Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

Read an update concerning Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer matches and lobby system here.

Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

The wait is over! Resistance: Burning Skies hits store shelves and PSN today, ushering in a new era of portable first-person shooters. Dual-analog control isn’t the only thing going for Resistance: Burning Skies though. In addition to the multiplayer features and weapon functionality we’ve introduced over the last few months, Resistance: Burning Skies brings a new hero into the war between man and the Chimera – and Tom Riley’s story is one you won’t want to miss. Take a peek at the debut of our Resistance: Burning Skies launch trailer!

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

This isn’t all we have to share with you today though. You’ll remember back in April when we talked about Resistance: Burning Skies’ multiplayer modes we mentioned that through “near,” Resistance: Burning Skies introduces a new social perk which rewards players with XP multipliers that you can carry into multiplayer battle. Today we’re going to shed a little more light on exactly what that means.

So, as you play through the multiplayer experience in Resistance: Burning Skies, there’s a chance that you will become “infected” with a form of the Chimera virus. Although being infected with the Chimera virus didn’t end too well for Nathan Hale, these particular strains of the Chimera virus actually give you a bonus to your in-game XP multiplier. That means that you can have double and in some cases up to triple XP for a limited amount of time to gain levels and to unlock upgrades more quickly.

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS VitaResistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

The really interesting part is that once you’re infected, through “near” you can spread the virus to your friends or drop it off as a gift to a fellow PS Vita player. Conversely you can also pick up the virus that’s been left behind by other Resistance players via “near.”

If you’re a shooter fan and enjoy portable gaming, get out there and pick up Resistance: Burning Skies today and join the fight against the Chimera on PS Vita!

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  • Elvick_: Mixed? Hardly. The game has an average of roughly 57 on Metacritic, which is mediocre at best. “Mixed” reviews would be Unit 13, which has an average of about 70.

  • @54: Dude… Even metacritic lists most reviews for the game as “mixed”. 9 reviews are mixed, 4 negative, and 4 positive right now. And the average is now 58 and was 59 earlier.

    That’s the very definition of mixed. You don’t know what ‘mixed’ means at all.

  • The reviews range from as high as 8.5 to a low as 2, is mixed. Chex MIX isn’t comprised of one ingredient.

  • I got the game but I thought I was supposed to get pre-order perks with it as well. I didn’t get anything. Where am I supposed to get it from? The retailer? And if they don’t have it what do I do? Because the manager at the store said it would have printed out on the receipt but it didn’t.

  • i look forward to trying this.

  • @ g-force08 the manager of the store is supposed to help you. It happened to me with starwhawk, you know with the free plus membership and they did. So check with them first if not call Sony’s customers service they’ll help you out but it’ll be a long process.

  • When is Resistance Retribution for the PSP going to be available for the Vita?

  • This game must be doing something wrong to raise the ire of so many critics. I have to admit, I played the multiplayer at the pre-release party, and it seemed kind of bland, suffered several bugs, and had atrociously bad sound for a Resistance game. I was really hoping that the campaign would be worthy, but I haven’t read a single impartial review that didn’t pan the story for being completely mediocre or devoid of any interest.

    I know reviewers can be pretty hyperbolic, but this much criticism can’t bode well. I want to give the game a chance, but I just know I’ll end up regretting being an early adopter, paying top dollar for a game that should probably sustain some deep discounts.

  • I really regret buying a vita now. I had high hopes for this game and was excited to play and buy day 1. After reading reviews im not sure it is worth the 40 dollars. Jeez I really hope they make the vita alot better real soon or im done with sony products.

  • Elvick_: Whatever.

  • gema11981: Agreed, huge disappointment. The Metacritic average is laughably low for a game like this. Any proper Resistance game should average 75% at the least.

  • @62 go sell it because no one made u buy and no one is making you keep your vita
    and you guys can not try the demo and see if you like it yourself then i feel sorry for all you follow the leader type of noobs

  • @62 go sell it because no one made u buy a vita and no one is making you keep your vita
    and if you guys can not try the demo and see if you like it yourself then i feel sorry for all you follow the leader type of noobs

  • lol @65&66 nice double post. I know no one made me buy it. Your response does not make any sense. I am entitled to my opinion. I wont even waste my time with this demo.

  • I really dont care about reviews too much, i played some games that i really like and are fun and playable; but the reviews are bad, and vice versa, there are games that bad and OVERRATED; personally i really like Resistanse games, even the PSP Retribution was good, so i wanna play this one in my VITA,

  • They’re such cry babies. The reviews are bad. Dude I’m having a blast with my vita and I don’t based the vita on just one game. So yea go sell your vita. And I like resistance burning skies is a good game.

  • @50 I love you dude. XD

    You guys did indeed fix the problem I had with the graphics, it looks much more PS3-ish now. Looks like your average FPS, (If you are a FPS fan that’s a good thing) with semi-high tech weapons. It looks as if you guys at NIHILISTIC did in fact put a lot of work into the game. (can’t say the same for the boxart) And only wish you would have done the same for PSMH…

    I’ll give this game a try, but my expectations are not high.

  • @68 me too Hot Shots Golf for vita is an example of one

  • I just picked up the game, reviewers can kiss my butt lol! ;)

  • Question, do we need to buy a separate Multiplayer pass for this game if we buy it on PSN or is included?

  • @NASCAR_Rcn8. Get a life.
    @NASCAR_Rcn8. Get a life.
    @NASCAR_Rcn8. Get a life.
    @NASCAR_Rcn8. Get a life.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for the store update!

  • I’m liking it so far…. can’t seem to connect to the online mp yet… but what I’ve played of the sp campaign is good… Trophies keep popping up, too bad there’s only 25 of them.. oh well, easy platinum.

  • @SogeKing:

    That’s what I’ve been saying…. We need it on VITA!!! Retribution would be great to play on Vita with dual analog sticks!! MP would be fun too (if it’s still supported)..

  • OK, one more thing… WHY are screenshots disabled in this game?!

  • So you cant’s show others this game’s ugly gaphics.

  • Awsome single player! But I can’t play online. I get a “room connection failed” Can you please fix this?
    Thank you

  • I for one cannot wait for the store to update. Every trailer I have seen looks like a great VITA not PS3 FPS. All the haters seem to forget that a lot of the reviewers compare this Resistance to the PS3 Resistance Trilogy. That is a mistake and needs to be addressed. This is a FPS for the Vita and will not be on par with the PS3. Looks like a lot of fun and cannot wait to spend even more time with my Vita.

    Stop hating and rejoice that there is a FPS shooter on the Vita that has actually received some good reviews. Wow, just watching the trailers is enough for me to want to play this now. Don’t need a review to sway me one way or the other.

    One thing I am tremendously upset about is the possibility that this could very well be the last Resistance game. :( Love this series and will never forget all the great moments!

  • so, when might the store be updated? not sure i understand why we are penalized for wanting digital download? Seems like should be easier and pushed live at 12:01am?

  • @82
    I agree but that is the way Sony does it. Hopefully it will be earlier but it’s usually 6pm cst.

  • @82 Not to mention any preorder option/bonuses for us digital people buying form their direct store :)

  • I for one can’t wait to buy this game. I don’t have a VITA yet, because I’ve set a personal goal where as a VITA will be a grand prize to myself, but I WILL be buying this game AND Gravity Rush when I get me a VITA.

    As far as reviews go… I could care less. I’ve played SO many amazing games games and seen reviewers scoff and ridicule them in profoundly unprofessional ways. That’s why I have stopped visiting ign, kotaku, dtoid, gametrailers, NONE of them. A bunch of party pooping whiny kids in grown up bodies is pretty sad… Like some of the people commenting on the blog here. *sigh*

    Anyway, congrats Nihilistic on getting this out there. The trailer looks awesome. Can’t wait to play your game :D

  • @Airwalkinman:

    Totally agree… especially with this game… ignore the reviews… good and bad alike… make your own opinion…

    As for myself, I’m really enjoying this for what it is.. sure there’s some flaws, but what game is without flaws?

    Having Resistance on my Vita is great..

    Now if we could only get Retribution, that’s my fave PSP game, all time, and it would work perfectly on the Vita since it would work great with dual analogs..

  • Everytime I try to go in Matchmaking, I get timed out. Anybody else having this issue??

  • I cant find online matches it starts searching and after few minutes says diconected from room any body knows please let me know if im the only one with this prob. thnx

  • @Ajo81792 yes me i cant find games it times out

  • the ign review stopped me from buying this, ill check the demo today but ill probably pass : /

  • Same problem with online here.

  • Everyone asking about online play errors, read the earlier replies.. they are looking into it.

  • @87 and @88
    We all have the same issue. Online is broken right now. Hope they fix this fixed soon.

  • I also can’t get into a multiplayer match. The single player has been fun though.

  • Yeah, SP Campaign is great… personally, I haven’t seen a whole lot wrong with this game…

    Some of the touch screen and rear touch running feel awkard, and should have had the option to use the buttons, but overall, it’s a great game!

    BTW: I can’t get in mp either… see you guys soon, though!

  • I pre-ordered and picked up the game from GameStop but didn’t get my code for a lock screen or 3 avatars. What gives? I really want those avatars.

  • @chaoszero:

    I didn’t get them either.. I only got the multiplayer bump to 5…. I’ll call my gs and see what’s up?

  • LOL so the games don’t launch at midnight for digital download, and the mp is broken, games getting bad reviews…What a cluster F^ck

  • It’s up on the store, oddly enough no discount like other Sony published vita games though $39.99 oh well, bought!

  • @98
    Thanks for your worthless contributions to this blog.

    Digital downloads always update around 6pm cst so nothing new here.

    MP is broken but it will be fixed shortly as the admin said they are looking into it.

    The game has also gotten some very good reviews so it’s a mixed bag. You have PS Vita owners commenting on this blog saying they are really enjoying the SP. Examples 95, 80 and 72.

    Stop being a troll

  • @99
    I just checked and don’t see it. Guess it will be up soon! That’s great news!

  • @100 ok just because it always updates at a specific time doesn’t mean there is no better way to do it. I understand mp will probably be fixed, it is still pretty pathetic that it has to be fixed and is not working come launch day for pretty much the biggest game the vita has had released for it since it came out. Yeah the game has gotten some mixed reviews, but with the expectations of the system and the game I would say that the game is looking like it missed the mark. Just because I express my frustration doesn’t make me a troll…or maybe it does, in that case I am a troll and you are some sort of internet forum god.

  • its a good game but i cant get in a multiplayer match for the life of me .

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