This Week in PlayStation Home: Salt Shooter Public Game Space, Aurora 1.2 & More!

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This Week in PlayStation Home: Salt Shooter Public Game Space, Aurora 1.2 & More!

Calling all Sodium fans! This Thursday, October 6th Lockwood will unveil a SodiumOne Salt Shooter public game space. This new version of the classic tank combat shooter comes with a selection of exclusive rewards, a new interactive gallery of enemy units, and connections to Sodium2. Head into the Salt Shooter public game space when it launches tomorrow to play SodiumOne and collect new rewards. Also, be sure to log in this Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th to take advantage of Lockwood’s SodiumOne Double Resources weekend event. Players that enter the Salt Shooter public game space will receive double resources that can be converted to Sodium credits and used to buy items from the Sodium Hub and upgrades in Sodium2!

The PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with some new, nerdy additions to Mass Media’s hilarious line of Weird Wear, some truly spooky Halloween decorations courtesy of nDreams (also available as a Horror Pack bundle), additional Access All Areas’ Alice Cooper items, new Granzella swimwear for the ladies, and more!

Landscape BillboardNW_NerdsRule_101311_684x384

Starting this Thursday, gamers that register through the PlayStation portal at will receive a voucher for a special PlayStation Home virtual item. Extra Life is an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help kids at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s never been this much fun to do this much good. Register today to get your own personal page and begin tracking your progress. To learn more about the Extra Life charity event, click HERE.

Novus Prime: Escalation fans take note: Our friends over at Hellfire Games are ready to hook you up with the exclusive Pirate Chainsword weapon. Originally salvaged from the ruins of an old pirate stronghold, the Novus Prime engineers have re-examined and perfected the pirate technology to bring you this fantastic new item. Since no pilot should ever be caught unarmed, the folks at Novus Prime have decided to outfit everyone with this weapon absolutely free. All you’ve got to do is head over to their promo page and join the Hellfire Games mailing list. Not only will you get a voucher for your own Pirate Chainsword but you’ll also be kept in the loop about any cool new stuff coming from the Hellfire Games team.

chainSword_ad_futuristic 640x360

In other news, nDreams’ Aurora game space is receiving an update with new games and rewards. They’ve uploaded a teaser trailer to the nDreams Facebook fan page – check it out!

Like clockwork, the mega-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this week. Log in the Thursday to watch as HomeCast Rewind gives a walkthrough of Granzella’s hit Southern Island Hideaway game space. Next PSX Extreme discusses the eagerly-anticipated PS Vita. That’s not all – players that visit the Community Theater this week will receive special rewards to help you ease into the Fall season. Enjoy the cool weather in style with these fashionable coats, courtesy of your friends on the PlayStation Home Community Management team.


See you in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • Is there any personal spaces coming out to playstation home in the thrusday october 6, 2011 update?

  • Holly Molli that horror pack bundle will look good in my club house im making or trying to make a haunted house/ Halloween party spot and that will do the trick now will there be any more Halloween stuff coming to playstation home some time before Halloween how about a haunted space ;)

  • Okay first I want to say that the update looks great! But when doesnt it? The problem is home keeps coming out with new updates and new stuff when the old updates are still broken or never worked at all. Now for example,, another week has passed and i am still unable to go to the granzella without severe lag or freezing up all together. And NO its not my ps3, like i have said in other posts i have done everything possible that tech support has to offer and then sum. I am not the only one this is happening to, everyone so far that i have spoken to is also having this problem. I bought a jet ski with the last update and i cant even use it, again more money down the drain.

  • I love the updates and love home and have spent thousands on it since i had started but if something doesnt happen soon i am about to boycott.. How are u gonna create this new home when u cant even fix the one we have now? Please will someone listen and respond because people are starting to think that sony doesnt care as long as they are gettin money then screw the customers. I know that sony has people working there that cares so please fix these problems before you create new ones. I want to race on granzella southern island before i can even think about another public space that will probably have the same issues!!!

    Sincerely, a very sad,
    Playstation Home Fan!

  • Good to see that things are “business as usual” for this week’s update, but is anyone on the Home team going to acknowledge that last Thursday’s patch that was intended to make the Home experience “smoother” has been nothing short of disastrous for so many people? There are so many new issues after that one patch that its hard to even put it into words. I love Home and expect some probelms along the way, but this has been a HUGE step backwards in Home’s development. I have learned to absolutely dread reading that a core update is coming and it shouldn’t have to be that way. I will post in Support forums with some pictures that shows a small portion of the nightmare I been living when trying to use Home since last Thursday.

  • @55

    I could’nt of said it better in as few words as you did! Thank you so much for also speaking out cuz 100 voices are better than 1…

  • MORE swimwear for girls, really? You guys make me want to destroy every bikini I see because that`s all you give us girls every week, you`re giving me a disorder. Yes, I know they have other items for girls, before other “girls” complain about my comment, but it`s nothing compared to the huge variety guys get every week. And I agree about the fixing problems issue. Since the new update, Home freezes on me all the time. The lag is so bad that the system freezes for a few mins before I can move, and takes forever logging out, which only makes my system restart itself. Most of the time other avatars don`t load, just 3 or 4.

    And please don`t bring back old Halloween content, I want entirely new stuff this year. I`m tired of getting all excited about new Halloween costumes every year only for you to release stuff I already own. Start fresh, seeing as Home is getting completely revamped and all.

  • looks like a blast..lmao..cant wait!…WOOT

  • Just getting back online after a long break. Tried to get onto Socom 4 but the game update can’t be completed. Was there a problem with this update while I was away??!!??

  • halloweens here again so more free stuff too un fixed up dates just fix what we have ppl will be happy i think

  • Couldn’t locate the Aurora trailer. Has it been taken down?

  • ima big fan of the aurora space, mass gamers that come and help fuel the life of the island via orbrunner make it a worthwhile place to meet people and enjoy playin a simple collect and return to sender game, they should give better rewards for ppl at lower levels though, jus askn.

  • I’m posting so late I’m sure I won’t get a response…
    How long does the Play Games, Heal Kids project last? I want to join but my hand is in a cast and I can’t play any games until the 12th of Oct.
    Second, I don’t know where we can send requests for home, but I would love to have a personal space on ps home modeled after room 302 from Silent Hill 4. Please, more Silent Hill stuff.
    Third, thanks for all the updates and am really looking forward to all the Halloween related stuff. ^_^

  • Just gonna point out. Playstation Staff: You are doing a good thing. By promoting the You should be mighty proud. I am definitely signing up and doing this to support the great cause. I didn’t get chance to see last years. But I will game and donate so it can happen. I hope everyone else will as well. I feel good doing this. As well thank you Playstation for promoting this. And the chance to not only receive an item is even better.

    As for the Hellfire Games Pirate Chainsword. I definite got it. This is excellent. Sign-up.

    Got one question: On the sign-up for extra life. What does it mean by ” STEAM ID”. Anyone got an ideal. Don’t quite remember off hand.

  • I just hope my sister can get the Theatre items this time. Every time I tried to get her in there, it would immediately try to boot her out to the Lobby, even when the cache was cleared out (so I could deny the Lobby download). I assume it’s because she’s a child account of mine (FTR: PLEASE allow us to change child accounts to master accounts), but I authorized mature content, and it still booted her out. In the long run, she prolly won’t care about that glowing tree, but this had still be an aggravating problem.

  • @64 Mr_Bipolar: That’s for the Steam platform on PC/Mac, also known as one of the best. Currently, there’s Steamworks integration for the PS3 version of Portal 2, even. Plus, it’s the reason I’m baffled by Eufloria’s “Only On PlayStation” status, since it was one of the earliest titles I got on the service. For more information, their site is [DELETED]

  • they need to make the salt shooter games multiplayer then Id be hooked.. you know how much Id love that salt shooter trainer game if all the enemies in that arena where actually real players?, or even the non training game? that vast open desert like setting is just begging to put you against some non AI opponents.

    Also i think Home should be more sandbox like… sorta like the Sims or Second Life, let people make their own stuff, areas, get jobs in Home, etcc etc Id love it a LOT more then

  • Okay so I went on home this morning till now. I have already purchased a few things from the update but here is the problem,, When going into the lockwood store I was recieving error codes. Then after trying to finish up shopping I decided I was going to vote for my friends dolphy at the hudson. I went there and before the dolphys were picked I froze up again. It happened 3 times yesterday and I was racing my dolphy during one of the times. I lost out on that race. Needless to say I was disappointed. And today again, I went to race one of my dolphys just about 15 minutes ago and after my dolphy was picked to be in the race and before it started I FROZE UP AGAIN… WTH…. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Last weeks update was suppose to make things run smoother and for whateva reason ITS WORSE. HELP ANYONE,,,,, answers please!!!

  • Locust_Star can you tell why i didn’t get my pirate chainsaw after joining novus prime mailing list?

  • OK its 11:45 am Thursday October 6th , i have been watching that screen at theater 10 for 30 mins 4 times now , and no coat yet, the screen freezes, and everybody is waiting for the reward, PLEASE fix this, people are getting anxions and some others annoy at the LONG WAIT .

  • its 2:20 in the afternoon and no Fix to this update , i have been in Home since 8 am waiting for the rewards to no avail, im not the only 1, there are many Home users that are ticked off , and losing pacience , every update there is , is always plague with problems, now everytime i try to leave the theater room , it freezes , so i have to restart my PS3 again, what is going on ? Please fix this .

  • Same here i just frozed in central

  • well, 5 pm and all i heard since 10 am is WE ARE WORKING ON IT , the are no rewards coming from THEATER 10 and no rewards from Central Plaza either, how long does it take to ” work on it “

  • Okay seriously? I visited the theater like 10 times today and each time i go i wait and end up getting nothing. This same problem is happening with that Central plaza reward as well please fix this by tomorrow thanks!

  • every time i go to the thearer it freezes. also i got the message for the private beta. it was ok but it’s gonna take some getting used to. my problem is i was given a link to a forum for feedback but after i log in it says i’m not authorized to view the forum. so you send a beta invite, let me use it, tell me to post feedback in the forum but then deny me at the forum? that seems pretty shady.

  • So I got a Beta Invite for Home via psn message, thanks! However what does it do? I clicked on the message game data, it took me to store, accepted and such, then booted up Home. What do i have that others don’t excatly?

  • Everyone is worried about free items…..hello, how about asking Sony how it’s possible for them to come out with these great concepts and updates, but yet can’t fix(or maybe won’t fix) the bugs that have been plagueing HOME for a long time now. If HOME was completely free, I wouldn’t be bothered by these complications, but I have invested a pretty good amount of money into HOME($1000 + to be exact), so I get upset when I buy something and it doesn’t work right. I love a lot of things about HOME, but it’s the bugs that prevent me from playing on HOME with ease, that are really irritating me. It seems like Sony doesn’t care, case in point, Waterfall Terrace. That place was down for months, and just recently finally fixed. The worst part though, is the fact that it’s a personal space, not public, which meant we paid for a personal space we couldn’t enjoy. Please Sony! I’m asking you to take in consideration your customers feelings, and fix home, completely. Don’t release updates unless they are bug free, and please, listen to us when we speak.

  • a question for Latin American users can not use the playstation home??

  • I got the chainsword too it’s cool but how do I get the free fall coat?

  • totally agree 100%

  • Has anyone else got the chainsword cause i sign up on wednesday night and still didn’t got an email

  • im not try sound like a baby but ever since the update things have been going horrorbly wrong on home so many problems too deal with more than before now we’re having problems in the theater alot of people has not received there reward we waited all day yesterday and still nothing even until now i tryed loging on and off and reinstalled home more than five times this problem should’nt many people are getting anrgy and annoyed please fix this.

  • not to mention the constant freezing of the screen i can’t even enjoy the video without it freezing i constantly have to keep pushing the link button every time it freezes this problems has to be fix soon because if the new hub comes out while it’s still having this many problems it will take out the fun of home and people well be spending more time trying to fix the problems rather than have fun in home.

  • The community theater Coats are not being recieved by some people, including me. Is that an issue that’s being worked on?

  • @ Ed243 I revieved the pirate chainsword. Sometimes you have to go back on the website and resend your email, that worked for me when it was taking way too long.

  • I watched both videos, PSX Extreme and Homecast Rewind, and I still have not received a reward whatsoever. It’s great that you guys are innovating and improving, but it’s embarrassing that certain items cannot be unlocked for some users. Thank You

  • The last core update caused as many problems as it solved. tried theatre yesterday 2 locked up repeatedly, the community theatre and pulse, as it did for many people. Couldnt go to central at all, some of it would appear in the distance and only partially before falling through the floor and being unable to move. These are the sort of things that need to be fixed. Home shouldn’t still be in beta nearly 3 full years in.

  • So much for helping us easing into the fall season :(

  • Still haven’t receive my e-mail for the sword, and still haven’t unlocked the coat, or even the plaza reward.

  • I got the Plaza reward its just a rock with writing on it

  • So, any news at all on the coats, I tried several times yesterday & “Nothing”, I got the Central plaza rewards but nothing in the theater, for watching the video’s, some kind of response would be nice.

  • I heard playstation plus members got private beta invite in playstation home . Can I get an invite even though im not playstation plus member?

  • OK FIRST I want to say that the update didnt fix a thing! Second, it mad things worse. Third, I have not seen one post or apology from anyone part of the playstation home community management team.. This morning I woke up & did my usual, Turned my ps3 on. I deleted home again and the game data. Then I shut down my system & turned the ps3 back on but on safe mode. i did a system file restore & wen that was completed I signed in & dl home again.At first I noticed things were running “smoothly” then I even gt to play the jet ski race game and race my dolphys without getting booted!! but wen I went to the theater I still did not get the jacket. I even tried the reward glitch & all that did was gt me booted from home. I saw maybe 4 people all day with it on. Why are we not recieving this reward & WHY is not 1 person reading or replying to our comments & concerns?

  • I hate that i have 2 do this but I am so disappointed & actually starting 2 get pissed off.. My friend who recently created an account was able 2 recieve the jacket within 2 minutes of being there & she has never spent a dime on home. Between me & my husband & children we have spent thousands on home but yet not one of us can recieve the jacket. So for the heck of it I created a new account and went on home, GUESS WHAT PEOPLE. I GOT THE JACKET. why is it? Sony, are u waiting 4 us 2 4get about it? How about those people who survived the outage like myself that defended sony & stuck by sony through all of it? Dont we at least deserve some kind of response? I will keep posting comments until this gets taken care of oh & within the last hour, once again the southern island is freezing up & laggin big time.. I am a sweet, kind and very laid back person but this has actually caused stress in my life.

  • I got a private home beta invite from Locust, clicked on it, got an error, and went back in… now it says I’m in open home beta… uhmmm? What do I supposedly have that others don’t have? Or do I?

  • My alt account got the jacket too and I made that one when I got suspended so not a dime was spent on it but this one that has been purchasing things for a while now hasn’t been able to get the coats. It is seriously frustrating every time I log on to home and see that message to everyone stating we should go to the theater if we want the coats. I have been going to the theater on and off for 2 days and got nothing, and the video thats supposed to be playing wont for me, I even have my cache set to 12….

  • I’ve spent hours trying to get the S1 game to download in the public space? Why won’t it? Really hours days even serveral attempts… I’ve changed my connection from wireless to wired… I have nearly a 15mb download estimate speed, not too bad I know… & still S1 will not download in the public space. I am getting awful upset about it now. I’m missing promotion time now… And honestly just wasting my own

  • @ heyyjil44
    I have to thank you. It was only after I read your posts that I thought to try deleting the software and game data. That worked for me and my problem with S1 public space. Thanks again, & I’m sorry to hear your experience with PS Home have occasionally brought you greif and or stress aswell. I thankfully have had problems few and far. I’m disappointed by this one cause I’ve lost over six hours of the promotional time.

  • V1.55 the last up date yes wonder if there using it in beta guess we are all ginnepigs too sony but as long as they get money they dont need to care i guess , the new ps home whats wrong with this one ppl should have the choice to go to new core change or stay in this one , one 4 youth one 4 older ppl , sodium 1 and 2 awesome i like them race and smash games lol

  • i registered at extral life but i didn’t get anything for home. if anyone did get anything could you tell me what it was?

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