PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network will be offline for routine scheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 17th from approximately 8am until 10pm PST.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.

In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from However, some users may be able to play online during the maintenance.

During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game Trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when maintenance has concluded.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • Time to catch up on TV series, play Brink and finish ‘Rise Of Horrors’ for kinect

  • Will Netflix be affected?

  • I’d rather it be down on a weekday when I’m like at work than have it be up when I’m out of the house and down when I’m back.

    14 hours is a bit long but whatever I’m sure they wouldn’t shut down the store for that long if they didn’t have to.

  • can you add the feature so that we can change our gamer name by any chance?

  • So why is everyone complaining about maintenance? They are giving you notice for one thing. Also this will be the first time that it may be offline since the outage in May. Does your life revolve that much around online gaming that you cant handle not having it for a day? On top of that it is no guarentee, since there is a possibility that people will still be able to play online. @ th thankfully its free service comments, even Xbox Live which is paid has maintenance, and they don’t extend your paid subscription for maintenance.If you also really want to complain how come the xbox players dont complain about their games costing the same as PS3 games? Last time I checked Blurays cost more than DVD, so go complain about that.

  • I hope something good comes out of all of this.

  • I believe that the 2 PS3 activations is only going to affect anything purchased after the 18th, plus they are going to be opening it to deactivate your Playstations online. I hate the 2 console limit, but really what can you expect with all of the game sharing that has been going on.

  • PSN id change please ;)

  • I got Uncharted to play, been wanting to tackle Crushing mode but multiplayer has taken my time, and I gotta get back to my dead island as well

  • Please add another feature besides deactiving from PC I think I have 14 hours I can easily waste offline with Batman and Uncharted 3 so by all means take your time and add a new feature

  • Thanks for the notice SONY! Do what you need to do.

    It’s such a great thing when you like/play games that don’t rely/depend on online/multiplayer fluff.

  • well i guess ill find something else to do than

  • yea take ur time sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Watch , when PS Network comes back online, its going to be the same old Crap, lags, freezes and Network Errors, nothing changes except for the the New Items and their ridiculous prices, all they want is the money from your pockets and let Home rot .

  • Dungeon Defenders Update Patch Please…

  • Hey guys,
    I can’t be to sure. But from what it says on the European blog, they are having a down time too. So I’m guessing it looks like they are accomadating european Home Users more then US. Thats why this update is during the day for our time.

  • The reason why they are doing this update is to prepare for the change of having the same name on 5 ps3’s. They are making it where you can only have the same name on 2 ps3’s now so there wont be any game sharing with friends anymore..Hope you deactivated your name on your old or broke ps3 cause your only allowed to have your name on 2 now

  • Good note, Talgron. For such a large amount of time for this window, that too, is included. I wouldn’t put a large time frame on a minor update. Not fun getting froze in GTA or KZ3. The freeze ups are everywhere.

  • no
    ya no puedo comprar con 4 amigos mas

  • The window is too long, the ‘terms’ are BS, the console keeps LOSING features, the updates are both useless and frequent. Really Sony, all this time I’ve said the PS3 has better than the rest but now you’re starting to make me appreciate those people stealing your games. These rules are best ignored and it’s foolish to reward a company that has taken SO many steps backwards since the PS1 and PS2.

    Seriously, I may pass on the Vita until it’s hacked. I’m not putting up with this crap for another gen. NO MORE FIRMWARE.

  • Already down for me, 12 am CST. Anyone else already lose service?

  • STOP doing unnessesary changes to psn. OH MY GOD.
    Give us what we want.

    Also bring ape escape to psone classics and resident evil outbreak to ps2 classics. :)

  • I figured this was gonna happen. When they did announce about the changed about how many PS3. All I ask is to have another firmware update. I actually enjoy turning on my PS3 and getting the notice of an update. And NO, I am NOT being sarcastic neither. I am being dead serious.

    3.73 is been here awhile. Lets keep rolling those numbers.

    I hope sooner or later we can have a better browser on put playstation 3.

    Good luck on the update!

  • Can you resume any downloads on the download list section even there’s an ongoing maintenance?

  • @ 125 (hrbrt7)

    I have turned off my PS3 off in the middle of a download. When I turned on my PS3. It continued to resume the download.

    So I assume, yes you can pause and start on a stop or interrupted download. However, since you are downloading something from the PS3 Store, you need the store to obtain the data in order to fully download the items you are downloading. So, if you need to download something I would download it before the downtime.

    if it gets interrupted. You can download it later time,

  • Top 3? That’s surprisingly easy for me:

    1. MGS4

    – Best game on PS3 IMO. It’s got it’s flaws, but the amount of playability with what’s actually playable ( if that makes any sense), is truly umatched!

    2. Mortal Kombat

    – Best fighting game on the PS3 by far. It’s a mix of the best of the old and the best of new, while throwing in some new tricks in as well! Best gaming reboot ever!

    3. Batman: Arkham City

    – Heavy Rain almost made this spot, but Arkham City just blew me away from start to finish! It improves on part 1 in every way! Rocksteady also get points for such a ballsy ending!

    Top 3 PS3 games I’m looking forward to: Metal Gear Rising, The last Guardian and Twisted Metal/Bioshock: Infinite

  • @116 Yeah dungeon defender and trophies need more fix cause trophies sync problem it keep repeating and not show the trophies level.

  • At least this isn’t being done on the weekend. :)

  • Not only are they cutting down our account use but they are eating 14 hours of our online time to prepare for it. I still am totally against this change as I have 3 ps3s and in my house we play some of the family friendly games together on all 3 systems at once. No more of that for anything new. I wonder if we get a petition going somehow if we can get the 5 users back.

  • @123 Thy have already officially announced that the ps3 does not have the ram requirements for cross game chat. Though you would really think they would have implemented that feature since the other console has it. The xmb is fine for me. What’s sad i the vita will support cross game chat and ps3 never will. I am with everyone for a better browser.

  • Everyone does realize that you don’t need the internet to play video games don’t you? A few hours isn’t the end of the world.

  • hasta que hora de Bogota va esto? 10pm gmt-5???

  • Since today Sony are celebrating i hope that Sony include new features like social apps (facebook,twitter,google+,youtube) or bring a new browser or a new xmb

  • Ok Sony, it’s 1:03am EST, why can’t I get on the store yet? I’m still getting the “this site is currently undergoing maintenance” notice. You’re late.

  • Oh, I forgot to read the part where they sad “approximately”

  • Never mind. Just had to restart my system. It’s working now. Sorry Sony.

  • Friends,

    Anyone having trouble to add funds with a USS 10,00 PSN card? After this maintenance, when I add the codes from the card, I get this message:

    An error has occurred.

    Anyone having this problem?


  • men it took me while to sign back in, sony guys should have work hard on fixing problems because i try to sign on my first time it send it was bad request & i had to delete my cookies to resign back in.

    Why take 5 to 2, that is stupid. I own only two PS3 as of right now but i plan on getting new PS3 Slim to replace my old PS3 sense the hardware for the system is about to die soon or so sense the fan is making alot of sounds.

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything but you need to redesign the PS3 Slim with improve Fan System Efficiency with bigger vents. Or maybe its time to newly design whole PS3 with liquid cooling system then Fan System.

    With liquid cooling system you make the PS3 Slim even more cooler during super hardcore play for 10 hours.

  • ohhh looks lik psn got hacked again lol

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