PS3 System Software Update (v3.66)

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PS3 System Software Update (v3.66)

A new PS3 system software update, v3.66, will be released soon. With this minor update, system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved.

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  • @541 @ all I dont want your friggin names nor Do I want to know how old you are although I could probably guess .Change that it would not matter I said who Your name is still not “who” The person it was directed at was skynetoo3 Level 8 About 443 Trophies and Only 1 game in Common

  • 550 comments about this minor update……………………JESUS….SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 550 you smart arse, answer post 539 then

  • Just read the friggin comments. I dont like Xbox but I have honor and respect. You dont Race Because you are going to win. You do because You can

  • @540 Ill get right Back to You on that

  • What the heck is cross game voice chat and why are people whining about it so much?

  • @apollorise sure u were! whatever it does not matter to me.

    Is sony even read what we are posting or are there sitting on there chairs drinking pop & said i give up. And there go to say why don’t we just spill the beans say PS4 is coming out soon to replace PS3.

  • PS3 is freezing at 27% of the download everytime. My PS3 slim did just fine but the older 80GB PS3 having issues. Please help!

  • Hey, where’s Legend of Dragoon? GIVE US IT, SONY.

  • means cross-game chat and all the things the people want is coming but not on the PS3 but on are whole system called PS4. Which has more better hardware and is 5 or 10 or 20 times stronger then PS3 in every way possibly

  • what is, system stability it sounds like it makes the ps3 more stable but on what?

  • ps my face is for my comment on ps3. not here.

  • @jose213jose when my ps3 restarted it worked then froze had to hold power button (slim model160) it turned on no XMB turned off again, same. Need a fix Sony! Tryed many times already. Might be the hard drive.

  • @556: Try using the PC update method instead.

    Just scroll down and click the “PS3 System Update – 3.66 – Get Update” link to the right.

  • @561 ZbananaX

    theres also another button reset method I forgot what it is though . Ihad to do it to reset the video and it reset my whole xmb ..did not really hurt anything

  • Mine is slim 160 too

  • @renan_acid – I tried the pc method and the firmware for the update is only at 3.65 not 3.66. At least that is what it keeps reading as on my ps3.

  • XMB, XGC, XXX the movie now we’re getting somewhere

  • Will the PS4 Pass Emissions?

  • ummm so the update was just loading times?

  • or did it make it were they could update new features

  • 90 minutes later and I’m on 40%…
    Small update my arse.

  • @561 Maybe you hold it while its off or push it then hold it. but just holding with it on did not work for m.e let me know

  • I tried the video reset. I have a blank screen with 2 darker bars on the sides. I can still use the service menu.
    (turn off ps3 then turn on and hold button till 2 beeps)

  • just unplug I guess or try to Remove the hard drive Via the blue screw and clean then reinsert> If its not under Warranty. Sony Will delete it if they fix it Even if its not the hard drive

  • @572 Maybe gpu

  • if only blank

  • @Eric Lempel…all i want is for sony to update the flash plugins regularly as needed for the playstation 3’s default web browser to resolve the performance issues because im sick & tired of the web pages going to a blank pages & or freezing & or crashing the system 90% of the time well opening or closing web pages or closing or reopening the default web browser on the playstation 3?I mean at least compensate the previous default web browser for playstation 3 with an actual default web browser for the playstation 3 “google chrome” that actually works 90% of the time that can be updated regularly as it’s needed without having all the performance issues 90% of the time that then current default web browser has it’s really frustrating as hell!

    P.S..I know the playstation 3 has a very flexible architecture & that sony is partnered with google so this should be a cake walk for sony.

    Thank You!

  • Service Menu can only help if sony releases another update or fixes this one.

  • really stable just sittin there

  • maybe fried RAM.who knows

  • RAM Can go out when power and restarts are involved May explain freeze

  • 4.00 better blow my mind

  • Maybe your Processor

  • @ apollorise- I doubt its the GPU (its my second PS3) otherwise it would not turn on in the first place or have access to any sort of menu.

  • Party

  • does anyone know what error code 80710723 is when you try to update the system

  • Yeah is this a mandatory update? I really hate those small minor mandatory updates.

  • Well if people would stop trying to hack into sony and the PSN then we might get some additional features added instead of security updates. Cuz im sure everytime they start working on some new feature they end up having to put it on the backburner and put all of their attention into security and prevent hacking/modding

  • @ ZbananaX @ all MY PS3 is 120GB slim model and i try every thing out to see if it stops the freezing’s problem but no good. Now i have useless PS3 that can’t play any video games without freezing up. So i am going to wait & try again to see if it works or now. if not i am going to buy new PS3 Slim 320GB’s then.

  • i had my Slim PS3 for only two years & i keep it super clean on the outside & inside. I do all my PS3 Slim cleaning myself & with care.

  • I understand why this is necessary however I would be awesome to see one of the top five ideas on Blog.Share actually impelmented.

    Not to bad mouth the process but most of the “implemented” ideas are low count and feel ….like…”nice” features but nothing I would say was in screaming demand.

  • Cross game Chat coming Soon?

  • So Id like to know why my ps3 constanly freezes up now. ever since you came back with the store up..and Ive had to download these updates and all of a sudden my ps3 runs like crap. Never had this problem before…and fyi It froze today after the update…stable my azz. the games have been rock band 3/ draks fortune 2/ infamous/ along with red dead. all offline. Its one thing to have the network hacked but when you release patches that screw peoples systems up thats beyond bs. and yes this is caused by the patches. like Ive said this was never EVER an inssue til I updated.

  • PS3 does not have the power or ability to have cross-game chat, no matter what you try to get sony to do it. If sony wants to have cross-game chat in video games or whatever there would have done it by now. it show that PS3 is lacking power and speed to do that. There would need to overhaul the whole PS3 system with big update to fix alot of bugs that slow down the ps3 system when u hit the home key on the remote. Then just maybe there can get cross-game chat in and bang all the fans are happy. :)

  • “With this minor update”

    they will be adding a bunch of hidden stuff they don’t want you to know about in the background, which will in effect limit and or ruin PS3 functionality. Trust me, they’ve done this before. We keep asking them to give us updates that add new features and they keep secretly taking things away. I am a huge Sony fan and have always defended them to the bitter end, but lately I have to say their actions including these constant nonsensical updates have been really making my love of PS3 wane. Certainly if they really need to put these updates out to “stabilize” game play as they claim, they could at least add something in there we could appreciate along with it. A little honesty would go a long way toward support from your fan base, stop limiting or systems Sony and at least give everyone something from the long list of system update requests.

  • Need new more powerful CPU – Cell Broadband Engine at 22nm for overheating on most PS3 Systems.

    Need new more better GPU – NVIDIA RSX (base it off the new GeForce Video card, base it off 560 GeForce Video Card). 32nm or 22nm at most.

    MEMORY – 256MB XDR Main RAM ( you need more memory like 4GB for your XDR Main RAM or something). If not used real memory from laptop to make it more faster. Like the 1333 MHz or 1600MHz would make ur new system a lot more powerful in speed and don’t for get 4GB’s or more.

    VIDEO MEMORY – 256 GDDR3 ( Something here make it lease 4GB’s, why it will run more better with GB’s then less)

    Time to used the new Bluetooth 3.0 then 2.0 or 2.1

    Tim for 3.0 USB x 2 or 4 of them, there are faster hen 2.0 USB’s on the PS3.

    Two HARD DRIVE bay – 2.5″ Serial SATA ( make it two HHD Bay so you can get more GB’s in the system and used better cooling fans to keep the system cooler. And make the power box on the outside like you guys with PS2 Slim model, that way the new system can last more longer then before and doing so will make the whole system more cooler.

  • when will we be getting party chat???? everyone wants it

  • check out my post for new PS System then on the forms link i’ll post for u guys
    And why did when i post took off some of my words i spell them all right . It makes no sense, i type fast but i check my work this time.

  • great

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