PS Vita at E3, Minor System Software Update Coming

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PS Vita at E3, Minor System Software Update Coming

Hi, Everyone. If you were following all of the coverage from E3 last week, you know that there’s plenty of great content coming to PlayStation Vita. From the first unveil of Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (which will also sport a limited-edition PS Vita bundle) to the announcement of PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale coming to Vita with PS3 cross-play support, from PSone classics support via a system software update (coming this summer) to new streaming partners (Hulu Plus and Crackle), the content lineup for PS Vita is stronger than ever.

In the coming months, you can look forward to new game reveals and other news for Vita; in the meantime, we wanted to let you know that a minor system software update will be released tonight that improves software stability. The update (v. 1.69) is completely optional, but we did want to give everyone a heads up that it was coming.

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  • I think it is the PS3 that needs to be upgraded for remoteplay to work. The Vita has remoteplay but the PS3 keeps blocking it from accessing most games.

  • Can we see our PS VITA trophy’s along with our ps3 trophy’s. Plese this would be nice if you can do this.


  • Are there any plans to make it to where PS+ members can upload and download their VITA saves so they don’t lose all their save data upon deleting a game?

  • @tufu man your mis understanding .. I said they update on regular basis so when thing come out there is no issues on their side of the ball.. The game itself fall on the devs not sony, sony can make sure their side is doing its half..

    Also most media companies do update year or sony is doing them on faster regaulr basis. These update dont come free to sony. but free to us. You cant complain that dw next game is buggy. Go to the dev of the game site work with them and that community to ensure that small bugg is fixed everyone happy, not here saying it sony fault,.

    How so.. sony is only doing its fair share to keep thing stable, if the devs dnt give darn , then hey you cant blame sony for tryin top substain its side of things..If that logic i said is flawed (honesty)then none of us would be on these boards today

    vp=psn legionairee group

  • I was expecting a AAA vita game anouncement at E3, I was really dissapointed, but at least release the youtube app and PSOne support for the Vita already

  • @103, Shouldn’t Battle Royale and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberations be considered AAA? At the very least AssCreedLibe.

  • I don’t see why people are so downing on Sony for the Vita. The games that are coming out are well supported and constantly there are games coming out on Vita, whether its a physical game or a downloadable title. Those that say that nothing impressive has come out for Vita, should look again at what Vita has to offer. There are several games that stand out: Resistance: Burning Skies, Super Stardust Delta, Sumioni: Demon Arts, Plants Vs. Zombies, Modnation Racers: Roadtrip, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, even Pure Chess and Hustle Kings. All of these titles are great examples, not only of stellar gaming, but of use of the technology. From Hustle Kings and Pure Chess’ play by mail modes, to Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer mode….the developers show a great understanding of the tech and its possible uses.

  • @7 LMAO.. “Isn’t It Summer, Kids are out of school.” Please don’t be stupid LMAO… Kids being out of school doesn’t mean it summer. Summer starts June 20th LMAO.. Next time grab a calendar instead of making stupid comments.

  • I want to know if Canadians will be getting everything as well? We never got Crackle for PS3, so I’m hoping that we’ll at least get that, and Hulu as well. Tired of not always getting the same stuff as the rest. Kinda pisses me off when Sony doesn’t make this stuff available to everyone everywhere

  • @106. I wonder how you would react if I said summer just ended here. Summer started april here and ends at the start of june. Well, they call it summer but the real term for it is dry season.

  • ok for all saying just bring ps1 now you know if you have ps1 gameson your ps3 or a ps1 disc in you ps3 you can play it on you vita right remot play works with every ps1 game just not ps2 or most ps3 games most the ones that work are pixel junk so thers a walk around and that way you dont fill you vita with ps1 games what sony needs to fix is the 85 bubble limit the constent loading of the game in the system every time you tern on the system and thy need to add sone sort of xml file to the mem card to remimber you personal settings like backgrounds and bubble location and thy need yo fix the content maniger so you can brows your ps and ps3 by folders not lump everything together or make a drag and drop window on the pc side

  • der_geist
    i have pure chess and the play by mail is bs i want real time online and ther web site sed you would be able to play by mail between ps3 and vits i have bothe and no it dont work you cant play bu mail between ps3 and vita unless i just dont get how it works but sins i played with two accounds on one ps3 and keep trying to get it to work on vita you can review your moves on vita but you cant make them and send to ps3 and most the games you added like pvz arnt that steller to sell a console when you can get it cheaper for ps3 ds and so on i love the facke that becus i had hustle kings alredy i instantly had it on vita now if only angry birds was on vita at a realistic price like comparible to the iphone vertion but if and when thy do it will prob be over 5 bucks unfortunetly i would buy it at that price LOL

  • On my wish list for Vita improvements (if anyone at Sony are actually readine these comments):

    – Folders!
    – Rearrange whole pages, not just single icons.
    – Ability to see what game is inserted in game slot without removing it!
    – One place to see what space on memory card is used for (games, saves, video, music, etc)
    – Flight mode from system menu (hold PS-button)

    Other than that, a great machine and really looking forward to being able to play my PSone classics on it ;)

  • BeanDK
    – Ability to see what game is inserted in game slot without removing it!

    this one is easy shut of the vita tern it back on there you go you know what game is in the slot because it loads then dances LOL or take some ginkgo belova and remember what one you put in there or look at all the game you don’t have in there and threw power of deduction you can figure it out LOL

  • Thanks for the heads up Eric.

  • @115 do you even own vita.. when you put a game in the icon of that game jumps… so the last request is pretty on the system already

    @110 the cnadain os service is diffrent. I hear what you are saying though.. And your correct this stuff like crackle you tube etc should beon all areas same time..if not 3 days after.

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • I’m just playing along with people listing what they want from their Vita. All in all I’m very satisfied but these things are obvious issues.

    1) Start building a catalogue of Remote-Play games (although if I understand correctly this may be a PS3 limitation for retail games, I think all PSN games should be encouraged to be remote-playable in the future)
    2) This one is very fixable and it drives me crazy. The whole “signing in to playstation network” that happens every time you open a new game and the sign in screens open and close and open and close. All of that should just happen in the background. Those constant opening and closing sign in screens are slowly driving me nuts. Please end the madness. And the loading that happens when you launch a game from a cartridge should happen in the background as well.
    3) Saves separate from game files.

  • Wake me up when you guys release a PS Vita with USB, microSD and HDMI video out. That’s the device I want, and the device I’ll buy when you release it…

  • There are so many psp games that I wish to play on my Vita that it is not even funny. Namely, would twenty dollars a pop to player all of the remaining Socom FTB’s, and Resistance Retribution. Where are they Sony?

  • We need meaningful updates, like something to fix the broken game save system! Add a save data utility so we can back up save files without having to back up the WHOLE DANG GAME! Or at least PS Plus support for cloud backups. That would work too…although I guess there’s no reason they shouldn’t come together.

  • I have never seen such depths in grammar…

  • i would like to see an update for the camera, like zoom for pic and video and effects. because the current cam is some what boring

  • i have no complaints other then that. i love the vita and so does my son

  • can’t wait for the new apps coming out. psn keep up the good work ;)

  • 123, i agree.. 100%

  • the vita is severely crushed no flash support and then no passport program for the US and we have to rebuy our psp games again… that’s horrible and absolutely unfair not impressed, Sony needs to realize they need to not work so hard on security but more features to make their products more fun. mobile devices can do what the ps vita should even without flash… the vita next update better come soon with over 200 features like mobile devices have usually in their updates. Sony can really learn a lot from Apple.

  • i think the only psp games tha good for the vita is crisis core,gow,and multiplayer games.other then that i dont see the purpose….the graphics aren’t at its best. flash i can see and would be a plus…other then that no complaints

  • @ #128

    Socom FTB 2 and 3 as well as Resistance retribution are at the top of my list.

  • when can we remote play with the psvita i love my vita but not even killzone i cant remote play please sony am a truck driver and i wood to play my game when am on the road like BF3 BL and all other games please sony turn on the remote play for use .!!!!! I get bord only watching netflix i want to get my gaming on do it for us.! And thank you sony for this great system and that i can skype my family with my vita I DONT have to take my laptop no more lol .But am always on the road ill love it if i can play my games on the PS3! .!!!!!!

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    you know what if you wanna complain and have no patients then u deserve nothing. it just released in feb. and u all expect WAY too much for a brandnew handheld device. stop complaining they cant release full remote play or they will lose millions of $$$ and they camt give us psone support yet cuz they need an update with a emulator that work 100% and youtube is coming by the end of june. LEAVE SONY ONLY THE VITA IS NEW SO BACK OFF, they still have ps3 and psp stuff to work on u know vita is still fresh. Too many complainers be happy u even have a freakin vita for christ sakes.

  • @131, AMEN!!! I can’t be bothered to much with the update because I just got 12 games added to my backlog thanks to last weeks update.

  • I’m not sure about what other things this update does, but my browser works faster and a lot better then it did before.

    I noticed someone said that there are only 10 screens and 10 bubbles. You have to remember that most of those items are on the memory card. If you want more items then change cards. \

    If you get a game like little big plant you might find that one bubble will take up a lot of space.


  • @mcbuttz78

    yes i do own a vita i was responding to the guy that wanted the abilety to see what game was in without pulling it out and if you tern the vita all the way off hold power till shut off option shows up then when you tern it back on it will load the game in the slot and the icon jumps arround if you read more of my post on hear you would see i know the vita quite well and from browsing the forums i am one of the first ppl to talk about the 85 bubble limit so do you have a vita LOL

  • @Castlewar

    now over the life of the vita how many games will you get and you do know that when you swap out mem sticks it messes up all your icons and you half to re orginise them and it removes you backgrounds so swaping mem card is not easy as it sounds and the more retail games you have the more icons you have and thy are on the vita not the memstick but the save game is on the memstic but its tied to the icon so if you delet the icon you delet you game save see the problome

  • @ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    ppl with ps3 cfw have full remot play had it on psp too hackers with wololo hack have all ps1 clasics and all psp games had it for months now sony had longer with the hardware thy made it so why is it theas ppl sitting at home have more then sony and remot play was anouncet befor ps vita lounch and vita can handle it ps3 needs the update how will sony loss money with remoat play seam to me thy will make more hardware sales with theas featers sony towted remot play on psp and faild to deliver even tho it can handle it only thing that will limit it is bandwith of tha acsses point you use and if we dont tell sony what we dont like how will thy know what to fix you stop complaining comit is bs we need to tell sony what we like and dont like otherwise nothing will change so stop complaining to us and tell sony what rubs you the rong way about the vita so thy can fix it we all know it takes time to make the changes but if we dont voice are opinions now it will take even longer to fix if it wernt for ppl like me telling sony what i didnt like about the ps3 it would not have half the stuf it dose

  • i really like the vita. i am a lifelong loyal sony fan. i am also a huge metal gear fan. please fix what ever prevents me from playing metal gear portable ops and portable ops plus on my vita. why can europe play this game and america isn’t able to play this game. I’ve beaten metal gear peace walker and most other games aren’t nearly as fun. I’m just sayin’

  • Hey eric, thank you for letting everybody know about the ps vita firmware update. However, there’s more features I would like to have on my ps vita such as option to delete error history instead of doing system restore in order to erase them, A-B repeat for music player. Also ps3 system haven’t had any new firmware updates since after february. Would like to have new firmware for ps3 with new features, more improvements of system stabilty, preventing from freezing right after loading a ps3 game or dvd video from the XMB menu before it ever loads up, meaning screen staying black and forced to turn off system and turn it back on, also prevent from freezing during gameplay such as uncharted games as 1, 2 and 3 sometimes freezes during gameplay on single player mode, plus more information on system information such as showing tempurature, fan speed, etc. Just a suggestion, of course, eric. Keep up the great work as well.

  • “Minor update”? It was 97MB!


  • OMG dammit… I JUST installed 1.69 and haven’t had a chance to even try the Escape Plan demo! FIX THIS SONY!!

  • Escape Plan demo does NOT WORK with the update…

    Please fix it!

  • Also – WHERE IS Resistance Retribution??!!

  • Hmm, I know I’m kind of late to leave a comment but it was on my mind:

    1. Will we get only certain ps1 games or all of the ones we’ve already bought?

    2. Will there be a fee? I have a JP account (which has the UMD passport program), but I didn’t reget my eligible psp games for the vita because it meant having to pay more.

    3. I know people love the ability to play a ps3 game on the psp through the remote play or whatever, and the ability to play a game on both ps3 and vita is kind of cool, even if it requires buying two games.

    What I’d like though, is the ability to play a psp game on the big screen (without wires).

    In other words, I’d like to connect my psp (or vita, running a psp game) to the ps3 so that my controller either is the psp or the ps3 controller, and the tv my ps3 is hooked up to displays what the psp/ps vita sees. This might seem like a stupid feature (why not just play it on my psp/ps vita then, right?), but there are some great psp exclusives that my husband won’t play because he hates playing on small screens. So why can’t psp/ps vita have essentially a reverse remote play feature where the ps3 displays psp games that the psp is running?

  • another one came to me

    4. I’d like a “foreign feature” app (for my US PSN account). Basically, I’d like an app where you select some cool japanese games you talk about and share screenshots so that we may vote on whether we’d like them localized or not. This could help developers determine whether their japan-exclusive games might do well over in other places. The app could even have a kickstarter – where people give like 5$ to support the localization and if they create it, they get a preorder, if they decide not to, after a certain amount of time they give the money back.

  • Ok, lets see what promises sony has made and hasn’t kept…

    IF you remember, PS3 had 2 HDMI ports when they first were talking about it, and was going to be able to be hooked up to 2 TVs….didn’t happen.

    PSPGO: All games from now on will be available for download…..Kingdom hearts still not available, despite the fact that in PSPGO ads it showed Kingdom Hearts being played on the GO.

    Remote play….nuff said

    and thats just to name a few.

    and now I hear stuff about not all PS1 classics will be available for the Vita!?!? and we might have to re buy them??? Im just saying, if one more promise gets broken or anymore lies about their systems, I’m done….Will I have to wait another 3 years to get all the ps1 classics that I already waited for on the PSN?

    I’ve bought 3 PSP, 4 PS3s, 1 vita and I am considering getting another when the crystal white one comes out, but I can’t keep supporting a company that continually lies and deceives to get me to buy things. Fool me once, shame one me…..

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