Resistance 3 is Gold, Bonus Content on the Disc

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Resistance 3 is Gold, Bonus Content on the Disc

I’m here today to bring the news that Resistance 3 has gone gold, and has been delivered to manufacturing for its September 6th release date. Everyone here at Insomniac is excited for you to get your hands on the game we’ve been working so hard on for the last three years. Even now, our work isn’t complete, as we are actively working on the Online Beta, and will be bringing a Day 1 Patch to the game to bring updates and tweaks to the final product. The public beta begins today for folks who have codes from SOCOM 4, so we’re looking forward to fragging you online.

In celebration of our gold announcement, we wanted to give you the first look at a brand new gameplay trailer from Resistance 3. For those of you who have followed R3 since the announcement of the game at GamesCom last year, this trailer brings things full circle. I don’t want to spoil it, so take a look below:

Hope you enjoyed the trailer, and now that we’ve gone gold, we thought this would be a good time to mention that we’ve packed the disc full of extra goodies. When you pick up your copy of Resistance 3, you’ll also be getting access to playable PlayStation demos for titles like Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse (both in 2D and 3D!) and inFAMOUS 2, as well as a host of trailers and developer videos from some of your favorite PlayStation titles, including UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Starhawk, God of War: Origins, and SOCOM 4. We’re also sprinkling in lots of content from our friends over at Sony Pictures and Sony Music, including movie trailers and music videos from leading artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Incubus, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. So lots of good stuff to check out.

We hope you’re ready for the game’s launch on 09.06.11 and have got your copy pre-ordered! In the meantime, to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates about Resistance 3, be sure to follow us on Twitter or join the conversation at MyResistance.Net.

See you in the beta!

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  • PSN pass is fair…but it’s stil just another thing to go wrong.

    I wonder honestly how much time has to be spent weaving this limiter into our games? And all because they want to believe it’s gamestop doing the most damage. I like the resistance series but with 3 I have really heard nor seen anything that I think stands out. Oh, wait they made muy fav weapon the air fuel grenade a preorder exclusive.

    They may consider dealing with other stuff before the gamestop block. I just feel they had way more important things to do.

  • By servers, I mean the system that puts players in the same session to play an online match. There has to be a system, no just someone’s connection. How do you think you can connect to a matchmaking server?

  • @Rorek_IronBlood

    Playing online is the only thing it pertains to. If the game didnt have online, there would be no reason for the pass to even exist. They have every right to do so. Its their product, they can change however they want. Thats like saying what’s the point of buying a computer and continually pay for the internet that you need. Its no different except its a one-time “free” code unless you buy the game used and even then its a one-time thing.

  • And unless there is a huge difference in the new and used price, there is no reason not buy the new one except to save $3 or $5. And its no different from getting a new game that has exclusive DLC and buying a used copy and paying more than the new one to have the same DLC.

  • (Last post out of “kidness”. First of two parts.)

    I already stated they are “basic” match making servers, but to even call them “servers” is really stretching it. As for upkeep that is on Sony. They stated and reaffirmed to the world when they fowarded that PlayStation Network would always be “free” to play. The continued purchases and funding from either royalties or retail purchasings when companies such as “GameStop” (talk about biting the hand that feeds you) buys a given number of copies to stock their shelves. Not to mention that the servers themselves are older and much simpler then today’s heavier load bearing servers.

  • (Part two)

    May I however, reccomend you re-read and attempt at a better grasp of what I was speaking of, and saying? Because, again I get the distinction you are not grasping it or refuse to do, so. Again though as for the pass what it is doing (among other issues) is revoking the rights and full ownership of anyone whom comes into possesion and/or ownership by any other means then through a “new” retail purchase their right to a full game. Which is an intrusion of our rights. Of course this is just one of many issues plaguing this entire situation. Also what happens when say said online pass “code” is not within the retail version (even when sealed?) Say an accountable variable happened and say that code was missing? What if that consumer cannot prove either otherwise? Must they pay an additional fifteen dollars?

  • Hey guess what? It still is free. I have yet to pay to play online. Oh, and about Gamestop. Sony sends them new copies. No point in sending used copies. They sell Sony’s new copies, people trade them in, and then they sell that copy as a used game. About your comments. I understand perfectly. But they aren’t cutting into any of my rights, services, or “ownerships.” I get the code when I buy new, there’s no problem with that. It would be different if the game was a pure, strictly online only game. That would be a direct violation but if it was an online only game, I would have to pay a monthly/yearly fee. Honestly, I have no clue why the didn’t include MAG with a subscription fee seeing as it is a strictly online only game. Code not in the new version? I wonder why its wrapped in plastic then? And most Gamestop’s new games aren’t in plastic so if you don’t have a code, it’s more than likely their fault. Look in the case before you go home. Thats just ignorance if you don’t.

  • Look, this online pass system is a blatant ripoff with no basis in reality. And marketing trolls here attacking rorek, myself and anyone else who stands up for your rights this is aimed solely at you. Nobody believes your lies, you’ve been told this countless times now. There is no justification for this, your infantile arguments, lies and attacks have been debunked time and time again. You may think your “helping” sony & insomniac with your continued harassment but what your doing benefits nobody. You’re only adding to the backlash against this redicululous scam against the very people who keep you in business. If you had jobs where you were held accountable for your actions with an exptation of productivity you’d soon find yoursleves unemployed. You see in the real world the rest of us live in we are paid ONCE for the work we do, when we want more pay we must do more work. Your assertion that developers / publishers / console manufacturers should sell one product and expect customers to pay & pay & pay endlessly is not only baseless stupidity its fraudulent.

  • Btw, why are people making legitmate complaints being censored and posts deleted when the marketing flunkies are allowed free reign?

    It’s really obvious this is a hot button issue and sony’s activities are not only underhanded but completely out of control. This needs to stop NOW.

  • @PirateHarlock

    Tell that to your cellphone company. Tell that to your cable company. Tell that to your internet company. Tell that to Microsoft or any MMO game developer.

    Marketing trolls? Ha, anyone commenting on this blog has no financial gain. We are stating facts and/or opinions. That’s what a blog is for. People are buying the game new either way so it doesnt matter if it has an online code, extra DLC, or a key to a new car.

  • I think this said it best, I believe it was from a post by soulreaver: If a publisher treats me like a trolling child for doing what I want to with my stuff then nevermind. There are much better alternatives to curbing used game sales without locking away a staple part of games now days. Liking offering free DLC at launch for starters.

  • @dilbig5: it matters, it can even screw up gamers that buy it new: people on countries that have PSN but no PS Store won’t be able to play it online since they won’t be able to exchange the code, only if they create an account from another country (which goes against PSN policies). Also their friends, trophies, etc won’t be merged with their original PSN account… unless this pass will be for the console and not just for the user, which if not, then it’ll will also screw families where there’s more than 1 gamer

  • Why some people seem to welcome these restrictions of ownership in games I will never know. What happened to the packaged game model that’s been working for the past 20+ years, you buy it, you own it. Not, if you buy it new, you sort of can use it sometimes on tuesdays between 8am and 3pm, if you’re wearing blue socks…

    There is no evidence they will even gain anything from stunts like this in the end, since the same old market economy will come into play either way, meaning used games will naturally drop in price, and people will not magically get or use more of their hard-earned cash to buy new games. A lot of people sell old games they’ve already finished to afford new games, and with this new pass those used games will be worth less, and the buyer will then have to pay extra money to get the pass if he wants to. In other words, it’s just another nuisance, with no actual benefit for the developer when it all comes down to it.


    Finally someone gives me a reason why this pass would suck for some people. That is very unfortuante for the people that do not have the PS Store in their country. And the family thing will suck too. If they only have 1 PS3 then i guess they have to make a new account to share if they don’t already share an account and put the code on it. But if they have enough money to buy multiple PS3s then they probably have enough money to put out $10 for the PSN Pass.

  • Alright. I am back in this whole debacle only because, of the pure “ignorance” and stupidity being displayed infront of me; by certain people whom will and shall not be mentioned by name and because, I wanted to see the response and replies of, PirateHarlock. Seeing how, she was unjustly silenced aburptly for no justifiable reason or reasons.

    — Continued on another post. —

  • For starters though lets talk about the lack of “proper” argument or discussion back. Especially in the “flimsy” (and almost whimsical) use of such improper examples as continued services as cellphone services, internet, cable or other “luxury” services which have no, real or proper reason for mention. Especially since there is a huge difference in what is being discussed. What is being discussed is the “full” rights and ownership in which companies such as Sony are encroaching upon and even prohibiting from us (for a disclosed price and/or continued annual services.) A real example however, would be CD’s (Compact Discs.) When one buys and purchases or comes into owenership of said CD(‘s) one does not expect and should not expect to be coerced into continual payment or limited use of said properties. One should also not have to expect such when purchasing of a “full” game new or even used.

    — Continued on another post. —

  • Hmmm, so when you buy a cellphone and then continually pay for it, its fair. Or when you buy a new tv, continually paying for it is fair. But when you put in a 1-time code for a new copy of a game or buy a 1-price pass that lasts forever, it is unfair?

  • When you buy the new game, everything is there, code and all. Everything is there. The game hasn’t even came out yet, why you even trying to debate over something people have to buy new anyway?

  • Now as for the usage of the words “fanboy” or “troll” I find them abused as is and feel no, need to use such inaccurate terms when “ignorant” is so, much more so.

    Onto the discussion of comments and/or otherwise; to rebutle and ammend that. Yes, many people on and within the blog making comments and posting do, have a “financial gain” to obtain or be had as you so, inaccurately dismissed. I am sure that many whom are employed with Sony wish to ammend or rectify misunderstandings or given situations (example: such as this fruitless argument and discussion) have many reasons to want to make a comment back about. So, as to lead to more proper “PR” or public relations. Which is a crucial and fundamentally proven to help increase awarness, sales, and relations between consumers and said given company. I’m sorry if some here may or may not understand what this all is. It’s usually basic.

    I’m done. I really hope that someone can rectify the ignorance around here. I feel it’s a losing battle.

  • People that are in Sony or involved with the making the blog get a financial gain. You can tell who is with Sony when they comment in red. I am just a gamer with opinions. Its ignorant to say you aren’t getting the game just because it has a PSN Pass. The game hasn’t been released yet and people have no choice but to buy the new copy, which comes with the pass for free. The game will be the same price if it didn’t have the pass. And it will stay the same price for months to come.

  • And just as ROLO_ONFIRE said, the only people hurting from this are the people that buy the game in a country that has no PS Store.

  • Oh, my…

    Has anyone just been “blunt” with you, dilbig5? Because, I feel I am going to have to be abruptly “rude” when I say I believe you are fundamentally challenged. As I blatantly pointed out (again I may add) those are other luxury services for a continued “renewable” service. Where as we are talking about the fudamental basics of ownership of a game (which is also common to a compact disc.) If you cannot grasp this all I have nothing further to say to you. Please may I reccomend you go, back to basic “elementary” schooling. As I am finding you to be w-a-y too ill informed and under educated in even the basics, and I am not going to waste my time arguing when I can have a proper debate and discussion with a more educated individual (like say a Sony represenative.)

    Good day to you, dilbig5. I end my discussion with you as it become too increasingly aware this has been pointless and fruitless.

  • Have you not read all or read to anything on the pass that anyone has said? Nope nope, if a pay for a cellphone, I own that phone. How come I cannot use its fullest capabilities without continually paying for it. You aren’t continually paying for any game that has a PSN Pass. You own everything that comes with the game, just as you have always had when you bought a game. When people it used, they are paying less than the game is worth for the same content. I’m just surprised Sony has just now decided to do this. You aren’t looking at the big picture.

  • @dilbig5

    How is it your still employed, even with this company’s poor track record your ignorance, blatant verbal assaults and harassment are inexcuseable. Seriously can you even read? games are not cellphones, cable tv or electricity. games are PRODUCT, you pay for them ONCE AND ONCE ONLY. END OF STORY! this illegitimate cash grab is unjustifiable as is your defense of it. Fortunately for us we only have to put up with your stupidity for just over an hour untill your gone for the weekend. We can only hope you have a pink slip waiting for you monday morning upon your return to your cubicle. Even the most infantile will realize that “free psn” and “psn pass” are contrary and the pass cannot be excused in any way. You cannot lie, intimidate or bluster your way out of this any longer, you failed so get over yourself troll.

  • @PirateHarlock

    Did I not tell you that I don’t work for Sony? I wish I did but i don’t. Where are these verbal assaults you speak of? I’ve been debating with people in a civilized manner. I was using cellphones and television as examples of products you buy but still continue to pay for monthly. You need to fix that statement because I do believe people pay a monthly/yearly subscription to play DC Universe Online (only quoting this one because its on PS3) or most PC MMOs. How is the PSN Pass on a game that hasn’t even came out yet a cash grab? Either you are gonna have to buy it new within the first month, maybe second too. By the way, technically PSN was never free seeing as you have to pay a monthly internet bill to even use it.

    And I do believe I did not lie about anything or force you to buy anything. I am stating facts and opinions. If you don’t want to buy the game, fine I don’t think anyone cares besides Sony or Insomniac. But do not use the PSN Pass as an excuse of not buying it like Rorek_IronBlood did.

  • *Either way

  • Excuses “it” says… Excuses!

    Can you honestly believe the remarks that it believes it can up with, PirateHarlock? Talk about some very uncolorful talk. I love how, it’s even beginning to form a proper argument. Though it is still far from “debating” anything. I would not even give it more of your time. It’s done nothing more then be a colorful ruse, and a cheap side show distraction. A simple… Freak show if you would, PirateHarlock. See how, it attempts to continually use “renewable services” as a baseline argument? Talk about pathetic. My own friend’s daughter of four years can argue better and at a higher intelectual level at that too. Laughable at best. Not worth even fussing over anymore. Just use lysol. I hear it kills ninety-nine point seven percent of “all” bacteria and germs. Sounds useful right now if you ask me.

  • Now that was just rude. I could have been an a** to you too but then there was no reason to. I love how you never gave me a reason in any of your comments on how it was doing any harm to anyone. You just used an enhanced vocabulary to make yourself seem like you had any point. And the PSN Pass is your only excuse on not buying the game when you were gonna buy it new anyway. And its the perfect example. I buy a cellphone. How come i can’t use it without any kind of plan. A cellphone without a plan is just a paperwait. I think it’s kind of funny that you cannot understand that. Just as you cannot understand that the pass is just a 1-time thing. Would you rather pay to play the games monthly when you would more than likely buy them new anyway? You don’t ever think out the box do you? You only think for yourself as I can tell. What a selfish, selfish person you are.

    I saw your comment where you said you thought the game looked great. Then you commented again saying that you won’t pick the game up because of the pass even though you would of gotten for free. That is the real pathetic thing.

  • A bunch of demos? Who gives a crap about on disc demos? Waste of disc space man…

  • @ Rorek

    You’re one of those people who thinks his ideas and opinions are superior to everyone’s aren’t you? You’re right no one here knows you but you seem like a real tool. You keep saying “For the last time” but you keep coming back.

  • @marlyt

    Dude, I just looked at your trophies and oh my god, you have played a lot of games.

  • people this is what seperates us from xbox users dont u see xbox players dont care what a company does as long as they play what they want!!!halo and gears sell millions because xbox players support it but ps3 games dont come close come on we can do better we need to support sony and their exclusive games ive bought all this year and havent been dissapointed except with socom 4 but thats because zipper doesnt listen its still a good game tough but the point is we need to support sony come on just buy it new no prob how do you guys expect sony to make money when you people lend games to others,xbox players buy all their games which equals sales im tired of xbox fanboys always claiming xbox is better because of sales!!!!

  • Will the stuff be like LBP2 where there’s an extras disc icon below the real game?

  • i explored the two maps in the beta and the graphics are incredible the dopple ganger is a cool new feature not to mention how much detail there is only three things i could say that would need fixing is one the climbing animatic seems kinda cartoonish but thats not anything major two is i dont have a shadow but my dopple ganger does :P and three the lighting in certain areas doesnt show up like it should other than that i have a question will there be a resistance 3 soundtrack? anyway thank you cant wait for september!!!

  • Pretty exciting stuff. Anyone else gonna’ have a hard time getting attached to this guy being that he killed Hale? I understand why he did what he did it’s just that after two games you sort of had an emotional attachment to Hale. I’m sure this game will still kick some serious alien butt though.

  • The only thing that surprises me in this psn pass fiasco is the lengths the sony goon squad will go in their pathetic attempt to justify this blatant ripoff. What I find funny is everything they say is abject nonsense at the best of times. They don’t even stop to think before they spew more drivel. And the verbal abuse they use against PAYING CUSTOMERS, do you goons have any concept how unprofessional this is? or how that and the lack of any coherent argument makes you look so obviously amateurish? the answer is clearly NO. It’s clear for all to see your trying to defend the indefensible and promote product under draconian terms that cannot be excused in any way at all. For the last time already, you are not “winning” you’re alienating customers permanently. Btw dilbag5, yes I already know where you work, it took a remarkably short time to see through your charade, so for you its GAME OVER, you lost.

  • oney as quicly as possible. The problem is I’ve played just about evertthing so syncing takes abt half an hour. and no platinums :(

  • sorry dilbig5. The first part sould read “I love to spend all my money as quickly as possible.” The mosepad on this notebook is very tempremental when it gets hit with the palm while typing and cause letters to skip. Doodley doo!!

  • @ LastGunslinger. Yes, but no. Hale had to die and he probably would have suffered greatly since his transformation was so slow. Turning into a chimera can’t be comfortable to the ol’ skeletal system. It probably stretches the bones out quite a bit and that’s gotta hurt. Also, I’m also from Oklahoma, as I believe Joe is, so maybe that’s why it’s easier for me. If I’m wrong and he’s not from Oklahoma then I guess we’re back to neutral. When someone from your home state is a badass who’s trying to save the planet you can forgive quite a bit.

  • @PirateHarlock

    No, you tool. What’s funny is that you can’t understand the simpliest concept giving by the easiest way of telling you. How is it a ripoff when you get the code for FREE when it’s new? What “verbal abuse” has anyone given you. You are the one calling people names. You still avoid my questions. You are the one not making any sense. Do you understand how minor this discussion is? The pass is there, no changing that. I’m just a gamer, as is malyt, who has chose to accept this minor change. I honestly don’t care if I’m the only one who buys this game. The pass will not matter to me seeing as I am buying it new anyway. Pre-ordered and already paid off. You are the alienating people with false, unfactual information that has no basis whatsoever.

    Now, “verbal abuse”? I am not a Sony lapdog, nor do I work for them. I play games for all consoles, PS3, Wii, and 360 but I chose the PS3 as my favorite. I accept what is reality but you apparently do not. You do not think and you apparently can’t understand either. Your side in this debate is now in void seeing as you did not even try to argue your opinions on anything. You sir/mam lost. GAME OVER, no continues, no restarts.

  • @ Gunslinger part 2

    Ok so I was wrong. He met Nathan Hale’s foster sister here and married her. He’s from New York but I still like him. Everything you want or don’t want to know about Joe can be found here

  • @Rorek_IronBlood, PirateHarlock

    Hey, what kind of awesome dictionary do you two use when you write your posts? You sound so… professional! Can I call you both Newton? But hey, I know you’re “probably” smart and all (at least you sound sort of smart), so listen here, and listen well…

    Stop complaining about the darn pass! I have been trying to read your so-well-informed-yet-so-funny-it-hurts posts, and I see you are getting to the “rambling” point. JUST CUT IT OUT!!! Resistance 3 is going to be a great game, and if you don’t want it, then DON’T BUY IT!

    Oh, and to Rorek_whatevertherestwas…
    I believe that you called dilbig5 an “it”, right? Well, you sir (or madam, or IT if you prefer), must be quite an immature, lonely, and dour type of person to refer to someone as an “it”. What kind of drudgery has possesed you to say something so inexcusibly rash and horrible? You are very arrogant, I’ll give you that. Arrogant, and a little sad…

    Okay, okay… I’m done with my post… for now :P

  • I was just kidding ’bout the “Newton” deal actually. Sir Isaac Newton is about 1,000 times smarter than the two of you put together, the way you guys are trying to handle this…

    It’s a blog! If you want to start something, TAKE IT OUTSIDE! Everyone is trying to have a nice chat about Resistance 3 going gold, and I’ll bet that ALMOST NO ONE ELSE CARES about your rants!

    So, why am I upset. Because I see this stuff every time I go on the internet! Quit corrupting these blogs!

    However, you are entitled to your opinion, so keep blogging, and I’ll keep peppering away!

    Oh, and from what I’ve seen the Campaign in Resistance 3 looks great! Hope the multiplayer gets better soon :)

  • All right, all right. I’m gonna be a smart person and apologize for the rude comments I just spewed out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it doesn’t matter whether I think they are right or wrong. If y’all want to flame me go ahead. I deserve it. However, I won’t be coming back to this blog anyhow, so I’m afraid any future posts will fall on deaf ears.

    Anyways, to Rorek_IronBlood & PirateHarlock… I’m sorry for being a jerk in my posts. What I said was extremely exaggerated and irrational, and also completely not true. I had no right to just barge in and start saying snide comments that weren’t true…

    The thing is, when people try to sound like they are better than someone else, it makes me angry, and I let my anger get the best of me. Is what you said wrong? To me, yes. But what I said was wrong too, and that makes me just as bad.

    Oh well, nobody is perfect, and that is why I am sorry for my mistake. Take it for what you will, but I’m signing off…


  • ….The PSN pass doesn’t bother me lol

  • @ 19 .
    I tend to agree w/ you. i am confused to why demo’s and video content have been inserted into the disc . i dont mind an exclusive demo or a disc packed w/ R3 material, video’s etc but why so much extra content which is not R3? a beta code or something i can understand but on the disc? im not trying to take anything away from the game, it looks great but im just curious to why and comment 19 did make a good point and now i myself am curious. we all love goodies and dlc’s but demos of games to which most of us have already played or tried to be placed into the disc itself is not a bad thing but wondering why not utilize the space w/ R3 content or making of video or something. i can understand the marketing aspect on your end but not grabbing the concept from my end.
    they key word is access , so is it not on the disc? im just doing some number crunching space wise


    That also confuses me because most, if not all that stuff is already on the Playstation Store. But I guess it could be for people in countries that do not have the content on their Store, like Brazil that just got their Store not too long ago. The people that would benefit from this the most would probably be the the people that have no internet (online gaming).

  • the online pass is a way to secure profit, buying used does not therefor it is something that alot of companies are following suit with and soon it will be rare for a game which features online gaming not to have it. it is what it is.
    i pretty much nuy my games new for the most part, and reason being are the dlc’s for pre-order. this is also a marketing device set up to encourage you to buy from store 1 rather than 2 . as we all know dlc’s will vary depending on store, each trying to offer something exclusive.. but the pass is different, w/o it you can not play online. and yes i do understand how this can be upsetting because unfortunately money does not grow on trees and especially around this time of year, with all the new release’s on the horizon, it can be frustrating because “jim” may want a certain game but has to wait for the price drop because of financial circumstances and now “jim” has to take note which games need a pass, therefor buying a game which was not really his/her top pick.. so yes it can be discouraging for some, but the path is paved for games to incorp free pass when new, it is what it is. who is jim? earthworm of course

  • Is there going to be any bonus pre-order content for Canadian retailers????

    What about a collector’s edition???
    I would rather not settle for the doomsday since I already purchased the full deployment edition of Socom 4.

  • @dilbig5 you make a very good/valid point.. but i still dont see the good in goodies other than ozzy,lol.. but its def not a deal breaker , still buying it because im a game junkie but it has to make one stop and wonder how much space is being used and why for the purpose of demo’s and video’s. but i did see that it said ACCESS in regards to the content so maybe it is not in the disk per se? wtf knows i just hope the campaign is not the back up to multiplayer being the centerpiece, i like a 50/50.. like crysis 2. now some may not like the game but it did have a decent sized campaign compared to alot of games now a days and the a decent multiplayer to fall back on (which does have its bad moments) but in my opinion either make a game like warhawk (online only) and then price it like an online only game instead of putting little effort into a campaign then being let down by not having a good exp overall( after spending $60+) hopefully R3 will offer both.

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