Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

Read an update concerning Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer matches and lobby system here.

Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

The wait is over! Resistance: Burning Skies hits store shelves and PSN today, ushering in a new era of portable first-person shooters. Dual-analog control isn’t the only thing going for Resistance: Burning Skies though. In addition to the multiplayer features and weapon functionality we’ve introduced over the last few months, Resistance: Burning Skies brings a new hero into the war between man and the Chimera – and Tom Riley’s story is one you won’t want to miss. Take a peek at the debut of our Resistance: Burning Skies launch trailer!

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

This isn’t all we have to share with you today though. You’ll remember back in April when we talked about Resistance: Burning Skies’ multiplayer modes we mentioned that through “near,” Resistance: Burning Skies introduces a new social perk which rewards players with XP multipliers that you can carry into multiplayer battle. Today we’re going to shed a little more light on exactly what that means.

So, as you play through the multiplayer experience in Resistance: Burning Skies, there’s a chance that you will become “infected” with a form of the Chimera virus. Although being infected with the Chimera virus didn’t end too well for Nathan Hale, these particular strains of the Chimera virus actually give you a bonus to your in-game XP multiplier. That means that you can have double and in some cases up to triple XP for a limited amount of time to gain levels and to unlock upgrades more quickly.

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS VitaResistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

The really interesting part is that once you’re infected, through “near” you can spread the virus to your friends or drop it off as a gift to a fellow PS Vita player. Conversely you can also pick up the virus that’s been left behind by other Resistance players via “near.”

If you’re a shooter fan and enjoy portable gaming, get out there and pick up Resistance: Burning Skies today and join the fight against the Chimera on PS Vita!

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  • I know they are just reviews and other people’s opinions, but I haven’t been really hearing good things about this game. The Resistance franchise is always about a good story, and I hear this lacks story. I had this game paid in full, but will decide to wait on a price drop to pick it up.

  • I can’t connect to a multiplayer game for the life of me :(

    • For those of you trying to connect online to Resistance: Burning Skies for multiplayer matches and experiencing problems, we apologize for the inconvenience.
      We recently discovered a bug in the multiplayer lobby, and are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.
      We expect it to be resolved in the near future, and will continue to keep you updated. Thank you for your patience, and again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Amazing will probably get this but not now soon though

  • Waiting on the store update

  • @ DZORMAGEN, I’ve been hearing the same thing. I had some money in my account ready to get this, but the reviews give me serious pause. I think I’ll wait on a demo and possibly a price drop. Will probably also get Gravity Daze instead.

    • The trial version will be on the PSN Store as of today’s publish, so I really encourage you guys to try it out for yourselves and make your own decision after getting your hands on it.

      I can honestly say that as a big FPS fan, I’ve enjoyed the game a lot and believe you guys will too.

  • still holding off til july 2 to get a vita (my bday) so there’s a couple games I want to get and this tops the list. Rise. Resist. Renmant

  • I really want to love this game but I don’t see any reviews that show this game in a positive light. The possibility for the Vita to have a good FPS is there but from what I’m seeing this isn’t the best FPS for the vita. Not because of controls but because the game itself is not as polished as it should be. BUT with that said I’m already slated to get it and I’ll have as much fun with it till CoD comes out for it. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more interesting FPS titles coming out of E3 for the vita.

  • Im not used to pay much attention to reviews, but this time I do. I was gonna buy the game the second the store updates, I’ll save my money for Gravity Rush or the Metal Gear Collection.

  • hey Derek are we getting Resistance Burning Skies panels today?

  • #2 – Make sure you’ve updated to latest firmware. For a couple days I couldn’t get into a Versus fight on Mortal Kombat. Going through my system settings, I thought I’d check to make sure there wasn’t an update I’d missed. Well, there was. Not sure how long it had been like that but, it cleared up all my multiplayer issues.

    On Topic: Heading out in about an hour to pick up my copy of R:BS. Not swayed by a lot of the sub-par reviews. The same thing I’ve noticed with most of these reviews is, it’s a functional shooter but not up to the standards of console shooters.

    PS Vita, while amazing, is NOT a PS3. This game looks incredible for a handheld. I think I’ll go buy it and, make up my own mind about it.

  • @10
    “PS Vita, while amazing, is NOT a PS3. This game looks incredible for a handheld. I think I’ll go buy it and, make up my own mind about it.”

    I agree with that statement. Why do numerous reviewers compare Vita games to PS3 and dock points because of it?

  • Too bad the reviews have been quite bad. Pass…

  • there was a burning skies on ps3? when exactly?

  • I’m so excited about Resistance burning skies. I got my pre-order I just have to pick it up. I don’t care about the reviews I know what I’m expecting for this game and I’m still excited. RBS got mixed review they’re just a buch of haters.

  • Derek i mean psvita panels, i guess we are not getting any today lol, i’m not taking about avatars but panels

    • If you mean the lock screen themes – these will be available on for everyone to download in a few hours.

      We ran into some technical difficulties hosting them on the storefront, but if you visit that site on your Vita and click the download link about halfway down the page, there are instructions for installing them on your system.

  • Look whos talking a redneck whose name is NASCAR

  • Derek take a look at the link i’m talking about those panels, are we getting RBS panels today?

  • Can’t wait to play this game but GameStop doesn’t open for another hour… T.=.T

  • Just an all around disappointing game. From the moment I saw the trailer for this game I knew it was going to be a rushed game. A shallow campaign, only 4 vs 4 multiplayer.

    Don’t buy this game the Vita deserves better than this!

  • i don’t understand why sony doesnt update the store at midnight for big first party games, why we have to wait till the regular store update to play the game?

  • Can we get a little more details/clarification on the XP bonuses?

    1.) Will we be infected ecah time we use near or will it be random?

    2.)I know the double and triple XP is random, but will we know before or is it a surprise each time we start playing?

    3.) Will there be some sort of on screen indicator of an infection? Such as an on-the-HUD icon or slightly discolored/blurry-er screen?

    4.) How long will these infections last? The entire time the game is active and you’re cured if you cmpletely close the game? Or, which I would prefer, a time limit? Or even a randomly determined ammount of deaths depending on your level of infection. Triple having less time/deaths of course. And:

    5.) Other than XP, will there be any more goodies we can ecpect from near?

    Thanks in advanced!

  • I was psyched for this but the reviews (2/10 destructoid and others) are in and the critics are agreed that R:BS is terrible. Guess I’ll have to keep playing Unit 13 until this hits the bargain bin or something better is released.

  • there were resistance games on ps2? :p

  • I am really enjoying the single player but each time I try to play a match, any mode, the room eventually times out. Several of my friends ae having the same problem. Can we get a solution or at least some recognition of the issue?

  • Gametrailers game the game a 8.1 with User score (right under) as 8.4. Just because the Vita is the PS3P, still doesnt mean it’s in fact a PS3 anyway.

  • Really like the single player ,but I would love to try the multiplayer. Every time I try to join a game it fails I have successfully been in one lobby but it eventually kicked me from the room. I hope this gets fixed soon or I think many people won’t get the game. Oh and add me as a friend also if anyone wants too

  • God, I’m sooo excited for it… but the reviews…. they’ve really really worried me. I’m already worried enough that Insomniac isn’t developing the game. I’m scared to death that there will be a lack of support for the game. Considering the ‘bare bones’ multiplayer (which is great for the FIRST fps on the VIta but horrid to today’s standards for consoles)… I’m really hopping the bomb won’t be dropped.

  • Nooo :( FPS no, Third person is better :( . PSN digital download??

  • For those of you looking for a good review, take a look at the GameTrailers one that was just posted. They gave it a pretty impressive 8.1/10.

  • The vita is so overrated man. It hardly has any games that will play online multiplayer with anyone. Now this is suppose to be able to do it and all I hear is isues staying connected. Sony knew the vita couldn’t handle it. Not powerful enough. Just like PS3 was overhyped very powerful and yet it can’t even handle cross game chat. Wow that’s powerful alright. A vita can do cross chat and a ps3 can’t and they say a ps3 is very powerful and can do anything. More lies and hyping by sony for ya lol

  • I didn’t get my psn avatars -_____- Game is fantastic though!

  • Can someone please ban NASCAR_Bcn8. This is obvious trolling spam that is completely unwanted here.

  • Yeah, I haven’t been able to get into a single MP match. Room connection times out every time, then boots me back to the main menu and rechecks my online pass. Pretty irritating. Every other PS connection to the network works fine.

  • @Derek
    He means the panels for the PSN profile not lock screens. They just recently added Modnation panels. Are you guys planning on adding Resistance themed panels for our PSN profiles.

    • Ahh my apologies! We don’t have plan to have these at launch, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have them in the future.

  • Ban away I have over 30 more psn accounts to get my truth rants out from so be my guess fanboy. Get me banned I’ll just be right back in here lol. I have 2 ps3’s and HATE 360 so nice try moron. I just voice my opinion and I have that right. If I don’t then why you conservative a*sholes support war fro then if I can’t voice my Right to rant truth about sony and their overhyping stuff and ripping us off. You just a fanboy that hates I’m right lol.

  • i just wish vita digital releases were made available at midnight, other than that im waiting the hours to get this game on my vita

  • at 37 yeap thats what i said, Panels for the psn profile not lock screens, and yes San Diego Studios recently added ModNation panels, hopefully we get Resistance Burning Skies panels soon.

  • are you people at Sony insane?! why does this game only have 6 levels!? the kotaku review killed this game for me sorry sony lower it to 20 bucks by august and ill buy it lol

  • Too bad the game is an utter and complete failure. So much potential, so little realized.

  • Derek i even posted a link to ModNation Racers Road Trip panels but my comment is awaiting moderation :(

  • cross game chat cross game chat blah blah, idk i find that a bit annoying when someone playing a diff game bugs me on xbl…thats justs just me…oh high and mighty lol

  • I’d like to point out that the reviews are *MIXED*. VERY much so. Even the most popular sites out there don’t agree on what the game should be scoring at.

    Try it for yourselves before you act like you’ve played it, because even the critics don’t agree on how good (or bad) it is. Stop being mindless sheep that adopt the opinions of others as your own.

  • Pre-ordered this from gamestop but I didn’t get my lockscreen theme or the 3 resistance avatars, what’s the deal?

  • btw hype is hype, if anyone gets overexcited they have themselves to blame

  • Anyway… I’m looking forward to getting this later today to see for myself what it’s like. Can’t wait!

  • i checked out the reviews for UNIT 13 and they said it was pretty boring but i picked it up anyway and had a blast

    so as soon as the store updates i am grabbing resistance .

    reviewr always say a game has nothing new so they claim its a bad game so i never go by what a reviewr has to say i just read reviews to see what features a game has that i am interested in

  • Sony always making bad moves with Resistance games, which had so much more potencial that Killzone series. If Resistance had the same investment of Killzone, maybe PS3 could have a successfull FPS, like Halo or Gears Of War. Resistance 3 Advertising was about Move and Sharp Shooter, not Resistance 3, and after that Sony abandon Move. Resistance has everything that Killzone dont: awesome story, campaign with WOW moments not flat like Killzone, great characters, inovative weapons, passion. Killzone have: graphics, and thats all.

    Now, the first FPS for Vita, called the first “real” fps in a handheld, is done by the same studio that delivered that awfull Playstation Move Heroes.

    Sony, what do you expect from that? Ahn? Another fiscal year losing money?
    Wake up!

  • um…didnt sorcery just come out? lol

  • @ NASCAR I think you forgot your blog this’ playstation blog I think you want the Xbox blog or the Nintendo blog there’s no hater here just you. So get your ass out of here.

  • why is this blog always full of haters

    i dont find impressive that many dont like what PS offers, but why come to a PS blog just to hate and hate????

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