Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday

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Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Chrono Trigger?” I’m sure a lot of things, but I bet the first thing on your mind right now is “When can I get it?”

We’re happy to confirm that Chrono Trigger is coming to the PSN in North America on October 4th. That’s right—in just a few days, you’ll be able to visit (or re-visit, as I’m sure is the case for many of you) one of the most hilarious and unique casts of characters ever assembled in an RPG:


Crono: The spiky-haired, stoic protagonist who finds himself wrapped up in events beyond his control. He’s pretty good with a katana and doesn’t run from a fight.




Marle: The requisite princess, but she’s no ordinary princess. How many princesses do you know that wield a crossbow?




Lucca: Chrono’s best friend since they were little kids. Oh, and she’s a supergenius who invents things such as the teleporter that starts your journey through time.




Frog: A knight from the middle ages, Frog is a man who has been cursed and turned into a giant anthropomorphic frog. But being a frog doesn’t prevent him from being a fantastic fighter—and having one of the coolest special attacks in the game.



Robo: A robot from the future (I’ve always wanted to write that) who, after being repaired by Lucca, joins the party. Yes, a robot. With lasers!





Ayla: Hailing from prehistoric times, Ayla is tough. Really tough. She uses her enormous strength and agility to fight unarmed, and dishes out a lot of damage.



Travel through time to put things right and defeat the evil Lavos before he destroys everything!

There’s more than one way to save the world, of course, and Chrono Trigger respects that. In fact, the game has always been highly regarded for the number of different endings available. Have you got them all? If not, the time has come.

Robo, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Ayla, and Chrono are waiting for you.

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  • REALLY?.. well thats great!!! thanks sony!!!

  • Excellent, I’m sure I join Rey in expressing appreciation for this ;)

  • Haha we’ll see…..

    Also, is it true that the PSOne version isn’t very good…

  • Some of those faces look like faces from Dragon Ball (Z)

  • Any word on FF6? Thanks for the info on CT tho


  • Sweet. I bought the PS1 version when it came out day one since I missed out on SNES. Now all I have to do is rebuy this one and find my psp charger.

  • For real? For Really Real? This isn’t a trick like the last time right? lol

    Glad to hear it. This among other Square classics have been much to my desire to have on my PS3 hard drive and PSP.

  • The same artist that worked on Dragon Ball did the art for Chrono Trigger.
    And, About dang time Sony!

  • Would rather be playing Chrono Cross. Yea I went there.

  • Awesome!! My favorite game of all time!! (as you can tell by my PSN name)

  • Has anything been done about the loading? There are load for literally everything in the PS1 version.

  • great game, but i heard that the PS1 version had awfully long loading times, even to load up the menu/stats

  • Its about time!! next question is price? awww man i cant wait!!

  • Is this correct or another mistake?

    Also, is this the PSone version with the lags and stuff?

  • The PSone version suffers from a little slowdown (specially when entering battles), but the game itself is as good as ever.

    This is a great addition to the PSone catalogue. Let’s hope Square keeps publishing great classics. I’m specifically hoping for Einhänder on PSN. :)

  • Will be too busy with Rage and Dark Souls, yet will eventually pick this up.

  • For real this time?

  • I’ll get this if the load times have been improved.

    Well, have they?

  • The best RPG ever made. Haters must hate :D

  • You guys wont say you made a mistake again right? lol. What about FF6?

  • I’m really happy this is coming to PSN! Its a fantastic game and should be played again and again. The series could continue though.

  • Will this be released on the PSN here in Europe?

  • I don’t suppose anything’s been done about the PS1 version’s inexplicable lagging and load times?

    Typically PSone classics are just ripped from the disc, so I assume it’s as bad as the original port. A very disappointing release.

  • “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Chrono Trigger?””

    Rey screwed up big time.

  • One of the best games ever made.

    I have a quick question, will this include the new final boss like the DS version, or is this a straight port from psx?

  • … I’ll believe it when I see it. Sony really does not hold a lot of merit with me anymore.

    Sony needs to take, Marcus’s advice.

    – “Step your game up!” –
    Marcus (PSP)

  • I’ve heard that promise before. I’ll believe it when I see it in the store. Also no word on FF6, how wonderful.

  • This game was awesome back in the day, been plying it on emulator since. I have money sitting on my account just for this baby :)

  • I’d get this only if:

    a. the load times & lag are improved/removed
    b. it oesn’t cost too much money

    If not, then I will stick with my DS version which I feel currently is the best version.

    Now if Square-Enix and Sony got together and ported over the DS version to the PSP with enhanced graphics, I wouldn’t mind getting that version…




  • This is awesome. I have been wanting to try this game for quite awhile. I can’t wait until I can boot it up on my PSP on tuesday.

  • #4 & 9 (and anyone else who’s interested), that artists name is Toriyama Akira. He’s most known for being the creator/artist of Dragonball, but is also the creator/artist a famous manga series Dr. Slump (and countless other shorter series/one shots).
    He’s also the character designer for the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior game series (he created the Slime we all know and love!), as well as Chrono Trigger & Blue Dragon (both the game & anime).

  • Absolutely no idea why so many people are hyped for this half-ass terrible PS1 port…

    But good for those that have been looking forward to this regardless. (If it actually shows up that is)

    Now wake me up when they add Suikoden II.

  • dbz characters lool

  • please please please let the loading be faster than the original psx version!!!!!!!!

  • “Robo, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Ayla, and Chrono are waiting for you.”

    Forgot Magus there… >_>

    Anyway, I have a feeling this is just gonna be the PSone version that was originally released on the PS1 through Final Fantasy Chronicles.

    We all know and shudder at our experiences with that choppy, rushed piece of garbage they released.

    I don’t know what is keeping Sony & Square-Enix from doing a proper update through a PSP version.

    I mean look at what we have right now…

    Final Fantasy Origins (PS1) –> Final Fantasy I (PSP) and Final Fantasy II (PSP)
    – Origins had FF1 and FF2 on 1 disc. w/ the load times and whatnot
    – loading times weren’t that bad though
    – the psp release of the 2 games…so much nicer, and the updated graphics is a huge plus

    Final Fantasy Anthology
    – FF5 and FF6 missing from the PS Store and a PSP update
    – the heck!!

    Final Fantasy Chronicles
    – we got FF4 on the PSP with “The After Years”
    – we also got that PSP version with the same updated graphics

  • What are we missing?

    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy III
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI

    These 4 games need a PSP release with the updated graphics.

    CT should use the DS version as a basis. Improve graphics, audio quality, etc
    FF5 and FF6 should use the GBA version as a basis. Improve graphics, audio quality, etc
    FF3 should use the DS version but smooth up the graphics.

    Easily, $29.99 ~ $39.99 each from me.

    Then, on the PS Store, we need a PSone Classic release of The Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross!

    Come on, Square-Enix and Sony! You guys know what the fans want, and are willing to give up our money to you guys if you guys do things like what I just mentioned here!

    There’s no licensing related issues since Square-Enix owns all things Final Fantasy related! So what’s your excuse?!

  • How about some chrono trigger avatars? And how about chrono cross?

  • This RPG was amazing I loved the combinations of attacks the characters did. Don’t see that anymore. I think, only because I haven’t played every RPG out there.

  • Now please do not pull this from the list of releases on Tuesday like you did last time it was announced. I’m still hoping FF4 (6) gets added back at some point too. These two are among the list of my all time favorite games. This is a must buy for me.

  • Hope it’s not mistake. How much for it? Were the loading times fixed?

  • Have the load times been changed? I mean the DS version was pretty smooth, but the PSone version had horrible loadtimes and lag *ugh*.

  • Yes!!!!!!! Chrono trigger… I’m so happy this is coming next week. Was disappointed when it didn’t release last week. I want final fantasy 4,5 and 6. Also need Chrono cross… :)

  • The Drop is posted by a Sony employee.
    This post was posted by a Square employee.

    That to me confirms it is being released on Tuesday.

    and why would you guys expect them to release BOTH FF6 and CT on the same day, that would just be a poor business decision. That would force some people to choose one or the other. But if they release them on different days, then that would maximize potential sales for week 1.

  • Now all the little whiners can S T F U…

  • I doubt the game will be optomized and knowing Squeenix their going to want maybe 10 dollars for this, even at 6 dollars it’s a hard call to make. Those who grew up on this game probably have played it to death already and/or already has a copy and those who have never played it will be turned off by the really bad port. Please optomize your PS1 emulation, there are tons of games along with this and upcoming FF6 (such as all the Street Fighter games and Wing Commander 4) that are slow as heck

  • The PSN really cost me too much, aww… All those classics!! I’d love a remake of Chrono Trigger, that’s for sure, but I’ll take the classic to wait. =D

    They should at least add a gold trophy for finishing any classic game. The lack of trophy is kinda lame, it can’t be THAT hard to implement and would add a lot of value..

  • Cool;) But Square Enix if you really want to make PS3 fans love you bring us a PS3 only FF game please :P (i.e Final Fantasy 13 Versus) Come on its taking AGES :-/

  • I’m glad it’s coming out for everyone who’s been complaining about it you guys will have my heart if it comes free to plus members

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