PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

It’s been nearly a week since we debuted our redesign, and I hope you’re enjoying the new look of PlayStation.Blog. We’re working on hammering out a few bugs, but for the most part, it seems the changes have gone over relatively well. Know that we’ll be continuing to monitor what’s working and what’s not, and will continue to iterate the experience as best we can.

On a somewhat related not, you can now find this post – in progress – any day of the week. Find the What We Read section in the scrolling red boxes on the front page to see the list of links as we add them throughout the week.

Or add our own links to the discussion via the comments below. Thanks!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 14, 2011)

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  • I really, REALLY like the new design of the Blog. One problem, specifically with the “What we read” posts is that when clicking on a link it loads it in this tab, not opening another tab. I usually have to right-click then open in a new tab. It’s a very minor issue, and don’t mind doing that, but I thought I’d bring it up. (I use Firefox by the way)

    • That’s by design (and it’s always been that way). Most people don’t like the idea of the browser opening up a new window without you explicitly specifying that you do, or so says current web design standards.

  • As a new HTML, PHP, Javascript, and XML programmer, I’d like to know where you guys got the basis or inspiration for this style in this website. I like it and would love to use some of it’s style formatting on my soon to be website. Any suggestions? Are you based on a 2 column page? HTML? PHP? Are you relying on floats?
    Oh, one more question. I was looking at the stylesheet code on this website and I noticed a comment reference to WordPress. Do you guys use WordPress for this site? Do you also use WordPress for the main page or did you make your own index? I’m just wondering because I just started messing around with WordPress and I’m not quite sure whether I should make my own PHP index or make everything on WordPress from scratch. WordPress does seem the easiest way to implement posts though.

    • This is a wordpress site, yes.

      Basically, we kinda sketched out what we wanted by looking at what content wasn’t being elevated as it should, and by looking at sites that are doing it well in our opinion.

      We had a good designer, and coders did the rest. I’ll pass on your IE comments.

  • Oh, and you might want to work on the IE version of this site * not that I recommend anyone use IE over Firefox and Chrom *. It just zooms in faaar too much. I think the parameters and spacings are just off for IE due to it’s issues. It looks ugly and highly cluttered. There was a massive and nice difference when I came home from spring break and when on Chrome on my Mac. Looks beautiful here, horrid on a pc with IE.

  • I’m having a blast with the new Blog Jeff, it’s so damn sexy and easier to navigate. On that note, I have just a few minor complaints: What #1 said is true, it breaks from the Blog experience. Hopefully PlayStation Plus users will get that lovely Plus next to our avatars. Also, when reading posts with replies, it would make it a lot easier of just clicking “Replies” and ONLY

  • Dammit, that’s a prime reason we need an Edit option. I accidentally hit the Enter button.

    What I was trying to say was, when reading posts with replies it would make it a lot easier by just clicking on “Replies” and ONLY reading posts that have replies. It makes it easier to consume valuable information.

    Other than that Jeff, IMO this new PlayStation Blog is perfect.

  • The blog redesing look real good!!! But one of the features I liked most (and used most) in the other versions of the blog was the “Playstation Conversation” box in the right of the blog with the links to the playstation related material… It’s kind of sad that I’ll have to enter in an diferent area to see the releted material… But I think this is life…You must lose something to have other things…

  • actually i really like the blog now. really cool

  • Hey, I know this maybe the wrong place to ask this, but I really need to know this:

    Have you heard anything about Superstars V8 Next Challenge coming to NA PSN? Because I saw a Trailer for it on YouTube and it looks AWESOME. Have you heard anything about that? and if so, can you tell me?


    • I haven’t heard anything about it. That doesn’t mean it’s coming/not coming – only that I haven’t heard anything :)

      I can look into it, and if it is indeed on the way, we’ll have the devs on to talk about it.

  • Jeff i hope you’ll get a chance to answer this question, any news regarding White Knight Chronicles 2 for PS3 release in North America?? i mean Europe already announced the game for PS3 and even the PSP version for WKC, what about NA version?? pretty please? is it coming soon?.. i mean i know i can always import from EU but come on it would be easier to have it released in NA as well
    Thank you

  • It would be nice if these links were still in the right side bar like the last design. I liked coming to the blog during the week and checking the news links for interesting reads. The design looks nice though, will just take a bit to get used to :)

  • I don’t understand………

  • I heard Parasite Eve 2 IS coming to NA PSN soon, hopefully before The 3rd Birthday releases Tuesday of next week (March 29th), i heard it via Siliconera and other sources. I think it will also be $5.99 as well. Can’t wait.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Congrats on the redesign of the blog. I’m liking what I’m seeing.
    While browsing the Playstation Flickr page I noticed that you guys had the NGP at the recent SXSW event and were demoing it to a few celebrities. I had one quick question regarding the hardware.

    Do you happen to know if the analog sticks click in like the Dualshock 3?

    I’ve read all hands on impressions and no one has actually mentioned this. Any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

  • One problem with Blog Share since the redesign, at least on my computer running Chrome:

    When you’re looking at an idea, and you click the green “Share you idea” link to the right, it just reloads the page instead of going to the share idea form.

    There’s a few features that I’d love to see on the Blog:
    ~”Plus” logos
    ~thumbs up button for comments
    ~threaded replies
    ~notification of reply
    ~a “report” button for comments with PS3 security codes and the like :)
    ~the same PSN user dropdown menu (with trophies, friends etc) that’s on

    But, whatever happens, keep this colour scheme… it matches my avatar :D

    Anyway, I’m used to the Blog now and love it. It’s easy to see that you guys put a lot of effort into it

  • I forgot to mention… I’m still having serious trouble browsing the Blog from the PS3. Is it possible to have low-graphics version of the Blog that would load on the PS3 more easily (or an App… wink wink)?

    Seriously, I struggle to even log in on the PS3 browser. I can’t quite get my head around why even an official PlayStation site doesn’t run smoothly on the official PlayStation browser. Of course it’s not your fault, it’s just a bit frustrating for me, as a user.

    Also, about the Japan Aid Fund… do you think Sony would do a few more things to promote the fund? I was thinking:
    ~1~ Giving a simple “Japan Aid” avatar and PS Home T-shirt to everyone who donates, so as to spread the word
    ~2~ Put a red cross next to donors’ avatars, like the gold Plus that we have now for PS+ subscribers
    ~3~ Have a banner that automatically updates daily with how much money has been collected. Put it on the Blog, and allow us to embed it into our forum signatures, both for PS forums and external forums

    The theme that was given is great, but I just think that avatars and banners would do a better job of actually promoting the fund.

  • Will you guys do an announcement on the release date and info for the xperia play?

  • @Jeff

    Nothing about Jack T. winning on the WPT tour?

  • I like the new layout, it feels more like a PlayStation site that I visit multiple times per day for news.

  • @9 Jeff.

    With all due respect, clearly, you have’t announced either title for NA. That’s the issue. I’ve said enough on the topic, but you and Sid giving these cryptic, Stonewall responses to fans of the game is more irritating than anything else. “We don’t have any information on a North American release for these titles at this time,” is a less obtuse response. Are they coming? Maybe, I can infer from that statement. “We haven’t announced either title for North America,” is simply a repeat of the total lack of information that we already know. Why bother replying to post something that is completely uninformative?

    Most of the older (30+ demographic) PS fans were weaned on JRPGs. The only reason why I bought the “other” HD system was because in 2007/2008 the PS3 was a wasteland for the genre. Players go where the games are. So if JRPGs migrate somewhere else, you can bet the consumers (who play them) will too. Sony would do well to remember that.

    The new blog looks great btw. It seemed cluttered at first, but is actually quite easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

    Oh, and just echoing what many others have said, but + signs need to be implemented of course.

  • Any word if The 3rd Birthday will be available on the PSN?

  • Can you please get an interview with Timegate Studios regarding Section 8: Prejudice which is coming to PSN this Spring?

  • Christina Lee theme please!

  • Jeff:

    Any update on the My Trophies issue?

  • @Jeff Regarding the NGP thumbsticks

    With the thumbsticks sticking out from the NGP body, are we going to have to be particularly careful with the device to avoid them catching on things or snapping off? As a portable device, we’re going to have to carry it and store it a lot… so what will protect the sticks?

    Are they retractable? Or will we have to buy a case to protect them from damage?

    • They’re not retractable. To be honest, I haven’t had enough hands-on time with the NGP to answer your question adequately. I’m sure you’ll have a proper answer before you have the opportunity to purchase one, however.

  • read a siliconera article that said that level-5 was making games for the north american market or something along these lines.i’m just worried that level-5 will become another square-enix that has tried to entice the “western market” with games that most “otaku” gamers will just hate.

    hope, i’m wrong!

  • please put the Plus Logos next to our names lol

    • We’re working on it! It’s a different process than what goes on in the European blog site, and it’s not easily replicated. That’s the reason for the delay in implementation.

  • Jeff,

    Is there more info on the mobile app yet?

  • @ pitythefool852 your having probs with the blog on your ps3 ? I read and comment here from my ps3 … i think it actually loads quicker and smoother . although there is still yet the rather extensive means to login from it , i think it looks and works fine from the ps3 . perhaps your cookie is bad ??? try deleting cookies .

  • Good week.

    @ Jeff

    About this mobile app. Any chance of ever seeing it on Blackberry.

    Ya know us blackberry folk love Playstation too.

    You already know that tho, you use to be one of us.



    • We’re not working on a Blackberry app, but the mobile browser version should do most of what you’re looking for.

  • also, any word about the mobile version of the blog getting a redesign?


    • Right now it’s functional, and that’s good enough for now. We’ll evaluate sprucing it up as phones become more powerful.

  • Is there any chance we will be able to read and comment on our PS3 browsers?

    It’s a bit strange that the official PS3 browser can’t view the official PlayStation blog. :(

  • NO MOVE SUPPORT IN POTAL 2?!! GRRRRRRRR!!!! I will still definitely own this game, but I am VERY UNHAPPY about this news.

    In protest, I will not try as hard to get the game right off the bat. Take that!

    Please patch, valve?

  • @spoonman wha ???? i’m reading and commenting from my ps3 now . perhaps older ps3’s can’t ??? IDK seems strange .

  • Hows the podcast, Jeff? March is almost over. also any chance of a PS blog app?

  • jeff paaji,i jst waana know,Are santamonica’s planning for god of war 4?

  • I have a question.

    Does the system not recognize Daylight Savings Time? I set my clock ahead one hour, but all the messages i get are one hour behind, and games are giving me grief over not having the correct time (GT5).

  • @fuzzyclutter

    Thanks for your help. I tried the blog again today and the initial load on the front page is slow for me, although the articles load quite fast. My internet connection is quite good, and it loads almost instantly on my PC :(

    My main problem is the log-in page. Every time I try to log in, the browser asks about certificates. It then proceeds to crash the entire system, and requires a reset. :( :(

    I still can’t figure out if it’s just my PS3, or if everybody has similar problems logging in

  • Go to tools and clear cache and cookies(if you already havent ) . that’s about all i can say . other than that i dunno

  • oops , as a matter fact also delete authentication info dont worry it’s where those certificates are kep and has nothing to do with your games . or system login .

  • Really digging the new layout.

  • Great stuff Jeff! To echo what #10 said, I’d also like to see the return of the “what we read” section on the side of the blog.

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