UPDATED: PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance on Thursday

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UPDATED: PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance on Thursday

UPDATE: This maintenance period has been postponed. We will re-post when the date is rescheduled. PSN’s online gaming and services on Thursday, March 1, will be normal.

PlayStation Network will undergo a significant maintenance period on Thursday, March 1st. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 8:00 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 10pm Pacific. Unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed-in to PSN will be signed-out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online.

PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one. Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • Can you please explain WHY at the very least, Mr. Seybold? Please…

  • Patrick, is there any way to include details on what these ‘maintenaces’ do? Is it a security check, a network upgrade, firmware testing, etc? The downtime is fine; but you can underdstand that we’re curious & want to be more involved.

  • Thanks for the heads up. As everyone else I’m curious as to what the maintenance will do, but as long as it all works I’m good. :)

  • Do your thing Sony

  • Thanks, but do you mind telling us whats the maintenance is for, or what will it do, but if there anything wrong take your time :P

  • This is fine, as long as my Spring Break next week is free from maintenance days I’ll be fine. :D

  • the fact that it’s “significant maintenance” and that we will be unable to sign into PSN leads me to believe that there’s something big coming…

  • could you at least tell us whats going on since we cant even get online. i think we have the right to know Sony.

  • guys, I think there’s like some confidentiality rule that makes it so they can’t tell us.

  • I wish it wasn’t so long.

  • This is ridiculous. This is like the 5th time in TWO MONTHS.
    Dear Sony, just stop siding with Anti-Piracy acts and maybe Anonymous will leave the us alone. OMG

  • Seems like pretty vague. Maybe, they are going to fix all the things wrong with the PSVita as well (Facebook and Near not working). Could be all the malicious code people are using to jailbreak the Vita as well. Those are my speculations. Either way a explanation would be nice.

  • Regardless of the reason behind them, I’m starting to get tired to have a maintenance lasting almost the whole Thursday every 2 or 3 weeks. It used to not be that way.

  • Hopefully this will fix Vita trophies not showing up on the ps3!

  • Again? But, but . . . *looks at PS library of titles that are mostly offline anyway*, never mind. Carry on. XD

  • Will this be fixing the Official Sony Wireless Stereo Headset that got butchered since the 4.10 firmware update?

  • Hopefully this will make all my PSP and Minis work on my Vita.

    By the way, refer to the comments on the post called “How to download PSP titles to PS vita” to see which titles we have discovered actually work.

  • Oh no, maintenance. What ever will I do with my life.

    On a side note – How about using the PSN messaging functionality to notify users who may not otherwise visit the blog regularly or even at all? Just a suggestion. You use it for other means, why not expand it to include maintenance notifications?

  • I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that so many gamers have very little to do outside of the PS3 that 24 hours of Sony doing their job is a huge issue or the fact that so many PS3 gamers can’t handle playing their games without being signed into PSN. -_-

    seriously people, would you rather Sony do lots of maintenance or have out of date servers and a hacked network? Cuz really, those are your options.

  • @18 the headset works fine, sounds like an exclusive setting problem for you.
    @14 Facebook isn’t working because Facebook updated their site credentials and it conflicted with the app, that is purely their fault. Near works fine.
    @19 It very well may be updating background code for things like mini’s to push that along. It could also be a massive improvement in their databases and servers for Vita and maybe in preparation for something coming up via Vita PS3.

  • Hopefully it fixes Vita trophies not showing up on PS3 and ps3 friends nt being able to see me when logged in on vita. Hopefully some good improvements.

    Netflix doesn’t work for me on Viya, never has anyone have this issue? Keeps saying it’s having trouble playing the title, try again later.

  • MaintenanceStation3

  • Noooooooooooooo this is like the ApocalyPS3 times 1000… >:( Wait a minute… you can give us specific hours for maintenance but not a specific time for the PS Store update? Wassup w/ that?? o_O

  • Fix the apps for the PS Vita, PLEASE!!!

  • Sony, you don’t know when to stop. Is it that you find amusement in frustrating many of your customers? Because you seem to stack it on top of itself at regular intervals.
    It is always this or that – always negative actions aimed at customers of your company; still willing to spend more money on your products. Whether it is updates, exclusivity, or the worst, ignoring your customers on a highly-trafficked, PlayStation-exclusive forum with your logo and advertisements pasted everywhere; your customers still have an oversolemnly dedication and appreciation for your brand. Go ahead, open your eyes and look… heck, ask questions, or better yet… listen with intent. ;)

  • BTW, my first post – I think.

  • So much for the weekly Grace Chen Update Watch. I always did enjoy that part of Tuesdays.

  • I wonder what it is for. Hopefully something good

  • Hmmmmmmm. Looks like we may be getting some major changes to PSN or maybe even the XMB, but I like the way it’s set up now, so don’t change it too much. I hope this is a really significant and required maintenance.

  • i hope to god that this maintenance doesn’t further kill the 7.1 headset and that it actually fixes it!

    yeah right…..

    PLEASE SONY!!!!!! FIX THE 7.1 HEADSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m ready and have been ready since 2009 for a brand new XMB and messaging UI.

  • Cool, im sure this will strat tying things up between the systems too… and maintanace is a good thing…

    Loving my Vita 3G

  • @masterofpuppets… my netflix on my ps vita works fine for me… maybe uninstall it and reinstall it… i never had any issues thank God cept for the facebook app but they spoke of that already.

  • Out of curiosity, why does blue tooth on my Vita keep defaulting to on when I clearly turn it off. Just for anyone who can answer.

  • I don’t see what all the complaining is about.

    We want a secure PSN, updates to the PS3 and the Vita to fix problems and bring new apps, fixes, etc to our devices.

    Well, that’s what the maintenance is for most likely.

    Seems it doesn’t matter what happens, there are a few people that will always complain.

    Bring on the maintenance and more firmware upgrades and security please; I love what I see so far and this will more than likely enhance all these features.

    I know my PS3 has changed completely since I first got it in 2007….it’s much better !

    Keep up the great work Sony !

  • Good to see these coming here and there. Look like you guys learned greatly after the PSN was down for a month!

  • What’s with all the complaining, they’re doing it at night. Go to bed people. Plus XBL goes down once a week for maintenance, be thankful its not that often. If Sony needs a few hours every few months, who cares…grow il people.

  • Will I be able to watch Hulu during the down time?

  • I’m totally cool with the maintenance, but I do wish they were a little more clear on what is going on. I don’t think they should give a well detailed rundown of the specifics of the maintenance, but at least give us a little bit of an idea.

  • Do what you gotta do. I’ll be here when you get back.

  • @40
    No you wont be able to use Netflix or Hulu because you need to be signed into your PSN account to access those apps.

  • Sounds good. Now get some Suikoden II up on the network.

  • While I agree that it would be nice if Sony would tell us what exactly they’re working on, I also think that most of you are blowing it WAY out of proportion; Let them do what they’ll do, and just hope that they throw a surprise in there, but don’t expect anything, because more than likely there won’t be anything new to us.

  • I hope the maintenace will fix the connection to PSN on the PS3. I am really getting sick of getting these errors.

  • I understand the maintinace but really you have to do this the day after they drop the new mw3 maps… yall couldnt have done it before the drop..

  • Thats ok with me! Uncharted Golden Abyss all day for me

  • Thanks for the answers you all people at Sony. You really make my experience as a customer, an unforgettable one!!


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