PS Vita at E3, Minor System Software Update Coming

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PS Vita at E3, Minor System Software Update Coming

Hi, Everyone. If you were following all of the coverage from E3 last week, you know that there’s plenty of great content coming to PlayStation Vita. From the first unveil of Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (which will also sport a limited-edition PS Vita bundle) to the announcement of PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale coming to Vita with PS3 cross-play support, from PSone classics support via a system software update (coming this summer) to new streaming partners (Hulu Plus and Crackle), the content lineup for PS Vita is stronger than ever.

In the coming months, you can look forward to new game reveals and other news for Vita; in the meantime, we wanted to let you know that a minor system software update will be released tonight that improves software stability. The update (v. 1.69) is completely optional, but we did want to give everyone a heads up that it was coming.

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  • Will Gravity Rush be up on the PS Store for download tonight at midnight?

  • so what is the update for if it’s optional?
    And how soon can we anticipate the new game announcements?
    I LOVE my vita, but I really want to PLAY it!!
    If you could at least let me know when we might see some gameplay from the COD or killzone titles, that would be awesome!!!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Vita was present at E3? Could have fooled me…

  • Will get on that firmware update. I do wish that more PSVita stuff was on the forefront, instead of an ungodly amount of time on Wonderbook of all things. Hmm.

  • come on PSOne classics support . some on summer.

  • what about the ps3,eric?oh and yeah the vita was kinda non-existent on the E3 presser itself.

  • Coming this summer? Isn’t it Summer already? Kids are out of school.

    Also E3 was a joke for the vita…… PS One support….. Thats not new, been in the works forever. Assassins creed game wasn’t unheard of (Its a Girl), I will be hopefull to see this playing on a vita before I buy the preview (MK fooled us). Also Playstation All-Stars was shown with Cross-play, but I have yet to see the vita’s gameplay.

  • @ 4

    Wonderbook just about wrecked the show, talk about what E3 shouldn’t be about. Run a commercial for that game on disney, don’t put it in the middle of E3 for a long 20 mins. The other disappointment was Far Cry 3’s Co-op (2 games my Arses, that demo was a mess imao)

  • I see you guys still haven’t learned to give more details with these firmware updates after all these years and the many complaints. “Software stability” is so vague, unless you can give examples of which software was unstable to begin with, I see no reason to even bother with this update. Just about every other company provides a detailed change log with their firmware updates.

  • So, you can only have 10 main menu screens? You can have 10 bubbles per screen. So that means the vita can hold 100 game/app bubbles? I have 10 screens right now and it does not let me add any more screens.

    I have 75 bubbles right now. I am a PS Plus member so I have over 40 minis on my Vita right now. I’ve got Little Devians, Plants vs Zomb, Modnation: Roadtrip, Motorstorm RC, Superstardust. The bubbles for tophies, friends, party, music, video, pictures and all kinds of other stuff.

    Mostly all the stuff I want. But is the 10 screen cut off the limit. After 100 bubbles can you add more stuff? I only have a 8gb card. I would really love to buy the 32gb card and add a ton more stuff. However, I am worried is the 10 screen/100 bubble a limit cut-off.

    Does anybody know if you can have more than 10 menu screens or more than 100 bubbles? Also has anybody reached that cut off point? I am kind of a digital hoarder, I like to have all my stuff accessible and feel the 32gb card would allow this. Has anybody reached a cut-off point or know if a 32gb card will allow you more menu screens or a higher bubble limit?

  • These updates are completely disappointing, we need a flash support, a better browser that can run videos directly from browser like how iPhone does theirs from not just YouTube but other sites. I know Sony can do it, enough with the security updates.. give us the PS1 support now more updates with better features, don’t disappoint a customer for over 10 years. Give the vita better features and a better update soon and were talking a few weeks like 3 weeks or less.

  • “Optional”? All your firmware updates are optional if you don’t want to go online or use the store. Unless we don’t get locked out of online for not updating, I don’t believe in the term optional.

  • @ 10 75 bubbles??????? geezz i think i got 25 bubbles on mine, and most of those were already present prior to my purchase…i got a few minis but ive yet to add them to the vita, i dont care much for games without trophies.

  • @3 There were well over two dozen games playable and on the floor last week @ Sony’s booth. Some of what I played includes Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal, LEGO Batman 2, Sine Mora, Jet Set Radio, Retro City Rampage, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Zen Pinball, American Fusball, Frobisher Says, Tag, and more.

    I also played Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and ZoE Collection at Konami’s booth…there were more, but memory isn’t serving at the moment.

  • @10 No, 100 Bubbles is the limit. A sad oversight really.

  • @ 13. I love trophies. I also do not play games without trophies nearly as much. But it is nice to have all the minis when I wanna try something different or just mess around. Also my son enjoys playing the minis as well. I am really hoping one day they will add Angry Birds with touch screen/trophy support for Vita. But yeah, 100 bubbles is that it??? Can anybody let me know who has had this happen yet?

  • If it is only 100 bubbles that is very disappointing. I really hate having to delete and re-add/re-sync games and apps thats crappy.

  • You’ve got to be kidding. We wait for an update to play PSone titles, and now this? The only thing I can do on my Vita is watch Netflix, in which the movie data doesn’t take up 98% of my memory card. I hate to say this, but they have to hurry up with the PSone titles, because I want to play Spyro and Crash on my Vita.

  • PSOne Classics shouldn’t have been in the conference in the first place as it was a feature that should’ve been included on the PS Vita from day 1. I am looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberations, but I was hoping to see a large array of games for the PS Vita and NO MORE PORTS or whatever you want to call it. Cross play is a neat idea, but if both games aren’t bundled or there isn’t a BOGO deal then there is no point because noone will buy 2 of the same exact version. Another neat idea is creating a different version of the game and the progress in that will help boost your progress in the PS3 version much like many iOS apps do, but it can have far better content on the PS Vita.

  • I agree that only being able to watch Netflix on the Vita is a total waste, but I’m not in a hurry to play PS1 titles! I don’t want to waste this powerful of a machine on those old titles. But that’s just my opinion. I would rather they add support for DCUO! I would buy a 32GB card if I had to download DC Universe. But hopefully they can at least add remote play support for DC. Also, is the update tonight supposed to include Hulu?

  • I wonder when the Youtube app will show up (the exact date). Also im interested in Wake up club…

  • Please bring folders for the PS Vita as they are needed now more than ever since PS Minis work now and improve the web browser.

  • I’m sorry but you guys need to stop saying the lineup is stronger than ever. Sony failed to support the Vita this E3, and nothing has really come out since launch. Coupled with a broken browser (doesn’t even support HTML 5, the now current standard) and the lack of PSOne support is really disheartening. I’m a day 1 owner of the Vita, and I love the games I have, but I have yet to buy a new game for it because nothing worthwhile has come out.

    That said, what little you DID show at E3 has me excited. I’m not sure why you mentioned PSOne classics at E3 as you announced support for that before it launched so to mention it’s still coming is kinda pointless without more details.

    Please don’t let this console die. It has better hardware than the Wii-U itself, but without proper support, this console will be nothing in the handheld market.

  • Does anyone need a calendar reminder that Summer starts as of June 21st. It is still Spring, relax. Here’s is a link with videos, titles, demos, and gameplay for over 25 upcoming Vita titles.

    Jim Sterling said that Silent Hill is his most wanted portable title. So there. Nyah, nyah etc. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Wel” have Gravity Rush soon. Also, Retro City Rampage is going to have sexy time with your face.

  • Youtube!when can i use psones?

  • I hope that one of those vita announcements coming soon is Ragnarok Odyssey… Please?

  • @25 XSEED is localizing Ragnarok Odyssey, most sites are showing an August release date. Either way, it IS coming.

  • First off, thank you guys for the update on the update!

    Given, it is kind of vague. But if I remember correctly it is still better than what I saw last time, so we are getting somewhere.

    I’m getting Gravity Rush tomorrow, and that along with Mortal Kombat, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Uncharted Golden Abyss should keep me busy for a while. Not to mention my PSP collection which fits very nicely in my 16GB memory card, which I got for cheap on Amazon.

    So I’m happy with my purchase, I’m happy with my handheld and I’ll be glad to keep providing support as long as you guys keep doing the same for us. Looking forward for that PS1 update, so I can play the Resident Evil games on the go.

    Have a good one you all.

  • will this fix the lagg in resistance?

  • @ ImTweakinOut420
    you only get 10 pages with 10 bubbles per page count in the15 default bubbles and cartrige games ya but if you have more then one mem card you can have more on dif cards but if you swap out cards it reverts back to defalt blue background and bubbles jusct go whare thy want its a mess this is why i keep saying xmb is way better and what is up with the load every time you tern on the console with a game in cant it do it in the background or when you start the game the psp did not do this and it had optical drive and thy are slower then solid state what the f did sony do to this pore console thy gave it grate hardware and fuged it up with pos gui why cant i make folders why cant games go in a defalt games bubble like music pics and vids why are we limeted to 100 bubles and cant even fet rid os one like the start park or whatever its caled why dose the content maniger just lump every thing togeter so i cant even broes folders on my ps/ps3

  • why dose it not even have a drag and drop menu on pc side why is it thst hackers have psp bc ps1 bc remote play working and sony dont sony had it for longer but hackers can do more with less acces to the console software update right now is prob optional till thy fined out what game wololo or what ever he/she gose by ses what game thy are now using to lonch vhbl sorry sony you failed on this one and you console will be jailbroke in another three fore months and i feel like i shuled jump on the cfw bandwagon for this pice of hard ware you culed not even put a simple xml style file to the mem card so it remimbers whare you put the bubles for that cared what you expect us to just be happy with the 85 game/app limet so after 85 we dont matter why have a limet

  • why make it so we dont want to leave a game in the vita why make the game hatch so hard for ppl without long fingernails most(not all) gamers are guys with short nails have some kind of hatch that we can open like have it open the other way so you have more room to fit are thumb in ther to open it dont have the game load every time you turn on the system dont make it a pain to swap mem cars if you plan to sael more then one per costomer basicly every thing about this console screams dot but games for me what were you thinking sony i feel that barrel again and still no lube man im starting to chafe i want to be a fanboy but you just make it so hard to jump right on the band wagon

  • Will you guys clarify what PSOne support is? Will it be all digital titles currently available on PS Store or will it be slower staggered release? The gaming media seems to be lost with what it will be.

  • i hope this update fixes flikr please and thank you!

  • I’m going to be loving Gravity Rush, Have it on reserve and waiting. lol.

  • E3 is more than just the press conference, guys.

    While I was certainly annoyed that many of the cool Vita titles coming out this year didn’t get any coverage at the conference, the real meat of E3 is on the show floor, and unfortunately, with game journalism in the crapper these days, most of them don’t even bother to cover it.

    I was at E3 this year, and I got to play and see quite a few great games on both the PS3 and Vita.

    They had everything from Gravity Rush, to PlayStation All Stars (which was AWESOME), to LBP and Sly Cooper Vita to name only a handful of the titles I played and saw. I even got to play Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Final Fantasy VII on the Vita (FFVII was great, but TR:TLR has not aged well at all. Lol. They both looked fantastic on that screen, though.

    There is a ton of good stuff hitting the system. The press conference can’t cover it all, but lack of presence at the presser doesn’t indicate a lack of presence of Vita software.

  • I don’t mind when is the update because I’m part of the Little Big Planet Vita Beta so I’m going to be busy with sackboy for now. :)) Downloading the Beta now. XD


  • @xswxvenomxsw
    we are not wininng as much as complaining and if no one complains sony will think thy did it right and stop updating with stuff we want you might like sucking down what sony is feeding you and think it is just fine but i dont like the limits sony has imposed it makes me not want to suport the system and if more ppl buy less games becus on limits sony and the game devs are the ones that lose out cus as gamers we will just switch to a console that wants us to buy games without the limits and considering only sony and nintendo are the only to handhelds guss what one im going fore and i dont like nintendo cus IMO its kiddish but at least i can fined games that are fun for it as it sits right now my vita is a 285 counting console and 8gb mem stic mp3 player that can play games might as well of got a ipod tuch and i dont like mac eather going from psp to vita feels like a step backwords not forward i will def not be a day one ps4 owner i will wait a year or fore cus thats how long it to ps3 to be the console it shud be

  • Would like to get some clarification on the upcoming firmware update that allows psone games to be playable on the vita. Are we talking all the games being playable post update or are we going to get the same tortuous update nonsense going on with psp and mini titles, in other words a dribble at a time.

    And please put an end to this download to the ps3 and then install on the vita farce. I still have to go through this stuff to get current minis on the vita. It makes no sense, the games work, so why the hell aren’t these minis up on the psvita store along with a number of psp titles that work on the vita.

  • these are not the improvements we want, a better HTML5 would be good, and/or flash support. or something the what the iphone has, they don’t support flash but they still get videos work and not just youtube, I’m sure Sony can pull it off.

  • PS Vita’s tagline: Never Stop Playing

    New Game releases… a bit slow… still playing launch titles…

    PSOne game support… nowhere in sight… less to play with…

    Videos and media… most are for the PS3… no E3 coverage videos on the Vita at all… even less to play with

    When great games like Silent Hill: Book of Memories arrives… the Vita won’t be with me anymore… sold it off for lack of activities… how to never stop playing?

    I love the Vita, guys, but Sony really needs to do something to beef up the software line-up, and most importantly, get the PSOne Classics working on the Vita stat!

  • WHY MINOR!? GIVE US THE BIG UPDATES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! For PS3 and Vita! Ps3 firmware updates have been long forsaken….

  • we need less of these security updates there pointless for us we get no benefit what so ever. we need something along with that security. the vita and ps3 have been getting too much “stability issues” mostly because of the people who mod their ps3 and vita, its pointless and a waste of time and effort, work on features and all the good stuff about vita. its just delaying the inevitable of systems being modded.

  • hey eric a few request top4

    1. Fix the camera and video recording so it can have zoom in/out feature..

    2. when in brower let use the analong to scroll dwn optional. right side is right left side is left. some time its troubles sum to scroll with pulling and it keeps the screen clean..

    3.intergate the ps blog on it. also fix the brower im tired of seeing stripped lines when I scroll on the ps blog wiaiting for it to load correctly..

    4. allow us to use wireless blue tooth head phones the ps3 ones or ones that are wireless compatilbe.. Allthe head phone set wont go on could rellay boost online gaming.

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • Also the summer starts the 21 st of june everyone, a update should come before july if not in july.

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • sirauron14
    ya why bother with the security update ppl who mod it wont update and ppl who update dont mod so its pointless hears the sad truth locks only keep out the honest ppl and the pirats and hackers will get in no mater how secure just make a pre payed psn card you can go to a stor and fill so you cc info dont get out and stop craming the stbility bs down are throghts and give us a change loge so we know what we are giving up or getting with the update you dont need to show us the coad heck once thy releas it hackers can fined a way to rip in to it and tell us whats in it anywase places lifw-hacks is a grat place to get the real change log for ofw not sony blog whare it shuld be your not the us gov and its not roswell give us the full story alredy just say hay this hacker found a hole now we are patching it so he cant mess up your online play

  • I just revisited the update and it seems more smooth the transitions over “multi-task” and the psn store for vita also the settings load a little bit more faster.

  • While i am thankful for these update, a little information about them would be nice. Doesn’t have to be in extreme detail, but how exactly does it improves software stability? just saying none of these update actually express what they do, and gives such vague description about what they actual do.

    Even then how exactly does having the coverage of E3 (basically the whole 1st paragraph) have anything to do with this update? it just seems like a pointless paragraph that isnt needed. so because games like Assassin Creed, and Battle Royal are coming out means we need these minor software stability? you see what im getting at?

    Again its nice that we get these update and in notice, but it wouldnt hurt to give us a little information on what they actual do/improve.

  • Not interested in news or updates until REMOTE PLAY is turned on.

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