E3 Replay: Scott Rohde Answers Your PS Vita Questions

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E3 Replay: Scott Rohde Answers Your PS Vita Questions

The most talked-about PlayStation product out of E3 was, and continues to be, PS Vita. Yes, the hardware is impressive – especially at the starting price of $249 dollars. But – as is always the case – it’s all about the games. Fortunately, Vita looks set to launch with a plethora of big names and innovative indie games.

Who’s responsible for ensuring an awesome PS Vita launch lineup? People like Scott Rohde, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Studios Product Development at SCEA.

In our E3 interview, Scott Rohde talks about the making of Vita and the flexibility of the platform. It’s safe to say that fans of traditional button-and-analog-stick controls will be satisfied, all while incorporating innovative new interfaces like the back touch panel.

I’ve got to say, I love working for a company where a senior vice president doesn’t wear a suit. Like, ever.

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  • I was wondering about the Vita if the sticks still click in? In a post to a commenter from before you said they do. https://blog.playstation.com/2011/03/20/playstation-around-the-web-what-we-read-136/#comments The poster was comment 13 & you said yes they do click in. I have heard from people that went to E3 they do not. Is that true or did just not many games use the click in sticks? Because I for one really hope that the sticks click in still. Because I would prefer to be able to press in a stick over having to move my hand on top of the screen to do the same action. So I hope you can still click them in & if not I hope it is not to late to put them back in.

  • I respect that triforce

  • Will it still have remote play? Oh and for the party chat will their be a way to talk to friends playing on PS3? Text or voice maybe video thanks :)

  • I would really like to know what Sony has done to prevent the PSV from being hacked. Some devs said they have shied away from the PSP because of piracy concerns. Perhaps if the PSV can be more resistant to piracy it will see better support from game developers. I guess we get to find out when the PSV goes on sale how long it can last against the hackers.

  • @ 76

    Does it have a FM radio? Really? Come on man.

  • Excellent video;) The PSVita looks excellent to! :P Touch + Buttons is the FUTURE Apple! :D

  • will this have netflix on it

  • Sony president yushei yoshida said on podcast beyond from ign that their will be a sort of “on the go purchase” for the 3g and he specifically added that they didn’t want people to be issued with a 1 year or 2 year contract if that would be the case then that would be perfect.

    I’am so defenitly going to buy this day 1.

  • This is the ipad i always wanted finally buttons.

  • Please tell us are there any fps titles for the release lineup of PSVITA , also what is the battery life going to be like ? Will it last all day or am I going to have to plug it back in after an hour? Battery life is make it or break it if it sucks everyone will be upset !

  • OK, so the other Japanese console is going to stream images from the console to their controller.

    Will the Vita be able to do the opposite? I mean wirelessly connect to PS3 and directly stream whatever is on the small screen to the big screen, without HDMI :)

  • @mendochef I think there’s going to be Killzone, Resistance and Call of Duty.

  • I’m worried now about what the price will be in Hong Kong. The US price is amazing, but the UK / Euro price sucks by comparison. Perhaps they’ll have some good contracts for the 3G version that will make the initial investment easier to swallow.

    Actually, I’ve just submitted a Blog Share idea…

    3G Vita subscribers should automatically get PlayStation Plus membership for the duration of their contract. I’m sure a lot more people would see value in the 3G version if it meant getting Plus content “pushed” to their device for free.

  • @pitythefool852 Thanks! sound like some kickass titles!!! Now as long as the battery life is good I’ll get it

  • would love to be able to get this in a nice metallic forest green color, or crimson red, or metallic blue. Anything but black please. Black leaves way too many fingerprints. Also would like to know about HDMI, battery life, wireless card?

  • @Jeff Rubinstein i have a question, about the new game media, what if you have the UMD,but only have PS vita, will it be like i can go to gamestop, and they will exchange the same game in the new game media or what? PLZ ANSWER! BUT I STILL LOVE THE PS VITA, THE BEST THING THATS GANNA COME OUT! well, if it can beat the comming halo 4 (WICH I HATE!). Sony, VITA question: Can this device be made to work like everyone discusses in my Playstation.blog.share idea “NGP as a touch-screen remote for PS3″? I’d really like to be able to use it as a rifle scope, a blu-ray remote, a game inventory controller, a mapper, a keyboard, a message center, and more.

    sorry for all the question

  • I like casual companies it makes it atmosphere much more comfortable and the productivity improve. Only thing that could make it better is free work place coffee :)

    It’s R3y. “That is for you dale north”.

    Can you work something out with SCEI to do a sort of introduction to the hardware. The real questions people have were not answered. What memory card format does it use? I’m not talking game carts. What does it use as a cable to charge? I noticed he had the audio cable unplug and there was another cable plugged in was that power?

    When typing comments in the blog over on the right hand side of the input box it says “or using the comments section of this blog to be “First!”” and people still do it. How about a month off PSN to let people read the side comments before posting.

  • DOWNLOAD ONLY thanks

  • How will Wipeout work with no L2 or R2?

  • If we play WipEout multiplayer on Vita, would a PS3 be able to show a kind of cinematic or TV style view of our race?

    What I mean is, you and your buddies play local WipEout, all on Vitas, but a linked PS3 in the same room could show a spectator view of the race, with replays and things. That kind of cross-connectivity would be incredible.

    My friends and I were discussing this after E3… some form of cross-connectivity needs to be included on all PS3/Vita games. Even if it’s just having a multiplayer scoreboard on the big screen.

  • where is oblivion and skyrim for vita

  • battery life? If I cant switch out the battery I need at least 8 hours. I dont ride a train to work and Im away from power 2-3 days at a time. Please find me as solution to turn in or register my UMD titles so I can get them on the machine. I dont want to buy them all over again. I know its an old gripe but dont render my money spent useless.I havent looked yet how much internal memory?You need at least 32 gigs If I cant add it myself. The rest looks beautiful….

  • A quick question about the Vita. Is there any information about whether or not the system would be able to read PDFs/ ebooks. This feature would be the absolute selling point for me (well I plan on getting on anyway) But I am a med student and I am planning to get a tablet for easy access to PDFs. If the Vita can do it, I’ll simply wait (and well its also a nice bargaining point for my parents to get it for me! :P)

  • No UMD or CD Slots?

  • I want to know more about the Community/Features of the PSVita, Can you guys show more about NEAR?

    Also I would like to know if Google Talk or Skype? Will we be able to use any VOIP tools?

  • Sorry I missed this, Verizon provides the best service for 3 or 4 G here. Gotta let me use my current provider.

  • I REALLY hope that Sony adds decent speakers to this device. The original psp’s speakers were horrible and drowned out when riding in a car or any public space. Make the speakers louder, please.

  • the only question I have is that do you have to download games over PSN or are there also like disc-chip like thing that you can also use

  • Will it support multiple accounts? (Like the PS3 does) I need to be able to switch to a restricted account for my daughter, but I also want to be able to play M rated games.

  • number 122 YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • So many people asking about the video out options…

    Actually if you look at the PS branded cable that’s running out of the Vita you can figure out easily how video out and charging will work. It runs on the same type of plug the Go uses. This would also be the answer for video out since Sony already sells AV cables for the Go that plug into the same spot.

  • Sometime in the future could you guys elaborate on the other features like Multimedia support? I would love to find out what kinds of video files it can play, or audio… and what’s really important is if the internet browser can play flash!

    besides those small questions, I have to say that PSVita is one Sexy Beast!

  • Pre ordered mine already I do wonder what the battery life will be?

  • Does the ps vita have internal memory? I really want to know because I won’t get it if it doesn’t

  • 2 very important yet simple questions: Whats the battery life on the vita?
    Is there internal memory(like #126 posts) or we have to buy a memory card?

  • I am very exciited about the Vita but concerned about one thing. Due to a disability I have I am unable to hold a handheld while playing so I often play while my current psp is on a table. Will the rear touchpad cause a problem with playing the Vita the same way?

  • @99 Hey, I was just curious! I don’t NEED it, I was just wondering if Sony was placing the Vita as an alternative to phones, ipods etc considering it’s versatile multimedia functionality. e.g Many people like to listen to the radio on their phones. Why bother if you can use your PSV instead?

  • this is cool and all but really we have like 6 styles of these things and I don’t know hardly anybody that has one; So I just think sony and playstation are wasting millions on junk like this because I think they just get smaller and harder to use like the psp go that thing sucked. I love ps3 I’m a die hard fan but this is just a waist of time.

  • Does this mean i can play inFAMOUS on the go?

  • I honestly don’t care if I see a bad review on this thing, I’m still getting it. I just got back into gaming this year after a 3 year break and I wanna be that hardcore bastard I used to be. I’m so excited because I normally don’t get this kinda stuff but my mother has agreed to getting it for me, which is a very rare thing!!!

    I have only one question Sony… Will this thing impress me more when I own it than it does now!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I want to crap out a brick wall when I unbox it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PlayStation for life says the Terra!

  • @125: Where can I get it pre-ordered?? I would really be thankful for the help.

  • Does anyone know the name of the song from the Playstation Vita release trailer? …it’s the Epic sounding instrumental music…I can’t seem to find a title anywhere.

  • @134: If you have an android powered phone, download the soundhound app and do as the instructions and you can find out the song. That’s probably the best way to find it on your own.

  • Wow!! It really looks nice but the bad thing is that you can only play your PSP games from Playstation Network. And do we have to buy Playstation Vita games from Playstation Network? Please answer my question if you can. Thank you

  • PSN Games for Vita …. please

  • God of War Origins Collection for Vita!!!

  • @58 MarioTBK

    I think #57 was going for more space… 4gb is TOO small! Scrap the 4gb and minimum size be at least 8gb, or even 16gb. My 8gb iPod SUCKS. I imagine anything smaller for games would be worse. My 80gb PS3 is too small…

  • Also, why the AT&T exclusivity (MAJOR FAIL)!? Verizon is the way to go… I hate AT&T’s service and will NEVER go back. If there’s any chance of Verizon 4G (or 3G) in the future for the PSV, I will wait. Otherwise, Wi-fi version for me.
    Please offer Verizon!

  • It’s VITA-L to have one of these mates.

  • knuckleschaotix1

    You can play PSP games on this, right?

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