PAYDAY: The Heist To Launch Later This Month

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PAYDAY: The Heist To Launch Later This Month

Word on the street is that to pull off the biggest score, a heist must be planned and outlined to the very last detail with perfect team members, unbeatable weapons and unrecognizable disguises. That being said, SOE & OVERKILL Software need a little more time to assemble the ideal squad and attack strategy for our highly anticipated adrenaline-pumping first person shooter, PAYDAY: The Heist.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PSN

With this in mind, SOE and the talented OVERKILL team have decided to push PAYDAY’s official launch day to later in October, ensuring the overall game quality and potential score for all heist team members.

Not a PAYDAY crew member yet and hoping to get in on the loot? SOE has extended PRE-ORDERS – which have been excellent to date – to gather an even larger body of potential crew to co-operate with at launch!

For our established crew members, PAYDAY will still be awarded to those who purchased all four PSN titles in our inaugural PlayStation Network PLAY event, according to the terms of that program.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PSNPAYDAY: The Heist for PSN

Your continued loyalty and patience with the game’s further development is very much appreciated, we truly believe your first heist will be worth the wait. SOE recognizes the demand for quality from PlayStation® players and looks to meet this head on with the upcoming launch of PAYDAY: The Heist.

To feed your inner convict until the big day, check out the official PAYDAY: The Heist site for more info:

We’ll meet you all at our set location via the PlayStation Network later this month! Stay tuned for updates!

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  • I hate when they do this .. I am no longer buying this ,they trick you with the preorders then bam, delaying the game

    • This was an unanticipated delay. Again, we are very close and the extra time allows us to eliminate all known issues. Thank you for your continued support and check back soon for more updates. We are very, very close.

  • I swear I saw this game on the store days ago,wtf? Am I crazy?

  • Really??!?! I took the day off for the love….what the hell kind of move is that? I understand quality control better than most…but to delay the day before launch? Grow up and show your loyal customers some respect and at least give us definitive reason and an alternate date. That being said….i still cant F***ing wait :-) After all its only a game but your actions are NOT very professional.

  • I fully understand the need for delays, especially if they make the game better, but I just wish you guys wouldn’t have waited until less than 24 hours before release. I was very excited to play the game tomorrow and now I’m bummed out.


  • Better a late game than a bad game. Like Miyamoto says, a bad game is bad forever.

  • oh great… another game i pre purchased and they all of a sudden change the date…. Friggin awesome!
    And they do it JUST before its supose to be released, is there anyways to cancel this pre purchase and get my money back ? cause its allready been drawn from my account!
    Sick and tired of being tricked into paying for games that dosnt release when they are supose to be! Seems to happen alot these days!

  • So basicly, no demo. No release date. And you decide to pull it from the PSN update the day before? Come on sony not cool. This is the one game id shell all 20 bucks for this october (Besides infamous.) and you pull this? D: when I pick up dark souls (Or rage. I think dark souls.) I was gonna get my PSN card and give you the money. This is so not fun. :[

  • I’ve already this and when I went to play I wasn’t allowed are you guys going to get the word up on Steam and PC3 that it has been delayed? also What makes this game have such high replayability aside from the cops coming in different doors wont you know where the safe is every time and know what you need to do to extract it (Crack house lvl) because it will be in the same spot. Is the cop factor and the guy with the key moving the only thing that is dynamic?

  • Wow. I just pushed the button (preordering on PSN) then see this within 10 minutes. That truly messes up your release window which is now challenged by the heavies each week: Rage, Batman, Battlefield, Uncharted, COD, SR: TT, etc. The window is basically full every week through Thanksgiving which will likely have a large effect on total sales.

    Will it be delayed on Steam (PC) as well?

  • PSN PLAY was so awesome. All REALLY good games! This was just icing on the cake. Yeah it sucks it got delayed, but I’m diggin into ICO right now (INCREDIBLE game-even better than SotC to me), Resistance3, and need to finish Dead Island still. Plus I’m picking up Dark Souls tomorow. Where will I find time!!! LOL. Anyway, I’ll be anticipating PAYDAY still. It looks to be an awesome game.

  • It’s fine with me but next time you should warn well in advance rather than the night before.

  • lmao whats the bs excuse this time im so glad i boought an xbox so much better service and i pre ordered this game last time i do that make dlc free or im not buying i like how they wont say whats wrong with it y it got pushed back and no time frame ring a bell o when the network went down there was no window for when it would come back up and they also said the network will be up soon inb4 this dosent get posted cause sony gets butthurt

  • Excellent timing here. If it doesn’t come out the 11th, I probably won’t even have time to play it with R&C and BF3 taking up my time. I don’t expect R&C to fill up too much time but I played the hell out of BC2 and am expecting to do the same with BF3. If I could get a refund on my pre order I’d do it. Don’t expect to to get any DLC unless its free.

    Actually, that’s not a halff bad idea. To continue having us as customers, the first DLC pack is free.

  • So let me get this straight. You have months to test this thing out and just now, at the last minute, find that it needs to be delayed? An epic slow clap to your inability to fulfill my pre-order. It’s sad that there are mod teams out there that have better work ethic, and they work for free.

  • Only if the same would have been done with resistance 3 it was not set to release in september and is just getting almost correct now so I applaude you guys for taking the time to make sure your game is 100% what you want it to be I just hope it’s out by the 18th I’ll split time with it and batman before battlefield 3 comes out it doesnt matter though I will be purchasing it anyway to go towards the spend $60 get $10 deal

  • It’s a good thing I purchased the other 4 PLAY titles to keep me entertained until this comes out ;o. Still can’t wait until this is released though.

  • dear payday team are you fk crazy:p if you say 4 october then it must bi realesed
    on 4 oct.en not days later is the game vrijdag playerbel say yes:p

    i have somthing to esk make my dream come truth
    payday the heist
    you can play on internetyou said thet this the game this is a cop game
    you forgot 1 thing cen wy use plitscheen mode 1-4 i havea little brother
    en friends ho play at my is there a splitsceen mode or you are working white thet say yes plz thet splitsceen mode is on the game 2:( keep up the good work bye gr hars

  • @millersburgfan52

    You really should have saved that money you spend on your 360 for a tutor.

  • This was on my radar as a for sure purchase months ago then they said it was coming out the same month as BF3.

    That kinda moved it down on my list.

    Now it’s even later in October (read: closer to BF3 release).

    I’m not even interested anymore.

    Devs need to put games like this out for the summer lull. They’d make bank from all those gamers with nothing to play.

  • So we paid for a game that was stated to be released today, instead we get some news about it being post-poned and no new release dates or anything…
    Kinda makes me feel ripped off! Makes me wanna go buy Rage which got released today instead, and demand my money back for this game!

  • Looks great, I’m in!!! 8)

  • Perhaps this game will help reduce overall crime rates. ;)

  • Why can’t you just release a patch

  • Since you guys have my money for this game already, you should at least let us know a date when we can get our preordered game!!

  • I love the games that are on the PSN but you guy really need to work on your timing. You are always pushing things back. How about you make sure it is ready and then put out pre-order for it. If you can not even hit the date you set for the game then what does it say about the game and all the hype you talk. Is it really going to be all that? From the statement above it sound like you are just holding it back until more people order it and then you can not even give us a date that it will be out for sure. People have done payed to have this game and you are going to make them wait. Well almost make everyone wait, the people who bought all 4 game still get it today right. That is a little messed up. Why not just put out an update for it later like you do everything else? I am a fan but this is a little messed up and doing things of this nature is a real turn off, is that how you want your fans to feel?

  • I Would´ve preffered you guys released the game, and then put up some patches… we all know you´re gonna release it , the put up some patches anyways, is stupid.. its obvious you guys would, and will find more issues… its software it is supposed to act up…

    I Just hope that when i get it… lives up for all this hype it created… dont let me down Sony… ( You´ve done it before.. )

  • I would rather have OVERKILL get it right than rush it. Sure, I was looking forward to playing it today, but I would rather have a solid gameplay experience than one filled with bugs/glitches. I do have a question for the team though. I had played the game at E3 and spoke with one of you guys from the development team about adding the ability to change the rate of fire. Did you add this?


  • highly dissapointed… kinda want a refund or discount on dwnloadable content in the future or atleast something…

  • Very disappointed to hear this is being delayed. There better have been a real legit reason for pulling the plug hours before release. I pre-ordered this yesterday for an expensive $20, an now I’m having second thoughts.

    Will there be continued support via updates + DLC for this game?

  • @ dathonda250f

    I feel the same, but I also feel that an explanation of some sort is needed for this. Why 1 day before release?

  • @ jaja2u

    Yeh thats what im saying they shouldve done it a few days ago if they didnt think they were gonna make the deadline

  • Honestly this really upsets me. I have been waiting since E3 to play. If it were just a few tiny issues that popped up then why can you just send the game out at 9pm. A concerning fact as well: There is no set date as of now. This to me means that the devs have no idea what they are going up against or that its a little more then a “few small issues”. I am quite disappointed and hope to have my hands on this soon…

  • This is bull crap. Can yall at least give us an estimated date of release, because personally I am dispointed with how yall waited till the day before to tell everyone that the release was being pused back?

  • I just want my money back. I’m sure this game is just some POS anyway. Can’t live up to release dates. Last minute delays. What a joke. Sony is a joke as is the company who made this game. I’d rather eat a $20 bill than give them anymore money for failed pre-orders. Last time I ever do something so stupid. Why can’t Sony just go away like Sega?

  • I’m extremely dossapointed that this game got delayed, I went through hell at school just to come home to a sad face and so PAYDAY, Will there at least be a add-on for the game that is free if there is ever one?

  • Is there a reason why the Euro Store has an October 12 release date and we get a later this month release date?

  • Wow really u give no notice this is all crap u need to tell us earlyer it is no big deal sooo glad i did not preorder give me a realse date sony maybe x box is better give us a realse date now no more we r very close we want a date we want a date comon sony i hate all the work i have 2 do stop dissapointing us

  • This is bull! I preorder….wait all day for the network to be updated and then this?!?! Then find out they announced that it would be delayed Oct.3rd! One day before its scheduled release date!


  • By the way. Completely agree with :

    I just want my money back. I’m sure this game is just some POS anyway. Can’t live up to release dates. Last minute delays. What a joke. Sony is a joke as is the company who made this game. I’d rather eat a $20 bill than give them anymore money for failed pre-orders. Last time I ever do something so stupid.

  • I totally agree with that comment from Met0d!

  • wtf people!? Why do you feel that you are entitled to something since the game got pushed back? This is a good thing you morons. Otherwise, you would be all over the blogs or forums chastising the game for it not being a finished product. I really feel bad for developers today. It seems as though most gamers are a bunch of whiney cry babies. A lot of you people are just a bunch of spoiled brats. Anyways, good move Overkill and take your time. We’ll all have the chance to play it once it is done.

  • Will this game available on psn singapore?

  • @ Veringetorix so u would be fine if a game like uncharted 3 got pushed back and u didnt know about it till the day before release u wouldnt be mad ya ok they said this game had a few problems if its a few they could have released the game and did a patch or two and also how they had a preorder thing i doubt they got that many preorders since they pushed it back to say hey guys this game has a pre order option y dont u preorder it its suppose to come out today and people dont know this till later on that it got pushed back when they could have bought nba jam re5 gold editon etc but noo they gotta be [DELETED] over eh

  • You guys keep saying your very close to releasing it but the fact that you wont give a new release date makes me think it’s more then 2 weeks away

  • why would psn not tell us that it has been delayed i got this game to play inbetween now and waitting for bf3 and mw3 i didnt want to start a 3rd game please can we get our money back if not out buy the 15th ?

  • Way to go Sony, you gus just Screwed up the Online PSN Store PreOrders… not gonna work Anymore… and guess who did it?…

    People that dont meet deadlines and wait for the last second, to push back release dates…

  • Can I just get my refund? Don’t ask me the reason, you know why

  • Nooooo. I was hoping to play this it looks so cool! has there been any update on the release yet?

  • Hopefully this will save this game from going the way of Brink, that was an awesome game that now has a very small community (I have NEVER, since release, been in a full human 8v8 match) because of how bad the release was botched. Take your time OVERKILL I have really high expectations for this game, and I know you do too.

    P.S. Is there any time the Overkill devs will be playing the game? It is so awesome as an aspiring game developer to get to play with the dudes who make these games.

  • This maybe a bit early to be asking but i wonder how often there will be updates for levels.

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