Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

Read an update concerning Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer matches and lobby system here.

Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

The wait is over! Resistance: Burning Skies hits store shelves and PSN today, ushering in a new era of portable first-person shooters. Dual-analog control isn’t the only thing going for Resistance: Burning Skies though. In addition to the multiplayer features and weapon functionality we’ve introduced over the last few months, Resistance: Burning Skies brings a new hero into the war between man and the Chimera – and Tom Riley’s story is one you won’t want to miss. Take a peek at the debut of our Resistance: Burning Skies launch trailer!

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

This isn’t all we have to share with you today though. You’ll remember back in April when we talked about Resistance: Burning Skies’ multiplayer modes we mentioned that through “near,” Resistance: Burning Skies introduces a new social perk which rewards players with XP multipliers that you can carry into multiplayer battle. Today we’re going to shed a little more light on exactly what that means.

So, as you play through the multiplayer experience in Resistance: Burning Skies, there’s a chance that you will become “infected” with a form of the Chimera virus. Although being infected with the Chimera virus didn’t end too well for Nathan Hale, these particular strains of the Chimera virus actually give you a bonus to your in-game XP multiplier. That means that you can have double and in some cases up to triple XP for a limited amount of time to gain levels and to unlock upgrades more quickly.

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS VitaResistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

The really interesting part is that once you’re infected, through “near” you can spread the virus to your friends or drop it off as a gift to a fellow PS Vita player. Conversely you can also pick up the virus that’s been left behind by other Resistance players via “near.”

If you’re a shooter fan and enjoy portable gaming, get out there and pick up Resistance: Burning Skies today and join the fight against the Chimera on PS Vita!

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  • i cant get the avatars or the theme for pre ordering and i really want an lbp beta code

    • We’re very sorry about the complications around these items. If you check the earlier post, the theme is available at The avatars will be available in June and the voucher code you redeemed for the multiplayer booster will still apply to them.

  • The demo and the paid version are up in North America, PST. For the cautious ones among us, let’s try the demo and see what we think.

  • Yes, I concur, it’s up on the store downloading now! Awesome that there is a demo for the undecided, classy move Sony! I on the other hand will bypass the demo and throw $40 at you! Cannot wait to play! Thanks Sony!

  • Ok, now I see it, I had to close out of the store and re-open it for the update to pop up… downloading the Gravity Rush demo!

  • OMG only 600 more minutes….fail

  • @108
    Ace Ventura – “LAHOOOOOOZAAAHER!”

    You mad bro?

  • @108:

    You need to get a life and stop trolling the playstation blog.. seriously dude.

  • LOL, wow. I’m getting spam PSN mail from NASCAR_Rcn8 and his friends (or his multiple accounts). Mind you, I would love to know how to grief report someone on the Vita. That feature seems to be missing.

  • @108
    Oh by the way it only took 75 minutes for me to download Resistance Burning Skies and the Gravity Rush demo! That’s pretty sweet if you ask me. I am done feeding the troll, time to game! :)

  • @112 IDK I have a 50+mb connection with Verizon and it is going slow for me. Must be the servers I get ran through for my area I guess??

  • It seems that if I say anything bad on this site I have no life and I am trolling….now I know…way to be babies about my opinion

  • @114:

    Well, if you don’t know what trolling is, thats one thing..

    Trolling is basically sitting on a forum and posting negative replies and stating the obvious… Try and be more positive instead of constantly pointing out the negative… no one wants to hear that… we know that it can take forever to dl on PSN.

  • Like it says to the right “open to everyone” But don’t be a jerk…

    Think about what you say before you submit..

    OK, Sorry, I’m done…

    I’m starting to troll you (slaps self)

  • I was really looking forward to this, but as soon as I learned it was being made by Nihilistic my heart sunk. They haven’t really made any good games (their last was Playstation Move Heroes…) and to see them working on one of my favorite franchises was an insult. I’ll buy this when it’s >$15.

  • So I’m really enjoying the single player mode but I am dying to play mulitplayer mode but everytime i try to connect it says the connection time has expired or something… are guys fixing this???????

  • @116 I understand the need to be positive, but if I don’t state how I actually feel then how will Sony ever know anyone is angry with the way they are approaching things..?

  • So far it’s been pretty damn good. I was shocked reading some of the reviews, it def. not a 10 but in no way does it merit a 5/10. I give it a solid 8. Whats so awesome about the vita is this – the wifey gets to watch her shows on our main TV (happy wife) while I get some serious gaming in. Playing fps online on a portable is tight! It took me a dozen tries, but was able to get an online game in.

  • @Relik:

    Agreed, i do the exact same…. makes me kinda look forward to what Nintendo does with the Wii U

  • @119 sony will not if you post on the blog. sony does not read the blog. if you want sony to know something email or call them. submitting on the blog will not change anything.

  • I could only download GR demo so far, still waiting for Resistence, but GR really impressed me!
    Can’t wait till RBS finishes so i can try the demo before buying…
    ( Which I am assuming will only take an activation since demo and full game are the same size? )

  • What I’ve played of the demo so far doesn’t impress. Horrible sound design( did they foley a popcorn machine), enemy bodies that just pop out, loads of aliasing courtesy of sub native res, very basic enemy AI and just an overall generic, by the numbers feel. Pass.

  • Game is okay. The controls work fine, I like using down on the d pad to run. The graphics are decent. It’s like a ps2 game with current gen lighting and shading. I like how the shadows look on the weapons when you walk through levels. Environments are a bit bland. The chapter 2 boss frustrating. Spent a long time figuring out how to kill him. That would be fine if it was a fun boss fight, but it was not. Still, the single player is not bad. Multiplayer is fun when I can get in a game. Got in maybe 10% of the time. Not unexpected on a launch day. Not a bad game by any means, but not near as fun or polished as it could be. But for a fps on a handheld, I dig it.

  • Well, I just tried the demo, and now I know that the criticism and bad reviews are for the most part a bunch of BS. The game is pretty great. It’s definitely a real FPS experience. Here are my impressions:

    – Controls are pretty fast
    – Cover system works pretty well
    – The weapon wheel works well
    – The graphics are much better than the critics make out. I did notice some compression artifacts on cutscenes, but the game itself is pretty sharp. The OLED screen looks amazing.
    – Indeed, the footstep sound effects are pretty pronounced. It’s not really a big deal.
    – The sound of the weapons seems to be the weakest link. The sound effects don’t sound like the console games at all. I tried using the built-in speakers, using a pair of earbuds, and using a pair of Sony professional monitoring headphones. The guns are loud, but the sound effects have no “body”.
    – The environmental reverb effects sound good and are a nice touch.

    {continued below}

  • {continued from post 126}

    – Some of the NPCs mouths don’t move when they are talking. I also saw two characters that appear to be Tom Riley’s family talking, but no sound came out. That scene should set up the emotional story, but it just failed.
    – The chimera run around a little bit, but mostly they stand and get shot.
    – I like how the chimera explode when you shoot them enough. It’s satisfying and is a good way to remove used graphical assets from the screen.
    – Sometimes the dead chimera just disappear from the screen, but I didn’t find it to be a big deal. It’s a game after all, not a movie.

    All in all, I was quickly compelled to buy the game and feel confident in that decision. I wasn’t able to get into a multiplayer battle, although I was able to get into a room and am waiting for someone to join the small deathmatch tournament. We’ll see about that.

    {continued below}

  • Oh, and way to screw up on the dd pricing, sony. Its now down to $35.99.

  • {continued from post 127}

    For anyone interested, the demo file is also the full game file, so if you go to buy after trying the demo, you won’t have to download it again. It will take just a moment to register your purchase with Sony. You can then restart the game and it will install the full permissions.

    Final thoughts: if you compare this game to console games, you might be let down. However, this is the best FPS I’ve seen on any portable. Unit 13 is a great third-person shooter, but Burning Skies despite its flaws already foreshadows some good games and good times to come.

  • guys i just bought the game and i cannot go mutliplayer. it says i need NAT type 2 what does that mean?

  • @ Animefreakers (130)
    That is a router setting. There is NAT type 1, 2, and 3. You need to edit the settings of your router in order to connect. Google information on NAT type 2 and your brand of router for help.

  • Can we please get some news on the pre-order Avatars? I work in retail and I have a customer who really wants them! The multiplayer boost bonus works fine but no one seems to be able to get the avatars.

  • @ Animefreakers (130)
    Also, you may need to open up some specific ports on your router. There is information online about which ports Sony requires for online play.

  • @128
    You are correct, I just checked, $35.99. I also checked my transaction history and Sony charged me $39.99. Do I get the difference back?

  • Any news on the eta of MP being fixed?

  • @Cerrato0426

    Hope do you activate the multiplayer booster? I haven’t received anything from amazon as far as pre-order bonuses go.

  • I can’t get the rear touch sprint working correctly no matter what I do. It registers less than 10% of the time, you have to hit it JUST right for it to trigger. Much easier and less frustrating to just use down on the D-pad. I know it’s not the touch pad, I checked it with other games. Seems like it was a neat idea implemented in a sloppy way.

  • @Wolverine81

    The multiplayer booster was a code that you input in the PSN store. After a quick download in the store, it’ll install the next time you launch the game. I’m not sure how Amazon disburses preorder bonus codes or if they were even a participating retailer with Resistance’s bonuses. I’d probably send them an email asking if you didn’t receive anything.

  • @wolverine:

    Amazon will send it to you via email tomorrow or the day after, that’s usually how they give out DLC that would otherwise be printed on a receipt from a store like Gamestop… just wait, it’ll come…

  • i don’t now but i am trying play multiplayer and nothing somebody help me…

  • @139 I dont think there is much anyone can do, just gotta wait for it to be fixed. Some people have said just keep trying and you will get into a game, but I tried for like 10mins and never got in; that’s about all the patience I have lol.

  • @Cerrato0426

    Thanks for the reply. Amazon definitely had pre-order bonuse. I’ll contact them if it doesn’t show in the next day or so.


    Thanks for the reply. I’m typically not impatient, it’s just weird that I haven’t received the code(s) yet, because amazon usually sends the email the day the game ships. It’s just strange.

  • ill buy it tomorrow

  • can we get any info on multiplayer fix

  • A demo of 3.1GB is not a very great idea because there are many people out there that own a PS Vita and have a 4GB stick. It might fly with me since I’ve bought a 32GB stick, but was it really that tough to just release the sections of the demo instead of putting out the whole game and locking up everything that wasn’t in the demo?

  • For the people who paid $39.99 for BS, here’s some real BS for you to ponder. Taken from a poster who contacted sony and their response to the price drop.

    Hello dark,

    Thank you dark for taking the time to contact Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI) regarding the price for Resistance: Burning Skies™. My name is Sandy, your PS®Vita specialist, and I will assist you. I apologize for any frustration that this may have caused and I can certainly answer your questions.

    First, I would like to welcome you to the PS Vita family. We are very excited for this product and I know you will have a great experience with this system.

    I am so sorry the purchase was made just before the price decreased. I am an avid gamer on a budget and I can certainly understand your frustration. I would be happy to assist you today.

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer a credit due to the price decrease. I know how frustrating this is for you and I sincerely apologize. It seems I purchase items just before the price drops on them also. The last computer monitor I purchased went on sale the next week for more than $100 off. I am so sorry, I do know how disheartening this can be.

  • i`m so mad right now …. since i paid 39.99 . srsly … i can`t believe this **** !!!

  • Managed to get into a small team deathmatch multiplayer game, and it was actually pretty fun. More importantly, it seemed to run without a hitch, which is a relief. However, like everyone has suggested, it’s near impossible to get into a working match. I had just this one good experience in 20 or so attempts. Clearly there are some server issues to be fixed. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Where is my 3 avatars and the lockscreen theme?

  • i cannot go mutliplayer. it says i need NAT type 2

  • Wow, Sony really dropped the ball on this game. After a 45 minute phone call to customer support yesterday, I hate to say it but I was told there would be NO AVATARS for the preorder bonus. They will not be included in any download for anyone that preordered the game. And in response to the Lock Screen Theme, they said that it will be up on their website in a few hours. Well that was about 14 hours ago and it is still not there. And you would think they would have had the multiplayer issue worked out by now, but the response was “we are still working on that”. And to make things even worse, The digital download price dropped after everyone already payed full price. Thanks Sony, These are things that make people turn to other gameing systems. How is it that you make so many mistakes with one game that is for a system that you almost can’t even give away. SAD SAD SAD. Way to go on scamming everyone out of there money and preorder bonus. Hard to have faith in a company after such a mess like this. Time to go back to the 3DS. Also, wouldn’t it be considered fraud for the whole preorder blunder.

  • I just bought the game for 39.99 despite the reviews and now they wont give back the 5.00 (could use it for Ultimate bundle for ps3)? i’m sorry i wont be buying games again day 1 from PSN (and never from nihilistic). The game is totally mediocre especially the sounds and I can’t even connect to the MP, i been trying for 30 mins. I love my vita but man i should have bought the Tales of Abyss for 3ds

  • Got this game yesterday first thing in the morning and I got to say its awesome. Been playing it all night. I’m not mad that they had that price drop out of no where. Lucky for the people that didn’t buy it yet. MP needs to be fix though asap. Its fun when you do get in. For the people that enjoy it as much as i do See You On when they fix the server. Peace!

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