PAYDAY: The Heist To Launch Later This Month

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PAYDAY: The Heist To Launch Later This Month

Word on the street is that to pull off the biggest score, a heist must be planned and outlined to the very last detail with perfect team members, unbeatable weapons and unrecognizable disguises. That being said, SOE & OVERKILL Software need a little more time to assemble the ideal squad and attack strategy for our highly anticipated adrenaline-pumping first person shooter, PAYDAY: The Heist.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PSN

With this in mind, SOE and the talented OVERKILL team have decided to push PAYDAY’s official launch day to later in October, ensuring the overall game quality and potential score for all heist team members.

Not a PAYDAY crew member yet and hoping to get in on the loot? SOE has extended PRE-ORDERS – which have been excellent to date – to gather an even larger body of potential crew to co-operate with at launch!

For our established crew members, PAYDAY will still be awarded to those who purchased all four PSN titles in our inaugural PlayStation Network PLAY event, according to the terms of that program.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PSNPAYDAY: The Heist for PSN

Your continued loyalty and patience with the game’s further development is very much appreciated, we truly believe your first heist will be worth the wait. SOE recognizes the demand for quality from PlayStation® players and looks to meet this head on with the upcoming launch of PAYDAY: The Heist.

To feed your inner convict until the big day, check out the official PAYDAY: The Heist site for more info:

We’ll meet you all at our set location via the PlayStation Network later this month! Stay tuned for updates!

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  • who ever thinks sony needs 2 stop craping around and give us a realese date add me comeon sony

  • I feel like taking my $20 playstation network card back to Bestbuy. but I maybe will keep it for this game. Still can’t believe we have to wait at the end of the month now.

  • If I can’t get a straight answer why it was delayed, then I want a refund and so do 50% of the other loyal customers who pre-ordered this thinking that we would come home on October 4th and play this game.

  • well i was on the phone with the publisher an whats up with the no date an it will b released later this month or the very very soon talk thats really lame i hope all the patient consumers like myself will b getting some nice free downloadable content especially when i”ve already purchased the game an was stated it was supposed to be released yesterday an now im still getting the run around i even made all 40 of my friends purchase it this is a bad first impression hope you guys get it together asap an make up for the disapointment

  • Dumb question: i pre-ordered this game on monday and i was wondering if it’s going to affect it in anyway? for example: would i have to buy this game again when it comes out?

  • @XFroFroX- No you don’t have to buy it again. Once the game comes out all you have to do is download it on the psn store.

  • ok cool. thanks.

  • nnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • after them making this move i hope the game fails and dosent make sales

  • Thanks to Sony for posting replies to our concerns and frustration for the delay. I appreciate the honesty and it reminds me why I love having a PS3 over that other console that shall not be named. Thanks for everything and I can’t wait to pull of a heist like in the movie “HEAT”. “Where’s the van!!!!!!”

    Dr. FlashSBT

  • If this delay was to really make this “the full course meal”, then how will the October 4th build differ from the final release build to come?

  • I was abit pissed about the delay. But hopefully the delay gave them enough time to fix the issues. I hope it comes out next week or the week after.

  • They even stoped responding… Wow how typical!
    This kinda tells me how bad support we are gonna expect, people are asking for refunds and some answers for this “last minute retreat” and they just totally ignore it.
    Really makes me wanna buy more Overkill / Sony products ever again… (Yes its irony).
    “We allready got your money so we dont care!”

  • Keep up the good work guys…can’t wait to play a quality game

  • Can we at least get split screen for PS3?

  • I’d rather it be a quality game and delayed rather than a terrible game that got released too early like Red Orchestra 2.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Everyone stop being cry babies, at least they informed us! and who cares? im sure you would be even more [DELETED] if they released a unfinished game, jerks!

  • Dear Chris Sturr and Sony Online Entertainment,

    First of all, let me say it is a great idea to respond to comments, and if at all possible, please respond to this one. I would like to say I am slightly saddened by PayDay being pushed back, but I have total faith that it is going to be worth it. I take pleasure in knowing that Sony and Overkill have never ceased to please, and I personally know that if you say you are going to make something phenomenal, that that is unquestionable and that you will go above and beyond to increase quality of the game. That being said, I believe that players and buyers do deserve and have the right to have the following questions answered.
    1. What is the approxomite time that Payday will be released, such as Oct. 10-20 ?
    2. Are any DlC items being considered about becoming free or discounted due to the delay?
    3. What are the Circumstances of the delay? (Graphics, Gameplay, Format, etc)
    I appreciate your efforts, and know the game was delayed for good reasons. I look forward to a reply, and getting my first “Score” on the improved Payday: The Heist.

  • its funny how he said so many times in his replies in the beginning of the comments that it was a last minute unexpected delay, and yet on sunday, Rey didn’t include it in the drop, meaning either he screwed up again and really should lose his job, or they already knew it was being delayed, and decided to wait to tell us.

  • I Don’t Care, it will be out before we know it stop crying people, lol

  • Do they know when it’s coming out now?

  • Hey Chris, when do you think the approximate date of Payday: The Heist, will go into the Playstation Store? The estimate.

  • I’m asking the same exact thing like Camandbron_Buoy’s comment, about when it comes out in the PS store.

  • I want to know the date aswell. I really want to play this game.


  • I guess they ran out of money that’s why they did this pre order thing so they can have enough money to finish this game

  • i hope they read your comment trashtalka3000 because this is pissing me off! how long do we need to wait to play the game? i swear if they’re fixing something COMPLETELY STUPID like “unlimited ammo, invincible etc”, IM GONNA BE PISSED! if that was the case why didn’t they RELEASE THE GAME and work on it IN THE BACKGROUND!? i totally agree with you, it is theft by deception and its getting stupid now because the game was supposed to come out SIX DAYS AGO

  • No update news?…

  • PAYDAY!! “Can’t wait”

  • they could be running into legal troubles since this is such a violent game where im assuming you can kill civlians and you’re forced to kill law enforcement. it might make the date of release later but it probably will come out because they can say “Hey look GTA IV is on the market dopes” but anyways. They also removed the pre order date on the psn and replaced it with “LIMITED TIME OFFER” which probably means they have no idea in hell when its coming out cuz before it was like 9/29 then 10/6 then they just put in limited time offer so…… this isnt looking so good

  • what’s the point of coming out with the demo at the same time as the full game .. the whole idea of the demo is so you can try it before you buy it!!!

    Seeing as I’ve already purchased the game and now we’ve got to wait longer then expected will there be freebies for the pre-order peeps?? Seems only fair.

  • @Coroin123 I doubt it. How is it any worse than games like GTA and SR?
    Sad, I was exited for this game. Wasn’t going to preorder it, because I didn’t expect it to be amazing, but now it has dropped further down my list….especially with some big tittles coming out now. Too bad because I think it will end up being one of those games that people will fall away from, so if you dont play it at release, when you finally do get around to playing it, there will be like 10 servers available, with 9 of those servers full of…….

  • awesome! been waiting for games like this, well now we have it… looks really kool and fun… also looking forward to it… >:D

  • How long odes it take I preordered it so I cant get my money back now. I should have just waited to get dungeon defenders because they probley won’t delay the game a couple hours before release. This is a joke and now we have to wait another week

  • I just hope it comes out next week. I wish the developers can give us a release date soon.

  • I purchased the payday but I didn’t even get a confromation that I purchased it or a message saying ur purchase will be coming soon.Just pretty much left me hanging.

  • man I can’t wait to put the law in my own hands.Hamore more more i want more games like this.this is the new era on gaming.reality crime

  • I preordered this game and i was lookin forward to gettin it to play it that day hopefully it comes out soon..

  • already preordered it. love the theme……….CANT WAIT FOR RELEASE I MIGHT HAVE TO THROW A PARTY!!

  • Call of Duty is dying. This is the future of thrilling first person shooters

  • Stop whining about the delay. it comes out when it comes out. BE PATIENT! I guarantee we’ll all get our moneys worth with these last minute improvements

  • i dont trust ps3 not no more i dont feel comfatable
    they say 4 oct.payday comes out they say wi almost clear white game but
    thetwhas a week ago.cen you tell us this

    wi whant info.
    6 level
    4 co-op
    1 player
    good guns.
    but i need to esk you somthing

    1- will you make nieuwe maps for payday?
    2-they wilcome new guns
    3-is a poselble way to creating slitscreen mode
    4-is splitsceen mode avalebel
    5-wen wil the payday will bi realesed
    wi what a date if you saythis week okey if you say end of the month i what my money back
    give use the real release date

  • All eu users should demand a refund if the game is not released in eu by the 18th im am extremely pissed with overkill because the delays are total bs the delays where made because the game was not finished yet the last minute delays are also a way of keeping people from getting refunds since the game is released so close to the bf3 “titan title” release. People will play this game a few times and then drop it for bf3 well maybe not all but many will. It’s very arrogant and rude of them not to explain why the game was delayed and not to eaven answer emails regarding a refund or a compensation for their messup. If the game (i do not beleive it will) is on time at this latest releasedate oct 18th they should include a compensation from the psn to show good will. This must be somewhat of a deathstroke for overkill since i have read that many people are saying (including me) that they never pay for a title made by overkill again.

  • is hacking awsame but.overkill team plz anwer this

    i hope you making new map pack but wi what new maps new guns

    new pistol new shotgun new rifle new sub mecingun en machineguns

    like this

    pistols desert deagle.g18
    subguns.uzi en p90
    assault.scar-h mp5.p90
    machineguns.rpk . m249.240 end m60 machineguns
    .new explosion:p
    c4 en graned.en graned luncers en new enemys like night op en elite
    new map pack more guns lot of them im i right e ery time same weapens not funny new

  • new map new guns more guns plz

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