PAYDAY: The Heist To Launch Later This Month

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PAYDAY: The Heist To Launch Later This Month

Word on the street is that to pull off the biggest score, a heist must be planned and outlined to the very last detail with perfect team members, unbeatable weapons and unrecognizable disguises. That being said, SOE & OVERKILL Software need a little more time to assemble the ideal squad and attack strategy for our highly anticipated adrenaline-pumping first person shooter, PAYDAY: The Heist.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PSN

With this in mind, SOE and the talented OVERKILL team have decided to push PAYDAY’s official launch day to later in October, ensuring the overall game quality and potential score for all heist team members.

Not a PAYDAY crew member yet and hoping to get in on the loot? SOE has extended PRE-ORDERS – which have been excellent to date – to gather an even larger body of potential crew to co-operate with at launch!

For our established crew members, PAYDAY will still be awarded to those who purchased all four PSN titles in our inaugural PlayStation Network PLAY event, according to the terms of that program.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PSNPAYDAY: The Heist for PSN

Your continued loyalty and patience with the game’s further development is very much appreciated, we truly believe your first heist will be worth the wait. SOE recognizes the demand for quality from PlayStation® players and looks to meet this head on with the upcoming launch of PAYDAY: The Heist.

To feed your inner convict until the big day, check out the official PAYDAY: The Heist site for more info:

We’ll meet you all at our set location via the PlayStation Network later this month! Stay tuned for updates!

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8 Author Replies

  • NOOOOOOOO—– well I dont really care so …….. that sucks.

  • Noooooo….. I was pretty excited to get it tomorrow…… can I at least request a demo??? :)

    • Yep, demo will be available with the launch of the full game. We are very, very close. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

  • F@#!!!!!! I was so looking forward to playing it tomorrow. Oh well, as long as it really is better because of the delay than it’s good. Can you at least tell us the exact day in late October? I hope you’re not saying the last Tuesday, the 25th cus that’s the day infamous festival of blood comes out!!! And Battlefield 3!!! And the week after Uncharted 3!!!!

    I’m about to pull a real heist to buy all these games, then all I would need is time to play them.

    • I can’t say the exact date, but I can tell you we very, very close!! The Dev Team has been working tirelessly to finalize the product and deliver an unforgettable experience. First impressions are everything and I promise you we won’t let you down. Just a little bit longer…

      Thanks again for your support and patience.

  • You guys are killing me i was looking to steal some stuff and take a hostage or two. well i guess i have to wait is there a date in mind as to when you are going to let this beast come out of the gates and play lol

    • Soon, very soon. Taking hostages, completing your objectives, playing with your buddies, stealing stuff, battling the authorities and getting out with the dough is just the tip of the ice berg. The replay-ability alone will keep you coming back for more and more… It will be well worth the wait. Promise!

  • hmmm…
    not coming out on time to me means the developers are having issues with the game.
    hopefully the game is fixed up but im going to be VERY skeptical of this one now.
    demo first anyone?

    • Actually, all known issues have been resolved and are currently being reviewed for final certification. As with any new game engine there are things that pop up and have to be dealt with. Well, they’ve been dealt, addressed and fixed up. Yes, a demo will be available at launch with the full game. It’s just a taste of what you can expect, but it captures the action, excitement, gameplay and unpredictable AI component of the game.

  • I LOVE PS3

  • darn me and my buddy both pre-ordered and were excited to play it tommorow. oh well, if the quality is better then it is worth the wait.

  • I had a feeling it was going to be delayed but if is to make the game better and tweak out any problems then i am happy to wait a little longer. Hopefully it is not going to be released the same week as Battlefield 3 i have payed off the game so i am really looking forward to have at least a full week of payday game-play before B3

  • @furleys_ascot not necessarily FEAR 3 was pushed back a over a month and received generally good reviews…… the article does read as either they found an issue or needed extra time to implement a feature…. many of the previews of the game at e3 said it was good though :)

  • Nooo !!! i just preordered that LOL… oh well i got things to play still … lookin forward to your release @ least it’s already payed 4

  • Already got it pre-ordered thanks to that offer :) Which was SUPERB btw. All Killer f’n games :D

  • Let me just officially state, As long a it does not become vapor ware and releases before November 15 I will be happy :) (Notes that November is the release date for SR:TT and MW3)

  • BF3> MW3

  • @ Alkazaar777 … with that name & avatar i bet u would care if it was some variation of assassins creed

    Meh, I liked BF2 but it wasn’t my favorite…. I hate the knife and the campaign was kinda boring to me lol :P I will probably get it but not win it comes out, as SR:TT is gonna be better than MW3 anyway :P

  • was delayed

  • yeah battlefield has never been know for it’s campaign… & as much as i luv Battlefield the bad company series is not the pinnacle of dice

  • I was agreeing … I don’t play the battlefield series for the single play it suks
    but multiplay is a diffrent story altogether

  • Aww man I was looking forward to this and we pimped this game on PlayerVsPodcast. Oh well as long as it’s as good as I think it will be when it does drop. Still very excited.

  • So Sony decides to throw a bait and switch on their consumers? I know I will still get this game Free, but when they were marketing this game, they had that special offer if you buy 4 games, this game will be FREE. Oh yeah when is the release, I don’t see one!!

  • Just because you don’t like or are not getting Battlefield 3 doesn’t mean MW3 needs to be its replacement. Modern Warfare 3 will be the same game over and over again. Call of Duty 4 is one of my favorite games of all time, and World at War was OK, but after that the series just became the same bull crap over and over. MW3 is gonna be the same recycled trash. If you’re gonna buy the game, at least buy it used because Activision does not deserve all these sales. Finally, there’s so many other fps games to play even if you don’t like BF3 but need a FPS fix. Besides Payday: The Heist, there’s Killzone, Resistance, MAG, Crysis, Homefront, Medal of Honor, all of these games and more are better than the last two call of dutys, and MW3 will be the same…

  • WOW! This hurts.

  • Last time I pre-order a digital game.

  • this i s ok , what they did was push it back so everyone can preorder it and get the goodies that they are offering becuase some of the offers are late coming out. wish was bad timing but .. i think one more week is nothing to really be sad about i knew it was comingout the 11th or 18th anyway..

  • Well, at least you didn’t leave it until the last minu…. ah, nevermind

  • frist dead island with there dlc bloodbath arena now this to this is starting to get real old fast with games not being ready for relese dates so looking foward to playing this now back to wondering and watting as usual

  • Take all of the time you guys need. It’s a plus for me anyway, I totally forgot the game was supposed to come out tomorrow. Now this gives me the time to get the cash :D.

  • look like gta

  • This sucks BIG TIME, i bougth a preorder game and get just a lousy theme, and to make things worse, the lauch is postponed. If i knew sony was going to pull the postpone card again i never would have bougth the game. But then again, i am getting used to sony doing that… SHAME ON YOU SONY !

  • Not a good sign. And here’s the proof that downloadable game pre-orders is not that great of an idea.

  • I’m glad it got pushed back. As fun as the game there are still some clipping issues with NPCs. Plus I get more time to play Dark Souls.

  • This is a bad game i mean a bad game for all of us. i think one day there will be a bank rubbery and they will use these masks lol. just saying peace

  • i wouldn’t be upset about this if they had actually told us about this ahead of time, but letting us know less than 24 hours from when we were expecting to get it, really pisses me off
    I’m not even looking forward to this game now, the only reason i was is because it was going to be a game to tie me over while i wait for the full retail releases later this month.
    Now it wont even be out until after those ones are out, so what is the point in even downloading it now? sure, i get it for free from play, but i wont even WANT TO PLAY IT BY THE TIME IT COMES OUT!
    so basically, i’m thoroughly ticked off by this, because this was going to be the game to tie me over until batman, battlefield, and uncharted. but now it wont even be released until after batman, and batman will tie me over until battlefield, and battlefield until uncharted.
    You guys obviously knew that it was going to be delayed, for quite a while now, if it was a true last minute delay, then it would be more like “It’ll be out next tuesday instead, or wednesday, or thursday!” but nope, late october?! you’re fooling no one, you knew this delay was happening LONG before you announced it.

  • hey just a heads up guys !!! while waiting for pay day to come out go to subway and buy a med.soda and get the code for uncharted 3 full mp acess keep u busy while waiting for it to come out

  • Wasn’t on my list anyway. So I fight waves of people while defending a bank volt until the chopper comes to pick me up.

  • This game reminds me of the Kane and Lynch Series. That is why I have it preordered. It sucks to read that it’s release date has been pushed back. Atleast, it’s for good reasons and it is still coming out in October. I love games that puts real life players against A.I. opponents in cooperative multiplayer co-op. This should eliminate trash talking and players just being plain being disrespectful like in other competitive shooters for no reason whatsoever. Keep up the great work Overkill Software! I am dying to play your game and I wish your team of developers the very best. I hope your game is very successful in terms of sales and more importantly, gamers like me having a blast playing it. Thanks in advance!

  • For anyone upset at least it’s only to later this month instead of three months or longer. There’s so many games out now or coming out I have plenty to play now. Like Demon Souls tomorrow.

  • I wouldnt care if it was a few months, at least that would put it out of the launch window of the full retail games that i’m getting. Instead they wait until the last possible minute to tell us. A delay like this is known by the developers for alot longer then just one day’s notice.
    I’m beginning to think that just plain disrespect to customers is one of those things that you find “Only On Playstation”
    I’m a hardcore ps fan, but this type of stuff really gets to me. They should have let us know 2-3 weeks ago, and given us a definitive launch date when they did announce the delay.
    I just wish that they’d be more professional.
    But like i said, i probably wont even play it very much now, because now it’s launching during the launches of all of the AAA titles that i’m already anxious to get, which means that the game no longer serves the appetizer purpose that i originally intended it to. So unless it’s gameplay is on par with Battlefield 3, or Batman Arkham City, i see this one being a title that i play a measly 2-3 times now; do entirely to poor timing and execution.

    • The delay was due to a few last minutes issues that needed to be cleaned up. The developer has been working tirelessly to eliminate the issues, but inevitably we ran out of time. Our commitment to you is to provide the best possible gameplay experience with the best overall quality, and the extra time allows us to do this. We are very, very close and it won’t be much longer now. I think you’ll find the extra time coupled with the superb gameplay will turn this appetizer into a full course meal. Thank you for your continued support and check back soon for more updates.

  • JoeTheBeast16 – Maybe they were ready to release the game but found a bug they didn’t know about. It’s better to delay a game a couple weeks and fix it than let people who buy it find the bugs. Too many companies now release games full of bugs and it take weeks to fix them. I bet Skyrim will have hundreds of bugs. Elder Scrolls games are always buggy.

  • that what happen when u give money in advance…

  • I literally just pre-ordered Payday right before I saw this post :(

  • I was so excited to play it tomorrow, but now I guess I have time to platinum RS3 and play Uncharted 3 beta from subway:D

  • I’d rather get it a few weeks later to have an improved edition. Plus, I’ll be busy with Rage and Costume Quest tomorrow, so no worries here. I’m looking forward to it, and thanks for the heads up!

  • I’m really excited for this, I don’t mind waiting a little longer, its a little concerning how last minute this delay is though…

  • I don’t understand why this game is delayed its a online co-op game and single player game and its just like Left 4 dead games all most, but the only thing is different is the banks and cops and robbing soo what’s the problem is it the online or gameplay or what. What’s wrong with game

    • Nothing is wrong with the game. There were just a few last minute issues that popped up that needed to be addressed. We want to ensure the player enjoys the best possible gaming experience as we focus on the final quality of the game. We believe the latest candidate achieves this and all the fans will be very happy with their purchase and experience. We appreciate your support and continued patience.

  • …………

  • * with the game. My bad I’m on my HTC phone

  • will you be adding splitscreen later on in an update or somthing I would really apreciate it if you did thanks.

  • Sony is known for last minute. That’s why they’ll never be on top. Atleast Microsoft’s products come out efficiently enough. Stop this last minute crap. Guess this is what I get for choosing a free online service. What a joke.

  • thx for the extension,going to get it…woot

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