PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network will be offline for routine scheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 17th from approximately 8am until 10pm PST.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.

In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from However, some users may be able to play online during the maintenance.

During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game Trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when maintenance has concluded.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • What is new or just a maintenance

  • Hopefully we’ll get a firmware update that does more than take away our five-device registrations feature.

  • When is a new firmware?

  • 14 hours of maintenance? Great beard of Zeus!

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • So now I can’t spend the million dollars I won in the lottery tomorrow??

  • Wow, that’s a long time for updates. But I’m sure that whatever they’re doing during that update, it’s going to be important. Thank you for the heads up, it looks like tomorrow shall be the day that I try to finish inFamous.

  • Seriously Sony??? 14 hours during the day for maintenance? Good thing the service is free….that’s an absolutely awful maintenance window.

  • firmware update confirmed! XD

    its interesting that you guys are doing maintenance on the ps3 anniversary..hmm

  • For those non-vampires on the East coast US this maintenance window pretty much guarantees we won’t be able to go online on Thursday (despite the fact that it is claimed “some” users will be online, my past PSN maintenance experience suggests otherwise).

    Having a large computer system background I still cannot fathom why PSN maintenance is routinely applied during the day guaranteeing the most affected users possible rather than off hours to minimize customer impact, as the rest of the computer industry does. Imagine if Netflix decided to bring down their streaming service for one full day every two months or so?

    Okay, cue the “go outside/read a book” comments that completely miss the point of my vitriol.

  • 14 hour maintenance???

    I work in an ISP and all maintenance are done past midnight. Also with a maintenance window that is so long there should be more details.

    What is the maintenance about? What are the benefits of this maintenance?

  • Thank you for the update. Its quite Alright since I will be on Assassins Creed Revelations Anyways XD

  • so, the questions keeps getting asked and no answer…as usual.

  • It will take 14 hours because people they are renting servers/colocating them at are slowest bunch around.

  • @9 Confirmed? Source?

  • I hope this maintenance fixes the download errors Im getting. Any of you guys getting server error 503 when trying to download a demo?

  • it’s not day time for everyone, they can’t possibly think about everybody on the world.
    In europe it’s night during the maintenance, so maybe they will pick a more convenient time for you guys with next maintenance

  • The update is going to begin the new account activation terms.

  • lol this sucks……….

  • If you ppl are pissed bout the maintenance go play X box and shut the hell up

  • get ready for angry phone calls sony tomorrow…….

  • Perhaps something worthy of having after this “Maintenance check” Don’t get me wrong. Games are amazing. The features are getting a little bit on the boring side now.

  • I love my PS3, way more then my xbox, but, Sony has a long ways to get with regards to its online offering in PSN. Way too many frequent updates, maintanance…….Lack of social features and online integration.

  • Ok so recently I played MW3. Even though I know all the BATTLEFEILD junkies are gonna get pissed. MW3 is so much better. MW3 is definitely AWESOME. And even though this dang maintenance is gonna suck I will be popping talibanis as soon as it comes back on.

  • 14 hours, i can live with that. 8am until 10pm PST (11am to 1am EST). WOW!!!! Would be nicer to have that maintenance from 10pm to 8am instead??

  • Oh man, I had my one day off from work tomorrow. I was gonna play some MW3 MP. I’m just starting to get into it too. Looks like I’ll just have to rework my plans for the day.

  • when will the website to deactivate psn accounts on ps3s from pc ?

  • Agree with most here, why aren’t you guys doing this in the middle of the night instead.

  • hope we get cross game chat

  • Hopefully we get a filter that prevents people from continually asking for cross-game chat.

  • Can’t believe no one can figure it out.
    I rarely post, but I just had to.

    They’re limiting the downloading limit per account from 5 to 2.

    Cutting back on gamesharing I guess.

  • so much for playing battlefield 3 or uncharted 3 mp.

  • I don’t mind that there is maintenance, but why are they always the day after the Store publishes? Very annoying if you wanted to buy something.

  • Hopefully they going maintenance to fix Trophies sync performing to make it right.

  • Thank’s for letting us know…

    Any info on what is being done… simple maintenance… getting ready for the influx of new users after Thanksgiving… new firmware on the way???

  • Thanks for info, do appreciate ;)

  • For those who say “it’s not daytime for everyone on the PSN,” consider this: Remember when Sony recovered from the massive PSN outage back in May? Recall how each region came back online at different times throughout that period? This suggests completely separate networks (that are connected to allow international online gameplay).

    Thus, each region should have its own maintenance window that has the least impact to the customer of that region. Well, that’s my theory anyhow.

  • So in addition to taking our 3 out of 5 activations , you’re gonna kick us while we are down and have it take 14 hours ? Starting to lose my support Sony … And I’m one of your last few supporters as it is …

  • Is the Store finally getting that revamp I read about months ago?

  • uh-oh… sony! gotta call it off now. dont do the maintenance… u cant lose Tank_Baked!!! hes all u got left!!!

  • I don’t mind the maintenance window, but at least give details on what is going to be done.

  • Doesn’t bother at all. I’ve got a lot of games I either played a little bit or haven’t started at all. Also, playing Fallout 3 on my third run. Yeah, I’m playing a 4 year old game because that’s how awesome it is.

  • No this nothing of value to PS3 or PSP owners. None of us will see any benefit to this. It’s all about the erosion of what we paid for. Not only is this corporation so stingy to take away what we paid them for they won’t even pay the overtime to ensure as few as possible are affected. All this serves to do is ensure even fewer can make their purchases on PSN before the cutoff costing the corporation even more sales. I’m sore the crazies will come out making wild accusations against those who don’t bow down to the all mighty corporation but who really cares. It’s a foregone conclusion that this will not end well.

  • @ anyone who reads this

    hey i played the demo for Resistance 3, its awesome! i loved it as soon as i started playin it. never played 1 or 2. no reason, jus guess the games never caught my attention. but anyways should i play 1 n 2 before jumpin into 3? or not waste my time with 1 n 2?

  • Well, looks like I won’t be able to do Pickory Harvesting tomorrow at Home…

  • What would be nice is for ps3 to fix the download errors and problems with the bandwidth. Get so tired of the install error at 14% I got games that I still have not gotten the chance to play cuz if this install error. Pretty crappy that I can pay 50 bucks for a game that I can’t download and install the updates to get online with. The last patch they sent out last month caused my first problems with the downloads so maybe this update will finally allow it to work. Being down all day for maint is fine for me if they can really fix the issues they have with the network not create new ones.

  • Holy smokes that’s a huge window. Are you sure you don’t mean 8 PM? Oh well, at least I got AC:R to keep me busy. I can skip a day of BF3 and MW3 haha.

  • They probably make it in those hours so all the chronic complainers that feel the need to call in and whine once again will have someone to do it to, poor Sony agents.

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