony’s hand was forced on removing the other os feature because of the hack that was using it. if sony wants there system locked down so they can offer other entertainment providers a platform to stream their services whatever it may be.

  • Whine, whine, whine. Grow up and learn to make educated purchases. Thanks Sony for the update. Keep bringing apps and games!

  • basicly with all vitas short comings im going to half to be a frogle shoper on it insted of a horder like i am on my ps3 so if sony dont want me to buy every game thy have without hafting to backup/restore update database and all the other hassles that the vita coses when changing mem sticks and cartrige games that the psp just did not have then thy need to fix a lot i guess i just wont buy a ton of games for it but just pick a few i must have like lbp vita i will hold off and wait to see i just wish thy would not limit me and make it so much of a pain to swap mem sticks sony this is to you i will buy one more mem stick a 32 (unless you make one bigger and cheaper between now and the time it takes me to save and once i reach the 85 limit with must have stuff(like youtube fb netflix skype vudo lbp psp and so on) i will just stop buying things for my vita i dont beleave in deleting my save games just to play a new game or backing up a system to just play the latist gratist game its not worth the hedakes you impoed apon me hear i debated between a 3ds and a psvita i went with vita guss i chose wrong and trading in is not worth it i would not even get enuff to buy a 3ds

  • + estoc1 on June 11th, 2012 at 8:03 pm said:
    And with the all the bells and whistles that Sony puts out on PS Vita, it still doesn’t compete with the 3DS. Its seems that Sony itself doesn’t really take the PS Vita seriously like the PSP. How sad. Its no wonder that Nintendo has been beating Sony since 2005. Oh well, cest la vie…….

    No, it doesn’t compete with the 3ds, that’s for sure. 3ds is rubbish hardware. And the games aren’t that great, either. I play more ds games and dsiware games on my 3ds than anything else. Pretty pathetic when I find sudoku more interesting than the vaunted 3ds game library.

  • will you people at sony make the vita compatible with media go? cuase i got movies that i would very much like to watch on my vita.

  • I just want remote play so i can play zombies on the go.

  • polo155
    no i did not use other os i used ps2 bc and had 3 ps3 die with red lite now i have a slim with no bc you just asumed i was talking about other os but over the life of the ps3 thy removed more then just other os

    i never sed thy owe me i just ment i have the right to speak my word to sony without ppl like you and others on the blog telling me that i have no right to speak my mined in hopes that some one at sony might see it and look in to ways thy can fix it you just asume i think sony owes me all im saying is the vita is a step backword thy should have lerned from the psp and ps3 and it shuld be as goo or better then both not having folders having a limit in amount of buddles not having ps1 at launch having the same gimped remote play when hackers had it working with every game from psp which hardware wise is inferior its just the little things that add up to a bad experianc i understand launch and i was one of the ppl saying what you are now about the ps3 and psp but why dont the ps vita have tha basics the psp and ps3 had and why are you limited in how many games you can have on it

  • polo155
    and if you dont read my post how do you know what it is about the vita i dont like you just assume as to wat im saying and not understanding what it is i am saying i know i post wall of text thats becus i have dislexia and dont know how to use puntuation ppl tell me type how you talk and guss what im a long winded person that dont paws for a breth in mid rant LOL

  • So, in other words, you patched the Super Collapse 3 exploit? >.>

  • and befor anyone ses i did something to case the red lite no i did not have any of my ps3 in a cabnet ther was alwas a foot all the way arround for ventalation only thing i can figer is i used them to much im a stay at home dad and have losts of time to play games so my ps3 was on playing ps1 ps2 and ps3 games whatching movies with kids browsing the net watching youtube and all sorts of stuff my ps3 is on prob 16 hr a day so i just use my consle to much and IMO a console shuld be able to handle that my attar did it 12 to 13 hr a day gamming mostly during summer same witn nes sega genasis ps1 ps2 xbox i would hate to think how many 360 i would have gon threw LOL and even with my ps3 dieing so many times i still went back to sony and droped more cash on them i just want them to upholed ther end like when thy sed the psp cam and gps woud come to the us but you still half to inport them

  • and for those that say hackers and pirets ruin a console look at the ds it has things like the r4i its a hack tool you can play roms but has that hert the ds any no is nintendo even trying to stop it not realy why cus the ppl who hack and pirat will do it no matter what security you put in ther way but 80 to 90% of ppl with a ds dont use one thy buy new or used dos nintendo care if you sell used no cus ppl who by used ushaly buy old games basicly every thing sony is doing to try and stop the dont hert them it herts us every lock sony puts in the way thy will find a key and who dose it hinder lagit ppl who buy games new loke if i want to let a frend barow a game on a road trip with the ds i just let him use the game with psvita you are limited in the full experianc or i half to let him use my vita (not even my wife tuches my vita or ds) dose that sell him on the game no when ppl see me with my vita and ask about it i say wait dont get it now and that hinders sales but im not going to recoming a product i dont think is up to par i show them the limits and what is cool but the limits out way the cool

  • Y’all need to quit whining. It seems to me that everyone complaining about the lack of Vita software, watched only the press conference and NOTHING ELSE at E3. Tretton himself stated that “60 new titles are slated to release by the end of 2012,” but apparently 60 isn’t enough, no, clearly we shouldn’t be sastisfied until 100 games are all individually detailed. If you watched the pre show, or the interviews, there was enough Vita software covered to justify. Quit whining. There’s plenty coming to Vita. Not everything has to be individually detailed.

  • So at some point is my Vita going to stop turning the Bluetooth back on after I’ve turned it off?

    Because that would be awesome.

  • ToaLewa466
    i hate to use the guy at gamestop sed line but he dont even have 30 in the pre order line up and if thy are going to be out by end of 2012 then thy shuld be ther by now like lbp vita with a dec 31 2012 date i bet jack cant produce a list of the 60 games and if thy do get 100 for it and you get them all you wont be able to play them all without deleting your game save with the icon or backing up the whole system who ever decided the 100 bubble limit shuld be fired the new gui is cool looking but it dont work as good as the xmb

  • Great, but hurry with better updates, new features: like Browser improvments! please!!!
    Ahh And I want PANDORA app!!! Rushhh!

    Peace Sony!

  • I just want Harvest Moon BTN on vita and some other ps2 games on vita too

  • Hopefully MGS HD is up tonight and then grabbing Gravity Rush later on the day.

  • I”m appalled that PS1 Support is still not available.

  • Cool that it’s optional, but why not hold off until other features are ready for release? All these little firmware updates are getting annoying…

  • I never got my rewards T Shirt.

  • We want games ! Games sell a console.

  • @mcbuttz78

    then by that logic we shouldnt be seeing another software update since this is for fture release games? If you are talking about how i said the 1st paragraph was i dont even see how that means those games would be stable when they are release. if anything that should be within the game/servers not the system it self

  • Really, guys? Maybe you should already stop with that “stronger than ever” mantra of yours? We’ll belive you, when there’ll be something new in PSN for Vita every week, ok? And I don’t mean some DLC.

    And yeah, while there are no new games for Vita, you really should start a tradition of making some cool discounts for PSP-games every week. And adding new ones, of course.

    But that’s not what I want to talk about. About that system update… WHEN WILL YOU GIVE US AN OPTION TO DELETE GAMES WITHOUT DELETING SAVES?! It should take you like 10 minutes of time from one programmer to fix the most horrible part of Vita’s system, but still, after all this months, it is still intact. WHY?! For a system with emphasis on downloadable games, this is unacceptable!

  • Hey Eric.
    I have a issue with the notifications on my Vita, I’ve noticed it’s everyones Vita that does it. I’m not sure if this update fixes it but, When you check your notifications on the Vita and then close the notifications, NOTHING will load until the systems chooses to remove the number from the notifications tab. It takes atleast 5 seconds which is annoying since I’m the type of person who always checks notifications. No Apps launch in that time and just have the icon sitting in the middle of the screen until it finally changes everything to read in the notifications. Please check it out if you guys didn’t do so.

  • I agree with 85. My brother bought Dynasty Warriors NEXT off the PSN and played hours and hours to find the system saying a unknown error occurred and closes the game. It always happened at the same point so he had to erase it, but he can’t just throw like 30+ hours down the drain just like that. What is up with that. Honestly the single dumbest Idea on the Vita. No offence

  • Really looking forward to PSOne support for the Vita, though like most.. I agree that it should have been available from launch.

  • I got gravity rush game in the mail yesterday before that game comes out in stores today. I love getting firmwares as keeping the ps3 and ps vita system upgrade for better performance, additional features, etc. Keep up the great work, sony.

  • when are you going to get VUDU on the vita could care less about hulu plus or netflixs on the vita when i got all my content on vudu and can stream them in true 1080 and since the vita has the hd screen VUDU would be perfect for watching my VUDU hd movies.
    Seeing how everything i bought on the psn that says its hd is the low 720 version out of 20 movies i bought on psn one 1 was true hd 1080.

  • straightballin24

    I updated my PS Vita and as soon as it rebooted it turned off and now its only a black screen! smh even if i hold the power button for 30 seconds or 1 minute, nothing happens.

  • I honestly find it funny that people keep complaining about the browser. I rarely use it because I have my Desktop, laptop and smartphone for that. As for the E3 Vita pressence, it was sort of solid. Sound and shapes, when viking attacks are both sold as a ps3-psv bundle. There is also a free gimiki game on the way titled “frobisher says” or something.

    The current game lineup seems fine for me. Unit 13 and Uncharted pretty much was enough for me until I got Gravity Daze last Saturday. While it abuses the “glowing weak point” gameplay mechanic to an ungodly ammount, i still can’t keep it down.

  • Will the update finally support remote play? I think if the Vita could run PS3 games there wouldn’t need to be such a rush for more software releases.

  • Maybe I’m wrong…if anyone can answer my question, does the Vita have remote play yet? Am I missing something? Is there a way besides jail breaking that will allow me to run PS3 games through my wifi onto my Vita? Would love some support.

  • I would like remote play for ps3 games and ps1 support as i would like final fantasy games on my vita, i do not like remote play final fantasy vii as it is not full screen on the vita.

  • @ayeballkid
    Only a handfull of games from work as far as I know.

  • *psn games

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