Get Jurassic Park: The Game Free with 1 Year of PlayStation Plus

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Get Jurassic Park: The Game Free with 1 Year of PlayStation Plus

Jurassic Park: The Game for PS3 (PSN)

We’re happy to announce a limited time subscription bundle that will not only get you one year of PlayStation Plus, but also includes a free download of Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4); the new PSN adventure from the masters of episodic gaming: Telltale Games. This is a great chance to get in on all those free games, great discounts on new and classic titles, and access to exclusive features and game content. Click here to purchase a one-year subscription online.

Jurassic Park: The Game releases November 15th to PSN. Launching in four separate episodes, or available as one bundle, this journey brings you dangerously close to the prehistoric inhabitants of Isla Nublar while exploring stories of mankind visiting some of nature’s most powerful and fearsome creatures. The result is an unforgettable journey that manages to capture the spirit of what made the films so special.

When you purchase a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus from November 1st through the 8th, you’ll be eligible to receive a free download of Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4) when it releases on PSN on November 15th. That’s a $29.99 value! You’ll receive a message to your PS3 mailbox the day the game releases.

If you’re already a Plus subscriber, you’re not left out. You too can purchase a one-year subscription to Plus which will stack upon your existing subscription. You’ll be guaranteed access to all the benefits of PlayStation Plus, and get an amazing game that’s yours to keep.


Special note: This offer also includes purchases of PlayStation Plus retail cards from online sites and stores, but you’ll need to make sure you redeem those codes in the PlayStation Store within the 11/1 – 11/8 timeframe. This is only available for purchases of one-year Plus subscriptions; the three-month subscription will not count towards receiving Jurassic Park free.

Head over to the PlayStation Plus website to learn more about PlayStation Plus. If you’re not a subscriber, we’re hoping to see that Plus logo on your avatar soon when you leave us your comments below!

To purchase a one-year subscription online, click here. The code to redeem in the PlayStation Store will be emailed to you once your purchase is complete.

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9 Author Replies

  • @rockinjs864, I have you beat. My Plus goes to June of 2014, & I’m now going to make it 2015. I’m precisely the fool that Sony is targeting, lol.

  • Morgan, you are doing a great job. I knew waiting would pay off.

    I’ll be renewing tomorrow.

  • Are there any plans to offer the 3 extra months with a 1-year subscription plan in the future? That would definitely help me decide which is the better deal to take advantage of.

  • @lisatsunami, dammit you’re funny! I’m in the same boat. Been looking forward to this game, though. Should be good :-)

  • It’s cool and all, but i’m sure i’m not the only one that bought a year subscription last week, feel kinda ripped off about this deal -_-.

  • I think this is a great offer … and I will probably stack. I have been waiting to see what day one subscribers would get as a Dec bonus to re-up. It would be nice to know if something special was in the works for those of us that have been with you since day one.

  • Another reason why Plus is for chumps. How hard is it? You have two tiers of players: free and paid. If I paid for Plus, I want all the benefits of plus. Making users sign up for an additional year if they want “the real good stuff” is a sad ploy. Unfortunately, there seem to be many people willing to blindly throw money at Sony. Every time I read about these antics with Plus subscriptions, it makes me glad I never signed up.

  • thats bs man if u already a ps memeber u want us to purchase another sub. really u full of crap its already the holidays and we got to back all the games that u got coming during the season to be jolly bah sony us r starting to get like f n Micro-crap xbox this is bull S really to the 13th power

  • wha about all the people that got ps on day one huh huh where is our appreciation huh tell me that so loyalty program u like a baby mommy always taking now

  • Ok I just ordered another year of PSN + on my PS3 and noticed after the fact that I had to do it tomorrow? Shouldn’t the November 1st be in bold and mentioned more than once? Am I really going to be out of Jurassic Park because of this?

  • …How disappointing. It works as a punishment, just because I extended my Plus membership early. It seems silly to add another year, when I still have over a year to go on the current subscription. Oh well…

  • I have purchased a subscription last night.. can i have it … :s

  • I’m pretty bumbed out like every one else who renewed their subscription in October or earlier. Another bad timing, saw the incentive to renew because i was running low on time to renew. I think the requirements should change to if your either a new PS+ member 1 yr subscription on Nov 1st or PS+ member renewed subscription for another year or more should qualify for this promo. A negative to the PS+ service in my perspective.

  • I agree with it being a total jerk move. Clearly youve upset more people then you are going to bring in with this promotion. The reality is if JP is free for this promo I bet in 6 months or less itll be free for all plus members. Save your 49.99 and just stick with the time you have left on your subscription.

  • Talk about a kick in the face. I just got the 1 year subscription about 2 hours ago and heard about this. 1 day late, and I can’t buy anything on PSN (Error) sure getting the smackdown by sony lately. Can’t even get the “ONLY ON PSN” which is 10x worse.

  • This just gave me a reason to renew……. darn you Sony TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!! xD

  • Seems kind of silly that people are crying about paying $50.00 for a free game promotion when they haven’t even told us what the normal price or discount will be. Ok so you just resubscribed last week well what about the people who resubscribed a week or Two before that ? Should it be free for them too ? The point is bad timing is what it is, even if they would have let everyone know about this a month ago people still would have missed it or resubscribed the day they announced this.

    Do you guys cry about every promotion you miss out on in the rest or the world too ?

  • wow i saw the trailer and it was intense, planning to buy this game if i get my money

  • Okay and for people like me who have already bought a year subscription? I imagine that comes with ours yes? I’ve bought a 3 month and a year so mine goes well into next year and possibly 2013. If I really have to buy a whole other year when I already have that’s ridiculous. It would make sense to grant this to people who have year subs already.

  • Come on people! All of your questions are clearly detailed in the post.

  • Is this PS Plus offer.. US Only?

  • @ Morgan Haro will this game support 3D & is there any co op or multi player option?

    P.S..An answer asap would be appreciated!

    Thank You!

  • @ Morgan Haro just a few more questions is their any dlc planned for this game & is there any customizing & upgrading options in the game?

  • WAIT, I’m confused. I have the PS + subscription,and when i clicked on the link in the article above to BUYY/RENEW/ my PS + for another year so I can get the game free….

    why did it bring me too Best Buy, and NOT the PS Store???

  • @ #57 brianace, “PS+ are for chumps?” “Making” users sign up? Get your head OUT OF YOUR @$$. I intend to sign up because this is a great deal & I want to support Telltale.

    What gamers should do is sign up when your Acct. is near its expiration to avoid the odd subscription overlap. lisatsunami (comment #51) overdid it IMO. That dude is a hardcore Sony user, if I had the funds back then I probably would have done the same thing. Deals like this will only surface more often as Sony wants more subscribers. If it concurs w/ a title that I want to support, I’ll bite into another year.

  • @ #75, BB sells the PSN + subscription & will e-mail you a digital code for your purchase. Input that code in your PSN Acct. & you will be updated accordingly- it works.

  • Do you have to wait for the store to update to purchase the year subscription, or did the offer start at the beginning of Nov 1st? I’m out of town the whole week, and leaving this afternoon. I want to take advantage of the offer, but I don’e want to purchase the subscription too early.

  • @ all upset over their recent PSN+ renewal-

    It’s a business, & there are some (good & bad) luck involved along w/ crazy variables like:

    1. The holiday season.
    2. Multiple game releases within the same week.
    3. PSN+ deals w/ publishers over any incoming or existing titles.

    I’m SURE we’ve been in that scenario where you’d avoid buying any kind of insurance (smartphone, for example) & got burned breaking it soon after. & conversely, signing up for said insurance & your device never taking a fall under coverage. You win some, you lose some. How is this Sony’s “bad timing?” If you’re Sony, WOULD/CAN you tell your customers every deal coming up?

  • @ #78- I would def. wait until the store updates if you’re signing up today. If you can, enter your sub. on the latest date- meaning, on the 8th but BEFORE the store updates (usually @ 5-9PM EST.).

  • Well, I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition from Telltale today, because I’m lovin’ that swag, and my “new” laptop ought to be able to handle it. I’d read someone mention PS+ getting JP:TG, so I assumed it was another case of The Devil’s Playhouse (which, oddly, doesn’t have an expiration date in my Services list…not that I’m complaining!). I’m set on Plus ’til September of 2013 (joined with +3 months promo, got +2 from the outage, then +3 more when I redeemed my discounted 1-year card during the more recent promo *sunglasses*).

    But, hey, you guys did get a purchase outta me for Back to the Future: The Game, so one outta two ain’t bad.

  • Why am I not seeing anything about this in the actual Playstation store? I need to renew and would love to do it for this deal but I don’t see anything about Jurassic Park in the actual PSN store.

  • any info on why this is this is not up yet yet?

  • Holy Smuckers I have been so looking forward to this game since i heard about it, I am def. adding another year to my subscription, Plus has totally been worth every penny.

  • This is a great deal IMHO I will be getting a card from Best Buy since I have reward certificates and stack my plus subscription, the original subscription paid itself in 2 months with all the free content.

    Adding the extra month we got due to the time the PSN was down, I think I won’t need to renew until 2013

  • can we extend the year by buying through the playstation store on do we have to buy the code from best buy to get credit?

  • Yeah, this is rather annoying. I also just recently re-upped, and I would have waited until now had I been given more of a head’s up on this deal.

    This really seems like a kick in the teeth to existing PS+ subscribers, even more so than an incentive to re-up or join.

  • So, the ONLY way to get in on the Jurassic Park deal is to buy another year of Playstation Plus? Even if you’re current subscription is nowhere near expiring yet?
    November 8th is less than a week away, & this announcement just popped up in the “What’s New” menu on my PS3 today! That’s awful short notice to have to come up with another $50 bucks! Especially with all the big games already releasin this month… Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Saint’s Row The Third, UMVC3, Skyward Sword, & Sonic Generations, to name a few. It just doesn’t seem like this was very well planned out… & seems like people who already have Playstation Plus get a bad deal.

  • I don’t like this. I bought a PS+ 1 year to stack during the anniversary of PS+. Plus you didn’t give us much notice about this, which is not cool. You should probably give more notice than this at the very least.

  • Just signed up for PS+ a little over a week ago, now this happens and I get nothing. Perfect.

  • FYI: there is no way I am going to extend my PS+ subscription, which still has several months left on it, to get a free game that I’ve barely seen and never played even a demo of … especially when I don’t know if another better game might be “buy for one additional year” within the next few months.

    But seriously, asking us to purchase the subscription extension a full week before the game even releases, with no demo … to me that’s a huge red flag. That’s the sort of tactics people pull when they think you won’t like it once you try it.

  • I just re-upped too! If I had known about this, I would have waited. I don’t have the money right now to re-up again. Sony, you know how long people’s subscriptions to Plus are… just change the deal so anyone with over a year left will be able to get the game. That way, you are including the people who are supporting the system.

  • People, it’s 1 Year of PSN+ for a $29.99 game. You either like or you don’t- but it’s a business, & Sony isn’t doing anything wrong. Is Amazon or Gamestop ever going to tell you NOT to buy U3 NOW (@ retail price) because it will be on sale for $10 less next week? NEVER. Stop over-acting about the “timing” of this deal & start wondering if PSN+ is good to you & if this $30 title is the sort of game you’ll play.

    Jurassic Park is an an venture game similar to the titles below.

    According to Wiki, here’s a list of Telltale’s developed titles:
    Telltale Texas Hold’em
    Bone: Out from Boneville
    CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder
    Bone: The Great Cow Race
    Sam & Max Save the World
    CSI: Hard Evidence
    Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
    Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People
    Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures
    Tales of Monkey Island
    CSI: Deadly Intent
    Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse
    Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent
    CSI: Fatal Conspiracy
    Poker Night at the Inventory
    CSI: Unsolved
    Back to the Future: The Game
    Jurassic Park: The Game
    Hector: Badge of Carnage
    Puzzle Agent 2
    The Walking Dead game (Fall 2011)
    Fables game (TBD)
    King’s Quest game (TBD)
    Law & Order: Los Angeles (TBD)

  • “Current Plus users will get a discount on it when it releases; but as mentioned you can add more time to your subscription if it makes sense to do so”

    So we can only get this game for free if

    a) We aren’t already supporting this service, but willing to
    b) Are lucky enough that our subscription renewal time is close by
    c) Are willing to stack a year of subscription time on top of what we already have paid for

    Seems great for scenarios a & b. A no-brainer really.

    For those of us who fall under category c however, this is a bum deal, especially when the alternative is a “discount” which is hardly fair in comparison. We’re just as loyal (but not as lucky) as the people from category b, and far more loyal than those who needed to be coaxed on board with shiny baubles.

    Please reconsider your strategy and share the freebies with everyone who is on board, whether new or old.

  • This is just so typical of Sony! They want to sell subscriptions so bad that those of us who have had a Plus account from the beginning are getting punished for our loyalty! Yes, Punished!!! Call it what you will but that is exactly what is happening! My subscription is good until April 2013 and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sign up for another year for a game I’ve never even played a demo of, and I only know a little about. Just because the title is Jurassic Park, that doesn’t automatically make it a good game. Also, Morgan, I saw the reply you wrote to the user about listening to our feedback. You listen to it, but then you sit back and do nothing about it, and that makes you as bad as Sony! Go on Sony, continue to rip off you loyal users!

  • @ 95 HoboDemon, your “C” selection isn’t entirely correct. Being a PSN+ member you are not entitled to *every* deal. There’s a free game selection for + members that’s exclusive to this service in which you receive every month- JP isn’t it.

    Now what happens to those that can’t afford a year of + & therefore have to purchase each epi. of JP (assuming they like the game) individually? I guess they’re even 2x as mad because even + members who do not resub for a year, receive a discount? You see my point? Don’t blame Sony. It’s a business & us gamers will always win or lose some.

    @ 96 duke301, how are you being “punished?” You still get a discount! I finally have enough for a year of + & back last month I wish I did & now all the RE deals are now gone. Yet meanwhile, + members had free games, Qore, trails, discounts… But you’re correct, JP will probably turn out to be a B level game (The Telltale average, I think), & will NOT appeal to everyone. You could have just posted that w/out all the “punishment toward loyal user” nonsense.

  • Nice offer, my PS Plus subscription expires in December but I’ll renew this week anyway to get this game for free

  • OK, well maybe ‘punished’ was the wrong word. It’s more like screwed over or betrayed. It’s like when studios release a TV show on DVD, and then after they release all the individual seasons, they release the complete series with extra special features and a discounted price. Everyone who bought the individual seasons is screwed. If it weren’t for all those people buying the individual seasons, the complete series would never get released in the first place. It’s the same way here. I’ve been a Plus user ever since the very beginning. I support Sony by forking over my hard earned money for their products. Not only do I have a PS3, but I’ve also had a PS1 and a PS2, and I have a PSP, a Sony DVD player and a Sony TV. I’ve been a loyal user of Sony products for more than 25 years, and then they turn around and pull this crap. I understand that the game is $29.99 (whether or not it will be worth that remains to be seen), but it still pisses me off. All Plus users should get it for free, not just the people who buy it this week. It’s not like Sony is going to go bankrupt anytime soon by giving it to everyone. I think I have a right to feel this way, as do all of the other millions of Plus users who got screwed over.

  • ^Yeah, it’s like Sony got taken over by Capcom* or somethin.
    “If you don’t have Playstation Plus yet, we have a great deal for you! If you do have Playstation Plus, well, sucks to be you. Buy it again if you want what we’re giving everyone else!”

    *if the above comparison dosen’t make sense to you, just replace “Playstation Plus” with Resident Evil 5, or Street Fighter 4, or Marvel Vs Capcom 3

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