PS3 System Software Update (v3.66)

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PS3 System Software Update (v3.66)

A new PS3 system software update, v3.66, will be released soon. With this minor update, system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved.

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  • Look , Sony , we all like your updates , but you really have to start listening to your fans. In case you haven’t noticed the majority of us want Cross Game Chat and a party system! I want to be able to talk to my friends while playing >.>
    Nice , you have it in the PS Vita but we want it in our PS3s! Why are you not listening to us? Have you not noticed that the Xbox360 fanboys keep shoving it in our faces? >.>

  • PS3 need better update to fix the freezing problem and alot of people want cross-game chat too, so give ur fans what there want. You Jack said the Fans are the bloodline to the PS3 and PS Family, so make us happy or u will lose your fans who feed you power to have jobs. no this is not anything i am making point out to sony only.

    I remember Jack saying that we are the bloodline to Sony and all there hard work, but that can easy be change over to maybe xbox360 or other system family who will listen to there fans. But not to worry i am with Sony all the way even if we lose most of the PS Fans. I’ll buy all your systems to come. :)

  • ive tried downloading the update into usb (update via external storage) from the official Sony ps3 website
    where is exactly say 3.66
    after 1 hour of frustrating download i went to my ps3 to do the update,
    i was mad to find out that the update i have downloaded is 3.65 and not 3.66

    SONY. is it possible that you haven’t updated the file on your official website ???????????????

    any one GOT the same problem ?? pls share

  • you cant even sign-in 2 profiles on ps3, not even cool. i think xbox360 has better qualitys then the ps3. thats y alot of people are leaving ps3 and going to xbox360 because of cross game chat, able to change gamer-tag when ever they want, graphics are even better in some places, even avatar creator, xbox satisfy their consumers unlike psn with their half effort to make every one happy or even give some competition to microsoft. they are really kicking sony butt right now…… opinion

  • I love my Playstation 3 but I do have a little gripe and that’s these updates. At the beginning firmware updates added new functions. But lately all we get is stability and security patches. I would have thought that with all of the time spent fixing the whole hacker fiasco. We wouldn’t still be getting security patches. Why is it that we aren’t seeing new functions that we have been asking for months. I can’t stand the xbox but they keep getting new functions. Come on Sony throw us a bone. give us one of the requested new features. cross chat with Netflix, Support for Matroska file type .MKV for video, support for Amazon’s Instant Video. Just something other than security updates.

  • Is there any chance we can get more information as to how ‘system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services’ can be improved? I’m genuinely interested in what goes into these types of things, whether it’s just a bug fix patch, or much more involved. You Playstation folks would know best about whether there’s anything of substance behind this, but if so, I think it’d make at least a slightly interesting blog post :)

  • your new ‘update’ screwed everything up lag fest, frezzing, bad hosts. you made online worst

  • @601 the update is not ready yet that’s why it is not even live,

    And people we don’t know if the update is for security are will it improve it will it worsen I’m all for this update you got to have stability before pleasure so they want to make sure it’s ok before we get new features. and X game chat is that really necessary i rather have multi tasking then that. But lets wait and see what it does. Then if it does jack complain all you want even though it is not going to solve anything.

  • @605 you probably have a bad connection. And the new update is not out yet that is maybe 3.65 is the one you got apparently you cannot read.

  • y is my update is taking so long.

  • anybody got call of duty black ops?

  • First you guys complain about the system not being secure enough but then you turn around and complain about system/network security updates? A bunch of crybabies, you are.

  • whats the japanese play station guys name,the main guy in japan…does anyone know

  • t(-_-t)

  • Can do without the party chat nonsense hell I applaud the lack of but wouldn’t mind seeing something interesting though just not sure what yet. Have to see if we ever get something interesting though just hate wasting space on useless crap like that worthless Facebook thing.

  • 3.80 System Update:
    1. With fixing freezer problem on all games and other parts of the system. ( with some are asking for and me too)
    2. Cross-Gaming Chat ( that all the fans are asking for)
    3. XMB more faster & add some more cool things that sony fans want like PS Blog lcon so with PS3 or PSP you can go to the PS Blog more faster. How about TV Show that has anime shows or anime movies by the way.
    4.non-PS+ Online Storage (how about 150MB for non-PS+ members and PS+ members get 300MB or 2GB for storage.
    Hardware System & others:
    1. How about making super cooler fan system for both fat and slim PS3 models that can keep the PS3 system from overheating so bad during hot weather.
    2. How about making the PS Move controller & PS Navigation Controller both sale together for 69.99$ cheaper.
    3. Saleing new PS3 both fat and slim models with colors then black all the time. How about blue, green, red, and more other colors. With style looks too to make it special cool looking system then.

    PS: To all Sony works and members try to make this possibly for us Sony Fans who has been with you for so many years now. And i know that Sony fans with be more happy then ever.

  • For some reason i disconnect from the server and i am unable to update my ps3. Also i get signed out of playstation network randomly. PLEASE HELP ME SONY

  • ok sony this has gone on forever what is the point of having a comment board if sony itself wont even read it a majority of people are looking for cross game chat i think that is a simple enough update rather than just doing 100 small updates that no one really truely cares about thnx anyway to sony MAKE.BELIVE

  • Can someone explain this to me. For the last two firmware updates my Playstation Plus Automatic Downloads tells me once upon start up that 3.66 firmware has been downloaded. When i go to system settings it is still on 3.65. Why isnt it downloading the firmware updates but all the game patches have been working fine all this time????? Can someone answer my question . I called into Sony and the service Rep also couldn’t answer the question. So what is the problem?????????????

  • @614 Wait for the vita trust i feel a big update coming for the PS3 when vita is released.

  • @614 Wait for the vita i see a big update coming for the ps3 a while after the vita is released.

  • sorry about the double post it said i already had the comment

  • you whats so funny i think sony does not care no more about us fans and are leaving as hanging. PS Vita is coming with cross-game chat but there want it on the ps3 so bad. i see why though and to me with it or not i am still good with it. The only i care about right now is getting my PS3 System to work and not freezer up on me when i play any games i want. The freezing’s part only happen when i update my system the other day and i starter to play my games today. after 20 times today all 20 times my PS3 freezer up when i try to play video game. I am so mad at you Sony, I trust you for many years sense my birth and never i been this mad at you guys for making my PS3 freezer up with this bad update ever.

    Maybe its time for me to move on to my PSP system after i get it fix from when my cat broken it after i left it on my desk he just jump on my desk and i hear bang sound in my room. I got check it and my whole PSP system was broken, i was so mad but not as mad as i am to sony right now.

    PS: i’ll go out and buy xbox360 and make YouTube video of it.



  • C_ayo_ea-H_g_nes

    give us an update that contains the followings :
    – the ” SEARCH ” feature for the music , photo and movies categories.
    – the automatic start of the PSLive if the system left idle for a set period of time in case not gaming.

  • DANG!!! I just want to play a game and NOT GET SIGNED OUT OF PSN!!!

  • #625 I feel the same way!

  • Added stability would be nice… the last update ( 3.65 ) TOTALLY bricked my system… and Sonys answer was to offer me the reduced price of $99.00 to unbrick my system and the envious knowledge that my system will be in their care for about 4-6 weeks while they repair the damage the last update did… I guess its worth it since my credit card ( which they asked for to pay for all this) is now behind a secure server that will not be compromised in the future ( so sorry about the past), I had this same unit in for YLOD one year ago so I guess it was about due for another trip to the shop ( what a great business model ” it plays great games but breaks once a year so we can get more cash out of you” and if we cause the damage we can reduce the price $50.00).
    Since the systems release I have gone through 10 systems ( units) and about $2,000.00 + in repairs on top of the purchase price…. anyone else think this is a strange way to run a business and care for your customers?

  • Wow!!!! Over 600 comments. This post might hit over 1000 comments soon.Gonna need more popcorn XD

    I bought a PS3 to play video games & watch movies PERIOD, not to chat with people (who are playing other video games) while i’m playing my video games. I want to be totally immersed & heavily concentrating on the game that i’m playing without being disturbed by people that want to “chat”

    I prefer to chat with people when i’m not playing any games.

    Think about it, the primary reason you bought a PS3 is to play to best cutting edge Video Games out there not so? Not to “Cross Game Chat”

    PS3 FTW!!!

  • i brought my PS3 Slim to have fun meetting new people on the PSN by chatting with them once only and playing the new video games i love so much is final fantasy, star ocean, GTA, even new games i never really like until now. And i am going to make youtube video about my PS3 System being useless now sense that update 3.66, and i think it will hit 1000 soon. keep going all and i’ll go get some popcorn too. XD

  • Why do these updates take soooo long!!! Wanted to play a little bit of co-op Portal 2, 30 minutes later and I’m still waiting for the update to install.

    Don’t get this sort of problem on the XBox :)

  • Stupid update bricked my ps3!

  • who cares about cross game chat! If you want to chat with your friends, play the same game together. Or go into the already functioning text/video chat system. CGC is absolutely useless.

  • I’m going to have a cup of coffee and some cheese cake just to see if we get over 1 thousand post :)
    if someone would like to join me i have some popcorn left overs hehe. we can do this lol

  • Having issues downloading the “optional” update since I can’t log on with my PS3 due to the required “mandatory” update … what? Tried downloading to a USB drive via my PC, but the v3.66 update, downloads what my PS3 sees as v3.65, which when loaded, doesn’t clear the need for the “optional” update as I still can’t log-in to game on-line as I’M STILL GETTING HIT WITH THE NEED TO UPGRADE

  • This update is leading to ps3 Cross-game chat (xbl parties) Can’t wait

  • if you dont have to download new patch how come service wont work and you are denied access??

  • i made my YouTube video and will be posting link to it soon guys, it will take while to upload it, and jose213jose is guy not girl. Thats my friend who put that icon for me, guess she is trying to be funny, i may change it later when i feel like it. Anyway its looks pretty cool lol. There should let us make are own Avatar’s on the PS3 and used them as are PSN avatars. And let as sell them for points for the PS Home to buy new items, and other things too.

  • ha.. half the people who are upset about downloading a little patch, are just jailbreakers who are mad that they wont be able to play online. I lol at all the post that try to make it look like they are just mad that theres not enough info. so let me get this right.. you will update your flash or whatever else on your computer and not get mad, but when it only takes a sec to dl a new patch for your playstation online that was JUST HACKED and knocked offline for a REALLLYYY long time you get mad?!?!? lol, yeah whatever…

  • will this post hit 1000 in one day or need two days for it to happen? AT 639 if there as people who jailbreakers there system on PS3 sony would have kick them out or ban them right about the day the PSN want back up. I don’t like jailbreakers or hacks i against them and who would want to miss used there PS3 or PSP or PSPGo like that its sad and thats not why there were made for. There were made for fun and to play games online with friends u have and on your own time.

  • I patch and Mine works fine 3.66 and I’m happy to get updates because I know there still there working for us and I got a Fat 60

  • Universalfan,

    And Sony fan boys dis the xbox 360 because the RRoD. I have both systems, and my xbox360 that i have had for 3 years not one problem, my ps3 had it for 6 months, just got it back from warranty repair….I see your frustration, thousands of dollars down the drain, I would be mad too. I love both my systems, just tired of sony fan boys think the ps3 is better. As a consumer, i lean towards the 360 as my preference just for xbox live, the amount of online content they have hundreds of demos, hundreds of arcade games, faster download speeds, CROSS GAME CHAT, better multiplayer connections, upates take seconds not 30 minutes, once your game download is done no lengthy install process…i gladly pay for xbox live i paid for playstation plus….waste of money.

  • can anyone tell me why when the 3.66 download on my system stops and says an error has occured at 69 percent on the dot?


    koo – LilB

  • And i here just as many people if not more on this blog complaining about the YLoD vs. RRoD or there system has been “bricked’

  • Don’t you just love crying teenagers? I updated 11 am this morning no issue Download fast installed prefect. You kids should let your parents installed FW updated.

  • People need to live in reality not some fanboy fantasy land

  • downloaded my update just fine too

  • Is anybody else starting up their ps3 to get the update and it just sits at zero till you get a error has occurred message? Seriously Sony wtf? You got hacked by a group if people and get mad. Next time a hacker hacks a ps3 give him a job instead of pissing off his friends. Also when you release a update it would be nice if it wasn’t total bs. I’m pissed to the point I almost want to get rid of mine.

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