PS3 System Software Update (v3.65)

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Earlier tonight we released an optional system software update (v3.65) for PlayStation 3. This new firmware improves the operating stability of some PS3 format software, and changes the XMB item SaveData Utility (minis) to [SaveData Utility(minis/PSP)].

Again, this update is optional, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

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  • This will be good…….

  • I’ve always used private text chat lobbies cross game, and they work really well, but it’s understandable that people want voice as well. A party system is not a trivial thing to add to the OS, though. Xbox didn’t have it either until the major OS revision in 2008.

  • hell yeah !!!

  • I was so looking forward to a nice PS3 firmware update this E3.. But then we get slapped in the face with Vita having all the social features us PS3 owners have been asking for and we get an “Optional” update that nobody will notice improved anything..

    I’ve copied Mini Game Saves to/from my PSP many times without any issues before this update..


  • Give us cross gaming chat already.

  • give us the ability to listen to music from the xmb while we play a game..dont care about cross game chat… that ruins games anyways!

  • Reason I was going to post is because, this is NOT an optional update, but someone beat me to it ;) But, the optional updates in the past don’t make you install it before signing in the the PSN. The couple that have been “optional”, I didn’t even know of it till I came on the website or just happened to see if there was an update by going to “System Update”.

    And as for “Cross-Game” voice chat, I don’t want it. Or any other voice chat besides “In-Game”. It would screw up all online games from this point on. You will get the people who play the same game, different teams or not, and always be calling people out. Yes, this can be done over the phone etc, but would make it too easy for people to do this. There is probably a reason Sony hasn’t done this yet. Want to keep online gaming as legit as possible. You can’t talk while you are dead for a reason.

    I got what I wanted a couple years back, and that was “In-Game XMB”, I have been happy ever since :) Nothing else I would add to the PSN. Except maybe being able to use the browser while in-game ;) *hint hint*

  • RecklessCracka69

    @Death8u4u No I like to have fun while I play my games.

    And I don’t think I could bring myself to sell my PS3 I was extremely pissed when I said that lol.

    It isnt hard to talk and play the game at the same time.

    I want it
    you don’t
    I will use it
    You won’t

    So what is your problem?

  • please bring in cross game chat <333 pleaseee

  • Also at those who want it all(with Xbox live ) good luck i hope you have the money because as much as i do i would rather go PC then Live.

    One reason is the shi77y system. It is supposed to be next gen and somehow i think Bill Gates is too old to be behind the wheel, he can barely let go of DVD type media. and Just because Sony if apart of BDA and has a say so to Blu-ray doesn’t mean Microsoft can’t take a hit financially to buy a license for so called “Gamers.” He seems to jsut want to get richer. IMHO

  • i thought bill gates retired?

  • I’ll get stuck in a match with you while you’re distracted talking to Bob while he plays Little Big Planet. Our team will end up playing at a handicap because you’re too focused on talking to your buddy about the weather.

    When you’re playing a game you should be FOCUSED on said game. Not simply causing problems while you talk to other people about matters that don’t concern the matter at hand.

  • Well reading the comments most Have you already said it This was NOT “Earlier tonight we released an optional system software update (v3.65) for PlayStation 3.”……. If it was optional I could have logged in with out updating. Sounds a lot like how you used optional update for removing the Other OS…. ie. you don’t have to update but if you don’t you are off the network.

  • Also keep in mind that not all developers are on board with universal cross game chat.
    MW2 came out on 360 with cross game chat disabled in some modes to prevent cheating.


    Cross game chat is usless … HOw about hearing muisic while in-game?

  • the one thing my clan buddys and i have always been able to agree on, Cross Game Chat is a must at times. i haven’t much time to sit and send a message or text chat when im being fired upon.

  • Boondox, he did. He also has never had anything at all to do with the Xbox.


    Key Word OPTIONAL It Really Doesnt Leave You Any OPTION If You Cant Log In If You Dont Install It Now Does It……..

  • Good. I dont like Bill lol

  • first off this is NOT optional. u cannot sign in without updating.
    second, how about fixing the friends list so that it’s back in alphabetical order

  • apparently it’s optional because you can choose to not download it and hence not to play online

  • @MPrah
    agree with you, im kind of scary to update now

  • @ Death8u4u

    Who the hell said you had to use this future? Jeez.

  • It’s not optional. I’m downloading it right now, because it doesn’t let me play online until I download the new version.

  • As far as I know Reckless is ALLOWED to state his own opinion. Freedom of Speech.

  • It-s_Me_Snitches

    this is not an optional update it made me download it and now i cant even down load it or even sign in 2 playstation network sony whats up with this i need yall help on this matter

  • @ Death8u4u

    so youre going to tell me youve NEVER, had a conversation with a friend about anything other than the game while playing the game? highly unlikely. dont be a hypocrite to prove a point.

  • twice now its gotten to 30% downloaded and came back with errors

  • paypalllll please for the store

  • I would hardly call this update optional since it is required to sign in.

  • heh, heh, Optional? I guess the options must have been:
    A.) Update and use your PS3
    B. DON’T

    And on a completely different note…
    I am not much of an in-game chatter, but Sony, think of how much blog space you guys would save if you just gave these folks cross gaming chat. I mean, Really, every time there is an update all you see is this one request over and over again. Please give them what they want and maybe they will cease asking.

  • omg man im tired of people wanting cross game chat like seriously go to the xbox me or sony could care less if they lose a few customers over a [DELETED] feature and anyway cross game chat is never coming to ps3 anyway its already confirmed to be on the NGP so just [DELETED]

  • XxIsTrYkDeAtHxX, I only ever talk to people that are in the exact same match as I am. I tend to use Skype simply because it has far better call quality and allows me to simply shut off voice chat in-game, so technically speaking a friend may still be connecting to a match and I’ll already be talking to them.

    Will we talk about random things sometimes? Sure. Will we ever talk about the game we’re playing and what’s going on? More often than not. Will anyone using cross game chat be discussing matters of the game? No.

  • @HemiSync101

    Thumbs up to ya.

  • RecklessCracka69

    @ Death8u4u I can focus while talking to people I do it all the time and have no problems.

  • @ 79
    true, i personally wouldnt use in game chat, but i understand that some ppl would. and specially after all that sony has made to us users, they should at least make their image look a little better by actually giving something they got asked for

  • Lets hope this update fixed old PS3’s red light of death while playing certain games (L.A. Noire anyone?) and I know my unit was not overheating. System worked great before last update! Sony I know you don’t want anymore bad publicity but trying to charge me 150 for something clearly your fault is just wrong. I knew an update was rolling soon.

  • Was hoping they’d announce “Party” was going to be on PS3 as well as the new handheld.

    Oh Well, Infamous tomorrow!

  • i want cross game chat

  • ok 3 times now

  • @Death8u4u

    Why have the complication of having a computer and using Skype, when you could simply click your home button and start a chat with friend(s). Not everyone in this world has a computer.

  • Srill waiting for the magical DivxHD support :)

  • hmm no problems with LA Noire on my end

  • Sadly, I thought this fixes the Playstation Home New item received system freeze…but it does not… :( hurry up and fix that issue!!!

  • Sure you can Reckless. Fact of the matter is that not everyone can and most won’t. Why would Sony want to create a massive issue by solving a minor one exactly? They aren’t going to sell extra consoles because of it.

  • Can anybody Please Help me with the PS Home Bug, Every time I get a new reward it freezes my PS3

  • not everyone has a computer in their home? seriously? i thought they did. my 9 year old nephew has one and also my 2 year old nephew knows how to use an ipad for his books and some games

  • @63 The system supports music playback, but it’s up to the developers to implement it.

    It’s really something you should bug publishers about if you want to see it in games.

  • Wow every other comment i read is wanting cross game chat, C’mon Sony saying you care about users and then not giving f@#K here, WTF?

  • DarkTwinkie you do no need a computer to use Skype.

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