This Week in PlayStation Home: Salt Shooter Public Game Space, Aurora 1.2 & More!

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This Week in PlayStation Home: Salt Shooter Public Game Space, Aurora 1.2 & More!

Calling all Sodium fans! This Thursday, October 6th Lockwood will unveil a SodiumOne Salt Shooter public game space. This new version of the classic tank combat shooter comes with a selection of exclusive rewards, a new interactive gallery of enemy units, and connections to Sodium2. Head into the Salt Shooter public game space when it launches tomorrow to play SodiumOne and collect new rewards. Also, be sure to log in this Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th to take advantage of Lockwood’s SodiumOne Double Resources weekend event. Players that enter the Salt Shooter public game space will receive double resources that can be converted to Sodium credits and used to buy items from the Sodium Hub and upgrades in Sodium2!

The PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with some new, nerdy additions to Mass Media’s hilarious line of Weird Wear, some truly spooky Halloween decorations courtesy of nDreams (also available as a Horror Pack bundle), additional Access All Areas’ Alice Cooper items, new Granzella swimwear for the ladies, and more!

Landscape BillboardNW_NerdsRule_101311_684x384

Starting this Thursday, gamers that register through the PlayStation portal at will receive a voucher for a special PlayStation Home virtual item. Extra Life is an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help kids at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s never been this much fun to do this much good. Register today to get your own personal page and begin tracking your progress. To learn more about the Extra Life charity event, click HERE.

Novus Prime: Escalation fans take note: Our friends over at Hellfire Games are ready to hook you up with the exclusive Pirate Chainsword weapon. Originally salvaged from the ruins of an old pirate stronghold, the Novus Prime engineers have re-examined and perfected the pirate technology to bring you this fantastic new item. Since no pilot should ever be caught unarmed, the folks at Novus Prime have decided to outfit everyone with this weapon absolutely free. All you’ve got to do is head over to their promo page and join the Hellfire Games mailing list. Not only will you get a voucher for your own Pirate Chainsword but you’ll also be kept in the loop about any cool new stuff coming from the Hellfire Games team.

chainSword_ad_futuristic 640x360

In other news, nDreams’ Aurora game space is receiving an update with new games and rewards. They’ve uploaded a teaser trailer to the nDreams Facebook fan page – check it out!

Like clockwork, the mega-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this week. Log in the Thursday to watch as HomeCast Rewind gives a walkthrough of Granzella’s hit Southern Island Hideaway game space. Next PSX Extreme discusses the eagerly-anticipated PS Vita. That’s not all – players that visit the Community Theater this week will receive special rewards to help you ease into the Fall season. Enjoy the cool weather in style with these fashionable coats, courtesy of your friends on the PlayStation Home Community Management team.


See you in Home!

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  • @ambino79 i got that message too. mine didn’t error though. you go into home in a personal space and place the beta tester train statue. then go to it and press X. the new Home actually looks pretty nice.

  • Okay, my sister’s account still cannot access the Community Theater. Restricted all the Sub Account settings, tried again, laxed the settings, still nothing. It just pops up info about what’s going on, but no prompt to enter. Even if she doesn’t care about the items, this is more than that. Why can’t she access a part of your service?

    As for other flubs, my account hasn’t gotten the CT coats, my other sister’s and her boyfriend’s accounts didn’t get the Central Plaza souvenir, and, though I know it’s not really your jurisdiction, I redeemed my Extra Life code and got the emoticon only for my male avatar (is the code tied to our gender during registration?).

  • Haven’t gotten the free coats yet. The date on the video is still September 29th. Probably a server syncronization issue and I watched all videos and waited for over an hour. Nothing yet….And the constant freeze ups, as Plaza slowly disappears and Hub coming, bugs are gonna happen along the way I guess. When Hub and districts come, and the bowling alley/theater/mall still gonna be still present, the exteriors and interiors of these spaces will be updated to fit in with the style of the Hub? They need a new look anyway. Continue to do great work guys!

  • need help i cant play the skijet race anymore…an the lag is so bad i cant even write a simple word like hi with out freezn..

  • So i know this doesn’t have anything to do with this specific update; But please, hear me out..
    I’d like for you guys (playstation home employees) to please update and fix a problem that not only myself have been experiencing. Most of the time i purchase something in any store, i get booted out or “network error”. This has got to be the most irritating thing, i have to log back in and have a “downloading…” box stuck on my screen until i log off and back on, if it lets me.

    I’m not the type to complain but when it’s been occurring for over a year now i really feel the need to do something about it. Now i just have to hope you’re going to even look at this and take it into consideration and Actually DO something about it instead of just skimming over it. The reason i say this is because i’ve seen numerous people say the same thing; obviously after the most recent update, you guys didn’t solve the problem. Thought this would have been fixed by now.

    And no, it’s not my connection. It’s Home.

  • I’m so frustrated!
    I love the look of the new coat and I haven’t been able to recieve it! :(
    I can see I’m not the only one with this, particular, problem.
    Is there a reason why this is happening, Locust_Star or GlassWalls?

  • What is up with Central Plaza? Because for 3 days now when I start up Home & go there,I ended up sinking into the ground & falling in an endless white void.All of the other spaces seems fine.There is other people on that space,but they’re not falling into the floor.I did remove & re-installed home,that didn’t help.

  • Ha,problem solved.Just had to clear out the cache.

  • when is the hub debut?

  • hey locust star, just bringing this to your attention but the aurora space adn plaza arnt working . ever since the update to 1.2 for aurora, i cant get into play the orb runner game, and thers been no bonus exp given out . i hope i will be compensated for the week i havent been able to get anything from there. and its not just me , iv seen over a 20 ppl standing at the portal at aurora , not being able to enter. if they want us to play their game they better fix it .

  • Okay really happy about the sodium one update and the rewards…but i stiil can’t get my coat please can’t you guys take a moment to fix this? Or at least tell us if your going to fix it.

  • Yeah PS Home has been very buggy lately :(
    For me it’s been:

    1. Not being able to receive the fall coat in the community theater # 10

    2. Granzella and Aurora 1.2 doesn’t load up properly, either missing backgrounds or unable to access the spaces fully

    3. UFC space the card game works, but you can’t sit in the area or else the game will freeze; also the UFC rewards board does not work.

    4. And some jerks are back freezing servers again–please try to end this malicious glitch, it is not good for our PS3s!!

    5. Have been freezing lots lately and needed to power off and on again.

    Hopefully these issues can be resolved by Thursday’s update…looks like the developers have their work cut out for them starting midnight, good luck.

  • Vita owners will be limited to downloads of 20MB or less over 3G.
    Is this for ATNT users (free) or everyone? What if i pay a additional charge for unlimited data transfer, will i be able to transfer more? Will this limit bi integrated in the software it self?

    Will i be able to connect the VITA to my Bravia or play games on may TV trough my PS3?. I would like to si the quality of the picture on the big screen. (you can connect the PSP 3000 to a tv easily, way not the PSP VITA?)

  • i have a question what happen to my rewards like my e3 suit, my uncharted 2 pants, jacket, and my hat from it and im missing a lot more. its like it got deleted or something?

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