Get Jurassic Park: The Game Free with 1 Year of PlayStation Plus

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Get Jurassic Park: The Game Free with 1 Year of PlayStation Plus

Jurassic Park: The Game for PS3 (PSN)

We’re happy to announce a limited time subscription bundle that will not only get you one year of PlayStation Plus, but also includes a free download of Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4); the new PSN adventure from the masters of episodic gaming: Telltale Games. This is a great chance to get in on all those free games, great discounts on new and classic titles, and access to exclusive features and game content. Click here to purchase a one-year subscription online.

Jurassic Park: The Game releases November 15th to PSN. Launching in four separate episodes, or available as one bundle, this journey brings you dangerously close to the prehistoric inhabitants of Isla Nublar while exploring stories of mankind visiting some of nature’s most powerful and fearsome creatures. The result is an unforgettable journey that manages to capture the spirit of what made the films so special.

When you purchase a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus from November 1st through the 8th, you’ll be eligible to receive a free download of Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4) when it releases on PSN on November 15th. That’s a $29.99 value! You’ll receive a message to your PS3 mailbox the day the game releases.

If you’re already a Plus subscriber, you’re not left out. You too can purchase a one-year subscription to Plus which will stack upon your existing subscription. You’ll be guaranteed access to all the benefits of PlayStation Plus, and get an amazing game that’s yours to keep.


Special note: This offer also includes purchases of PlayStation Plus retail cards from online sites and stores, but you’ll need to make sure you redeem those codes in the PlayStation Store within the 11/1 – 11/8 timeframe. This is only available for purchases of one-year Plus subscriptions; the three-month subscription will not count towards receiving Jurassic Park free.

Head over to the PlayStation Plus website to learn more about PlayStation Plus. If you’re not a subscriber, we’re hoping to see that Plus logo on your avatar soon when you leave us your comments below!

To purchase a one-year subscription online, click here. The code to redeem in the PlayStation Store will be emailed to you once your purchase is complete.

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9 Author Replies

  • is this only if you buy it during this time or do plus members get this in general? like we just have to be plus members by that date?

    • think of this as a new subscriber offer, or as an offer to add more time to your existing plus subscription. but this is not the Plus free game of the month; just some icing on the cake to add more time or to join =)

  • That’s a pretty darn good deal. Question: will the game expire when our PS+ subscription runs out, or is it ours to keep indefinitely?

  • So what you’re telling me is to go and buy myself another PS+ subscription just to get this offer?

    • it’s an offer for those who haven’t joined plus yet, but you can add more time to your plus sub to get it as well. It’s just a question of what matters most to you? If you see the JP game as awesome and you’re enjoying Plus as it is; it may make sense to take advantage of the offer.

  • Perfect timing, I was gonna renew it in December anyways, might as well do it now, thanks for the offer guys!!! 8)

  • I just re-upped my PS Plus last week. Do I just not qualify or is there some way to get in on that deal? This is the sort of thing we might want a little more than one days notice for in the future perhaps.

  • So PS+ members like myself and others on here have to renew our already existing PS+ accounts?

  • @frylock25

    Read the post again. They said if you are a current member you can buy the year subscription again, in which case the years stack and you get the free game as well.

  • Damn! I just renewed my annual membership last week.

  • @everyone who are wondering about the offer
    Pretty much you have to renew your subscription within the week of Nov. 1-8 just to get the offer. It also applies to existing PS+ members.

  • Hmmm. I wasn’t aware this would only be a 4 game series. Usually TellTale does 5 episodes a game. I guess these could be lengthier than previous efforts. Will the save files be “copy protected” like other TellTale PSN releases have been? If so then… probably do not want. There’s no reason to lock save files of purely single player games like these. :|

    “So what you’re telling me is to go and buy myself another PS+ subscription just to get this offer?”
    Gotta spend money to “save” money! :D

  • Will current PS+ users be able to download the game?

    • Current Plus users will get a discount on it when it releases; but as mentioned you can add more time to your subscription if it makes sense to do so

  • My subscription runs out in December anyway, so I might as well re-sub now and stack up and extra month in order to get this. Was going to buy it anyhow (really enjoy Telltales stuff), so this is a very cool deal.
    Feel bad for people who’ve just renewed though – doesn’t seem fair that they’re penalized for giving Sony their money!

  • Ouch. Bought a year subscription last week. I can’t spend $50 for another year now.

  • @MarkakaJin I read the post too, I was hoping there was some mediation process though since I renewed early due to the $10 credit offer. Had I known there would be an additional offer directly following this one for a free game that I was interested in, I would have waited.

  • My Sub isn’t getting auto re-upped until December, what about current members?

    • by renewing now, your auto renew date will change to the new expiration date; which in your case would be December 2012 should you choose to renew now. subscriptions stack with Plus

  • Man, seriously? I just broke down and bought a year subscription two days ago. You really need more lead time on these offer deals.

  • @ Morgan and @ bigdaddykraven

    thank you i missed that part. and kraven thank you for a polite answer. got distracted by the video and missed the part about it stacking.

  • How can I find out how much time I have left on my current Plus subscription account?

  • Can you please stop having these bonuses for reupping a whole other year every 3 months. I was ps+ since the first week and reupped another year during the last bonus.

    With all these bonus offers for new users and the starting to recycle content more and more lately makes me seem ps+ is already starting to lose its worth. (almost all the content this month was recycled)

  • I JUST added a 1-year extension to my current membership a couple days ago and now I miss out on this for free. Not too happy atm.

  • Now to decide if I want to renew my subscription since I just did a few months ago when I got a card for $39.99.

    Morgan, you said there was a discount for Jurassic Park for existing PS+ members? Do you know what that percent off is?

  • Sounds like a steal. I’ve been an advocate for PS Plus since it was first released and this is just a nice little cherry on top. Thanks!

  • Great timing Sony! My subscription was set to end at the beginning of December and I was just waiting for a special offer to renew. This offer on a per dollar basis is better than the one offered with the free 3 bonus months, plus this is a game that we get to keep.

  • I already pay for Ps+ so woot free game.

  • Oh man, I love the movie and I used to play the one on my Genesis and my SNES when I was a little kid. Glad to see this will bring back people who used to love the series.

    • Looking forward to the game. The old school games focus more on just sidescrolling action; but this one is focused more on the stores of the characters + good action. Should be awesome

  • Since the purchase on the PSN store happens immediately I assume there’s no way to stack this with the $10 back on $60 purchased on the PSN store in October AND get the Jurassic Park Series?

  • is there a diffrence between the monthly and yearly membership? Ive only subscribed to the $20 for the 3 month’s and had it since before the network intrusion, do you get more games by paying the full $50 for the whole year? like the ones I missed out on in the previous months?

  • This is a great offer, but I have a question.

    Let’s say I go buy a 1 year pass from Best Buy tomorrow, enter the code on PSN. Will I get the games for FREE? Or do I have to do this offer directly through PSN Store?

    • You can buy at Best Buy, but ensure that you redeem the code in the Store THIS week during the timeframe of the offer. to snag the game.

  • @ 26

    My plan is to use $10 PSN bonus money for my PS+ subscription, assuming I receive it before Nov 8…I see no reason why you can’t use the bonus money for this.

    @ 27

    There is no difference other than the 1 yr sub being cheaper on a per month basis as both get the same exact content other than you do get a free $29.99 game if you buy 1 yr between Nov 1-8.

  • THIS SUCKS! I jus got ps+ like a wk ago :/

  • I’m pretty angry about this, since I just renewed on Sat. If anything, this has taught me not to renew unless I’m being bribed to do so.

  • Crumb-doodle…. I just added a year to my Plus subscription on 10/21, and can’t afford another $50 so soon….. I feel like I got the trick (spend $60, get $10 – which is only a 16.7% bonus, pretty lame now that I think about it, in most stores during the holidays, a good deal is 50% off or better) and I did not get the treat (spend $50, get a $30 game – which is a nice 60% bonus).
    So for my money this Halloween, I definitely got the trick from Sony and not the treat. Hopefully you’ll anounce bonuses further ahead of time from now on, so we can plan ahead how to use our few coins, and not feel duped, thanks.

  • @ Morgan this was a bad choice to do this promotion like this yearly plus members only get a discount when new buyers get it for free?I thought Plus was Plus no matter when you got it then you’re saying I have to buy another year of plus to receive this offer.Now it’s 3 section to Plus the 3 month club, the year club,and the new comers to Plus get bonus content for joining Plus don’t you think the people that who’ve been Plus members deserve some of that love for being a member before there was free giveaways for joining?I would’nt be mad about buying another year subscription to get in on the deal but I’ve already been stacking and my subscription don’t run out until 4/13/2013 and I get no love for that how nice of you to deliver a trick on halloween

    • This is great feedback, and we’re listening. We’ve got some good stuff for Plus subscribers this month; but I can understand how you might feel left out on this offer; especially since you’ve been stacking subscriptions already; so the incentive for you to stack isn’t high. Again, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

  • Was excited till I seen it was like back to the future, though $30 game for free for subbing for an extra year (to 2013).. tempted.

    I’ll think about this.. anyone know if it’ll have a platinum?

  • Glad you’re listening Morgan I’ll just chalk it up as a lost I would’nt find much time to play it anyway with this huge backlog I have only 15% through batman.Just for future references tell the team to think of the members you already have along with trying to bring new ones in you coulda gave already plus members this as a free game and the new comers the one that is free this month for plus I don’t even know what that game is but will download it because it’s free but would still not probaly spend more than an hour on it this is the one post that makes me regret being a loyal plus member but oh well I’m sure you’ll pull lots of new members along with current members stacking with this the only ones left out are those of us who have already done so

  • I’ll upgrade to the 1 year for the first time to get the game free game along with all the other free games for those 12 months, plus the one month ill still have left over on my 3 month subscription and on top of that Ill be getting my $10 back for spending $60 in the PSN store.

    I dont care what people have to say about it, thats why I work hard and spent my hard earned money on what i like. Its a sweet deal you can’t pass up! MORGAN HARO tell all the HATERS whats up!!!!

    PS+ FTW!!!!
    xboxlive=EPIC FAIL

  • Yup deal for the 3 monthers and new comers that’s whats up

  • I was going to get this game anyway so might as well buy another year of Plus while I’m at it. Keep up these amazing deals and I’ll keep buying them.

  • @ Morgan One question, are we going to get our $10, due to spending at least $60 in October, tomorrow during the store update? I would like to use that $10 to help pay for this promotion.

  • AWESOME! I’m SO stacking tomorrow!!!!

  • Will Europe get this deal? (Ima flip out if not)

  • If only I wasn’t broke :/

  • Do you know if you will be doing something like this again in the near future with a different game? =)

  • btw, i don’t suppose we could get a small upgrade to our Cloud Save feature on Plus. ;)
    maybe 200 or 250 MB total. :D

  • would a combination of 3 month cards equaling over a year also count, or only the 1 year cards? I have two 3 month cards and if it counts i would go buy 2 more.

  • @rockinjs864

    i think you have this whole thing where in the article or in the headline to this article does it say “this promotion is for new members”. all it says is if you buy a year subscription to PS Plus than you get Jurassic Park for free. and if you really stop and think this promotion is really not aimed at bringing in new members to Plus. the reason why i think that is because if you dont already have Plus then a fun to play but average game like Jurassic Park wont change your mind. if anything its aimed towards Plus member in hopes that they like what Plus provides and will have no problem paying another $50 to stack another year and get a free game with it. if you noticed more than 80% of the people that posted in this article have Plus already…

    the only thing that PSN did do wrong is not give people early notice that this promo was going to happen. which truthfully is just bad timing rather than PSN trying to trick us…

  • This reminds me of turok for N64! memories!

  • Is the game really going to be $30? I thought the retail price for it was $39.99?

  • @ Son Of Ghost it is not only aimed at people that don’t have Plus yes I know this but it is mainly aimed at those that don’t and to the ones who buy 3 months at a time to recieve a free $29.99 game and get Plus for $20.00 a year why else would it be excluded from being the free game of the month except to bring those in and to make those that have already joined stack their memberships it’s ok though I’m not really worried about it I just now looked at the trailer 5 seconds ago and it doesnt look like anything to get fussy about and I’m sure it’ll be free sometime before my subscription run out so if I do want to try it I’ll always have time to do so

  • I’m sorry to whine but this is not very fair. :(

    I’ve just purchased a subscription (October 24), no way I can renew it already. :(

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