PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2012 Nominees: You Decide Tomorrow

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PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2012 Nominees: You Decide Tomorrow

It’s time to make your voice heard! Today, we’re excited to announce a great lineup of nominees in ten different categories for the 2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards. Just like last year, the Gamers’ Choice Awards put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to decide which titles will be named the best downloadable games on PSN. We’ve got six new voting categories this year, bringing the total to 10, featuring the games released in 2011 that you gave high user ratings.

GCA: Gamer's Choice Awards 2012

Starting tomorrow, head into the PlayStation Store to cast your vote for your favorite games in nine of the 10 categories and receive a free Gamers’ Choice Awards XMB theme for each vote cast. New this year, you can also cast your vote online in one special community category, Best PSN Indie, and you’ll receive a voucher code to be redeemed in the PlayStation Store for a free exclusive XMB theme. Your votes exclusively pick the winners in every category, and your award winners go on sale.

Don’t go too far because the winning games in each category will be announced right here on the PlayStation Blog in just one week–on March 6, 2012–and that same day, the winning game in each category will be discounted 30% in the PlayStation Store for one week, with a special 50% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Drum roll, please! The 2012 nominees for PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards are:

Best PSN Exclusive:

Best PSN Game:

Best PSN Game Playable Online:

Best PS3 Full Game:

Best PlayStation Move Game:

Best 3D Game:

Best PSone Classic:

Best Mini Game:

Best PSP Game:

PlayStation Community Award – Best Indie:

  • Dungeon Defenders (PS3)
  • LIMBO (PS3)
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 (PS3)

Don’t forget to head into PlayStation Store tomorrow to cast your vote. You decide the best of PSN, so make your voice heard!

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  • Im sorry but these are some pretty bad nominations.

    Tetris an Exclusive? HAHAHAHAHA ok ok you got me…oh you were serious?

    Best PS3 Full Game? Um what the crap I understand Brotherhood kinda being there but AC2? Not 2011 but ok.

    there are a lot more issues but whatever, i guess who fills the pockets the most eh.

  • PSP Choices aren’t that great. Dissidia 012 Prologue? I mean really? Where’s Corpse Party or even Fate? There were plenty of games that could’ve took the place of that. I mean it’s practically a demo, hardly the representation of what is the best out there for the PSP on PSN.

  • And so far all the responses we have gotten have been ignoring the major issue of the overlap in categories and the joke of a pay demo as one of the best games. Damn that’s kinda sad. Guys the awards are for games not demos. Please fix the psp category at the very least so you don’t look like damn fools >.>

  • The best games on this list are the PS1 Classics and Tactics Ogre.

  • Why on earth would you make Dissidia Prologus a choice? It’s a 3 dollar demo of the full game. Aren’t worried about the backlash that would happen if that gets voted in? People not paying attention could vote for that rather than the full game and be disappointed next Tuesday. I know how you say that this list was compiled but honestly this seems underhanded.

  • TERRIBLE. AWEFUL. NOMINEES. Why, why, why are TWO of three best psn full retail games Assassins Creed games?!? Garbage choices awards.

  • Do you know how many megabytes is motorstorm RC going to be?

  • Whoever put this list together needs to be fired. IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • It makes little sense to compete only with the highest average download. If it were so “twilight” would be competing for the Oscar.

  • That lis sorta sucks, but id Get RE4 again if it was 50% off, and I think the God of War Orgins Collection for $30 or $20 is a right price for it. Also why are digital versions of games costing the same as a physical copy? Is it Sony who sets the price, or the Developer?

  • 1. Why based on ratings instead of maybe sales numbers (maybe first month sale numbers to make it equal for games that came out late)? For example, if a games that no one downloaded, but some random PSN user decided to rate it a 5, it will appear on this list?

    2. Why only top 3, and not top 5? This will at least diversify the choices (which is useful when the choices are mostly bad).

    Either way, I hope that inFAMOUS and dissida (the full game, not the paid demo) wins. And I really hope that PSP games continue to go on sale. With the release of the Vita, there is a good opportunity for you guys to make some money on PSP games, if the price is right.

  • PixelJunk Shooter 2

    Resident Evil 4

  • These things are so unfair! If I choose ones I’ve played then they have a higher chance of going on sale than the ones I don’t have and would buy!
    Should I choose fairly and pick ones I own or cheat and pick ones I do not have and have no right voting for?
    I think I’ll cheat.

    I think telling us we get to pick which ones we want to go on sale PSN wide might be more fair, but either way, I’m voting!!

  • DO NOT vote for Chrono Trigger guys! Yeah I love CT, but the DS version is way better. Wouldn’t you rather get Xenogears at a discounted price? It’s going to look epic on the VITA! Vote Xenogears :) :)

  • wow, was 2011 really that bad?

    I guess an uneventful gamers’ choice award is better than no gamers’ choice award.

  • @Morgan Haro

    In response to what you told poster 17 (ratwouldbeking), that system for choosing I feel doesn’t work.

    I feel like there are many people that don’t rate titles (I typically don’t), and I don’t believe you need to own the content in order to rate it. I feel like this should be entirely based on sales AND rating.

    Also, we should definitely get better themes this time around. I was under the impression that last time we would get awesome themes. I remember being really disappointed when I voted for Scott Pilgrim and just got some generic theme that wasn’t even relevant to the game.

    There should definitely be awesome, game relevant, themes given out this time around.

  • Yeah, no, these awards are pretty rigged if three Square Enix titles are going to be under “Best PSP Game” and one of the “games” is a paid demo.

    About the only section I can agree with are the PSone Classics because Chrono Trigger and Xenogears are both good games.

  • I remember back before Playstation+ existed we users would get 50% discount and when i say we users i mean EVERYONE. Now that stupid program is out we get the short end of the stick ALWAYS and the funny thing is most of these games were probably either FREE to PS+ Users at one point or some of these games were 25% – 50% off at release ! seasonal sales 50% off for us but now that PS+ exists it’s 25% I’m sorry but for the Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Sales AND Game Choice Awards, it should be those sales EVERYONE should get 50% off selected titles ! that would be 5 Sales we normal users can look forward too each year and the rest of the year we can just get special sale discounts at a lower rate then PS Plus users get. but since i have to pay $20 ( at least ) to get back the extra 25% in discount is beyond stupid !

  • PS+ get’s more discounts all year round then us Normal users ( or shall i say .. 2ND Class Gamers ) IMO if you do that you might just get more sales ! and yes i know PS+ is a subscription based thing and i refuse to pay to get sales…. THIS ISN’T COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!! and because of this i refuse to vote and or buy from this sale AND Most of other sales :) because I’m treated like a 2nd Class Gamer. thank you very much. I also like too add … No Castlevania Harmony Of Despair ? but inFAMOUS twice ( tho it’s a good game ) way to add more selection to the line up to the Phony Failstation Network Sale

  • most games on PSN are rated before people even play them. I get to the store updates every tuesday and when it updates There have all ready been 20-30 people that have rated a game and haven’t even played it. it’s been on the stor for 15 mins and its got 5 out 5 and 20 people have voted already. not fair and most game I buy I don’t even rate them half of the time any way. But last year PSN games were not that great and Blueray Games sold like hot cakes. Cough Skyrim(:

  • Are we going to see a price drop or sale for Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty? I severely want the game.

  • this list sux…not that they are bad games just not the best on PSN

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous that Dissidia 012 Prologus is one of the entries for Best PSP Game. It’s just a glorified demo with an assist character! It’s… insane! I agree that Corpse Party should be on the list (But this is for stuff that came out in 2011, isn’t it? Corpse Party came to the PARTY a little late! … I’ll leave now).

  • Soprano, just subscribe to + already or stop the hating. Maybe it’s not for you, but it’s the best gaming purchase decision I’ve made in the last 2 years. I’ve gotten back the cost of the sub many many times over in things I find of value. If they raised the fee, I’d bolt, but PLUS is right in the sweet spot for me right now.

  • caint wait. wise their was a dlc (add on content. not full game) category

  • It’s a little early for April fools jokes. Now post the real nominees!!!

  • Won’t people just vote for the games that they want but don’t have in order to invoke a sale price?

  • So who choose these as nominees?..I agree with most people here. Not a gamers choice. Not us gamers here anyway…lol. To me,it looks like blatant marketing to me. Not a real true who is the best awards. If it was,we would not be getting discounts on what games win.

  • Best PSN exclusive inFAMOUS FoB

    Best PSN game Resident Evil 4

    Best PSN Online Game None

    Best PS3 Games AC:Brotherhood

    Best Move Game None (Don’t have PS move)

    Best 3D game Sly Collection

    Best PSone Chrono Trigger

    Best Mini Impossible Game

    Best PSP game None

    Best Indie LIMBO

  • Sadly I own most of these games. The only games I don’t have / interested in would be PixelJunk Shooter at 50% off and ANY one of those three PS1 classics.

    I’m so lucky that these aren’t important or based directly from people’s votes (online) like it should have been instead of the ratings. I mean anybody could rate it a 5 the minute they get it. Even some people forget to rate.

    I haven’t spent a dime besides a few DLC items since last December. So I’m happy. One of the PS1 titles will get my money when it gets a price cut next week and coincidentally will be my first PS1 title I buy. I have gotten a ton from PS+ plus.

    I will be spending $15 on Journey though, so don’t fret =)

  • i want to know if what ever game win in each category,i want to know if it going to be available to download for free as a later time like last year we got dead nation,infamous,little big planet,super startdust, and another game i forgot.I think every year you should give regular psn user a free game like in xmas or in the playstation aniversary.

  • If these “nominees” are entirely based on user ratings on the store, I think that’s a terrible way to do it. I hope it at least factored in total downloads and price paid as well. But honestly, the real way to do it would have been to ask for user nominations, or have the blog team nominate or something. Or use Metacritic. Anything would be better than whatever pulled this list together.

  • i dont like the idea of the same game being nominated more then 1 time in multiple categories. in addition most of which i already own.

    then to see Assassin’s Creed be nominated twice for best full game is a joke. there’s waaaay more full downloadable games on the PS STORE then AC II and Brotherhood.

    my biggest fear, the games that win that i already own. the 3D section should have a few more titles, like Mortal Kombat or Rachet and Clank all 4 one..seriously dungeon defenders?

    voters do us all a favor. dont vote for these titles below

    AC II, INFAMOUS:FOB, RE4, Plants vs Zombies or God Of War Collection

    everything else is ok, but i seriously think the list should be reconsidered.

  • @82 i agree, why can’t the blog have a substantial voice in the titles we wanna nominate. the blog uses us for other resources, so why can’t we add to this list

  • then all of a sudden i see dungeon defenders nominated 3 times…come on guys seriously..this isn’t the grammy’s. if the same game win in multiple categories what happens? we get a deeper discount because it won multiple categories? enlighten me


  • Limbo and inFamous: FoB are the winner for me….

  • My favorite game made the list Resident Evil 4.

  • I will buy some of those games (Limbo, Infamous, RE4) if they are 50% off. Actually RE4 would have to be 75% off for me to buy it.

  • as said above…b.s. list…and am I the only one that finds no Payday: The Heist a HUGE mistake.

    Nominations pulled by ratings is no good. Most of the fanboys give crap five stars before ever playing the title. Look at Mass Effect 3’s ratings. Hasn’t come out yet, should be good (i preordered), but you never know.

    As previously said…I will vote for the titles I dont have and want at a discount. Seems to be the only point to this nonsense.

  • I don’t think it should be called the “Gamers Choice Awards.” I think it should be called the “Choose Your Own Discount” promotion.

    As many have pointed out, if you are being asked to choose the “best” games, you shouldn’t even vote if you haven’t even played the nominated games. But if you have played the nominated games, that means you have already purchased them…in which case the discount is worthless to you. So, does that mean you vote for games you never played as the “best” in their category? If they were so good, why didn’t you already buy and play them last year?

    Seriously, let’s just separate the two. Let PSN users choose their discounts from the pre-determined list of games, and have a separate “Gamers Choice Award” that doesn’t involve any discounts but just gives the developers credit for making titles that we like. Of course, I guess that is what the rating system and “Top Downloads” category on the Store is for, isn’t it?

  • Ah, so THIS is why Sony quickly shipped me back what looks like a whole new 60GB PS3 with my old 500GB HDD already installed this past Saturday. :D

  • There are some odd nominations in this list and I’m not certain whether it really came from user ratings or the publishers willing to give it a big discount.

    1) Dissidia Prologus shouldn’t have made it because it is a “early” demo and the full game is on the list as well, but Patapon 3 isn’t.
    2) Two Assassin’s Creed games and Midnight Club: LA? There are plenty of other PS3 Full games like LA Noire, Crysis 2 that should’ve at least topped Midnight Club.
    3) Would’ve been nice to have seen the Jak and Daxter Collection in the best 3D game category, but I’m guessing that’s too early.

  • only three games caught my eye in the nominations this year, we are in crisis or we need more variety and not even seen Eufloria or Flower among the nominations D=

  • I just had to look and holy crap! Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is $40?! Is Ubisoft on crack? I already have a number of issues with DD on closed platforms but when a physical copy and be bought for a significantly lower price there’s just something seriously wrong. The same could be said about a lot of DD games with retail counter parts. I know there’s the whole retailer relations issues but damn, I know publishers don’t care that much but still..

  • Exremely dissapointed Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is not up there. Not just the best PSP game to be released but one of the best games of all time.

  • I’m sorry but Stranger’s Wrath HD is the best game that was released on the PSN in the last year and for it to be overlooked is terrible.

  • Trails in the Sky just got a price drop though and this thing is basically “vote for the games/add-ons you want a price reduction on”, Dissidia 012 needs one though so does FFIV, hell you can get a UMD copy of the former for less than $20 and the latter under $10!

    I want to play some of the RPGs that came out on PSP that I missed on my Vita but I’m certainly not going to pay the price or close to it as the price of a new PSV game.


  • Why do I have the feeling a weak SNES port is going to beat Xenogears? :(

    “Best PSP Game:
    * DISSIDIA 012 Prologus FINAL FANTASY”
    Paid demos aren’t games. PSP gets robbed again. Where’s Ys I & II or Trails in the Sky? Oh wait. They don’t carry the SquareEdios label so no one cares about them.

  • I have most of these games already so need to vote then. Also will you guys at Sony EVER update our download list in the store. I’m sick of having to search through over 1,000 bought items to find something I bought a few years ago or last month. It’s not organized at all. Please do something I mean all it needs is to add area’s in our downloads that separate PS3, PSP, PSN games and then in ABC order or by date bought. Then out avatars and themes in the same type of separate search type engine for our DOWNLOADS. The way it is now its CROWDED and like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Please fix this already.

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