PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow

The maintenance is now completed.

PlayStation Nation!

My name is Matthew Harper, and I’m part of the recently-formed PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Management team. Our mission is to keep you better informed about everything that is going on in the wide world of the PlayStation Network, to make your voice heard within the company, and to ensure that you, the gamer, are at the heart of every development across PSN. Together, we will help guide the future of this platform.

I’m here today to let you know that we will be performing routine scheduled maintenance on the network on Monday, April 16th, starting at approximately 6:00 am PDT / 9:00 am EDT. This maintenance will last roughly 13 hours, concluding around 7:00pm PDT / 10:00 pm EDT. During much of this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one.

We will continue to provide as much information as we can regarding any future maintenance we need to schedule.

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online. We look forward to gaming with you all when the maintenance is finished on Monday night.

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  • Can you let us know what the maintenance is for? Or why lately they have been so much longer than they used to be?

    • We absolutely understand that the community wants more information than we’ve been able to provide in this post. Part of my job is to make sure that the lines of communication are open between our users and PlayStation. While I don’t have more details to share at this time regarding the downtime, I will certainly work to include more info in future posts.

  • This kind of sucks. I have a clan operation for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 tomorrow. Well, I guess you guys do what you have to…

  • I continue to be amazed at how shockingly poorly you guys handle “scheduled maintenance”. As an Exchange Admin myself I’d love to see the look on my customer’s faces when I tell them we are taking email offline for 13 hours at a time every few weeks. Completely unacceptable. Step your game up Sony.

  • So what exactly is this for? again is it so bad to at least give us a simple explanation of what this is fixing, or anything. obviously it doesn’t have to be in detail. And again what is up with the time. Logically these types of maintenance should be done when not a lot of people are online which at least for the US would be at night at least in the EST time zone since not everyone lives in the same time zone (me being in HST)

    Just saying it seems unprofessional to this on times when your company would be making a ton of money from this. Obviously people will complain that people should do something else during that time, because they know how everyone lives their life apparently. really dont understand that logic, but what ever helps people sleep at night.

    • In terms of time zones: It’s important to note that PSN is a global service, which is a major factor in determining when maintenance is scheduled. For example: Tomorrow, we’ll be taking the network offline at 6:00am PDT/9:00am EDT in North America, which equates to 2:00pm GMT (London) or 9:00pm in Tokyo.

      As you can see, there is no ideal time in any 24 hr period to perform maintenance, so we try to pick days that we believe are likely to work best for the community. In this case, we chose Monday as opposed to say, Saturday, when less people have work or school to get in the way of gaming ;)

      I hope this helps explain things a bit.

  • Hmmm….. can we have some PS VITA NEWS?!?!?!?!?!

    I spent $300 on a freakin USELESS cellphone that can’t even make calls!!!! Where is the promised remote play?!?!?!?!?!

    Where is LBP?!?!?!

    • I don’t have any Vita news to share at this time. But we’re just getting started with the platform – there’s lots ahead of us, but we’ll need your help every step of the way in identifying what games and features are most important to the community. Is there anything else you want to see?

  • “Our mission is to keep you better informed about everything”. ORLY? Why don’t you tell us what these are for then?

  • BOOOOO, thats trashhh. nice Kratos icon though.

  • Hopefully this is a good thing? Lets see what you can do Mr.Harper.

    • I’m counting on you to let me know how it’s going. You’ll be able to find me and other members of the team here and also on the forums at

  • Not gonna complain, but thanks for letting us know that. But, what will it be for? I hope its something at least DECENT to be offline for that long

  • It is 13 hours long, so they can ensure our safety to play on the PlayStation Network. Additive features are welcome, but these maintenance’s are to help us. Keep the PlayStation Network protected. ;)

  • “Our mission is to keep you better informed about everything”

    And then doesn’t really inform us of anything. Telling us there’s a scheduled maintenance isn’t something they needed to form a new team for. They already did a good enough job at telling us that and leaving us in the dark with everything else.

  • Hi Matthew!

    Talking about quality of PSN, can you do me a favor?

    I’d like you to call Evolution Studios, and tell then about the SHAME that’s the online/multiplayer quality of MotorStorm Apocalypse.

    I really love the game, but I’m tired of getting messages like “you were been removed from the lobby”, “The was a problem communicating with the server”, “There was a problem joining the game”, and others.

    Tried to make contact via Evolution’s Twitter about these problems, but I got no response.

    It’s not me, but other players have the same problems as me.

    I got so mad when I’m playing the game and receive these messages, that I’d like to break the bluray at the wall!

    Every time I play the game, I receive these messages and got disconnected from the server at least 4 times!

    Please, help us.

    With the Kaz Hirai’s “One Sony” plan for the company, I guess it’s time to know everything about others sector, as you’re not from Evolution Studios.

    That’s all. We’re counting on ya.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve not experienced this problem firsthand, but am happy to help report this to the development team at ES.

  • well then back to 3d dot game heroes then

  • You sure are doing a great job in fulfilling your mission. Herrrr her herp derp derp derp

  • would be nice to know why there is a maintnence

  • I agree with @12 on this thats a reason i dont play that game anymore, i still have it but its just sitting there. Shame no one bought that awesome game, hardly anyone plays it anymore.

  • PSN going down for “maintenance” in mid-April? What is the troubling feeling overwhelming me?

    blog us playstation com/2011/04/20/update-on-psn-service-outages-2/

    Hm… I just don’t know what it could be. At least I won’t lose my CC this time.

  • Could you at least *elaborate* on what exactly is being maintained? Please justify why you are taking down an entire network for thirteen hours. You scarcely fill us in on anything and it’s absolutely unacceptable at this point. Please, get it together.

  • Its what you at sony say 24/7 that you will keep us informed but know NOTHING at this time. You guys say this on everything in this blog. Oh and for Nick above you better be careful talking about that vita or the sony fanboy patrol attacks ya for being a 360 fanboy and for morgan to delete your post like he does mine since I’m not butt kissing sony and have negative stuff to say about the vita that is TRUTH like you posted about it. That’s why I returned the vita I bought the day after I got it. I hated it did so little and over hyped as always with sony. They hype a console and promise all these features to get it sold and then leave us in the dark on the promises. Months and Months go by and all we ever hear is we do not know at this time. Then more months pass.

  • guess I’m gonna do some serious grinding on ME3 tonight

  • Typo’s a ton in my last post. I meant to say the sony fanboy troll’s will say your a 360 fanboy cause you are venting negative truth rants at sony on the vita NICK930930. I vented my constructive criticism on what I didn’t like about vita and what I would like it would get in the future and for people not to buy into the hype right now cause its becoming another psp go in support and all my comments get attacked by sony trolls calling me names and a 360 fanboy. Then Morgan Haro or what ever deletes all my comments and leaves the trolls attacking my comments up. That’s a slap in my face and a back stab just because I have a right to my opinion on their products I mean I have 2 ps3’s and have spent well over 1,500 on psn across two psn accounts I use to buy games but sony deletes my comments. So you be watch what you say nick they will ban us next lol.

  • If there’s anything I can do to help just ask :)

  • @BLUExEYEDxSLICKT I’m quite angry about the whole Vita situation myself too, but you were straight up making threats against them. There are lines you need to not cross and you crossed all of them.

  • Oh Matthew…it’s so cute to see someone so spunky, so enthusiastic, so utterly convinced that he will now…finally…this time (are you listening Eric Lempel?) be that voice of the community, that advocate, that liaison between the Sony corporate overlords and the paying customers. Matthew, in the nicest possible terms, I look forward to seeing your spirit crushed as you gradually learn that our opinions matter little to execs, nor are they interested in explaining their decisions with any sort of candor.

    If such maintenance is “scheduled,” why is the entire PS community made aware only one day in advance? Was the schedule lost? Did the refrigerator magnet on the heads-up notice fall off?

    Obviously, this question is rhetorical in nature, as no answers will EVER be forthcoming. So good luck Matthew. I look forward to all the equivocations, apologisms, and half-truths to come.

  • @BLUExEYEDxSLICKT Take notes. Sponge-worthy’s (#24) post is how you do complaining right!

  • so buy tuesday april 17th we should have resident evil ORC other SPEC OPS mission then yes?
    also about Battlefield 3 the rented servers have hackers playing watchout for them please PSN..!!


  • Question.

    If we ” the gamer, are at the heart of every development across PSN. ” Then why are all the updates for Netflix, Amazon and pretty much everything that doesn’t have to do with gaming?

  • I love seeing all the complaints for maintenance ON A MONDAY! For crying out loud….

    I was about to complain about missing out on my Clan OP for CoD, but the OP starts when the maintenance ends, so no harm.

    Do whatcha gotta do! I’m happy to see the service tended to regularly-ish. =^_^=

  • *crosses fingers* I hope this is in preparation for the Playstation Suite SDK open beta.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • take your time. it doesnt effect me none since i dont play games online. i do everything offline.

  • Welcome to the PlayStation team and I hope some of the complaints don’t get you down. A lot of people tend to complain about maintenance regardless of time or day. I am happy to see that we might get more information on why they occur, but it’s a big service and sometimes things just need to be checked.

    Either way, thanks for letting us know. :)

  • To be fair, what exactly do people want explained? google “server maintenance” and check the first result. Bam. That’s what maintaining servers is. Though to be fair to the “complainers” (using the term loosely, no offense) it is bizarre that Sony must take down essentially the entire network and many functions of it to do this. Very rarely do huge networks go offline such that users can’t access them just for the sake of maintenance. PSN must be a very brittle, quickly thrown together network.

  • Hello Mr. Harper.

    Could you please do something about this: on the PSN store, when you go to your list of purchased/downloaded content, everything is together in one list. Could you please separate the items and put them in a “purchased list” and a “downloaded list.” By now, people have downloaded more than a hundred demos and having to scroll down through so many entries to find a game you bought is very annoying. And the list will keep growing as we download more demos. An additional option to sort by name would also be appreciated.Thanks!

  • Welcome and Nice avatar dude.

  • This is just too good, Hes here to help keep us better informed on things and he is unable to answer anything yet… lol. well played sony, well played, you got us again >< All sarcasm and bitterness aside, Sony REALLY needs to start listening and more importantly keeping us up to date on whats going on with the things we buy to keep their asses in business.

  • Anyone else not being able to get on the store?????? this isnt the 16th

  • Hi Matthew.

    Great to hear the maintenance is happening on Mondays. Someone decided the last one should take place over the weekend. And we nerds raged. How we raged.

    Also good to hear from Hirai-San that the PS brand will be focused on more in the near future.

    A couple things, though.

    “Our mission is to keep you better informed about everything that is going on in the wide world of the PlayStation Network.”

    Can we start by dramatically overhauling the entire “The Drop” section, posted haphazardly and error-prone every Sunday evening.


  • The blogger in question, “Senior Social Media Expert” Rey, makes zero attempt to address the community AT ALL,

    There is constantly missing content & information, flat out lazy copy/pasting ( it becomes obvious when youve copy/pasted info for the WRONG GAME, Mr Gutierrez), no questions answered ever, and NO PRICES given (that hard to do. Really!?)

    Change this format to something that doesn’t reek of “phoning it in” please. We want to give you our money, we are eager to see what is coming out, we want to run out and buy PSN Cards in anticipation, we want to go to online forums and create buzz about new releases. How can we do this when we are treated like mushrooms?

    ( I am assuming I don’t have to explain the analogy)

    Thanks for reading.

  • I hope its sunny out so I can go get some lovly skin cancer :) skin cancer makes people look beautiful right ?.

  • Hello, please let know for the Naughty Dog creators, that they should put the Uncharted 3 demo soon to the PS Store, because i would like to try it before i buy it! I think me and many people would be glad if you will report it to them! :)

  • glad your informing us but why cant you guys do it in the background like xbox does so we can still play online while your doing the maintenance

  • *Exactly the Uncharted 3 single player demo, what i would to see in ps store! :)

  • @ ChrisTerror

    agreed, but its better to ease sony noobs in for a bit before we get serious and rip them to pieces :)

  • Why dont you just tell us ps home lockwood still have that glitch. So if it have to do with glitches just say so. A friend showed me a new glitch in sodium one. I think that should stay. So matt please make this a last maintenance.

  • why do you keep doing this sony with out giving us a good god damn reason why you should of done this i’m glad it’s not on tuesday through i’m just saying i’m not a single player person…i’m an online gamer and 13 hours draws the line!! still at least i read this before i bicker about what’s going on and stuff. just make sure you get ever thing squared away ok?

  • Will the Adobe Flash on the browser ever be updated? Because I can hardly play anything off of it anymore.

  • @ JNM-CIM probably not i doubt there ever going to add flash support for the video either

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