Resistance 3 is Gold, Bonus Content on the Disc

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Resistance 3 is Gold, Bonus Content on the Disc

I’m here today to bring the news that Resistance 3 has gone gold, and has been delivered to manufacturing for its September 6th release date. Everyone here at Insomniac is excited for you to get your hands on the game we’ve been working so hard on for the last three years. Even now, our work isn’t complete, as we are actively working on the Online Beta, and will be bringing a Day 1 Patch to the game to bring updates and tweaks to the final product. The public beta begins today for folks who have codes from SOCOM 4, so we’re looking forward to fragging you online.

In celebration of our gold announcement, we wanted to give you the first look at a brand new gameplay trailer from Resistance 3. For those of you who have followed R3 since the announcement of the game at GamesCom last year, this trailer brings things full circle. I don’t want to spoil it, so take a look below:

Hope you enjoyed the trailer, and now that we’ve gone gold, we thought this would be a good time to mention that we’ve packed the disc full of extra goodies. When you pick up your copy of Resistance 3, you’ll also be getting access to playable PlayStation demos for titles like Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse (both in 2D and 3D!) and inFAMOUS 2, as well as a host of trailers and developer videos from some of your favorite PlayStation titles, including UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Starhawk, God of War: Origins, and SOCOM 4. We’re also sprinkling in lots of content from our friends over at Sony Pictures and Sony Music, including movie trailers and music videos from leading artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Incubus, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. So lots of good stuff to check out.

We hope you’re ready for the game’s launch on 09.06.11 and have got your copy pre-ordered! In the meantime, to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates about Resistance 3, be sure to follow us on Twitter or join the conversation at MyResistance.Net.

See you in the beta!

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  • To all the people complaining about the PSN Pass:

    The game is gonna be $60 when it comes out. It includes a free pass. Since you are saying your boycotting the games that use the pass, why do you care? You arent getting the game anyway. The used version will also be $55 for a long time since its a PS3 exclusive. So if you buy it used, your gonna have to spend $10 more on the PSN Pass. Thats more than the new game cost. And eventually when the used price comes down to $35 or so, the PSN Pass is still gonna be $10, which will be alot less than the new game.

  • Hell yes! Downloading beta right now!!!
    Resistance is one of my favorite first person shooter franchises! Can’t wait to play online split screen multiplayer, and campaign split screen when it comes out! I’ve had this baby preordered for awhile now and its only a month away :D
    The trailer looked so awesome. The bullseye splitting three ways looks so cool. I also like how the bluray disc comes with other games demos/trailers/music! Those games are super good and for anyone who hasn’t played those games its a great opportunity to discover something new.
    Insomniac rocks! Can’t wait to pick up the full game this next month. Day 1

  • @51
    My thoughts exactly! Bravo man. Bravo.

  • I love the Beta now. The killstreaks actually make the game fun! Why can’t I log in the forum?

  • I will NEVER buy a game that has an online pass. I also do not buy or sell used games, ever. That’s right, it isn’t a used game that lost you the sale of a new game, your decision to use the online pass has cost you the sale of a new game.

  • Been trying all day to get on the Beta but it can’t find any games. Are there that few players on that there are no games available?

  • playing the frist resistance now to get ready for this kick ass game cant wait getting it midnight at gamestop sept 6

  • @gov451 If you never buy games used, what difference does it make if the game has an online pass? Any new game that used the pass will have one for free so its just like buying a normal game that doesnt have a pass. If you buy the new game, why does it matter if it needs an onine pass or not?

    Let me ask you something. Do you have an xbox and pay for xbox live? Do you play any games on the PC that require a subscription fee?

  • Oh hells yes. Awesome news to wake up to. Also, I just noticed that PlayStation Plus users finally have the Plus icon next to our names :)

  • cant wait to play R3..I already have paid for my copy in full and will be getting it as soon as my gamestop opens on release day!

  • @Dilbig5 Preach. My thought exactly.

  • @58

    I dont think you understand that it is a matter of principle. If this psn pass provided additional content or something then i would be in support if it. This is simply denies a person use of 1/2 of the game. I see no benefit in this for gamers. With ME2 at least the cererberus network did something neat for about a year. This pass does nothing other than try to screw more money out of gamers.

    Dont get me wrong, i LOVE insomniac,. They are one of the best devs imo and this is one of the best series but this trend of devs and publishers trying to get more and more and more money out of gamers is terrible.

  • This game is awesome and its a must have…I dont like capelli…but I need this game.

  • Hey James,
    You have been good in previous blog postings about responding to questions posted so lets see if they same philosophy still applies to you and IG about these questions. Can you explain what is the point of running a beta when clearly you are not taking feedback due to the game going gold? Obviously you will be able to patch it later but take a look at Naughty Dog, they had their beta for U3 in July and it doesnt launch till November! That to me as a gamer and a developer makes sense to me. It makes absolutely no sense to run a beta when you clearly are not going to use any of the info obtained from it if in deed you are even trying to. Its a shame too because I see a rerun of R2 all over again. Apparently IG doesnt learn from its mistakes. We were all screaming at you that R2 needed to be delayed in the beta and you didnt listen and clearly R3 could use a little more time as well but apparently you are deaf to the needs of your consumers.

  • @Superstrokey1123 With that logic, Xbox live should be free. World or Worldcraft should be free. DC Universe Online should be free. Buying the game new should not make a difference if the game needs an online pass or not. Your getting it for FREE anyway, it wouldnt deny anything. Sure it would suck if you have to pay to have the online pass on a game you buy used. But if the new game is $30 or more than the used game, why complain? Your still getting the whole game $20 cheaper if no one sold any used games.

  • Loving the cinematic cutscenes!

  • looks pretty good, but I’m not supporting games that have online passes (from any company) so I guess this time I’ll pass

  • Great trailer saw it already yesterday though :) What’s up with those bonus features though, that seems like a lot of filler fluff that has nothing to do with the game, like music videos and movie trailers and what not. What would have been nice would be some making-of videos of the game.

    I loved R1 and R2 was pretty good too, and R3 looks like it’s going to be a great game but I’m very disappointed with Sony’s new PSN Pass initiative and I think it’s really unfortunate that you use R3 as the first title to try this on, as I will not support something so consumer unfriendly.

    I don’t even care about the multiplayer, but because of the PSN Pass I’ll pick this up from the bargain bin sometime.

    Take notes and learn Sony.

  • Again, I dont see the problem with the PSN Pass with titles like Resistance 3. The game will stay $60 new and $55 used for at least 4 to 5 months unless Gamestop has a sale on it sometime during the holidays. I dont know how you guys are thinking but to me, getting the PSN Pass for free with the $60 new version is alot better than paying $55 plus tax for a used copy then getting a PSN Card or use your credit card to buy a $10 code.

  • @dilbig5 The problem is PSN is FREE no there charging people to Get on PSN. Think about it.
    And there are other means of Getting money from used games sales The Dev are to Lazy to Get there mony any other way.

  • This game is a day one buy for me. I got into the “friends and family” beta and cant wait for the full game.

    People who are boycotting games because of an online pass are idiotic. If you buy the game new then you have nothing to worry about…when you trade your games in to stores Insomniac Games does not get any of that money that the stores make when they resell the game for $5 less than new. If I were a game developer I would have started this online pass crap years ago.

  • @zombie9 Exactly PSN is free. Then how come I cant play DC Universe Online for free? Buying a new game that uses the PSN Pass on its release date or a few months after when the price is still the same wont affect anyone unless you buy it used. The reason people buy used games is to get the game cheaper than its worth. Like Bulletstorm, it’s still $60 new. It’s $35 used. About $32 if you have a Gamestop Discount Card. Paying $10 more for the online pass will still be cheaper than buying Bulletstorm new with a free online pass. What’s hard to understand with that?

  • And all that bonus stuff seems like a lot of filler.. It makes me scared that R3 isn’t going to be a game that uses the PS3’s disc space to be the full game it deserves to be. but then again 50 GBs is a lot of space.

  • The PSN Pass is not a subscription fee like Xbox Live or games like DC Universe Online. Its a one time (free if you buy new, $10 if used) code that you dont pay for monthly or yearly.

  • i like the game , especialy the beta but just one thing , error 200000013 disconnected is killing me

  • Saw some minor footage from Elpresador’s channel on Youtube. Looks more then decent thus far, and what really attracts me is that even Elpresador (Call of Duty fan) enjoyed it, and even stated that it “felt” like Resistance: Fall of Man. If this title brings back that RFoM feeling I’ll gladly waste hours of my free time into this game and even purchase it as soon as I possibly can obtain a copy after release. Lets hope this is the case, and that I can finally sit down and thoroughly enjoy a rich first person shooter (again.)

  • Wow I just got blown!

  • …away… away!

  • Excellent Beta 100 Times Better Than The One Naughty Dog Did A Couple Of Months Ago And That’s A Fact

  • Losers complaining about online pass makes me laugh. I’m boycotting crybabies for the rest of the year. Boycotts don’t work and the only people that will suffer are the tools who don’t pick up the awesome sauce game. =]

  • Is anyone NOT having trouble with the beta? I know that’s why they test and we’re priviledged to take part. Reminds me of Crysis 2 demo. But they called that a demo and this isn’t; so fear not, it will be great. I just wanted to know who has had successfully completed a match and not gotten kicked.

  • @Chase167,

    I agree with you on a couple points.

    Some look at day one patches and think the game shipped with something wrong, when it’s actually the developer improving upon the game after it’s been released. The beta is probably just one way the developer received feedback, and they couldn’t have received that feedback a year ago when the game wasn’t as far along.

    The PSN pass = no Resistance 3 purchase is nonsense. I’m sure Sony has something to with this, as it’s not called an Insomniac Pass. The same could be said about the demos and trailers on the disc, which is nothing new. Using extra space on a disc to advertise other games means the developer didn’t spend extra weeks or months to include additional game content? That makes no sense.

  • I’d like to know what Resistance 3 has taken from Resistance 2. Aside from the weapon wheel, some say the look of the game reminds them of Resistance: Fall of Man. I see that as America being now being as bleak as Europe was (or even worse), whereas Resistance 2 was brighter because of the invasion of a recently-occupied America.
    I appreciate the co-op campaign mode being brought back as well, but I’d like to know what good parts of Resistance 2 were carried over for this game.

  • It comes out on Sept 6? That is my birthday! Thanks for the present, haha.

  • Congratulations, I´m sure is a terrific game as the first one.

  • it looks bad ass i will buy

  • I hope we can still get the goodies if we get the resistance copy with Sony’s 3-D TV. I hear its coming out in Nov. 27th.

  • Why isn’t the U.S. getting the Collectors edition? this is such bullcrap..

  • @81 I played alot last nite only once today 1.01 update was a fail I do love the game with a passion though only if I could play more

  • More people not realizing what going gold means for video games. Also, EA has been loading demos on PS3 games for some time now. The single-player and multiplayer time I got with Resistance 3 was great at E3. I wasn’t a fan of the first 2 games either. Excited for the release!

  • @72
    because we still have to pay that f****ing $10. Eventually the prices will get so low, most wont care about the pass, which will be a long time, being a playstation exlusive. But untill then, anyone who wants, or need to save money either just wont buy the game, or will hold on the pass. Online play shouldnt be a privilege is my point, and most gamers who just cant sacrifice that 60$ or the extra 10$, but are big fans of the series will feel pretty damn disappointed naturally. Why do so many people have a problem with that? And for the people calling PS Pass boycotters stupid, you must obviously be too young to understand why or clearly have nothing better to spend your hard earned money on other than a videogame…..

  • @KGH If you get the game new, the pass is free. The price of Resistance 3 when it gets used will be $55. Lets see, buy the new and get a free code or buy the used and spend more money than the new one cost? I’ll go with the new. The price will not drop anytime soon so nobody has to complain about it. And if people love the series but say they wont get it because of the PSN Pass, they are stupid.

  • @92
    But thats my point. I’m saying some people cant afford those prices, and wont end up purchasing the game till it goes Greatest Hits. Theres no problem with that, unless you are an eager fan, which i dont see should be a problem either. Boycotters are not stupid because,like #62 said, its a matter of principle. I really dont think you understand what that is here.

  • No Resistance Fall of Man multiplayer as bonus content? Yep, still no buy for this game. Thanks for forsaken the fans that supported Resistance from day one and thanks for catering to the Call of duty fan base.

  • Glad to see that people haven’t forgotten about the PSN pass. It would be great if a large amount of people boycotted this game, so we could let Sony know that we won’t put up with this kind of thing.


  • KIDS KIDS KIDS…WHY ARE WE CRYING OVER THE PSN PASS? if you buy the game, the pass comes free..if you choose to rent, or buy it used at gamestop, then cough up the money to get a pass..this bickering over a pass that comes standard with a retail purchase is really stupid, and you sound lame complaining over something that you get free anyway..

  • yea I thought about banning games that used the online pass then I remembered I don’t buy used game so no sweat off my back see you soon resistance 3 and madden to all the dumb folk who don’t realize this is to hurt gamestop from making tons of profit and ripping people off why don’t u go express your feelings to them because it’s all their fault for being money Hungry pigs and robbers

  • Looks like a much better story then the first two..

    I want it now..

  • I want a Survival Edition or some sort of Collectors Edition, so not a day one buy because of the lack of love for the US. I will wait for the price drop instead.

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