PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

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PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

Attention PAYDAY crew! The time has come – PAYDAY: The Heist officially launches today on the PlayStation Network, developed by OVERKILL Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Grab your masks, don’t forget the ammo and most importantly make sure you bring along your friends!

Dive full force into six heists of co-op madness, fighting off cops, stealing large sums of money and embarking on the ultimate high-intensity, first-person shooter adventure. To kick-off launch, take a look at the never before seen Heat Street Heist trailer (which might look familiar to some of you movie buffs):

PAYDAY: The Heist Available today on PlayStation Store

In case you missed them previously, here’s the entire series of heist trailers…

  • Slaughterhouse – View the trailer that highlights one of the most difficult heists featured in the game. Click here for trailer.
  • Green Bridge – Intense bridge explosions, mass destruction and lots of casualties all in the hopes of a successful prisoner escape over the deep sea. Click here for trailer.
  • Diamond Heist – Stealthily commandeer a caper of the worlds’ most precious stones. Click here for trailer.
  • Panic Room – Burst onto the seedy scene of a deal gone bad and blast out the roof in order to retrieve the big bucks. Click here for trailer.
  • First World Bank – Sweet talk your way into the vault and grab the goods in the classic First World Bank Heist. Click here for trailer.

Check out the PAYDAY: The Heist website for more info. Thanks again for your patience and support. I’m looking forward to the in-game action!

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  • Why didn’t you release at midnight? And why do PSN PLAY people get it early? They technically didn’t even pay for and the people who preordered did and we get shafted.

  • Do this game will have psn plus discount?

  • so is it available for download yet? because i dont see it.

  • How do people that pre-ordered it, download it?

  • @Xx-Your__Mom-xX Maybe because they get a direct psn message in to there in box. I think.

  • can we get some payday the heist skins on UC3?

  • US ps store updates in a few hours just like every Tuesday for the past 5 years.

  • i’m wondering when out voucher for this will come


    It’s only updated on Tuesday since last year. Other times it was on a Thursday.

  • I got my voucher last night.
    Downloaded it the whole night, and in the morning, I started playing it.
    Really really good game. Frame rate is up to par.

    This game has real potential to become a disk game. Overkill, you guys should make a retail version with tons and tons of maps and upgrades.

    Great game, get it guys.

  • lucky bastard….

  • i will never pre order a game from the play station store again, too many problems. the game stop store was right, they dont care about our wants just keep lying and telling us what we want to hear great system your word is a joke though……………….. last time i ever pre order again, take your free ten dollars and keep it at the end of the month tooo.

  • Got mine at 1am last night. Very cool. And didn’t pay for it? Um, I bought 4 friggin’ games (that rocked) to get it for free, and I did it months ago! No luck or unfairness about it.


  • Man when is it out for Canada? Its 5 30 and nothing…. WTF guys ur killing me, i feel like they pulled a heist on me, guess its payday for them :(

  • This is unacceptable.

  • but in all fairness, the longer it takes the more i get excited :P

  • Long Live Complain

    Only On PS3

  • so let me get this straight, if you bought those 4 games and got PayDay for free, you can download it; but if you pre-ordered it, you can’t….wtf is that!!!

  • @devilmosh

    Yes, actually it is unfair. You did pay and you payed plenty to get the game. But there are still tons of us that payed for it in advance a while ago as well. I had no interest in any of the other games involved in the promotion only Payday thus there was no extra value in it for me to buy four games I would never play to get one. So you are telling me, and the others here that just because you had enough interest, and funds as far as some people go, that you bought the other games that you should get it well before the rest of us. Even though most of us, based on the comments, payed the full 20 bucks in advanced. If you see that as completely fair then you must define fair based on the Fox News definition of the word.

  • Too many crybabies, whiners, and complainers in the blog. Great job overkill I can’t wait to play it when the store updates.

  • @devilmosh

    You payed for those 4 games. You didn’t pay for Payday.

  • Agreed @AllTimeBest20

  • Availble Today.
    Available Now.

    Wonder if the store was updated.

  • Pre-orders from gamestop 1200am possible midnight release party, … ppl leave said party (or store w/out party)they’re happy and they haven’t even got home yet or played it …

    Preorders VIA PSN Tuesday ??? central time … ppl awake at 1200am Tuesday waiting for it to be in the store… 200pm same day ppl still awake trolling the store ,forums and blog looking for they’re preorder they paid for…
    Unless you’ve been through this before this is what ur day would be like… 400pm Tuesday release day for payday the heist I’m eating lunch … 600pm central time I turn on my ps3 and download my preorder I paid for, not mad because I know the store won’t update for a few hours

  • fasho, i would be just as pissed as all of you if i wasnt at work and wont be home till 8pm est.

  • @ M-Easy

    I’m sorry that you don’t see how this is wrong. Look at it this way. If you pre-ordered a game at Gamestop and went to pick it up and they said sorry you have to wait till later, but then another guy came in and they handed it right over and you are standing there like WTF I pre-ordered too and the guy at GS just says “Oh, well he bought 2 games.” You would be pissed too. You misunderstand I am not mad at Overkill or any less excited about this game all of my anger is directed at Sony and whoever directly oversees the PSN update.

  • I pre-ordered it from day 1, and have Pus, and still haven’t got anything :(

  • Lol this is hilarious, Im pretty hyped for this game though.

  • heres a peom, Rubba Dubb dubb, i feel like some grub… WHERE THE F*** IS PAYDAY… the end :)

  • wow everyone needs to chill, it says “available today” not now

  • ya i here you there AllTimeBest20….. i would be pretty upset lets just say what i have read in your post isnt even close the rage i would have pulled…. yes i understand that they need time to put all this on the psn but they do say every tuesday it will update, not tuesday night :S i love you sony but you gotta keep up with the fans because that is where everything comes from….. without all of us here, there is no playstation nor psn.

  • True, True, i see now, #36, i once was blind, but now, i seeeeeeeeee!!!!! AMAAAAAAZING GRAAAAAACE HOOOOW SWEEEEET THHEEEEEE SOUND!!!!!

  • @AllTimeBest20

    Boohoo so you/we have to wait a few more hours for the game, who cares. I pre-ordererd game also & I don’t care that people got it last night at midnight, I was fast asleep anyway. Its not a competitive MP game those few people aren’t going to have an advantage over you. Calm down, gaming is still a hobby its not a life or death situation. Grow up.

  • just like with any other top title they are on top of it getting it on psn store cod maps extra. payday still waiting i got a psn card just for payday still waiting

  • ive been waiting all day for it. wasnt there at midnight, or 6am est (midnight in hawaii). the store usually updates here in the evening. the second i see it, im downloading it and playing all night. based on the reviews, trailers and blogs, A+ downloadable game from overkill with real potential of being something big. would love to see i disc game with new DLC. cant wait!

  • wow still dont have it ……what a wasted day

  • @ M-Easy
    You are right on that man, it is a hobby and people do need to calm down (even though im being a hipocrit now.) it is very true.

  • hopefully it will be the the PS Store when i get off…….hopefully

  • look forward to pulling some heists, if you got a mic and want to play all night tonight, hit me on on PSN, jimmyhoffa82

  • definitely!!

  • also if you are a complainer and feel the need to post on here and complain, or complain during the game, i dont want to play with you

  • @jimmyhoffa82

    – It’s not multi-player.

  • Add me Fellow PSNers!
    I have a mic :D, turtle beach to be exact!

  • who cares some of us cancelled all our plans today for this game so shut up

  • @greywolf955 it’s online co-op

  • accually grey wolf it is, co op though B

  • Guys patience

  • and let us complain

  • I won’t complain. I think people who do have the right to as they paid for the already delayed game and some people who didn’t pay for it got it already. I will say for myself that this is the first and last time I will ever preorder a game on PSN due to this experience which I consider horrible. I look forward to eventually being able to download a game I ordered a month ago.

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