Resistance 3 is Gold, Bonus Content on the Disc

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Resistance 3 is Gold, Bonus Content on the Disc

I’m here today to bring the news that Resistance 3 has gone gold, and has been delivered to manufacturing for its September 6th release date. Everyone here at Insomniac is excited for you to get your hands on the game we’ve been working so hard on for the last three years. Even now, our work isn’t complete, as we are actively working on the Online Beta, and will be bringing a Day 1 Patch to the game to bring updates and tweaks to the final product. The public beta begins today for folks who have codes from SOCOM 4, so we’re looking forward to fragging you online.

In celebration of our gold announcement, we wanted to give you the first look at a brand new gameplay trailer from Resistance 3. For those of you who have followed R3 since the announcement of the game at GamesCom last year, this trailer brings things full circle. I don’t want to spoil it, so take a look below:

Hope you enjoyed the trailer, and now that we’ve gone gold, we thought this would be a good time to mention that we’ve packed the disc full of extra goodies. When you pick up your copy of Resistance 3, you’ll also be getting access to playable PlayStation demos for titles like Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse (both in 2D and 3D!) and inFAMOUS 2, as well as a host of trailers and developer videos from some of your favorite PlayStation titles, including UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Starhawk, God of War: Origins, and SOCOM 4. We’re also sprinkling in lots of content from our friends over at Sony Pictures and Sony Music, including movie trailers and music videos from leading artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Incubus, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. So lots of good stuff to check out.

We hope you’re ready for the game’s launch on 09.06.11 and have got your copy pre-ordered! In the meantime, to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates about Resistance 3, be sure to follow us on Twitter or join the conversation at MyResistance.Net.

See you in the beta!

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  • … The bonus content you described doesn’t actually leave a good taste in my mouth, but for one huge reason.

    With that much space allocated to “bonus content” it’d appear that by all means you aren’t using the PS3 to its fullest extent, and based on the bonus content of demos and such it looks kind of safe to assume you aren’t even using half of its potential. This is supposed to be a huge AAA exclusive title for PS3… Games like Killzone run 43 gigs of a 50 gig disc… God of War 3 even used 40 of that 50.

  • I’m not exactly purchasing Resistance 3 as I’m getting it with the Playstation 3D TV once it releases but still… I really hoped for more for Resistance 3. I’m not even quite sure why you all waited so long to start running the beta when it’d appear that you all believe already you have a finished product as it’s gone gold the same day as SOCOM 4 owners get into the beta. I can already foresee a pretty large patch on launch day, something Resistance 3 purchasers are sure not to be pleased about. *Sighs* I dunno. This just all seems really disappointing even before launch.

  • If you all make DLC too, listen to your fans. The countless number of fans that have asked for Co-Op from Resistance 2 to return in Resistance 3. You all can’t tell me you don’t notice it too. Co-Op numbers for Resistance 2 are still very kicking when competitive seems to be slowing quite a bit. While many people hated Resistance 2 because of the lack of a weapon wheel and such (I wasn’t one of them; I actually quite enjoyed Resistance 2, just don’t enjoy the 10k kill trophy affixed to it) most can and do agree. Co-Op for Resistance 2 is miles better than most competition. Even if a DLC bit was released to bring back Resistance 2’s Co-Op mode and it had a $10 price tag on it, I for one would be right on it.

  • @KGH If someone waits that long to buy the game, they still might as well buy it new since the used copies of most Greatest Hits games are only $3 less than the new one. And principle? Its a choice. Buy new for the normal amount when it is released or reaches Greatest Hits or buy used and spend more money than the new one costs.

    Answer me this. Do you play games on a PC that requires a subscription fee? Or do you own DC Universe Online?

  • @ Undertaker85

    I’m with you. I will miss the co-op of R2. Taking down titans was epic. I think it’s premature to think R3 isn’t maxing out the PS3 because of unused disc space. These demos are about what 1 gig to 1.5 gigs apiece? Correct me if I’m wrong on that. But x4 that’s roughly 8g. Videos are a couple hundred megs. Lets say they used 38-40. How’s that bad? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a flying rip about any of this crap, but R3 is the real deal from everything I’ve seen and played (demo and beta). Let’s just see what it is before we judge it. Major props on getting the 3DTV pack. I’m jealous as hell my friend. Green eggs and ham with envy.

  • @ dilbig5

    I wouldn’t bother trying to reason with KGH. He’s made up his mind and you’ll have to settle for shooting me in the face on Sept 6th. Boycotts don’t work. Sure there’s a couple of small examples but this is something they won’t budge on. Not for now anyway. They’re going to have to NEVER buy another game and be significant enough numbers for anyone to notice. I believe in the free market and obviously the entitled class doesn’t believe these people who work for these companies deserve to get paid. They make $0.00 on used and rentals, and they want to exploit that. Have you ever read “Arguing with Idiots”? Great book.

  • The way I see it, if the PSN Pass stops people from buying an awesome game, they weren’t planing on buying that game in the first place. Why get so bent out of shape over something that hardly affects us in the first place? Drama queens ftl.

  • Oh and the Insomniac “fans” boycotting R3 over the pass weren’t really fans to begin with. GTFO.

  • Im in the beta…and …ive just bin “waiting for players” for about 10 minutes or longer!!!!! wtf is wrong with this BETA!…can there really be so little amount of people playing this game?…this sucks…ima play some KillZone 3…since im in a FPS mood and Wack Oops is over rated!!…SMH Insomniac!..FIX THIS ASAP!!!!

  • I’m a long time fan of the resistance series but I will be avoiding it from now on. This “psn pass” fiasco is an inexcusable cash grab on top of an already very expensive release price plus DLC prices. I have 2 ps3’s in my house and would be force to pay extra to play online on both systems. To expect ever increasing unearned profits on the back of your customers is sheer arrogance.

  • Oh and one final point, trolls like “blakseed” attacking us are the ones who are not gamers at all but obvious marketing lackies. Nobody in their right mind wants to pay extra for a game and get nothing extra in return NOBODY! From now on keep your amateurish propganda to yourself.

  • Going gold is fantastic news. The game looks awesome.

    I’m also considering picking up the book that explains the events between R2 and R3 so I can figure out what happened to capelli. Looks like Amazon has started selling it, so I can use my credit I’ve been sitting on. its called “Resistance: A Hole in the Sky” if anyone is interested.

  • @PirateHarlock If you buy the new version of Resistance 3, there is no need to pay extra. If you buy used, which there is no reason to for the first 3 months after its release, you have to pay to have the PSN Pass, otherwise its free. The used version will be $55, the PSN Pass is $10 or $15. Why spend $10 more than the new version cost? So few people on here really think into this. They are like, “I need a PSN Pass to play online? No way I’m paying for that. Looks like I’m gonna skip this great new game that I was gonna buy new anyway.”

  • Sony has obviously done a poor job explaining PSN pass. OR People who complain about PSN pass can’t read. OR Why should you get for 20 dollars what I paid 65 for? BUY THE GAME NEW AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING ADDITIONAL. The $10 (PSN Pass) is to pay PER GAME for online play IF you picked it up used or rented it. It’s kind of like paying people for their hard work. Would you work for free? I sure as hell wouldn’t, unless it was mowing for my Mommy or something like that.

  • @ nYcFrEeWiLL82

    On their twitter they posted about an hour ago that they’re working on server timout issues. I have now completed 2 of the 7 games I’ve gotten into. There’s plenty of people playing. A few too many I imagine. Hang in there. It’s worth it. BTW why do people who spell their names with mixed letters like you do seem to accel at shooters? Just wondering…

  • Sorry to all for my annoying repeat posts. I chalk it up to severe untreated ADD. Thank you.

  • @”pirateHarlock”

    Sure. “PirateHarlock”. I really don’t have to say jack. dilbig pretty much explains it well enough.

  • You $55 arguers give it a rest. Not all gamers go out and buy games when they are just $5 less. I’ve seen games that’s been a month old that have been 49.99 and even 45. Besides it’s all pro PSN pass people are missing the point. It’s not the fact that they are charging us for online if we buy used. It’s the fact that they are treating us like we’re in the wrong. Like we’re bad children that need to be punished.

    For the record I would have bought this NEW before they dropped this PSN pass stuff on us. But now I’m not going to get it at all. What with the omission of R2 style co-op, the best thing about the Resistance series, and this PSN pass stuff I’m not going to get it all.

    If a publisher treats me like a trolling child for doing what I want to with my stuff then nevermind. There are much better alternatives to curbing used game sales without locking away a staple part of games now days. Liking offering free DLC at launch for starters.

  • @NeonReaver

    You can always pay 60 bucks a year to play ANY game online. No one’s stopping you.

  • I really don’t get why this whole PSN pass or any online pass for that matter is such a big deal. Buy the game new if you can afford it. If not wait for it to come down for an affordable price. In other words, live within your budget. An online pass is no different then paying for a subscription fee for an Online MMO.

    If you buy the game new, no worries since you get everything. Online passes are here to stay.

  • *sigh*

    Missed the point or ignored the point.

  • I can’t wait to play it, the story looks awesome. Insomniac please come out with Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Avatars that would be awesome thanks.

  • College work, or Resistance? Sarcasm!!! But it looks great.

  • @ NeonReaver

    Please elaborate on how paying for what your getting is punative. People who buy used are now paying for what I pay for out of the box. I imagine after a 2-4 year development cycle these guys hate to see Gamestop and others making immense amounts of money re-selling their work and not getting one solitary cent for their effort. It’s a cash grab, sure. But I believe they are entitled to this cash grab. They EARNED that money. That’s my point.

  • sorry, punititive…I think

  • I cant seem to find a game already in progress and i sit in my own room waiting for players. I have not been able to play a single round. Anyone else have this problem ?

  • I have 4 ps3’s with different accounts on each so yeah the online pass is a pain in the butt for me. I do trade games quite a bit. Beats having a game sit around collecting dust. I always buy the launch day collectors, and even buy some used, it is a ploy to sell more new games and hurt Gamestop/gamefly/redbox etc…

    I am disappointed there is no collector edition with this one. And the preorder bonuses are not that great.

  • So with EA games and it’s online pass, Ubisoft confirming their games will implement a pass to play online, and the Sony Pass, it looks as if there are a few people who won’t be buying many games in the future.

  • what will they do once all developers have a online pass?lol

  • I’m also having problems getting into any matches. It searches for games then puts me in a room by myself.

  • So all the principled people will be boycotting Battlefield 3, Assassins Creed Rev, Driver, Rayman Origins, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, SSX, Need for Speed, Madden 12 and NCAA, Ghost Recon, Far Cry 3, Forious Four, Overstrike, Starhawk, and a few others…Wow. I’m glad I’m an unprincipled sheep. You guys are stronger than I am. What would happen if Activision joined the “Pass” ranks? Hang in there boycotters!

  • yea servers need more work done on them when u do get in a game it will disconnect also

  • When you think about it though, online passes are a bit of a cash grab by the Dev’s. Take into consideration that the servers are given to them for free, the staff required to maintain those servers work for free and the power supplied to run the servers is also given to them for free. It seems that were paying for a whole lot of stuff they get for free, screw it I’m buying an XBox……..oh wait, they have online passes too, and I would have to pay to play online on top of that.

    Online passes will soon be standard, no question, boycotting a game isn’t going to change that.

    Oh, and I am itching to get my hands on R3, my SE is already Pre-ordered.

  • Awesome bonus content. I’m glad that’s being utilized more. First game I bought with it I thought ‘awesome!’ That game was Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Wow. I had totally been ignorant and had forgotten that this would be one of Sony’s new leading flagships into their PlayStation Network “pass”. Sorry. I am not going to support this game. I refuse to support such behavior. It’s really about the principals, standards and rights of consumers. Many may attempt to justify that “buying” the game new avoids this, but that is just “enabling” the behavior. What it means is a direct cut into consumer rights and into the industries secondary market. Which is responsible for also helping the market stay a float.

    To those whom say because, we refuse to buy the game due to something such as the “online pass” that I am stupid, but I say you are ignorant and guilty of enabling the behavior that has been slowly revoking our rights and ownerships as consumers, and buyers. If you cannot grasp why so, many are in disfavor of the whole “online pass” situation then you may never actually get what it is rightfully about.

    The sad truth to all of this is that so, many more believe into the whole situation and slowly forward more of their rights away so, ignorantly. This is just sad.

  • i love Resistance!

  • @Rorek_IronBlood If you dont buy the game, then you are not a consumer, so why does it matter to you? Consumer Rights? When ever you buy a game, you are subjugated to how they choose to have the online part. What would you do if they just shut off the online completely? Would you buy the game then? Anyone within the first month of the game’s release is gonna buy it new. Even 2 or 3 months after that, there will be no price change unless the game is on sale at Gamestop. Sony and the developers get no money when the game is sold as a used product.

    Please do not tell me you play games like World of Warcraft or DC Universe Online that require a subscription fee or use Xbox Live. Because if you do, that is very hypocritical of you. How come when you buy any online PC game, you cant play it for free. You bought it, its yours. There is no difference between the PSN Pass and the subscription fee of a PC game except that the Pass is a 1-time payment, or free code. People are just used to no paying to have online, and guess what? They still dont.

  • @dilbig5:

    Uh, actually I am a consumer, I just refuse to support such behavior of any company. Obviously you don’t understand a thing about general consumer rights and again explaining to anyone whom obviously is too blind or ignorant to get it; will not get it. What would I do, if they shut down what? The entire interner or just the PlayStation Network? I would not really be affected (and by your own “logic” since I am somehow “not” a consumer I would be even less affected.) You are subjecting this entire logic of your’s to suggested retail pricing. Nothing more, and that is the “sad” part. Not once in my entire argument have I used the suggested retail pricing as a basis for argument. though many people world wide cannot honestly always afford to buy “everything” or anything new, and that yes, in most cases that makes this a true definition to “luxury”.

    As for what games I myself play is not really your concern. However, I will answer. No, I do “not” play subscriction based games, and have not for almost going on a decade now. It’s honestly a waste of funds, and time. Making conjectures and baseless jabs at me and calling me a “hypocrite” is childish at best when you do, not even know me.

  • the only thing that sucks about the beta so far is no one playing it , my internet connection sucks , and playing r2 and Rfom , i didnt lag at all , this one im lagging at [DELETED] did u guys do , looks so sick by the way , way better then the other games :D

  • @Rorek_IronBlood

    Um, you said you will not buy and dont plan on buying it. You are not a consumer of this product because you will not have the game, therefore you will not use the game. By you knowing the price and knowing that it will not drop for several months, whats the point of complaing about an online pass when you are getting it with a new copy of the game? And of course i understand that people will not or cannot buy it due to their financial status. Thats why i havent bought a new game since Black Ops. I was using the price as an example.

    And also, it doesnt matter to me what games you play. I was also using those as examples. I dont need to know you, it was just proving a point that if you pay for a subscription based game, what’s the difference with the PSN Pass?

  • @dilbig5:

    That in and of itself does not make me “not” a consumer. It just means I will not be “purchasing” this game. As I have been trying to point out all too obviously the PlayStation Network “online pass” is a slap to our faces and our rights as consumers. That is as basic as I can make it for you. What it is however, is an intrustion and aversion of rights. As for the money that is generated by this latest aversion? It is “not” making it’s way into the hands of those development teams. I have seen no, proof of such or contracts, articles proving it either. Not that they ever said it was even going to those teams anyhow. As always. people assumed it may go, to those specific teams or back into generating content or goods that will “benefit” us. As, Pirateharlock, pointed out before being silenced by Sony moderation and adminastration. It’s all just a ruse, and an experimental stab at seeing if the “majority” will even notice the invasion of rights while taking more money even still.

  • @Rorek_IronBlood

    Exactly, if you dont purchase the game, you arent a consumer of this game. What rights have they taken away? And please do not say they have taken our right from playing online away. I see no rights taken away. As i said, no one complains about paying to play PC games. Hardly anyone that does have an Xbox complain about paying to play “all” their games online. If you think this is the first time in gaming that this has been done, you are very much mistaken. You are just used to playing for free on the PS3 and what’s funny is that you still are.

  • — Continued:

    As for the difference between “subscriptions” and the “online pass” there is not too much of a difference “depending” on and of the situation. In most (but not subjected to all) cases a subscrition fee offers not only incentives, but a mutual benefact between consumer and publisher. You are usually offered “stability”, and continued generated content, support, and maintence. None of which is being offered here in this case however. Which only helps to prove that this is nothing more then an invasion of rights. Also take note that this supposed pass does more harm then anything, and again is offering no, incentives that should hint at support of this program. It’s a sham. True enough as already pointed out.

  • @dilbig5:

    Oh, my lord.

    You are too dense. All too dense. You don’t seem to grasp any of the situation or the dangerous game that is being played on all consumers. I am not “used” to anything. Again. You make jabs at me when you have no, claim or proof. Again. It’s a revoking of our rights. Especially in the physical sense and that of “ownership”. If you cannot or are too unwilling to grasp that I cannot help you, dilbig5. However, when Sony chose to go, this path I have no reason to support it; much less like it. Just because, I refuse to purchase this game (again) does not make “not” a consumer. It just means I do, not support this game or Sony’s choices.

    Also. Never once have I stated that this was the first time that his ever been done. Not once have I said so. However, it occurs to me that you are choosing to support, and enable this skewed behavior. That is your choice, and so, be it. As they say – “Ignorance is bliss”. Enjoy your bliss for whatever short period of time it may be. I on the other hand refuse to support it.

  • Hmmm. It seems like if Insomniac goes by what you say, they won’t support and maintain their online servers and won’t have new DLC sometime in the future. You know very well that they will. And explain to me what kind of harm the pass is doing. Incentives, hmm? With this new PSN Pass, the incentive is to play online or not. But since the pass does come with the game, I don’t need to worry about that. Unless I’m mistaken, the only pass is in the new copy of the game and that copy will be the same price as any normal that is released. Buying the game new, and within the first month (maybe second too), most people will buy it new even if it didn’t have an online pass.

  • And you still haven’t explained to me what rights they have taken away. Our rights of ownership? We own the game, we do not own the online servers. I see no reason to complain if I’m buying the game new and getting the PSN Pass with it for the same price as it would of been without the pass. If people had to pay for the PSN, then this probably wouldn’t have happened. But since PSN is “free”, that is their only excuse for “boycotting” games that use the pass.

  • And it would be different if they charged $10 or $15 for a new copy of the game but since its the same price, no cause for alarm.

  • *$10 or $15 more

  • What servers do, you speak of? The only servers that are used are basic and used to complete and help “matchmaking”. The real connection is and has been all “peer to peer” for Sony. Again. This has nothing to do, with their continued support, and I see no factual proof that without the online pass they would not support their own games anyway as in the past.

    (I swear I am dealing with children and adolescent ignorance at every given turn.)

    – –

  • I have already explained to you in the most basic form I could. If you are refusing to see the picture that is on you. This whole issue pertaining to the “pass” is more then just simply playing online or not, but again. That in and of itself speaks volumes. To deny any owner rights to the “full” game “online” included is ignorant and crude. Again. You do, not only “not” see the whole picture, but refuse to see any of the negative impact that this whole issue has on consumers. You seemed “justified” and self righteous in that of how, Sony acts and you seem to even feel they have every right to do so? How, arrogant.

    Also. You seem to be unable to read or grasp any of what I speak. As far as I am concerned you just are not worth discussing (much less debating) this situation with. I’m through with this fruitless debacle.

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