Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday

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Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Chrono Trigger?” I’m sure a lot of things, but I bet the first thing on your mind right now is “When can I get it?”

We’re happy to confirm that Chrono Trigger is coming to the PSN in North America on October 4th. That’s right—in just a few days, you’ll be able to visit (or re-visit, as I’m sure is the case for many of you) one of the most hilarious and unique casts of characters ever assembled in an RPG:


Crono: The spiky-haired, stoic protagonist who finds himself wrapped up in events beyond his control. He’s pretty good with a katana and doesn’t run from a fight.




Marle: The requisite princess, but she’s no ordinary princess. How many princesses do you know that wield a crossbow?




Lucca: Chrono’s best friend since they were little kids. Oh, and she’s a supergenius who invents things such as the teleporter that starts your journey through time.




Frog: A knight from the middle ages, Frog is a man who has been cursed and turned into a giant anthropomorphic frog. But being a frog doesn’t prevent him from being a fantastic fighter—and having one of the coolest special attacks in the game.



Robo: A robot from the future (I’ve always wanted to write that) who, after being repaired by Lucca, joins the party. Yes, a robot. With lasers!





Ayla: Hailing from prehistoric times, Ayla is tough. Really tough. She uses her enormous strength and agility to fight unarmed, and dishes out a lot of damage.



Travel through time to put things right and defeat the evil Lavos before he destroys everything!

There’s more than one way to save the world, of course, and Chrono Trigger respects that. In fact, the game has always been highly regarded for the number of different endings available. Have you got them all? If not, the time has come.

Robo, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Ayla, and Chrono are waiting for you.

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2 Author Replies

  • Too many great games! My wallet! I’m sad, but really happy at the same time!

  • Any chance of making this game free for Plus users?

  • Awesome can’t wait to finally play a Chrono Trigger game :) Why does he remind me of Tapion from DBZ?

  • I hope it’s the real deal. I already have Final Fantasy 1 on my PSP, I can buy the second one on PSP. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 I’ll buy the PS1 Classic version.

  • Very good, Now that Chrono Trigger is going to be released… People are gonna find something else to complain about. Sony where’s this? Sony where’s that? Sony why have you betrayed us!? LOL.

  • I’m trying to decide between buying this PSOne Classic, or the DS version.

    Any opinions?

  • thanks for releasing it for us, i havent played it yet.
    i have played chrono cross, and loved it so much that we used one of the songs in our wedding. its the Another World song.

  • Screw Chrono we are still WAITING for GT1, GT2.

  • For reals this time? Pinky promise reals? I had the DS version, Be nice to have it downloadable on my PSP, this version can’t be that bad.

  • So many things to get Tuesday. Rage, Dark Souls, Crysis… list goes on and on

  • Needz more Tomba!

  • Yes! Thank you! I bought this game when it first came out, for the DS, and now I will buy it from the PSN.
    Also, I saw that up there, saying “Well, you might not have to wait that much longer…” when Chrono Cross was mentioned. You tease us. I really hope that come to the PSN as well.


  • Why are people asking about load times? They’ll be greatly diminished by virtue of the fact that the data is not loading from a disc anymore.

  • Any word on the price?

  • klfgmjsrgnrkjngdflknalkaf

    ….Words could not express my emotions so I came up with this mumbo-jumbo.

    Unfortunately for me – Dark Souls comes out the same day so that will get priority. But this will still be purchased and very nice to have. Could go well on my PSP.

  • @ Dbzlotrfan that is because akira toriyama participated in this game

  • I hope that it’s as good as the DS version!

  • I still remember getting my SNES copy in 1996 :-) This is awesome news!!!

  • Not a single shot of gameplay for nostalgia sake? And no mention if it’s the PS1 version either.

  • What are those anime pictures from? Is that just game art or does the ps1 version have anime cutscenes? I’ve only played the original snes version.

  • Is this the long loadtime ps1 version? if so I’d rather get the more updated ds version. though it would be a great addition to ps+ ;-D!

  • Please let the loading times be fixed. Definite purchase if so.

  • nice to know but what about f.f.6 im waiting a lot of month to see in psn ff6 to use the twins edgar sabin!!!!! hope u can get it soon in psn

  • This definitely better not be the version with long load times, or I won’t be buying it. Isn’t the point of the game that the battles seamlessly take place in the same place as the field screen? If you add load times it takes that away. If it has load times, I’ll just enjoy my DS version which has the additional ending that ties it with Chrono Cross. By the way, I read somewhere that the PS1 japanese edition of Chrono Trigger didn’t have load times because they made the soundtrack stream the music data from the CD instead of loading it beforehand? Well, at least that’s what they did to get rid of the load times for Final Fantasy IV for the PSone in the U.S. Too bad they didn’t come up with that idea earlier.

  • favian, Final Fantasy VI had long load times too, and when they released it on the PSN for PS3 in Japan, it still had long load times despite it being on the HDD. It was exactly the same as if you were playing it on the PSone!

  • What kind of this anime ?

  • This is not the version of Chrono Trigger ANYONE should play. Really. You deserve better, and so does Chrono Trigger. Really. Bring on the Chrono Cross, eh Square-Enix?

  • @Neil # 71

    Of course it is the PS1 version. They call it PSone Classics for a reason.

  • :) yay! Just what my PSP needs :)

  • Cool i will finally get to try it.

  • So…for real this time? =x

  • finally, now Chrono Cross!!!!

  • I have a Question: Is this going to be the version from the original PlayStation, or a new version? – You never specified, I’d just like to make sure…

  • lol, bad timing guys, I just bought the DS version off amazon today

  • more excited to the response to #10 ^_^

    hopefully squareenix will have all their psp/psx stuff on psn when vita comes out so i can be happily broke for months after vita comes out. ^_^ yay video game brokeness….. wait…. I’m gonna need snacks…. damn….

  • nice! i believe it’ll cost $9.99 maybe $7.99 for PS+ users

  • Hm… I’ll wait to hear if the horrible load times are still hanging around, but I’ll probably pick this up eventually. It’ll be nice to have this on my Vita.
    And Chrono Cross can go f * * k itself. That game was terrible.
    Bring on The Legend of Dragoon, please!

  • October 4th… I feel a new free PSOne Classic game for Plus subscribers.

  • so doesnt rage/ dark souls and nba 2k12,lmao..

    timing is everything.

    well i guess all that matters is that you are hopefully bringing it to the store for who ever has been waiting..
    i will be raging and trying to gather souls on oct 4th, not sure if i will be doing 360 dunks yet, demo was a bit rough around the edges.. but who knows, love nba 2k franchise..

    but im happy for those who have been waiting for chrono !!

  • Yay! I already own a copy copies so I won’t be buying another, but still this is a great game and I really look forward to Chrono Cross coming out, as I haven’t played that one.

    I love seeing turn based RPGs being released though. Developers have decided never again to make these, so these re-releses are the only way for people to enjoy this genre anymore. I keep hoping once the FPS fad shifts gears they’ll come back, but I’ve been hoping that for years and still nothing =(

    Does Japan realize there isn’t a single quality turn-based RPG on the PS3 here in the NA market? The only one NA has for this generation is on the other console, Lost Odyssey. We would really like one on the PS3!! Hint hint, easy money here, no competition…

  • Great news, I too would love to see Cross on PSN.

  • @36

    Maybe because it was a spoiler? Hopefully, people who didn’t play the game won’t understand or will forget before getting there.


  • MUST BUY!!!!!!


  • Ugh, copy copies … I type faster than i think, suppose to be couple copies, now where did I leave that edit button…

  • Chrono Cross Soon ? Confirmed? Don’t be playing with my emotions now.

  • Because my brothers here on the psn approve and some say is the best game ever i think i will buy….soon as i get my internets back……which also i claim i will get lol…..wish me luck fellas….hey which is the best any1 know? RCN ….Verizon….hey that sophia vegarra is pretty hott maybe i buy xfinity???

  • I still have Chrono Trigger on SNES, but i will still buy it and download it anyway, now release chrono cross

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