This Week in PlayStation Home: Salt Shooter Public Game Space, Aurora 1.2 & More!

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This Week in PlayStation Home: Salt Shooter Public Game Space, Aurora 1.2 & More!

Calling all Sodium fans! This Thursday, October 6th Lockwood will unveil a SodiumOne Salt Shooter public game space. This new version of the classic tank combat shooter comes with a selection of exclusive rewards, a new interactive gallery of enemy units, and connections to Sodium2. Head into the Salt Shooter public game space when it launches tomorrow to play SodiumOne and collect new rewards. Also, be sure to log in this Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th to take advantage of Lockwood’s SodiumOne Double Resources weekend event. Players that enter the Salt Shooter public game space will receive double resources that can be converted to Sodium credits and used to buy items from the Sodium Hub and upgrades in Sodium2!

The PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with some new, nerdy additions to Mass Media’s hilarious line of Weird Wear, some truly spooky Halloween decorations courtesy of nDreams (also available as a Horror Pack bundle), additional Access All Areas’ Alice Cooper items, new Granzella swimwear for the ladies, and more!

Landscape BillboardNW_NerdsRule_101311_684x384

Starting this Thursday, gamers that register through the PlayStation portal at will receive a voucher for a special PlayStation Home virtual item. Extra Life is an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help kids at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s never been this much fun to do this much good. Register today to get your own personal page and begin tracking your progress. To learn more about the Extra Life charity event, click HERE.

Novus Prime: Escalation fans take note: Our friends over at Hellfire Games are ready to hook you up with the exclusive Pirate Chainsword weapon. Originally salvaged from the ruins of an old pirate stronghold, the Novus Prime engineers have re-examined and perfected the pirate technology to bring you this fantastic new item. Since no pilot should ever be caught unarmed, the folks at Novus Prime have decided to outfit everyone with this weapon absolutely free. All you’ve got to do is head over to their promo page and join the Hellfire Games mailing list. Not only will you get a voucher for your own Pirate Chainsword but you’ll also be kept in the loop about any cool new stuff coming from the Hellfire Games team.

chainSword_ad_futuristic 640x360

In other news, nDreams’ Aurora game space is receiving an update with new games and rewards. They’ve uploaded a teaser trailer to the nDreams Facebook fan page – check it out!

Like clockwork, the mega-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this week. Log in the Thursday to watch as HomeCast Rewind gives a walkthrough of Granzella’s hit Southern Island Hideaway game space. Next PSX Extreme discusses the eagerly-anticipated PS Vita. That’s not all – players that visit the Community Theater this week will receive special rewards to help you ease into the Fall season. Enjoy the cool weather in style with these fashionable coats, courtesy of your friends on the PlayStation Home Community Management team.


See you in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • Interesting update.

  • will you ever bring back voice chat

  • Nice. Lookin forward to the Halloween items!

  • hope to see vickie objectives update for the sodium2 racer , just as sodium 1 did

  • Will we have anything to celebrate this month with Halloween-Themed Events or Virtual Items such as costumes, etc? I HOPE you will bring back fans’ favorite of 2007, 2008 or 2009 Witch costumes, Vampire costumes or anything that are Halloween-Related themes… Please bring them back from what we missed back then. Be fair. Don’t say… It was done back then, there is nothing we can do now. Do something about that. Ask people what they would love to see favorite costumes return for this year…

    By the way, I know you plan to have new PS HOME which should be released soon, right? What about existing places such as Central Plaza, Move Theater, Bowling Alley? Can we choose whatever we want to go or will they all be completely removed permanently?

  • Very interested in Sodium One. the Horror bundle appears..Good timing Sir. Also gotta check out the Extra life web portal. Anything for a child. Also thank you to the community managers for these Coats..I really like the looks of them..I appreciate that! Also,don’t forget to wear your pink this month Home.

  • Oh one more thing: Will we get anything awesome such as special Virtual Items or Rewards from Dark Souls? Please say yes! Thank you very much!

  • Nice update! the free coats look nice and I think it’s great that Extra Life is mentioned here! also time to bust out them save the ta ta jerseys

  • Nice but where is our 4.0 system update??!!


  • 2 questions…since EU is getting the Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom this week is US going to as well?

    And where exactly do we go to sign up for the novus prime mailing list? I went onto the site, but I see no option for mailing list.

  • @Tarazuma…I just messaged Hellfire games about this.Seems their is no sign up for the mailing list right now.

  • Yes! The Cauldron is returning as well.

    You can sign up for the NP mailing list here:

  • locus T_T Free personal space please, as SCEE users

  • i agree with tarazuma dont see where to sign up

  • Will the “blue screen” issues people have been having with spaces such as Aurora Island and The Mall be fixed this week? I’m pretty bummed about missing out on earning Aurora XP not being able to enter my space and all.

    • We are looking into these reports. There’s not a fix in place for this week’s publish but the devs are definitely on the case.

  • Also, just redeemed my chainsword after signing up on the website. Must say… pretty sick ;)

  • Yeah what halo ask. For the past few day, ive tried almost every public space. All of mine were blue, immediately fall through into nothingness. only 2 worked, My aurora personal space had the ground, but everything else was blue. and that jet ski place was blue on day one for me

  • I do get excited with new PS Home content, I think you guys are doing a great work. Will definitely check these things out, thanks!

  • Hiya Locust_Star. Do you know if any Home content developers will be partnering with any charities this year for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Would love to buy more BCA items like the Brees Dreams jersey or Save the Ta-tas!

    I would have put it in the suggestion thread, but it’s the 5th of the month and we don’t have one yet! :p *hint hint*

  • Will there or will there not be a release of Aurora 1.2 as the title suggests?

  • Question: About the Play Games Heal Kids Program. I register already. When the code is gonna be given out? btw this is very cool I will be playing for 25 on the Saturday marathon. So I ask if Home is part of this then if we are on Home does that qualify for a game?

    • Extra Life handles fulfillment of the voucher codes. I don’t know exactly when they will email them out, but would expect them to arrive shortly after the event has ended.

  • been waiting for the ndreams horror pack thanks

  • How long are Lockwood’s limited-time rewards going to be available? Will they be gone tomorrow?

  • Is the giant Stichkins plushie a limited time reward?

  • Finally, No Hideous Tshirts as Rewards for going to the Community Theater .
    Im sure the HUB is not going to be up and running by the time Halloween gets here, so my question is , is Central Plaza going to have a Halloween theme ?
    Again , i decorated my TYCOON PENTHOUSE , which has 2 floors and a kitchen and what do you know….i hit the 50 items or less mark, leaving the second floor with almost nothing .
    The Southern Island …..from side to side the beach part is way too small, everything else is fine
    althought it lags a lot .

  • I got my novus prime chainsword code! I’ll have to download the item after work. Anyone have a pet that needs grooming?

  • Are you sending out more invites for the Private Beta?

  • When Is The Hub Coming

  • were do i go to report bugs in playstation home

  • The main reason I’m not using PS Home is because the characters creep me out. They seem so lifeless and unfriendly :(

  • Can you give some more detail about how Sodium 1, Sodium 2, Salt Shooter, and Project Velocity are different and connected? I really enjoy Salt Shooter, and entered the game from the Sodium 1 space. I haven’t checked out Sodium 2 because I’m not into racing games. Is it similar, in that Sodium 2 is a public space, and Project Velocity is the game available? Now with this Sodium 1 space, I’m thoroughly confused!
    When I return to play Salt Shooter, will it be the same as before, or is it now a completely free-to-play game?
    Also, is the tabletop Salt Shooter an active piece for a personal space?
    I like the theme and the games, but what would be great is if there were one Sodium space with both of the games.

  • @darylsdn,

    While I’m not saying Home avatars are so advanced graphically that they are lifelike in how they act, the fact that they aren’t cartoonish may be the reason you feel this way. Have you heard of The Uncanny Valley? Check this out:

  • who cares we want payday the heist sony

  • Very nice update, looking forward to it. :)

  • Thanks for the Info Locust

  • R u guys gonna bring the disgaea 4 space from japan to the US

  • will u bring the disgaea 4 space to america

  • @Aasyranth (#27)

    How long did it take you to receive your voucher code? I just submitted for mine almost ten minutes ago with nothing in my inbox or spam folder yet :(

  • It was super fast for me, but I did get in very early. Sites may be busier now…

  • @Locust_Star are you guys aware of the freezing issues in Playstation Home and will it be fix soon

  • Always nice to hear about more Sodium updates! It’s been a while since I’ve played Shooter, so I’m looking forward to the excuse to jump in again.

    I’m curious, does money spent in Home count with the spend-$60-get-$10-voucher promo?

  • Oh come on! Stop doing weekend events during the few weekends I’m out of town! T_T First EVO and now a Salt Shooter Double Resource Weekend…

  • @Thew902, i got my voucher code pretty quick, got the code, but now i’m too stupid as to how to get the item. in the email they attached…as i opened the attachment, something saying Hellfire Games Mailing List and a box appearing saying “was only partially imported”…i emailed infogames but…oh well

  • i mean i emailed….geez what the heck is up with me today!!

  • I haven’t tried the code yet, but I believe you need to enter it in on your PS3. I think you want to go to “Redeem codes” under Account Management.

  • didn’t get the Pirate Chainsword, they didn’t send anything….

  • Number 30: To report Bugs in PlayStation Home you go to the Forums on this site and go to the PlayStation home Forum to report bugs.

  • Got my chainsword. It’s sweet!

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