PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow

The maintenance is now completed.

PlayStation Nation!

My name is Matthew Harper, and I’m part of the recently-formed PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Management team. Our mission is to keep you better informed about everything that is going on in the wide world of the PlayStation Network, to make your voice heard within the company, and to ensure that you, the gamer, are at the heart of every development across PSN. Together, we will help guide the future of this platform.

I’m here today to let you know that we will be performing routine scheduled maintenance on the network on Monday, April 16th, starting at approximately 6:00 am PDT / 9:00 am EDT. This maintenance will last roughly 13 hours, concluding around 7:00pm PDT / 10:00 pm EDT. During much of this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one.

We will continue to provide as much information as we can regarding any future maintenance we need to schedule.

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online. We look forward to gaming with you all when the maintenance is finished on Monday night.

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  • People that are complaining: GET A LIFE! Anyway there’s single player. These are probably stupid people that only play Call of Duty. Ever tried Uncharted? I have all three Uncharteds, COD WAW, MW, MW2, and MW3. I’ve hardly ever touched the CODs! Only my brother plays them and he doesn’t play much.

    Stupid people: OPEN YOUR EYES!

    Haha thank you Mr. Harper

    P.S. My symbol is NOT a zombie from COD. It’s the dead agent from U3


  • Great that you guys are working on the communication between the users and you guys. I would love to see a NBA League Pass app for the PS3, PS Plus and really just improvements on the PS Vita with PSP and PS1 supported games + the current apps which should really add more functionality.

  • still would be nice to know why the store isnt up now even though it isnt the 16th.

  • Hello, everyone, I’m here to translate and comment on a comment for you.


    “Typo’s a ton in my last post. I meant to say the sony fanboy troll’s will say your a 360 fanboy cause you are venting negative truth rants at sony on the vita NICK930930.”

    Whereas on the other side of the coin, the anti-sony trolls will say you’re a Sony fanboy because you aren’t focusing on everything negative about the vita, and ignoring the positive aspects, of which they think are nonexistent because they’re not what they want.

    ” I vented my constructive criticism on what I didn’t like about vita and what I would like it would get in the future and for people not to buy into the hype right now cause its becoming another psp go in support and all my comments get attacked by sony trolls calling me names and a 360 fanboy.”

    You probably could’ve worded your “constructive criticism” better. Next time, try thinking of features the Vita *does* have, and think maybe people can be patient and be happy with those for now.

  • ” Then Morgan Haro or what ever deletes all my comments and leaves the trolls attacking my comments up. That’s a slap in my face and a back stab just because I have a right to my opinion on their products I mean I have 2 ps3′s and have spent well over 1,500 on psn across two psn accounts I use to buy games but sony deletes my comments. So you be watch what you say nick they will ban us next lol. ”

    Translation: “Then Morgan Haro or whatever deletes all my comments attacking Sony and their piece of s**t device, and leaves the people defending said piece of s**t device, and pointing out positives that don’t exist up. That’s a slap in my face and a back stab just because I have a right to moan about Sony’s products for no reason. I mean I have 2 PS3’s and have spent well over $1,500 on PSN across 2 PSN accounts to buy games, but Sony doesn’t think that entitles me to any control over them. So you’d best watch what you say, Nick, because if you say nothing but bad things about Sony like they should, they’ll ban you next lol.”

  • If you really believe that Sony’s doing you a disservice, you can file a complaint with the government to charge Sony with fraud for advertising features that aren’t in the Vita. That will do much more than whining about it on their blog will.

    And another thing, say Sony decides to tell you everything concerning the maintenance, or releases a feature earlier than expected to satisfy their fans. Chances are there will be something you don’t want to hear occurring during the maintenance, or the feature will be subpar because of a rushed deadline, that you’ll complain anyway. Sort of a “no-win” scenario, here.

  • I play DCUO and it seems of late that either SOE or PSN is doing updates or maintenance a lot in the last few weeks. Though it does happen while I’m at work on some days but around these parts it is school vacation and tomorrow will mean either playing an off-line game or watching the Boston Marathon on one of the many channel in Boston covering it.

  • Matthew, so what is the point of your job, if you cannot tell us why you are shutting down PSN for 13 hours just 10 hours before it is happening? Who does maintenance during daytime? Every normal company usually do their maintenance during night time, you know, caring for their customers, and making sure it interferes with their experience the least. At least it is monday, I give you that, but day time? Though I can’t blame you guys, sony is posting record losses in billions, wonder why? Quality of online service? nah, not really.
    Continual PS3 firmware updates with new features? nah, not really
    Taking care of customer security? No, not this one either
    Telling everyone, that PS3 still is more than enough for current games, while it clearly isn’t – that’s the one.
    I really hope this new team of yours can do something more useful for us, customers.
    P.S. talking about time zones? isn’t PSN regional. japan has their own network, US their own, and europe their own. Every region has different content, so why not do it regionally, not globally?

  • @frankma1962

    if you are watching a Boston marathon you have more issues than being able to play online LMAO

  • @ChrisHighwind

    Wow you spent far too much time on that to just feed the troll.

    Actually, you took him to an all-you-can-eat-buffet there. And he still put soup in his pockets.


  • Tanks for the heads up. Thankfully, I’ll be at work.

  • I bet its a precaution for last years PlayStation Hack. its almost the 1 year anniversary, and I bet they are doing maintenance to keep everything in check just in case anything happens again

  • at least its on a monday and not during my springbreak lol well i ma b busy all day prob wnt even be on even after its on mayb til friday lol

  • @thereck24 I don’t know about you, but I think we should get a free “Getting Hacked 1 Year Anniversary” PS3 dynamic theme. It would be awesome.

  • I like how active you guys at Playstation are becoming with us fans. Hopefully through this inititave the Playstation Network will continue to thrive as well as Sony. Hopefully the maintenence is for tightening up security. As for thing’s I would like to see is PSOne classics on Vita hope to hear info soon on this, as well as a better party chat feature if possible( not interested in cross game ), and finally more intergration with Vita and Playstation trophies. I’d like to view my Vita trophies on my Playstation. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep up the communication.

  • To those of you complaining about maintenance it has to be done to make sure everything runs smoothly and there aren’t any issues. Your systems are not completely useless without the network do what I do play offline.

  • also at least they give us a warning…

  • At least it’s not on Sunday like last time :) Underage people will be on school, and some adults students on college :)

  • @Mathew Harper:

    Welcome to your new job. Nobody has mentioned this yet: the notice about tomorrow’s maintenance is displayed on the XMB notices. That’s why I came here to find this blog. Well done, Sony. During a recent rant-fest, somebody made that suggestion. Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but it’s great that you’re doing this. Not everybody reads the blog, particularly on a Sunday.

    I appreciate that your position was created to attend to our concerns here on the blog, and we should all give you a couple weeks to settle in. I hope the position description disclosed you need a very thick skin.

  • 13 hours for routine maintenance? Wow that seems excessive. I don’t see this as a very good step into the next generation of consoles. These routine maintenance sessions should have gotten shorter not longer and more often. All this time should be adding things like a decent browser to the Vita. Flash support HTML video support. 13 hours down and no explanation is absurd. I’m loosing faith pretty fast here.

  • Just please tell me that this maintenance is going to be about a new update coming linking the ps3 and vita with a new firmware?!!!

  • Awww… i was gonna play MW3, But now i can finally continue my Final Fantasy VII gameplay!

  • + Blkant on April 15th, 2012 at 10:07 am said:
    “Can you let us know what the maintenance is for? Or why lately they have been so much longer than they used to be?”

    it’s none of our business, frankly. and really – who cares what it’s for? also, the length of the maintenance periods haven’t been any longer than they have been in the past. it’s typical for these things to last 12 hours.

  • + megamixer on April 15th, 2012 at 11:03 am said:
    “PSN going down for “maintenance” in mid-April? What is the troubling feeling overwhelming me?
    blog us playstation com/2011/04/20/update-on-psn-service-outages-2/
    Hm… I just don’t know what it could be. At least I won’t lose my CC this time.”

    i guess the joke’s on you because your CC info wasn’t actually compromised.

    also, based on your other comments in this thread: obvious troll is obvious.

  • Mr Harper please hear our voice and send these to people at sony who cares about gamers and success of their products.

    The things i want to see/improve on Vita/OS
    – Please wait screen # Come on we are in 2012 and we still see loading screen when we try to get online in games or any app needs net JUST DO THIS LOAD IN BACKROUND
    – Youtube app with support full res of vita
    – HTML5 and flash – MAKE IT HAPPEN AND VITA WILL BE BEST THING FOR SURFING ON WEB ( man this thing is 4 core beast)
    – improve multitasking ( how other companies do this feature ?)
    – Part,Group Messaging and Friends apps needs to be all in one app not seperate
    – bubbles are not so pretty and not so ugly but with 5″ OLED sony needs to make some tweaks to artistic design of UI when people see it they must say WOW this thing is futuristic in everyway
    – Make as allow to put bubbles in custom folders

    NEW IP’s for VITA And support of naughty dog (MUST)

  • it amazes me anytime people complain about sony making improvements to their network… i have never seen a worse bunch of entitled, whiny, spoiled little brats (well, apart from the mass effect crowd…).

    relax… it’s server maintenance, not the end of the freaking world.

  • i want to see Sony rise again like walkman times but if company wants to see the future bright they must hear customers about needs and all the feedback . First and most important thing Sony must create products that when people see they say WOOW this is must buy for me . Sony loose creativity and innovation when we look at ps vita it’s maybe on of the best hardware designs in last 10 year (beside poor camera) but we see same big mistake here again and again Sony force customers to buy accessories and this bring out hidden cost ps vita is not ready to play . Ohh man there is looot of things about sony i can talk all day hope everything goes well …

  • PS Vita Needs:
    1. More apps like Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, Pulse, Google Currents, Shazam.
    2. Sell the apps that i mention.
    3. Better comunications with developers to make ports of greats PSN games like Journey, Castle Crasher, NBA Jam,Flower, Shatter, Magic Orbz.
    4. Flash Player or Html5.
    5. More AAA titles like God of War, Infamous, Gran Turismo, Gran Theft Auto, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Call of Duty.
    6.Dynamic Themes or Live Wallpapers.

  • seems fair, fortunately/unfortunately school will probably keep me pretty busy on monday

  • I think it’s not the length of the downtime, so as it’s called “Scheduled” yet we only get 1 day of warning. If it’s an emergency issue, as the timing suggests, then call it that. If it really is scheduled, then you really need to strive to increase the the amount of time between reporting it, and when it occurs.

  • Paypal to buy content in the PSN! !!!!!!!

  • PSN Needs:
    1. New Interface.
    2. Sorting List.
    3. At least 2 Sudios exclusives for development of great arcades games.
    4. Subscription Payment Program to cover the expensive cost of the development of features and servers for the Next Gen.
    5. More Features like Cross Game Voice Chat, More Social Apps(Facebook Twitter G+), More Media Apps (Youtube,Vevo,) For the Next Gen.
    6. Paypall.

  • even though im kinda mad about this…atleast im going still get my house of the dead 4 tuesday…..been waiting forever for that game……thanks for the heads up…….playstation forever!!!!

  • They are not gonna tell you every thing about what is going on. Online gaming is some peoples lifeline. So what. If it means a better experence, more secure, new features, and less problems, let SCEA take the network ofline for maintenance. By all means if its not securty related i could care less about what is going on during the downtime. If I was a representative of SCEA i wouldnt tell you demanding people what is going on cause frankly it’s none of your business. Why don’t some of you people try maintaining a large network with 80+ million registered accounts. It’s not as easy as you would think.

  • Why is it for every maintenance announcement you have people complaining? So you can’t play CoD or BF3 for a day? Big deal. Go outside or something.

    I for one am happy there is maintenance on this date seeing as how at this time last year PSN was taken down for over a month.

  • And SCEA does need info and things like that from the community to help improve on things. Lets do provide them with that feedback and not be so negative.I have read some of the replys to comments and Mr.Harper seems pretty positive about things, shouldnt we all.

  • This is disappointing it seems like there has been too much maintenance lately. And when the online portion is taken down its even worse. I just want to know when we will see more features added to the PS3.

  • @+ Matthew Harper Will some users have online?

    Because i have it once happen to me and i was happy.

    I know sony loves the public because they make sure things make us happy microsoft a.k.a xbox is just like “HERE!” .

    Does sony plan on making a Playstation 4?

  • For the most part, i have nothing about PSN Shutting down for maintenance for a few hours, but do you guys have to be doing them in the middle of the day on a Sunday, that’s probably one of the most active days of the week, cant you guys do it in the night during a weekday?

  • Thanks for the heads up…

  • Mr Harper can you please let Evolution Studios about the online problem a lot of us are having with Motorstorm Apocalypse? and let them know we ( motorstormers) want Motorstorm World Tour.

    i want more vita online multiplayer games , let San Diego Studios know that we are still waiting for the online head to head multiplayer patch , i want to know Little Big Planet release date , Warrior’s Lair release date , The Last Guardian release date , how about some info on Killzone vita? thanks for at least trying to listen to us.


  • glad i’ll be working through a majority of that window.. and even then i still got plenty of them “single player” games to hold me over

    just got mafia 2, i am alive, eat lead and both the bad company games recently

  • Thanks Matt for trying to keep us updated about the downtime, but you asked on one of your replies what else we would like to see come to the Vita. Well i think i speak for everyone else and myself that the Vita definitely needs an youtube app. That was the disappointing thing about the vita in my eyes. Another would be the fact that PS3 users cant see the trophies we earn on the Vita. There is PLENTY that could be done to make us consumers happy. Do you have any comments or answers for this matter?

  • Please, for the love of the Diety of your choice, tell us what is going on with expected timeframes. I was lead to believe we would be given PSone support for our Vita’s “soon” after launch. Two months have passed without a word. Likewise, support for more Psp titles to direct download was supposed to be “in the coming weeks”, yet that to has now become an issue of months vs weeks. Please, throw a dog a bone, and let us know what’s going on here. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the heads up by the way!

  • @BLUExEYEDxSLICKT Vita is still new, I get it if you’re an early adopter and getting bored with it, but the platform hasn’t really been out to claim “it’s not worth buying” or “it’s PSPgo all over again”. How do you know how much developer support the platform has? It’s been shown how easy it is to program for, so i see support only increasing as the installed user base does.

    I also want Sony to be more aggressive and make more announcements (Monster Hunter/Dragon Quest/COD/more handheld portable genres like SRPG/RPG/Puzzle/etc…_) but 3DS suffered the same sort of gloom and doom talk as well and now it’s breaking sales records. Every platform should be given a fair shot, just let things breathe, everything will show itself soon enough. well, thats my 2 cents…now onto more ramdon comments…

    Maintenance doesn’t bother me much at all, but keep informing the public, it’s just something nice to do.

    LBP Karting needs to come to Vita as well, that type of experience is what handheld gaming is centered on…

  • Lol at Sony seriously.. You guys think if Apple joins the gaming world.. You would still be treating consumers as such.. trust me people will jump ship for good service.. if a steam console arrives.. and developers find it easier to program for the PSN is over.. you guys will have top pull a plug on it.. Just think of the future here and the frustrating situation sony have put me through the last 4 years.. I really want apple and steam to come out with a Console. So you guys at Sony will learn and trust me you guys will.. You think Apple is number one because they treat their customers like dirt.. unlike you guys..

  • Well sense you are taking some time to reply back Matthew Harper; i notice some problem with PSN. It kept signing me out & saying errors. I did report back to the PS Support team but their didn’t have clue what to do with that problem. As of today i notice it stop signing me out; most of the days i got sign out was on the weekdays after i been on for about 1 hour tops.

    My internet network is working perfect & i found it weird to keep signing me out. And half the time i did sign in all my PSN friends were missing or the icon’s would be missing of their avatar.

  • The PS Vita’s web browser sucks, enough said.

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