PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

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PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

Attention PAYDAY crew! The time has come – PAYDAY: The Heist officially launches today on the PlayStation Network, developed by OVERKILL Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Grab your masks, don’t forget the ammo and most importantly make sure you bring along your friends!

Dive full force into six heists of co-op madness, fighting off cops, stealing large sums of money and embarking on the ultimate high-intensity, first-person shooter adventure. To kick-off launch, take a look at the never before seen Heat Street Heist trailer (which might look familiar to some of you movie buffs):

PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

In case you missed them previously, here’s the entire series of heist trailers…

  • Slaughterhouse – View the trailer that highlights one of the most difficult heists featured in the game. Click here for trailer.
  • Green Bridge – Intense bridge explosions, mass destruction and lots of casualties all in the hopes of a successful prisoner escape over the deep sea. Click here for trailer.
  • Diamond Heist – Stealthily commandeer a caper of the worlds’ most precious stones. Click here for trailer.
  • Panic Room – Burst onto the seedy scene of a deal gone bad and blast out the roof in order to retrieve the big bucks. Click here for trailer.
  • First World Bank – Sweet talk your way into the vault and grab the goods in the classic First World Bank Heist. Click here for trailer.

Check out the PAYDAY: The Heist website for more info. Thanks again for your patience and support. I’m looking forward to the in-game action!

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  • im raging now man. i pre ordered end of september, for 2 delays, wooooooooooooow, still we all wouldnt be complaining if we thought it was gonna be a crap game. :/

  • Why does the PS Store update so late?

  • cant wait to play the demo

  • good to see all the friend invites to come in since my previous post, would be great to try and get a good group of us, so we always have 3 others to play with, again if you have a mic and want to play add me. My plan is to start off slow, case the maps get a feel for it, and then let loose. i look forward to mayhem tonight boys and girls

  • it is now 7 o clock eastern time and it still is not in the store and i preordered 3 weeks ago. i think unfair that certain sites are already reviewing this game but yet the people who payed for this game do not have it yet. WTF SONY THIS IS UNFAIR TO YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS WHO PAY TO PLAY THIS AND U JUST DONT GIVE A CRAP!!!!

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME 7:00 and the store still hasn’t updated… im losing my patience

  • come on this is BS its already 7:10 and its not updated yet

  • Chill out people. There’s a lot going up today. Havent you realized yet that the crappier the store up date the quicker its up? Obviously theres a lot coming out today so its going to take awhile.

  • why does it take sony 3/4 of the day to update the store r the people just lazy or just dont care

  • @wez455 exactly! people be positive, its all good

  • yea bro’s this suxs i think next gen system cycle im going to a different platform. sory sony but im at my last straw!!!!

  • WTF SONY why only who got the four games to received it for free the received the msg and those who pre order and PAY 20.00 havent ….its total BS

  • Wow you guys get butthurt just because the store updates a little late due to all the content going in today

  • i just want my stupid NFS: The Run. Now is that so hard???

  • @J-MR84 i never received my voucher so not all of us who qualified got it and have to wait as well.

  • Here’s something totally stupid to kill some time while waiting for the store to update…

    If you could rob any bank or other financial institution (without the use of lethal force), which bank would it be and why?

  • Grace~ It’s time to wake up, the store needs to be updated….

    You can go back to sleep once you’re done, I promise!

  • wow people are blowin head gaskets over the store not updating early? i was under the impression that the store always normally updates around 8pm EST and its only 7:26 here

    chill out and play a game or somethin for like 30 mins.. dont tell me that you cant find 1 game on psn or blu-ray that you cant hang out on for the time being.. the store will be up but it only updates early when theres little to nothing good coming and we got ALOT today probably so yea

  • @KingLazy93

    The fact is that a lot of people – myself included – pre-ordered a game and are unable to play it two weeks after the date we were told initially and now we’re waiting again. Some of us have work in the morning and can’t stay up all night, praying the store finally updates, and it’s always been ridiculous that the PSN store is updated as late in the day as it is. It’s frustrating.

  • you know what game i cant play???

  • I guess i’ll play a couple more Road Trip games in NBA Jam and come back. It should be up by then.

  • PAYDAY!!!!!!!

  • It’s 7:27PM EST. Playstation store still has not updated yet. Yet at the same tilefish say payday is out now which it is not. Please don’t sat it’s out unless you have actually updated the store other wise it’s just a waste of peoples time waiting on u people to do your damn job which obviously means nothing to you because if it did the store would already he updated by now

  • It’s 7:31 Eastern and the store hasn’t updated. This is the longest i had to wait for the store to update! WTH?

  • The suspense is killing me

  • @T-WRECK oh man…. i thought the answer was dora the explorer

  • im not seeing available “Now” anywhere i see available “today”

    not that i myself will be gettin this game .. just thought i’d state that theres no real defined time that it says that the game will be released

  • @wagesofsyn

    games get delayed, things happen.


    Title says it’s out “today.” How do you translate that as “now”?

    Pulled off my first heist. The arrows get a little confusing because they will point you in one direction and you can’t tell if it’s upstairs or downstairs, but it’s mostly a matter of learning the area. Really intense!

  • one hour before i gotta go to class, i was seriously hoping i would be able to at least start downloading before i leave. PSN you’ve got one hour. —Also, why, when i type in ‘PSN’ on PSN’s own blog, does it underline it in red?

  • Update the darn store!

  • yo jimmy ready 2 reck

  • i hate waiting specially for somthing i have already paid for

  • @devilmosh

    To clarify: on Sony’s site it does say today, but elsewhere (like the banner ad on GameFAQ’s), it says “now,” though that “now” refers to the Steam version. It’s misleading, considering it’s plastered at the top of the PS3 page.

  • I have been checking the store for all of today’s update, such as the new demos and this game (which looks awesome but no price yet) have not yet been released. I guess I’ll wait till tom. morning.

  • @xjordan93

    I get that. It doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

  • This sounds like real fun.

  • just calm down they r working hard it is wrong that psplay people get it earily but b positive

  • So I pay for a game and I cannot play it- while everyone who just happened to buy more games and got it for free, can.

    Wow, just wow Sony. Why not just let everyone who purchased it, play today? There’s no point except to try to generate more revenue.

  • Sony why you no update????….I wanted to play this game with my son..Plus I got alot of money to give you guys today..

  • ugh im about to go to bed but still hoping someone finally posts IT UPDATED DOWNLOADING NOW ugh i guess dreams dont come true

  • im just goin to sit here and twiddle my thumbs

  • i join u twiddle twiddle

  • Well it says on the psn store coming “soon.” Guess i don’t know sony’s definition of soon. They push it back once to polish it up which is understandable, but why does it seem like Sony is just taking a dump in our mouths every time anyone gets excited for anything? Just disappointing…..

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