Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday

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Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Chrono Trigger?” I’m sure a lot of things, but I bet the first thing on your mind right now is “When can I get it?”

We’re happy to confirm that Chrono Trigger is coming to the PSN in North America on October 4th. That’s right—in just a few days, you’ll be able to visit (or re-visit, as I’m sure is the case for many of you) one of the most hilarious and unique casts of characters ever assembled in an RPG:


Crono: The spiky-haired, stoic protagonist who finds himself wrapped up in events beyond his control. He’s pretty good with a katana and doesn’t run from a fight.




Marle: The requisite princess, but she’s no ordinary princess. How many princesses do you know that wield a crossbow?




Lucca: Chrono’s best friend since they were little kids. Oh, and she’s a supergenius who invents things such as the teleporter that starts your journey through time.




Frog: A knight from the middle ages, Frog is a man who has been cursed and turned into a giant anthropomorphic frog. But being a frog doesn’t prevent him from being a fantastic fighter—and having one of the coolest special attacks in the game.



Robo: A robot from the future (I’ve always wanted to write that) who, after being repaired by Lucca, joins the party. Yes, a robot. With lasers!





Ayla: Hailing from prehistoric times, Ayla is tough. Really tough. She uses her enormous strength and agility to fight unarmed, and dishes out a lot of damage.



Travel through time to put things right and defeat the evil Lavos before he destroys everything!

There’s more than one way to save the world, of course, and Chrono Trigger respects that. In fact, the game has always been highly regarded for the number of different endings available. Have you got them all? If not, the time has come.

Robo, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Ayla, and Chrono are waiting for you.

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  • Chrono Trigger and Dark Souls on October 4th, my birthday on the 9th… Too good to be true…

  • Well I still have this game. Nice but no buy for me.

  • @92 I agree with you about Lost Odyssey, great game. I heard they were going to announce lost odyssey 2 for ps3 and it was supposed to be announced at E3. But it didn’t happen. Blue Dragon was also a good game. I think Mistwalker is the only good jrpg maker around these days. I’ll be buying chrono trigger day 1 for sure though. I never got around to playing this game, so I’m pumped. Not quite as as pumped as i would be if it were Dragon warrior 7 though. hint, hint

  • This is a good thing…

  • I’ve been waiting years!

  • So wait, is it comming out as a PSone classic or an updated PSN title?

  • Well I guess it really doesn’t matter. :P

  • Crono looks like Tapion

  • A Masterpiece that truly passed the TEST OF TIME! (pun absolutely intended!)

  • Under normal circumstances I’d be THRILLED…. the problem is the words “Final Fantasy VI” echo in my mind…

    And I don’t wanna spend 20 bucks for wii points that I’ll only use 800 of…

  • lol it only took 5 comments before someone complained and asked about FF6.

    As I said a few days ago, I told you they wouldn’t release both games at the same time. It would make no sense for the same company to release two games of the same genre at the same time.

  • Yea I bet it’s the one with the load times.

  • Next is Chrono Cross, right? =D

  • no, next I want Koudelka.

  • I really am Looking forward to CT because I had the game when i was 12, but from what my dad told me i guess my old babysitter and her boyfriend were stealing stuff from the house so i never got to try it, how ever I just turned 20 today so I’m really looking forward to getting the as a download for my psp.

  • But what about Chrono Cross?!

  • Why would you want Koudelka? That game is extremely dated and was only liked by a niche group of people. It was ok, I heard a lot about it from a friend back then who said it was amazing but when I played it I was not amazed. I would rate it a 6 out of 10 at best. Its a game that Shadow Hearts fans seem to love…all 3 of those fans.

    Point is, its not something everyone wants so why bother getting it esrb rated and released?

  • Any word on an EU release? Please???

  • Nice…

    Now please release:

    Chrono Chross
    Legend of Dragoon
    FF Anthologies (FF5 and FF6)
    Suikoden 2
    Legend of Legia
    Lunar silver star -eternal blue
    Bushido Blade 1 and 2
    Brave Fencer Musaschi
    Saga Frontier
    Alundra 2
    Colony Wars 1-3
    Beyond the Beyond
    Tactics Ogre March of the Black Queen
    Kings Field 1 and 2
    Deception – Death trap dungeon 1-3
    Mega Man Legends 1, 2 and tronn bonne
    Crusaders of Might and Magic
    Civilization 2
    Fear Effect 1 and 2

    Oh I know i am forgetting some but there are tons of PS1 classics yet to be released on PSN… I buy every one (well minus the sports and children’s games.. as i don’t buy them on current gen either)

  • oh, and thank you… we don’t get enough JRPGS this gen. I take any I can get!!! Persona 2 on PSP is great, will install this next! Thank you.

  • And by jrpg i mean the ones like the ps1/ps2 era…to many today are lollipop girl jrps… I miss the days when jrpgs were epic save the world adventures not lollipop pre-pubescent crafting games.

    So far we have had – (of the ones that are not lollipop)
    Demon souls
    Star Ocean 4
    Renosaunce of Fate
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Eteranal Sonata

    That is pathetic list (quantity wise) of PS3 jrpgs… PS brand was founded on JRPGS… people bought the PS1 and PS2 for jrpgs yet this gen there barely is none (on any platform but handhelds)

    Where is the new jrpgs? Where is suikoden 6, Legend of Dragon 2, Legend of Legia 2, Grandia 4, etc… all these games would be great! I don’t care about the graphics if they will profibit making them.. And turn based systems rock!!! Just because twitch cod gamers don’t like doesn’t mean anything as they wouldn’t buy those types of games anyway.

    Just a little rant sorry…. I appreciate the PS1 love, but it makes me miss the game styles of yor… I wish more new jrpgs would come to ps3. Japan gets them but we hardly ever do…..

    At least keep rereleasing ps2 jrpgs on PSN in hd and get more PS1 jrpgs… Please. WIll buy every 1 guaranteed!

  • @118 – Because… I want it. I thought that was pretty obvious. I wouldn’t want something rereleased if I didn’t enjoy it.

    @120 – YES, FEAR EFFECT! (for the record, I want that too, because I enjoyed it – just in case anyone asks why)

  • If the port’s like PSX with the terrible load times….. they could at LEAST make it Anthology, or $5.99.. Just a LIIIIIITTLE bit hesitant on this one, guys.. plus the DS version’s got these cutscenes AND new armor and dungeons.

    *toss-up until reviews post-release date*

  • How about Ape Escape coming to the PSN store? Please? I want that game again.

  • ALSO, if you ACTUALLY READ the first page, you’d see Chrono Chross is teased at being released. God, some of you, it’s like the useless bleating of lambs. You have no purpose, no real voice, you’re just making useless noise.

  • Speaking as someone who has never played Chrono Trigger.

    but i have heard a few things and have had friends rave about it.
    I am totally picking this up.

    I’m looking forward to this like i look forward to current big release games!

  • Price please

  • It’s amazing how much people support this garbage. And by garbage, i mean the re-release of games a fourth and fifth time. The DS version was good enough. Btw this is one of those games where if you didnt play it back in the day and made some nostalgic connection, then it’s just an outdated mediocre game. If I had to pick one to play again it would be Chrono Cross. Cross is way better than trigger. Haters will hate, but I still find it amusing that so many people are will to pay for the same game that is on it’s…fourth release? Dumb

  • @120 Here’s an idea. Go buy a PS1 for $20 and go buy those games. If you guys truly want these games you can have them, BECAUSE they are already out! Oh you dont even have to buy a ps1 because every single PS3 has the software to play Ps1 games! All of them!

  • Good! Finally!

    Also, get us some Chrono Trigger avatars ;)

  • So much win.. Thank you.

  • Well, as long as we’re all asking for more PSOne Classics…

    I’d really like both Future Cop LAPD (already on the EU store… hint hint) and The Next Tetris, which I’ve never seen for any other platform, and the only version of Tetris I can play anymore. That would probably get my wife to get a PS3, too :)

  • Can someone tell us if The Legend Of Dragoon will be put on the PSN? I know a lot of peopple ask about it but I just want to know if it will.

  • @Dbzlotrfan Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragonball and Dragonball z) does the character artwork for the Chrono Trigger games

  • Now if they would release FFVI, Chrono Cross, and Legend of Dragoon I’d be one happy camper :D

  • stop whining that the psx version sucks it the SAME!!!!

  • We Need and HD FF12, that game was Epic, i’m still sad my PS2 is broken we need an HD version of Final Fantasy 12

  • Price ???? O_O

  • I don’t understand all the people worrying about load times. This game will not be running off an old “DVD” type CD like it did on the origional will be running directly off the hard drive. I have FFT and there are ZERO load times and I owned it for the PS1 years ago. Trust me there is a huge difference. It will load as fast as the hard drive can go.

  • Magus. Why no here?

  • Really freakin awesome for this weekend for us retro RPG fan. I was going to buy it Via Ebay this month. Cause i want to play Chrono Trigger and Final fantasy 2 aka 4. for the 4th time :D. But thanks to PSN for making us RPGs fans make our day.. Two word for Nintendo SUCK IT!! We have the best version for this game!! Request for Playstation, please Please we need Suikoden 2, Breath of fire 3, Lunar Silver Star complete and Eternal blue with Avatars. Anyway good weekend indeed. Gonna be the first one to buy this Chrono Trigger when it hits tonight.

  • it’s the 4th and no Chrono Trigger what’s going on??????

  • UGHHHHHHH I want chrono cross and legend of dragoon. japan has had them for months now. what? no love for us true gamers?

  • @Cage_137
    Your fanboyism is showing. Also, Nintendo beat Sony to the punch by releasing a version of CT with all the same cutscenes as the PS1 release, and extra features that help tie it closer to Chrono Cross. Also, it’s the 4th and there’s no CT to be seen on the PSN just yet.
    While I won’t be buying CT for my PSP, I’ll definitely be on board for CC if/when it comes out.

  • so… where is it guys? I just bought a 50.00 PSN card so I could get this game (and a few other titles, obviously)


  • Get over it people. If you don’t like loading, then don’t buy this version. Sheesh. It’s a perfectly fine option for those who have no other option to play this great game. So off with you.

  • I bought it when it was released yesterday and have been playing it. Keeping in mind the last time I played this game was probably 1995 or 1996, I have to say I’m in CT bliss right now. There is in fact a small load time, maybe 3 seconds max when a battle is initiated and when it ends. But all in all I see nothing wrong with it. Thanks Sony. Enjoying some childhood memories as I write this.

  • bought it to support SQUARE but i will play the snes version on wii instead, after trying it out menu loads times are to annoying for me to handle …

  • + Dbzlotrfan

    Some of them look like Dragon Ball Z because the artist for Chrono Trigger was Akira Toriyama, who was the manga artist/author who created the Dragon Ball series. He also does the artwork for Dragon Quest.

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