PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2012 Nominees: You Decide Tomorrow

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PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2012 Nominees: You Decide Tomorrow

It’s time to make your voice heard! Today, we’re excited to announce a great lineup of nominees in ten different categories for the 2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards. Just like last year, the Gamers’ Choice Awards put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to decide which titles will be named the best downloadable games on PSN. We’ve got six new voting categories this year, bringing the total to 10, featuring the games released in 2011 that you gave high user ratings.

GCA: Gamer's Choice Awards 2012

Starting tomorrow, head into the PlayStation Store to cast your vote for your favorite games in nine of the 10 categories and receive a free Gamers’ Choice Awards XMB theme for each vote cast. New this year, you can also cast your vote online in one special community category, Best PSN Indie, and you’ll receive a voucher code to be redeemed in the PlayStation Store for a free exclusive XMB theme. Your votes exclusively pick the winners in every category, and your award winners go on sale.

Don’t go too far because the winning games in each category will be announced right here on the PlayStation Blog in just one week–on March 6, 2012–and that same day, the winning game in each category will be discounted 30% in the PlayStation Store for one week, with a special 50% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Drum roll, please! The 2012 nominees for PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards are:

Best PSN Exclusive:

Best PSN Game:

Best PSN Game Playable Online:

Best PS3 Full Game:

Best PlayStation Move Game:

Best 3D Game:

Best PSone Classic:

Best Mini Game:

Best PSP Game:

PlayStation Community Award – Best Indie:

  • Dungeon Defenders (PS3)
  • LIMBO (PS3)
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 (PS3)

Don’t forget to head into PlayStation Store tomorrow to cast your vote. You decide the best of PSN, so make your voice heard!

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  • Awesome… CHRONO TRIGGER!!!

  • I know who I’m voting for ;D

  • Wow, these nominations are horrible.

  • i can’t vote truthfully because i want the 30% off on the winners and i own most of them so i guess i have to lie

  • Well I know that Sly will take the competition

  • How about a Best Vita? :P Some % off Digital Vita games would am sure strike good software sales for us Vita owners who bought it at launch :3

    • The Vita games weren’t around early enough to gather the needed amount of ratings to put them into the Awards. Next year for sure!

  • Why exactly is there a prologue/demo for $3 on the best PSP list. You just stacked it towards the other two. You telling me it would have killed you guys to find a real third? Serious, this list could have been better.

  • Is this only for US PSN accounts? If not, will something similar happen for European PSN accounts?

  • Best PSN exclusive and and best PSN Infmaous Blood? Yeah I know it was good but you guys oculd have put a diffrent game for best PSN….

    Oh wellm best 3D games im going for God of War since I already have Sly Cooper CL so I’d like to get GoW at 1/2 off ;)

  • Some strange choices here.

  • I dont understand why Dissidia Prologus is on there. Its really dumb to have a demo of a full game thats also nominated on there. Just saying…

  • best ps vita game ? lol

  • loll people will go with the game they dont have and want at discount XD. it probably wont reflect reality.

  • @#2 Couldn’t agree more. Clearly they couldn’t work out better deals with the devs of better games.

  • Some really weird choices here, but I know which games I am voting for :P

  • why isn’t Final Fantasy VI on for best PS1 classic?

  • You know, I honestly felt like the PSN had a better year than this. Did someone at Sony just really flub the nominations or is PSN really this terrible?

    Methinks it’s time for Sony to actually put real support behind the PSN and get it out of the minor leagues.

    • Fair point; but these are gathered straight from user ratings on the Store. So it’s all very numbers based as far as how people rated these games. But perhaps there may be room for more of a subjective selection of the games. but for now, pure democracy!

  • hmmm, i guess infamous would be my choice even though i have never played it i know infamous is awesome and seen a lot of people playing it

  • red dead redeption should be on that list -_-

  • last year’s choices were way better!
    i actually felt like i was voting –
    this year, 3 games stand out for me.
    infamous festival of blood – got it.
    assassin’s creed brotherhood – got it, still shrink wrapped.
    dissidia 012 – almost bought it last night. :D

    angry birds has got to go – this game is tired.

  • WoW… horrible (and mostly commercial) line-up.

  • To bad I already have: inFAMOUS Festival of Blood, PixelJunk Shooter 2, TETRIS, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed II: Deluxe Edition, Midnight Club LA Complete Edition, The Sly Collection and LIMBO.

    My votes are:

    Best PSN Excl. : PixelJunk Shooter 2
    Best PSN: InFamous Festival of Blood
    Best PSN Online: Hard Corps: Uprising*
    Best PS3 Full: Assassins Creed II
    Best Move: Dungeon Defenders*
    Best 3D: God of War: Origins Collection**
    Best PSone: Chrono Trigger
    Best Mini: PAC-MAN Championship Edition*
    Best PSP: DISSIDIA 012 [duodecim] FINAL FANTASY*
    PS Community: LIMBO

    * Games I have not played
    ** Not played on console

  • Hey guys, not a bad list but you should REALLY look at them again to balance things. As others have said before me, Best PSP game has a major issue. As does best PSN exclusive and best PSN game. A few others should be really re-balanced because its clear you didn’t pay attention to what you were doing? I can just see you guys getting a lot of hate mail if this list is not revised due to the silly choices you made in a few of the categories as the overlapping is rather problematic / questionable since you could easily have one game win several categories.

    As a further example, what would happen if Infamous win in both? Would it get both discounts? 30/30 or 50/50 would mean a 60/100% discount. I’m just saying its clear you guys should really rethink what you’re done here as your setting a really bad example.

  • Not sure I understand how the nominees were chosen. Was there some sort of metric or did you just pick them out of a hat of +10 anti-awesomeness?

    Honestly, these choices suck. 2/3 of full game choices are AC?

    I would vote every year, every category for one single game, Crash Commando by EPOS Game Studios in Sweden. My favorite PSN game and there is not second place winner.

  • LOL- In what world is Tetris a PSN Exclusive? I think that’s the only game to be on every platform to exist after 1987.

  • I just reread the post and it says these games were selected as nominees due to “high user ratings.”

    So I guess we only have ourselves to blame, too bad these things aren’t graded on a curve because the low common denominator for the overall gaming community is pretty low, embarassingly low.

  • It’s funny how the post emphasize that we choose the winners, yet we are limited in the choices of games we can vote for, especially for including “DISSIDIA 012 Prologus”. How about Patapon 3, FF4 Complete, etc.

    If the Prologus somehow wins, I will be quite disappointed as a PlayStation fan.

  • To balance out my negative commentary, I am a huge Sony Playstation fan, I love PLUS and my PS3, but this award program sucks and my opinion is you should really try to improve it or get rid of it altogether. I would be embarassed rolling this out…seriously, it is barely mediocre.

  • One suggestion before I leave, you need a “write in” section so we can vote for who we actually want and not what the majority rated high. You might even learn something from customers that way.

  • This is such a great idea, congrats to the PSN team.

    But you do seem to of missed a load of great full PS3 games off that list from the past year, such InFamous 2, Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil 5.

  • Ok, some of these nominations are out of place, for example the Prologus demo on the PSP category… Why isn’t Corpse Party nominated instead of it? Lately it has been the best-selling PSP digital game…

  • You have insulted the intelligence of every single PSN user by passing off this list of games that developers have agreed to offer at a discount as consumers’ choice award nominees.

  • I vote for the ones I want to be discounted… not the best game. It’s a flawed system if you ask me. I think all the nominations should have discounts.

  • Wow, this is a joke. These “nominees” are obviously based on games you could afford to discount, and not necessarily the best games of their category. How could ME2 not be up for best full PS3 game?

  • Hopefully the winners of each catagory go free to download for the PS+ users. :)

  • I think many of the complaints about the list are from people who have already downloaded many of these games. I on the other hand just recently got my PS3 so I’m freakin ecstatic about buying many of these games half-off, SWEET!

  • nvm i didn’t read the 50% discount part. fml..

  • I want a write-in vote. Most of those are poor choices for best of 2011.

    Just like last year, the votes will go to the games people want to buy, not the best game they have played.

  • 50% off is awesome! I have no room on my PS3 HDD though…

  • And the winner of the “Most nominations for no particular reason and didn’t win a single thing” goes tooo

    Tetris, with an honorable mention going to Dungeon Defenders.

    Really though I’d like it more if there wasn’t so many repeating options, and with so many of them being only loosely in that category it’s hard to think this was taken seriously. I mean haing the glorified demo of a game alongside the main game really looks shoddy.

    That being said the ps1 classics should be interesting, and so should mini game.

  • @ 30

    Good point, but if it were that simple, wouldn’t the list be dominated by Sony’s own published games? they don’t need permission for discounts on their own games do they? Then the best PS3 game category would be something like:

    Ico Collection
    InFamous 2
    LittleBigPlanet 2
    MotorStom Apocalypse
    GoW Collection

    They’ve all been released on PSN within the past year i think, and i probably missed more, but yeah, after reading the other comments I agree that this list does seem strange.

  • @14 I agree FFVI is the best FF, but its PS1 port was laggy for menus and battles. While the FMV’s are great, take into consideration the lag…though the same could be said for Chrono Trigger.

  • Just like last year, there’s little incentive to vote honestly. A lot of people are going to vote for games they want to have discounted instead of games they already own and actually think should win.

    Maybe next year it can be arranged so that if you already own the winning game in a category, you can get a discount on your choice of the runners up instead.

  • You should have announce the sales when you announce who is the winner, cuz many people will just vote for the one they want to be on sale.

  • I was hoping for Vita games to join in :3. Too bad I already own the majority of titles that are winners listed up there. Limbo is practically the only one left of interest that I don’t own :(

  • You guys really should have thrown in Motorstorm under full PS3 games, I mean.. how does Midnight Club triumph that?

  • What a terrificly bad set of nominees.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are all of two or three things in there that are perfectly respectable, and they’re going up against nothing of substance.

  • LOL i’ve just seen the nomination for the $3 dissidia DEMO :D …Its the kinda mistake my mom would make lol :D

    That’s just a mistake, right guys?


  • why is the prologue version of Dissidia nominated over something like Persona 2?

  • Sorry, but i choose my own:

    Best PSN Exclusive: Primal (Coming tommorrow!)

    Best PSN Game: Sly 1,2 or 3.

    Best PSN Game Playable Online: None

    Best PS3 Full Game: Saints Row 2

    Best PlayStation Move Game: Lol none

    Best 3D Game: The Sly Collection (PS3)

    Best PSone Classic: APE ESCAPE. OH WAIT… ITS NOT ON PSN! (hint hint, we want it on PSN)

    Best Mini Game: None

    Best PSP Game: Secret Agent Clank!

    PlayStation Community Award – Best Indie: None…

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