UPDATED: PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance on Thursday

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UPDATED: PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance on Thursday

UPDATE: This maintenance period has been postponed. We will re-post when the date is rescheduled. PSN’s online gaming and services on Thursday, March 1, will be normal.

PlayStation Network will undergo a significant maintenance period on Thursday, March 1st. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 8:00 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 10pm Pacific. Unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed-in to PSN will be signed-out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online.

PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one. Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • Well, thats booty!

  • @Patrick

    Noticed that the PS Vita AR games don’t have trophies. Is it not a standard rule that Vita games will have trophies? I know that it is a strict policy that PS3 games have them after 2008, and was hoping that the Vita would have the same policy.

  • For those of you hoping for fixes like the 7.1 headset or XMB updates…. IT”S MAINTENANCE ON PSN YOU NUMBSKULLS! NOT A FIRMWARE UPDATE FOR YOUR CONSOLE! (sorry for the yelling)

    And Dear Sony: Why is it that every other company on the planet that provides a network service is able to perform rolling updates that don’t require taking the whole freakin service down for FOURTEEN HOURS?? (yelling again). Seriously Sony, every e-commerce site from Amazon to Zappos, every online banking portal and every Mom & Pop internet storefront manages to perform routine maintenance without keeping their customers dead in the water for fourteen hours.

    PSN ‘scheduled maintenance’ is a third-rate embarrassment, especially after your month or so of downtime last year to ‘revamp your entire infrastructure’ Ever hear of an application load balancer that lets you perform rolling upgrade/maintenance on the backend server farm while still keeping service available?

  • from 8AM to 10 PM? That’s just enough time to beat infamous 2 for the FIFTH time!

  • Just wondering if anyone else has seen this.

    I’ve connected a couple of different days now via Remote Play on my PS3.

    When I want to create a message on my ID or write a note on the PS3…it seems the keyboard is spinning highly and it’s hard to get the letters you want to come up ??

    I just noticed it and think it may be a bug with Remote Play on the Vita….haven’t tried my PSP…but I do see it via the Vita.

    Thanks to anyone that comments.

  • How about some love for us huh?

    Lets see PLS if u are going to shut down the psn for a couple of hours pls tke ur time to fix all the problems with the Connection with the vita and ps3 like why ps3 ppl cant see u online while one its on the vita… maybe u can add the trophy list of ur vita so u can see them on ur ps3? Maybe for the ps3 itself add PS2 BC? XGC? i dont know man… just add something for us.

  • Psone classics on vita O_o maybe? I read somewhere about the ESRB rating a psone game for the vita. Could this be the update?

  • Does this mean I won’t be able to go onto netflix? If it does I will be highly disappointed….

  • this must be the maint. for the ps vita browser upgrade.the real question is what are they adding that the network has to go compleatly down for?

  • netflix will be fine after it tells you it cant sign in keep trying itll go over to the netflix sign in info to get u on.

  • Well, to answer my own previous post, the letter on the PS3 keyboard during Remote Play just stopped spinning.

    I think I hit a key on the Vita that may have reset it.

  • Does this mean I wont be able to get onto Netflix? Because if it does……

  • Oh thanks hustla

  • @masterofpuppets Hey your issue is with netflix itself, the question is does it do that with every title or just the ones you want to watch. Are you able to log in and get to your titles? I get this issue once and a while on ps3 and vita and sometimes my laptop but only with specific titles so I am sure it just just netflix, make sure it plays on your pc and if it doesnt check and see if there was an issue with your last payment, maybe it didnt clear just things to check I love netflix to so wanna try and help you get it running as well.

    @Sony, I do think it would be wise of you to give some information of what the maintenance is for that way people don’t get their hopes up your releasing something big and grand that everyone will enjoy because even though it would be their fault for assuming they will end up blaming and being upset with you for not being clear. Just make it simple state security or compatibility I think that still keeps it private enough. And I agree with the above statement that its ridiculous you can give an exact time for maintenance but not for the store updates.

  • btw any one ever call sony customer service? you think there updates are bad if there systems weren’t so great I would have moved to xbox. Their customer service is absolutely horrible, and I am not talking about the reps I am talking about what the reps are allowed to do. In fact if your acct gets hacked they will only reset it one time, after that they wont do anything even though it takes about 5 mins and you are able to verify your self. Sony Merchandise 10 stars Sony as a company not even a full star. To be honest I’m so sick of you sony I wish someone would buy you out so I could keep the awesome systems and games and get better customer service. I think your merchandise is the only thing that keeps half your customers.

  • Disable ALL THE THINGS! :)

  • I can’t help to think of what jgrizzle358 said:

    “the fact that it’s ‘significant maintenance’ and that we will be unable to sign into PSN leads me to believe that there’s something big coming…”

    It can’t help but dream. Maybe the PS Store for the Vita will have some new content too. But if its mostly updating security and other maintenance, I’m not gonna complain either. Do your thing Sony. I can wait.

  • @23

    At the very least, I’m hoping for the same thing. Allowing PS3 users to see Vita trophies is not just a great bragging feature, but an effective was to advertise the handheld to console gamers.

    Would also be nice if Sony updates the Vita storefront to include preview pics of games and such.

  • looks like i’ll be hitting skyrim hard, or maybe finally finish the bf3 campaign

  • will i still be able to play the games i downloaded from the playstation store?

  • @Stormshadowrule Yes you should still be able to play them :)

  • Keep up the great work Sony? Back in the day of the ps2 Sony was doing “great work”. All you Sony fan boys need to stop bending over for this bs company. Many of you got your hopes up thinking this stupid maintenance crap is some type of big update. It’s not btw. Sony doesn’t work that fast. When xbox live has maintenance it’s still up and running. You can still play n chat with friends… I’m not a fan boy of xbox live but lets be real it’s number one for a reason. You gotta pay for gold n all but they don’t make you pay in over priced content like psn does. Psn online is “free” and we can see why lol. Xbox has epic apps now oh and they worked on day one! Be jealous psn be very jealous. hows that new facebook ps vita app workin for ya? oh it doesn’t lol

  • @ excaliber45 thanks

  • Go ahead fan boys make my day. I bet i could shut you down quicker than sony does psn after being hacked all of 2011 lol. I’ll shut you down quicker than the ps3 working it’s crappy web brower! I’ll even shut you down faster than the psp go!!!! Now thats freakin fast lmfao!

  • got to work that day. need to catch up on some ME2 and PP forgotten sands. PS Home is down also that day!
    SSX is out today also.

  • Is this going to become a biweekly thing now? How is it that X-box Live hasn’t needed to shut down for more than 3-4 hours (in the middle of the night) once a year to provide more features and a better service and Sony engineers can’t figure out how to keep this service, apparently held together by shoe-strings and duct-tape, running for more than a few weeks before having to shut it down? Invest more money and hire personnel who know what they’re doing because the clowns you have running the service now obviously don’t have a clue.

    Plenty of companies have figured out how to maintain their networks and update security and features without the system going down – why can’t Sony?

  • Hmm – my previous post didn’t show up.

    Why can’t Sony figure out how to do what their competitors figured out years ago? MS used to shut down for 5-6 hours, then 3-4 hours twice a year (always in the middle of the night so it would impact the fewest number of customers), but now they don’t need to shut down at all to maintain the network/security and add features.

    Sony needs to start taking networking (and OS) more seriously by investing more and hiring more competent people in this division. You would think after last year’s disaster Sony would have realized the true cost of skimping on networking budgets. It would be one thing if they figured out how to download/install as quickly and painlessly as on X-box Live, but nothing improves from one update to the other with Sony.

  • As @51 said, this isn’t a firmware update, so everyone can put their wish lists away for now.

    It’s maintenance and we probably won’t notice any visible difference to anything after it’s complete. They could be doing something to accommodate the possible download fiasco that will occur when ME3 becomes available for download. PSN will likely be under considerable stress that day.

  • I guess this has sth in common with the launch of Bulgarian PSN?

  • I’m not mad that you’re fixing stuff (hopefully) but if you’re going to shut things down from 8-10 then why not do it from 8-10 AT NIGHT while most people are sleeping?

  • it better be a change to if u taken a whole day to update i dont wanna see some big update for no psp vita because that would be a waste of time can we get new layout for ill ps3 at lease the old XMB is kinda boring to me and bring more apps like twitter and stuff like they will ever listen to me lmao.

  • Thank you for the proper notice this time. Unlike in the past with only one day notices, this advance notice demonstrates to me that you are starting to respect your customers.

    Now if we could just convince you to schedule these events during off hours, it would show even more love.

  • my list on what needs to be on the vita.

    1. flash or html5

    2. ablity to set online status

    3. recive pictures sent from ps3 or sent from a vita to a ps3

    4. passcode lock screen color change (not everyone likes blue)

    5. fix the web browser (make use of the analog sticks or d-pad to navigate through the site.

    6.fix the layout of the keyboard (it’s just a mess right now)

    7. more video support (dvix,avi,ect)

    8. ps3 online support (ps3 users should see that your on the vita and not appear offline)

    9 fix the wifi and 3g (they turn off everytime the screen turns black)

    10. also a option to use the analog sticks or d-pad to navigate in the main menu (your fingers get tired of touch touch touch)

    11. tapping the status bar will make the page go up auto.

    12. copy and paste text (really sony? we need this)

    13. also if i chat with my friends and my vita then go on my ps3 i dont want my inbox full of the same messages i got in my vita from them

  • @ Everyone. Background maintenance can prepare for CERTAIN network/data based upgrades for possible incoming features but seriously people. Stop complaining, stop requesting updates when they are irrelevant, and stop sounding like complaining idgits who apparently don’t have the fantest idea of what background maintenance is for.

  • for a 14-hour scheduled maintenance…why isn’t this happening overnight? it really makes no sense whatsoever.

  • And yet we are all expecting an answer or something off SONY..

    But they decide to leave us in the Limbo…

    But if it was post about the Vita, or any up comming release of games HEK then they will answer….


  • yay for PSN being down! Now I wont be tempted to play for PS3 while studying for my exams on Friday before Spring Break! Thank you Sony for making it Thursday and not any other day!(this comment in not sarcastic at all, I am legit happy about this ha).

  • It doesnt’ matter what they do PS will always be in the wrong according to some people. Remember when they were down for a month and people were ticked off about that. Now this is planned and it’s only a few hours we should be able to get through it just fine

  • Hopefully this is for the Vita remote play PS3 games function that’s coming. Sony’s already showing commericials in the US for this feature.

  • so not only did i have to wait an extra month to play the new maps on mw3, now i get to play them for like a day and a half and then you shut down the network for “maintenance”. way to go sony.

  • put a new update on the playstaion 3

  • I rarely play online so gonna invest some time into Dexus Ex Human Revolution and other games during the downtime.

  • Thank you for the several-days heads-up on this one, at least.

  • maybe you could do some maintenance on the browser too SONY, my PS3 crashes more often then not lately while browsing internet, the other night it crashed 4 times in a row, had to restarted manually every time it did and collecting reports obviously doesn’t solve the problem, just that’s because it’s free it doesn’t mean it should suck

    Its too many of us now complaining about the same problem, there were threads about this on internet since 2009 and in three years nothing has been done

  • For those asking why Sony is doing this during the day note that the SEN is worldwide. All regions have to be down while doing maintenance. It’s done at night in Europe & Asia. Somebody has to get it done during the day, that would be the US.

    I’m not a big multi-player person so, this has little impact.

    I do have to question the logic behind Netflix login. I’m not a subscriber, but it seems like a bad decision when other devices don’t require login.

  • I hope all this maintenance is to increase the cloud storage for plus users. Also it would be nice to fix the horrible in game XMB. Its way too slow and needs to be sped up. Another thing that should be fixed is the please wait the trophy sync is in progress this needs to leave also.

  • @80, I don’t know about you, but I see ALOT more people logged in at 2am than at 3pm (at least on my friends list) Hopefully when im done work at 2am, it will be back up!

  • great job on at least letting us know about maintainance in advance instead of the day before/day of the downtime. it’s GREATLY appreciated, despite whatever the whiners on here say about it. I swear there’s no making some people happy. they complain about notice of downtime (and I tweeted you about it, took the suggestion clearly) that we’d prefer at least a few days notice. we get it, and now they want to complain “We want details”

    if you posted details on maintainance, it’d defeat the purpose of doing the maintainance, as hackers would be looking for weakness again. pretty simple logic from hacker perspective: “I see what they’re fixing, I know whats broke, thus how can I exploit it.?” so why would Sony let theselves be taken out again for another month or more? makes ZERO sense, people. stop attacking Patrick, he’s JUST the messenger. he doesn’t personally do the maintainance, he simply says “it’ll be down”. you’re lucky to get advance warnings even.

  • The amount of people complaining is disgusting. Spoiled babies. Especially those who have had a PS3 since day one. How dare Sony work on your service, which is STILL free, and STILL offers you tons of content. Clearly, you don’t work in IT, but I would LOVE to see how you handle it at your job when a million people cry and whine at you.

    oh at @xEBKxSNIPER: LULZ, I like how you talk all this crap… and you’re a playstation+ user. Yeah, you clearly are dissatisfied with Playstation’s service. I like how you’re picking apart the vita for being slightly flawed after day 2, then go on to praise the XBOX. MMmm, clearly THAT was a tech-success. All those bricked systems, took them YEARS to finally get with the program and create a somewhat functional console.

    You’re sad, and your argument is invalid. Go troll Free Realms or something.

  • I would like a compensation for this inconvenience. I have had to wait an extra month for Call of Duty maps MW3…. they release 2/28/12, and then you remove our access. Being a Playstation Plus Member…. I have paid for service that will be removed from me without reimbursement of my purchase…

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