PS3 System Software Update (v3.66)

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PS3 System Software Update (v3.66)

A new PS3 system software update, v3.66, will be released soon. With this minor update, system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved.

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  • @xbox fail

  • @AmericanNinja1- “If Sony isnt going to add any of them to the PS3 why have a PS Blog share”

    Exactly, 100% true.

  • It will be an awesome day when we have the option to listen to music while playin a game! Maybe some day

  • I love my PS3, but we want more features.

  • Sharingan_itachi



    We would like to see an easier navigation under the Download History section



  • From when did we have an update that actually gave us a new feature?… man.

  • @Skater_Ricky: All of the above please

  • @SoleAddict23 #92 so agree with you on the most requested features. Im not sure some of these features haven’t been added at least some of them.

    Major ones Id say from your comment are Improvement on UI and Universal Game Invites.

    Kinda get tired or the dumb Game Invites that game developers are making.
    (Some Game Developers are making really good Game Invite System and others aren’t trying to hard.)

    Game Invite System I see that works really well are Uncharted 2, Killzone 3, and Black-ops Invite System isn’t to bad.

    ► A Universal Game Invite System is a MUST! ◄
    ► Please Revamp In-Game Menu ◄

  • @ megamixer – LMAO, you weren’t pointing anything out, you made a mistake, just admit it. Not a big deal but to now dance around it?

    Sorry but I don’t consider security updates to be crap – did you, on the other hand, enjoy the PSN downtime?

  • @timmy198880- That´s not how it works, we, the consumers who spend our money on their products, have to let companies (Sony) know what we want, what´s wrong, etc. so they make it happen, how do you think the Xperia X10 mini cell phones happened? because women in Europe complained that the X10 was too large for their hands.

  • I wonder if this update will make Fallout 3 & New Vegas stable? I’m sick if playing 1 hour & having the game freeze!

  • I just don’t understand for the life of me why we still have the same crappy UI, Browser, lack of cross game chat, and an install process after a download. I love my PS3 but my phone has much better intergration of these servicesthen the power house that is PS3, it absurd that my phone will run flash content that my PS3 doesn’t. Xbox is getting killer updates and everything is organized and clean but Sony which just recovered from that hack session is struggling for some reason.

    Please improve the user experience cause its horrible and unpolished

  • @iagree fallouts new vegas was fail game no online [DELETED]

  • I wanted to add that there should be a standard way for doing specific task like in game messages and invites need to be revamped or a system needs to be put in place that’s better than the current.

  • @ pythobn 101 what hell you talk about

  • SlaughteredNinja

    @THuGNiFiCeNT651 I’d love to have that!

  • more features needed in update. look at


  • RyanMcBainDOTcom

    A new PS3 system software update, v3.66, will be released soon. With this minor update, system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved but you will STILL NOT BE GETTING CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT BECAUSE WE DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT!! – Sony

  • unless this fixes dead nation, i don’t care

  • @Senjutsu_Dav
    Last June they added the ability to rate things on the PS Store. The recent optional 3.65 gave us the ability to copy PSP save games to PS3 which I found to be quite nice.

    Did you notice I slipped a PSP update in there? Will you say that to was error? Speaking of the PSP, why not ask any PSP owner how the dozens of firmwares which supposed improved security worked out for them. (Hint: it hasn’t. The current PSP firmware is still exploitable. :D)

  • Sony should make new whole PS3 ever better with hardware and keep using the same software. PSU better know as PlayStation Universe. If sony can design the whole style more better i think sony can make the PSU life last whole 10 to 12 years more at tops. If there make the power box into power brick and really good fan system to keep the system more cool down.

  • I would like to see a game timer for all games played on the PS3. I know some developers include how long you’ve played, but it would be a nice addition to the stats to know how long I took exploring every inch of a game(Borderlands). It would be a nice post to add to the trophies.

  • How about PS1 games Hardware rendering…That be nice.

  • ugh more of “these” updates…add some features dammit or next time don’t underestimate what we’d want and use more ram so we can actually do something while in game.

  • Rumor has it

    Big Features in 4.00 firmware. Of course, IT was supposed to be released by E3 but it’s been post-poned due to the network attacks on Sony and PSN. Now they have to test all the neat features of 4.00 with the new data network and its specific software functions.

    Oh wait….That’s the lying voice in my head…

    But srsly, thanks for keeping ps3 and PSN safe.

    ALL I want is a faster XMB, that’s it really. lol. I’m a simple man and I love my XMB simple and well FAST(er)

  • Thank you everyone for the help, Helped me out a lot so thank you!!!

  • @116- Like an activity log? I would like that, improved from the Wii one. It would be great for parents too.

    On a different topic, has anyone seen the preview video of PS Vita´s LiveArea UI? Those features are freaking amazing, you can like and comment on people’s status´, you can access a game, PS Store, and go back to LiveArea without any lag or loading, there´s even emails! How does PS Vita, a portable, have those things BEFORE it launches, and the most powerful console ever that has been released since 2006 doesn´t yet?

  • What you mean by updated network services being improved? I thought they where already are. I need some more info than an new update coming soon thing.

  • Also, agree with Skater Ricky, but we should be able to access everything from anything, game, movie, video, music, etc, except for things like system update and things like that because obviously you have to be on the UI to update.

  • Sony, Please fix the Backup/Restore function.
    This is my second refurbished PS3 and I’ve discovered that the back up only works if you’re moving from an old small harddrive to a larger one in the SAME SYSTEM. In my case I originally had a 60gb PS3 and moved up to a 320gb drive. In this instance I was able to retain ALL of my content downloaded over time. Game saves, Rockband Music DLC, PSN downloadable games, Demos and PSP content were ALL restored.

    But the back up utility is WORTHLESS if you suffer a YLOD or otherwise known as an over heated PS3 with a yellow light. You’re told before you send a system in for service to deactivate your system on your account and back up your data, but in this case the system will not stay on long enough to deactivate it from your account. Even if your system were capable of being on for the hour or so it takes to back up your harddrive data, when you send your system in for servicing, and they send you a refurbished or replacement system which you can not use your back up data on to restore your games to your harddrive.


  • it sounds good that ps3 format software and network is improving but come on psn please make a party chat so we can chat with our friends while playing different games like xbox does and also that we can lisent to music at the same time as we play

  • I don’t care if you will respond to this or not I think you won’t cause you never do respond but let me say ADD SOMETHING NEW TO PS3!!!!! I am tired of useless updates on stability, services, etc. You my friend and favorite company NEED to MAKE SOMETHING NEW I do not care what it is just do not bore me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Honestly, THIS BETTER FIX THE ROCK BAND 3 GLITCH WHICH IS AFFECTING EVERYONE WITH RESETTING OUR PS3s as this happens on all PS3 Systems I just bought the Call Of Duty PS3 System and it even happens on it.

  • If you people that keep crying about part chat and cross game chat want it so bad then go to the 360. It’s a pointless feature that the typical person couldn’t care less about. The last thing I want when I’m playing a game is to have someone talking in my ear the entire time.

    To the people who want to know what’s included in the update, you’ll never know what’s updated because they don’t want hackers to know what they’ve changed. Look at Nintendo, the 360, Microsoft with Windows, all they do is tell you the core function of the updates so get use to it. All you need to know is it’s going to make the PS3 and the Network run better.

    To the people talking about all the amazing updates to Xbox Live. What updates? They update twice a year and each update add’s thing’s PS3 already offers. The last update added in Hulu and that’s the only major improvement. The reason the 360 doesn’t update as much as the PS3 is because Microsoft has gave into the hacker’s and let’s them run their console.

  • Hopefully more info on this update soon.

  • To 15. create a new sub-account. Use existing account use your email and password. Go to account management download history and download it to your new ps3.

  • Approximately how big is the download file? I only have limited data per month and I just update to 3.65 a week ago.

  • I want an Update which will allow me to remove a PS3 Game which have a 0% Trophies. I have about 20 Games that say 0% that I do not own and it causes the PSN System to take forever to Sync my Trophies it took about 20 minutes to Sync Trophies!!!!

  • Amen 128

  • Look, who the hell is your IT group. I log in, everything works fine, starts to download, then it just disconnects me and then i cant get back in but i have internet, can sign in and out at will, internet test successful, settings are good, wep key secure or not both works intermittently, Check website last night and under maintenance so tonight aaahh i am thinking finally and boom cant get to anything store, multiplayer, any game i own over 70 games, I am so tired of trying, i think i am going to buy an xbox, oh wait i get one free if i buy a laptop. COMON SONY. I have spent 30 years buying sony professional products in the broadcast space, I would have thought you might have fixed this 19 year hacker problem looong ago. My son and I are just plain bummed. What good does it do to get back online and you cant probably handle to surge of loyal users from accessing. Please post what users need to do, not just blog about it, info page something i dont have to search and search and search. Customer service got any. Oh my son requested his new password reset months ago and only requested it once like you asked, I just did it again. within 24 hours doubt it.

  • i agree with all the people in here that say WE WANT PARTY CHAT !!!!!!!!! RAGE

  • BIGG_Boss_Dog_DJ

    So cant you guys make these updates that do NOTHING download in the background. ANd hey how bout we get a update with some fresh features damn i cant remember the last time we got a good up date

  • hey can we get accross game chat???

  • I’m always having a hard time loading my Netflix! I always get an error message O_o

  • Uncharted_Lord22

    @skater_ricky wth? Those were my ideas. What about bluetooth file transfer

  • Its out!!!

  • why is there somebody out there always complaining

  • Sony I got a system update 3.66. Sony you guys
    know what to do that’s why I know I can believe in you

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