E3 Replay: Scott Rohde Answers Your PS Vita Questions

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E3 Replay: Scott Rohde Answers Your PS Vita Questions

The most talked-about PlayStation product out of E3 was, and continues to be, PS Vita. Yes, the hardware is impressive – especially at the starting price of $249 dollars. But – as is always the case – it’s all about the games. Fortunately, Vita looks set to launch with a plethora of big names and innovative indie games.

Who’s responsible for ensuring an awesome PS Vita launch lineup? People like Scott Rohde, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Studios Product Development at SCEA.

In our E3 interview, Scott Rohde talks about the making of Vita and the flexibility of the platform. It’s safe to say that fans of traditional button-and-analog-stick controls will be satisfied, all while incorporating innovative new interfaces like the back touch panel.

I’ve got to say, I love working for a company where a senior vice president doesn’t wear a suit. Like, ever.

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  • So when is information about the UI going to come out? Part of the reason i bought the original psp was because i could do alot of multimedia actions with it.

  • The only way to get games on psvita is through PS Store ?

  • Totally off topic but is PSN down? I got booted off and can’t sign back in. This has been going on for about an hour now. I live in Louisiana if that matters…..

  • Can you post a text version, please? My bandwidth isn’t helping….

  • @ThreeLeggedFreak
    Damn, dude, relax. We’re JUST getting new info on this thing and developers only started experimenting on what they can do with it. I doubt they’re going to let you transfer PS3 games anyway, because it’s a successor for the PSP, not the PS3. They’re not going to after port of PSN titles and I wouldn’t want them to either. You’re already expecting too much out of this and that’s going to lead to you being disappointed. The system is still being developed and it’s going to go under several tests afterwards. Some of what you mentioned won’t be discussed until months later; be patient :P

  • I don’t know if the PR plan allows you to answer this yet but:

    You have already said that the Playstation store will be accessable via 3G. Now some of the games on the Playstation Store are over 1gb and I’m sure you are aware: moble data rates are rediculiously high(some countries worse then others).

    Unless measures are taken, downloading a game over 3G could cause a data overage bill that costs more then then the game. Will the data plans AT&T and the other carriers in other regions(such as probably Rogers in Canada) offer include a “unlimited PSN data” component? Will downloads over 3g be capped at a certain size(eg 50mb), will downloading from the playstation store via 3g be disabled in some regions(Someone at Rogers told me that 3g downloading is disabled on Xperia Play, not sure if that is the case in all regions or just Canada) or are you just going to say “It’s up to you to manage your own data usage”?

    Are you going to scrap the downloads must have price parity with retail policy?(I doubt you will, but you need to change this policy. The sooner you do it the better)

    Showing off the Vita games at E3 would have been easier if it had built in a TV out function. Do you wish you had changed that decision:p

  • Will I be able to store downloaded Vita games on my PS3 Hard Drive like I can PSP Games?

    Please tell me I won’t have to buy both copies at full price if I want the PS3 and Vita copy of games like Ruin and likely sports games like Madden and MLB The Show.

  • great interview jeff and Rey , you are one of us , that made me laugh , hey Jeff how about more info on the 3G service ? more info on on the battery , how long is gonna last while playing games ? im extremely excited to get a vita , already pre ordered one and its paid in full , bestbuy.com charged me already lol , anyways im gonna get another one for my little nephew and a couple of games ( Uncharted , Little Big Planet , ModNation , Ruin , Wipeout and Little Deviants are so bought day 1 ) when is Resistance and Killzone coming out ? i find it weird that you guys arent making a shooter game part of the launch line up , anyways looking great for Vita !!!!

  • My question is what will the physical Media be? I heard something about a tiny disk similar to a Memory Stick Duo. What’s the deal with that? It’ll be a deal breaker for me if I has to be download only, dispite how much I love this thing.

  • is there a psn problem right now becaus i cannot get on psn and my budddy having the same problem. is anyone elses psn acting up right now.

  • Oh I thought of another question you won’t answer yet because the PR plan doesn’t call for it but whatever I’ll ask anyway:

    What will the price point be for those new proprietary memory cards? The fact that a 4gb card even exists has me worried they will be overpriced. Just don’t go too crazy with the premium please. You can start by scrapping 4gb card entirely.

  • @57

    Why? I use a 4 gig in my PSP now, with a system with these kind of multimedia options, and with surely larger downloads, and most likely more game install options, we’re only gonna want more space, not less.

  • HDMI out please!!!! Orelse I’ll not buy it.
    Totally agree with @21!!!!!

  • Awesome! I can play my first person psp shooters on ps vita using 2 ANOLONG STICKS! THANK YOU SONY! NGP=PSP2=PS VITA=BEST PORTABLE GAMING SYSTEM IN HISTORY! Beat the PS VITA Nintendo and Microsoft- I triple dog dare you to beat the best tech company in history!

  • PSN won’t let me sign into my acount :(

  • i cant wait for them to show us call of duty on the ps vita (= .they can do so much with 2 joysticks!long life ps vita!can i give 6 stars out of 5?

  • This looks awesome!

  • yep psn down right now i think idk why they decide to do work or wutever there doin on a friday night! pretty sorry

  • this is awesome!

  • Ok so I can’t even see my comments if I’m not logged in cause apparantly everytime I post it says “your comment is awaiting moderation” Which means I will never find out why PSN is down in my area, unless you SONY can answer this for those of us who are experiencing this problem……. So wuts the deal why is it not working? thanx

  • obtain ip adress succeeded internet connection succeeded PLAYSTATION network FAILED bull***.

  • the data plan is psn cloud . its going to use that data plan . At&t is only being used becuase thats the only carrier to goes across the globe with it. But when you buy a psn cloud plan that will be the ps vita data . and that how you save stuff on it and download and etc .. Its not going to come from At&t. I dont know at&t will profit. maybe the cloud data plan is joint venture. di ont know.?

    I dont think it will a montly fee . but you will have to buy a psn cloud data plan which is capped at certain amount for a certain price.

    This is rumor above so. I might be more true than false.

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • @16 EnigmaNemesis

    That really doesn’t put my mind at ease. I personally believe what you say is true as I came to the same conclusion. However no one is addressing this other than “You can play PSP titles on it”, which gives me this sneaking feeling that Sony may try to shaft us by charging for revamped emulation profiles and stuff like that. Getting DS3 support crammed into some of those games isn’t exactly something I want to reflect on, but I see that costing a little bit of money to do. There are a few titles that do not support it (Dual Shock 3) natively so they can fully embrace the control scheme. Maybe this is something they started working in behind the scenes with PSP Go since it could sink with a DS3 controller and/or Sony may have devised a patching processes similar to the PS3. So who knows.

  • Yes there is a PS3 Issue right now, look it up on Google and type in date of today and you will see Millions are having the same problem. There is Also another update if you search Via, Internet that will pop up and people are being able to log in after that, BUT for only 5 mins or so and half there friends list are missing. So be cautious on the Update until you hear feedback from PS3 As I already DLed this Update just to verify what I heard and its true. So sit back and Relax your not the only ones with a messed up PSN right now.

  • I want to know about the cross platform games, do we need to buy them twice, or, for instance, a retail ps3 games comes with a downloadable version for vita. Or maybe every cross platform vita/ps3 games are downloadable only.

  • I got a question of how much battery life is on the PS Vita and if we get a monthly payment for 3G.

  • Hey Jeff, I was wondering if you have the answer to my 2 questions regarding the PS Vita:
    1) as far as hardware goes, any info if the Vita will has built in storage similar to the PSP Go? in part this leads to question 2, which is: what kind additional storage media will the Vita use, MS Pro Stick Duo, M2 Micro, or something new entirely?

    I watched the E3 event via PSN and was shocked that it wasn’t mentioned. So any info if that can be shared to shed light on those topics? I think alot of people here might be interested to know the same info as well. But this is already a must have for me this holiday season when it comes out looks great so far but the storage media would seal the deal for me

  • So people with UMDs are screwed? Will the our PSN accounts be compatible with the Vita? So can we get trophies for the PS3 and Vita? Also I hope it will have video output to HDTVs.

    I think Vita is living up to what Sony originally had planned with the PSP.

  • PS Vita will be awesome. I preordered mine on June 7th (when my retail store started the preorders) and the release date can’t come fast enough.

    I got a question though: PSP titles will be playable on PS Vita so will Invizimals be compatible with the PS Vita camera and will it get a digital release (never noticed if it’s already available on PSN)?

    Also, I hope Shatter will make a return on PS Vita. It would be awesome to control this game with the rear panel (hope developpers will see that if they didn’t already thought about that one!)

  • N i wanna know what network signals will it be able to work with? I hope its not just limited to att type of network. Also now with our new phones will it be able to use the tethering feture on the psvita?

  • still undecided about the 3g/wifi or the wifi version only either way im getting one of this baby! Uncharted here I come!

  • 1) Can you also record video with the camera or just photos (I’m asking this because I saw a screenshot of the UI that only had a Photo folder.

    2) Does it also have FM Radio?

  • Waiting to preorder until we hear about the 3G pricing. Kinda nonsensical to leave that out… Not only Sony, but AT&T is being quiet too. On the same note, how “deep” is the 3G integration? I can’t see 3G being acceptable for online play, so unless the 3G data prices are really attractive, I’ll just stick to wifi.

  • I only wish this was coming out this year… I have a cruise in November I’m going on, and this would be great if this came out before then. lol

  • How many gigs is it and what video does it support?Jeff?

  • still haven’t answered my question. WIll there be a monthly fee for AT&T 3g version…ofcourse they keep that fact quiet.

  • I wanna know about the battery life. Hope that info comes out soon.

  • I don’t want to steal any of Sony’s buzz, but I can field some of the questions asked here.

    It WON’T have built in storage. Sony is releasing their own format of cards that are about the size of SD cards
    for storage. The smallest will be 4GB and the largest will be 32GB

    It will not have video out, most likely because of the PS3 cross play.

    Games will be released on a new card made by Sony which will hold around 4GB of data.
    So you will be able to buy your games in a physical format, not digital.

    Nonetheless, I am SOOOOOO excited for the Vita.

  • put something up about mortal kombat and why can’t we play as kartos online wtf were not xbox 360

  • This thing looks awesome, every time i see it theres more ways to use it. But! has it got L3 and R3 buttons??

  • I want one now please! The new version of the PSP is gonna rock.

  • Great now I want it reeeeeaally bad, but it doesnt come out this year……

  • @ Jeff Rubenstein

    I got two questions now.

    1.On Modnation racers can you download your creations you made on vita on to your PS3?

    2.can you download games that you downloaded on your PS3 on to your Vita?

    At the price i am seriously thinking about getting this.

    That will be one for me plus one copy of Modnation racers!

  • will we be able to import and message our ps3 friends

  • are the games physical cartridges or what ever psp had? (I’m new to the ps handheld but i want the ps vita)
    Or do they all have to be downloaded like the psp go?

  • @82 thanks, but didnt it say that you could transfer yur games you downloaded from yur psp? It has to have some storage then

  • im so getting that wen it ships & i hope theres going to be differ colors

  • will there be a ps vita game bundle?

  • @Jeff Rubinstein i have a question, about the new game media, what if you have the UMD,but only have PS vita, will it be like i can go to gamestop, and they will exchange the same game in the new game media or what? PLZ ANSWER!

    BUT I STILL LOVE THE PS VITA, THE BEST THING THATS GANNA COME OUT! well, if it can beat the comming halo 4 (WICH I HATE!).

    Sony, VITA question: Can this device be made to work like everyone discusses in my Playstation.blog.share idea “NGP as a touch-screen remote for PS3″? I’d really like to be able to use it as a rifle scope, a blu-ray remote, a game inventory controller, a mapper, a keyboard, a message center, and more.


    WHY CANT YOU DO THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?

    sorry for all the question

  • PLZ ANSWER!!!!!

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