PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

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PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

Attention PAYDAY crew! The time has come – PAYDAY: The Heist officially launches today on the PlayStation Network, developed by OVERKILL Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Grab your masks, don’t forget the ammo and most importantly make sure you bring along your friends!

Dive full force into six heists of co-op madness, fighting off cops, stealing large sums of money and embarking on the ultimate high-intensity, first-person shooter adventure. To kick-off launch, take a look at the never before seen Heat Street Heist trailer (which might look familiar to some of you movie buffs):

PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

In case you missed them previously, here’s the entire series of heist trailers…

  • Slaughterhouse – View the trailer that highlights one of the most difficult heists featured in the game. Click here for trailer.
  • Green Bridge – Intense bridge explosions, mass destruction and lots of casualties all in the hopes of a successful prisoner escape over the deep sea. Click here for trailer.
  • Diamond Heist – Stealthily commandeer a caper of the worlds’ most precious stones. Click here for trailer.
  • Panic Room – Burst onto the seedy scene of a deal gone bad and blast out the roof in order to retrieve the big bucks. Click here for trailer.
  • First World Bank – Sweet talk your way into the vault and grab the goods in the classic First World Bank Heist. Click here for trailer.

Check out the PAYDAY: The Heist website for more info. Thanks again for your patience and support. I’m looking forward to the in-game action!

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  • @greywolf955

    You play with others. Multi-player

  • @dilbig5

    Co-op, not multi-player.

    Google them.

  • greywolf, multi – many. players – players, therefor, you are a disabled rabbit

  • @ M-Easy

    And of course, despite my polite and non aggressive post you went in the opposite direction, you’re right I need to grow up. You misunderstand again I had hopes, as I do with any game that I might plan on picking up at midnight (say MW3 for most people), to play one quick round of the game before going to work. I wasn’t bothered at all as I had hopes of coming home and getting on the game but lo and behold I get home and nothing. My real point is updating what is essentially a download database is easy business and even easier had they prepped it in advance this should of been as easy a button press essentially. I don’t care that anyone has it first what I care about is Sony treating us like we don’t matter since hell they already got the money. It isn’t even limited to games. You can get books, movies, music, damn near everything has midnight releases even digitally. Sony is just behind the technological curve.

  • Co-op is the same thing. More than 2 people (Multi) playing with other people (players).

  • scoring touchdowns on madden and dunking with Jordan is cool. I even got a kick out of smashing zombie heads on Dead Island, but there’s nothing like blasting NWA’s “Fk the police” and robbing some banks. Man i hope Sony gets on the ball and have this game ready when i get home.

  • The real problem for me here is I have gamefly and recently mailed my game back in so I have nothing to tide me over right now lol. Still stoked for this despite getting more impatient the drunker I get. Anyone looking to form a crew for this when it drops send me a friend request.

  • @ AllTimeBest20,
    im with you bruh

  • i have downloaded all the psplay games when they had the promotion and i havn’t gotten the voucher yet anyone else not get it?

  • ROFL, I love raging nerds :P

    You guys make my day when I win.

  • I don’t know about you guys but it’s 18:16 in Canada and PAYDAY is still not on Ps Store.Please tell me if it’s up for you guys. It’ll probably be out tomorrow.

  • Anyone know it there is a single player mode in this game that isnt online ?

    Seems like its an online only game.

  • @jeffman 997 its not for me either, im canadian aswell

  • you can play single player but your partners are computer AI

  • @candycabngfl

    It has single player with AI bots

  • SN1P3$PRO where are you from send me a friend request and well play together.

  • im from Ontario, Toronto

  • Ha i’m from Quebec beside you

  • ight add me cuz im not on psn right now, and update me when its on for u

  • i paid for this already and i want what i paid for if it says i get it today!….but damn i dont want to get it at 12:00 in the damn morning so give me what I PAID FOR ALREADY!!!!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR!

  • well the thing is im not on psn now 2 and i can’t play the week but i’ll be on friday and ill add you later when i go see


  • Why hasn’t the store updated yet!!! It was suppose to update 25 minutes ago!!!

    I pre-order the game. They delay it the day before release. Now they are messing with me. Does Sony get off on this?


  • Thanks donsheff & AllTimeBest20 Appreciate the info :)

    Unfortunately too much latency in my connection for real time online gaming [ satellite DSL ]

    Game looks fun though.

  • Holy **** stop people! You’re complaining about getting 1 game less than 1 day later than others who got it. Stop. PS Blog officially has the worst comment board, you’ve somehow managed to be bigger whiners and morons than IGN.

  • The store doesn’t have a set time to update. Considering all the stuff it has to publish this week, my guess is that it will be late. Patience.

  • Sony is garbage. Delay, Delay, Delay.

    Worse then Riot Games.

  • @76
    Lol true, but less trolls though…barely.

  • i think ill make a movie out of the game, anyone wanna be in my movie of Payday??? add me, also give me ideas on what to name it

  • @ tylerh1701

    We’re whining because some of us pre-ordered this game and should of had it two weeks ago. The store hasn’t updated yet and it should have 32 minutes ago.

  • Been delayed for two weeks, but its all good.

  • i would be playing Payday right now if sony didnt have their head up their ass!

  • @tylerh1701

    You just made what is the complainers biggest argument. There should be a set update time not just a whenever we can policy. Yes i understand there is a lot to update but its not like someone runs in the office with a thumb drive at the last second saying this needs to be on there too. They have the stuff before hand could could easily be prepped and ready to go at any set time for the update.

  • I’ll make the movie with you SN1P3, but do you do regular videos on youtube like this?

  • why isn’t it considered trolling when people complain about people complaining (appropriately at that) on a thread like this? is there another word for it? I think “hobbiting” would fit these “do-gooders” who keep wasting our time with their useless comments. hell… I think I’m hobbiting now.

  • nah Jeff, im starting on youtube recelenty making black ops videos, but no voice overs, i want a legit cast now, i wanna do something diff.

  • OMG you guys make me hate being a Playstation member with all your crying and whining I feel like I’m in a nursery who need their diaper changed?

  • @ AllTimeBest20

    I think a better comparison would be like with Killzone 3 beta. At the time that it came out, I didn’t have Plus but I pre-ordered the game. Plus subscribers got access to the beta a week before me, even though I dished out $60 for it.

    Same thing here. I subscribed to the PLAY promotion and got it a bit earlier than the normal pre-orders, and we’re talking less than a day early so big hairy deal.

  • well SN1P3 i got a youtube account but i don’t make videos i just wacth, but none of your friends play this game because none of mine do and do you have a headset?

  • yes turtle beach my boyyyy

  • STILL F’N WAITIN!!!!!!!!!

  • Voucher? I never received one and i met the requirements.

  • damn guys… i know what time its out…. 2 hours, for all states and provinces… because the store updates at 5-6, look at the time on the newest comment (mine) 3:50

  • This could have all been avoided if Sony would have said that the ppl who participated in the promotion would have been getting the game early. Don’t ya think?

  • lol it says over on the right of the screen —–>>> Comments
    Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk.

  • LMAO! how can i not be a jerk when sont isnt giving me what i already paid for over 2 weeks ago!

  • Not sure if it’s true for everyone else, but I just got off work and had a message with my voucher that was sent at 1:00 am today (i.e. 15 hours ago). It’s a slow download, but I seem to have access to the game (just not playing yet).

    And to comment on the comments (unusual for me), here’s a little trick for people to get rid of the “Delayed Drop” anxiety…pretend that the “Drop” is really Wednesday at 12:01 am. Then when you see it’s updated on Tuesday, you’ll be pleasantly surprised it updated “early”. It’s a stupid psychological trick, but helps to alleviate the checking the store or blog every 5 minutes to see if it updated, since there is no set schedule.

    PS – I however do agree that there should be a set schedule, but we as consumers do not have full knowledge of what updating the store truly entails on Sony’s end. I’m sure there are valid reasons for the delays. I say we show those [insert whatever derogatory name for the other console users here] that we have more class and intelligence than them and try to stay positive with one another in the community. :)

    I hope everyone enjoys the game once it is available for everyone.

  • @ SN1P3PRO95

    The store should have updated 52 minutes ago. It always updates at 5 pm central time. Last week it updated at 5 pm. Why not this week?

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