PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network will be offline for routine scheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 17th from approximately 8am until 10pm PST.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.

In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from However, some users may be able to play online during the maintenance.

During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game Trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when maintenance has concluded.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • @everyone who is complaining just play one the awesome single player games while it is down the only hard part is trying to chose one because there are so many to choose from

  • gotta hand it to the people that are supporting that other crowd thats ruining the PSN and the PS3.. gotta hand it too them

    we probably wouldnt be going through all this crap if it wasnt for them and we’d have actual feature filled updates rather than your usual +.01 security patches and maintenance’s

    looks like i’ll be playing the 14th final fantasy and maybe some DCUO on the pc or something till psn comes back on line

    i like how people bash sony about these things and totally ignore people that are stealing from them on a daily basis but hey to each his own

  • if they remove any more features they should ditch the stupid facebook feature and the dumb internet search thats between the start the game option and eject disc.. i keep hitting that stupid thing and starting the browser when i go to eject the disc w/ the controller

  • They need to long time to integrate the new 2 device limit for PSN purchased. They need to isntall the new PSN software. QA the system, then test the system and go live. They are making major changes to the store back end it will take time.

  • I hope this isn’t all just for the policy change with activated consoles.

  • @25, give mea break MW3 can’t hold BF3’s jock strap….. COD appeals to all the 12 year odls and is casual/arcade action thus more popular. BF3 is all about strategy, full on war with massive maps, vehicles that awards team play and playing to a classes strengths. COD is a kids game, BF3 is in another league.

  • Patience is seriously needed here ……lol..great comments lol

  • I will play Black Ops – combat training offline with my sister :)

  • PS4 coming in 2013,fact or fake?

  • Fake, why would they be making newer models of the ps3 if they had a ps4 in mind??

  • OH a new Sony it does ad.

  • MS will come out with a new xbox 2012 Sony cannot afford to be late and behind like they have ben his entire gen. What a disaster the PS3 has been for Sony despite a great lineup of games…. They lost a tonne of money and market share and have made bad decision after bad decision.

    They need to be smarter with the PS4…

  • Time to go outside….?
    Cheers for the update ;)

  • Is X-Box finnaly going to get blueray in 2012 then, or 3D for that matter?

  • Hey, that happens to be the PS3’s 5th birthday (In America, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). Happy early b-day PS3!

  • so now the guys that works at sony should be doing a night shift just to please some old kids so they can play online in the middle of the week? They got life and family too maybe some people should think before crying

  • Were you guys not paying attention from last week?(or two weeks ago) This update is what will cut down our ps3 download usage to only 2 consoles and will also allow us to remotely deactivate consoles. I dislike the cutdown on the limit but appreciate the fact I will soon be able to deactivate my old broken ps3.

  • i am majorly tired of mergers freezing home public spaces.we cant enjoy ourselves because others are enjoying freezing up our systems.please look into demolishing this annoying nonsense

  • @ everyone

    If you guys look closer you can play online but you just can’t but things on the store, or access account management (which is for password changes, changing your avatar, etc.) so don’t get all crazy about it

  • Yay, servers down most of CA gaming time. Now my PSN friends won’t see the disturbing amount of time I live as a meeleeing, archer Mage in Tamriel. Thursday, anyway.

  • Hmmm, Sounds like Hacker Problems again. Trying to fix what Hackers have done yet again.


  • don’t know why people are complaining and asking dumb questions. it doesn’t effect me cause i have a job and a life so i’m okay with this, it’s just maintenance for 14hrs who the hell plays 14hrs straight oh i forgot people who have no lives/no job. maintenance is a good thing don’t yah want stability and probably something new or improved in the xmb and psn!?

  • I don’t know if all of you are aware of this or not, but PS3 is actually significantly more popular in Europe and Japan, and yes, even more popular then the 360 in those parts of the world.
    So you can probably bet that they are doing it in the middle of the day for us so that it’s the middle of the night for the areas of the world that are more concentrated with PS3 users; assuming it’s maintenance for the whole network and not just the US network. But in either case, i’d prefer them maintain the network like this then end up with it down again for a couple months, so you all can quit complaining.

  • why isn’t the maintenance at late night? like from 0hrs to 14hrs or something like that, when people are sleeping or at school/work

  • Also, this is exactly why everyone should have an amazing singleplayer game to fall back on in times of network outage,
    I had Portal 2 for the big outage, and that worked for me.
    So I’m PRETTY sure that Skyrim will suffice for just one day :p

  • these maintenance usually dont knock me offline so hopefully us east coasters can still play MW3 if not i have 70 other retail games i can play i still need to finish up mass effect 2…..scrap that idea im going to buy uncharted 3 instead i needed a excuse to buy it thanks sony :D

  • @75 i bought portal 2 as well when PSN went down i never played it before and ended up loving it

  • the question is whats really going on they wont tell us

  • They’re doing the maintenance during the night in Europe which is a larger and more important market than the declining American market. Shutting down the PSN during the day in the weak NA market? No biggie!

  • Does the Sony team call it Main-ten-ance or Maint-nance?

  • First things first everyone that is complaining get a life!!! ( or play a awsome single player game I mean come on in the past month they realesed 7 games.)

    The update is probally going to be cool or lame doesn’t matter it’s PSN.

    What I will be doing is chilling with a little ACR and Raymen: Orgins( ya its a good game!)

    I have one question though is when will be the Home update? Just wondering.

  • This is why older generations look down on this generation for not taking pride in their work. SCEA is typical of this attitude of making any mediocre effort yet demanding more from our wallets at the same time. Stop making excuses for sloppy work and just stop doing such a lazy job.

  • Goodbye game sharing lol.

  • i like how they just change stuff [DELETED] i dont like these at all i own three ps3

  • Oh no! That means….um…I won’t check to see if I have any messages when I turn my PS3 on, and…….guess that’s it. How will I survive?!?!

  • if they do limit the device activation to 2 then i’m in big trouble since i got the YLOD couple months ago and am borrowing my friend’s ps3 till december…..PLEASE DON’T DO IT SONY!

  • Guess this means i have time to finish UC2 on crushing..
    Anyway if you have uncharted 2, infamous, infamous festival of blood, wipeout HD + Fury feel free to add me :P

  • Why does maintenance always have to happen, when I finally get a day off!? *tears* lol

  • Thanks for keep us posted.

  • w t f
    leave comments about
    u ppl are so idiot i love psn and i can handle less than a day
    u vicious

  • Why can’t they do this on a weekend?

  • All people complaining LOL… Least they have informed us that it will be down. You would think people would be happy they update, maintain there system regular. 1 day without MP on game’s no big.. Maybe go out in the fresh air.

  • I appreciate the heads up. I’ll be playing single player campaigns and watching blu rays, so I’m good.

  • @Archer88222
    You can deactivate dead PS3 systems with your computer when the feature is up and running.

  • It’s not a matter of the amount of time it’s going to be down . It’s what they are taking away from us multiple ps3 owners . I’d be ok if they knocked it down to 3 activations at one time . 2 is just too few .

  • Not that big of a deal, I’ll just be playing Skyrim like I already was. Did anyone else get that burlap like map even though they didn’t pre order?

  • Perhaps this lengthy update, will fix the reported freeze ups and release the new Home content I been hearing about. Lot’s of people got froze during the PSTalent Community Theater event. Maybe some new stuff in PS Store and it’s theme changed for the coming holidays. Plus probably fix the LOOT EOD in LOOT Space Station, Hollywood Hills, and Sunset Yacht spaces, as they are offline. All these reported issues can add up to such a lengthy maintenance window. “Leave no stone unturned”, as they say.

  • i guess they are going to re-arrange stuff but im having this problem of the psn since monday…i hopw my ps3 work after this is over..

  • @ Lizardwrestler99 From what I understand this update is only about the 5 PS3 activations now going to 2 thing, I wouldn’t hold my breath on any of that Home stuff getting fixed.

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