PS3 System Software Update (v3.65)

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Earlier tonight we released an optional system software update (v3.65) for PlayStation 3. This new firmware improves the operating stability of some PS3 format software, and changes the XMB item SaveData Utility (minis) to [SaveData Utility(minis/PSP)].

Again, this update is optional, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

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  • woot woot hell yeah!!!

  • I want to be first!!

  • Ok. downloading it now. Thought it was odd as we just got an update, but it. It ust be good if its coming down the pipe.

  • Claude_Giroux_28

    Damn I was hoping for something cool…. step your game up sony… how about some cross game chat and party chat…


  • Sony took e3 !! Dope!!!

  • oh yeah

  • Great, now fix the stupid new item freeze bug that’s messing with the majority of long-time HOME users!! No point of us going to the E3 space to be frozen by a reward!!

  • Hows it optional if it wouldn’t let me sign on without updating?

  • Give us cross game chat!!

  • Home….who cares about home lol

  • @#4 Stop, you’re just being silly, acting like we WANT something totally useless AND potentially annoying.

  • can we please have an update that lets us organize our games/music/videos the way we want, it bugs my ocd that resident evil 2 is nowhere near resident evil 3 among other things.

  • RecklessCracka69

    This whole year Sony has done nothing but make me want Xbox Live. I am an online only person and if I do not have cross game chat soon imma sell my PS3 and get a 360. Not too much keeping me on PS3 besides family I play online with. This whole year Sony has been very ungrateful and i’m fed up with it.
    Btw this is not just about party chat this is about lack of communication.
    You people need to quit kissing sony’s ass and let them know what you want.
    PSN has been the same way since it released and we deserve a change.

  • Hopefully a more substantial update is on the way.. XMB hasn’t been updated that much as of late, but cool stuff.

  • Reckless, that is the worst excuse to switch consoles that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Switching consoles because you can’t figure out how to use a phone or a program like Skype? Really? Nice use of money.

  • If the update improves something it is worth it. Thanks.

  • a) An update isn’t “optional” if it’s required to sign into the network. Please don’t use the word optional if it actually isn’t.

    b) Another update which adds zero functionality. I miss the days early in the PS3’s life-cycle when an update = added features.

    c) “Obligatory comment about cross-game chat.”

  • How about having a phone number to your PS3 so you can receive messages via text message from the PS3 messaging from your friends like a Facebook thing

  • Could of gave us Cross-gaming chat :(

  • Cross game chat please Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How dose it require you to do it before signing in I signef in just fine without dl this update

  • @Death8u4u:

    The guy has a point.

    It is such a hassle to play with friends on PSN when compared to Live, let alone chat with them without jumping through hoops. I love my PS3 (80GB CECHExx), but Sony has dragged its feet when it comes to bringing their “flagship” console (wouldn’t know that by E3) to parity with a direct competitor’s offering.

    No one should have to pick up a phone, skype, text, etc when they simply want to sit back and play a game and chat with their friends.

  • Yeah. Totally not optional, as others have said, since it won’t let me log in without updating.

  • @9 and @18, Technically it is optional, they aren’t telling you that you HAVE to update to use your ps3. Lol.

  • I’d like an update so it doesn’t take 4 minutes to load my trophy score…. like really? Also someone told me ps3 announced crossgame chat which is the ONLY thing i’d say 360 has/had over 360. so [DELETED]

  • The PSN is forcing me to update for some reason. Telling me the Update 3.65 is required to connect.
    Now if you say it is optional why is it making me update?

  • Sony please learn the difference between optional and mandatory, if I NEED this update to go online then it’s mandatory, if I can go online without the update it’s optional, it really infuriated me off when you release 3.21 removed a feature and said it was optional when I wasn’t being allowed online when I still had OtherOS…

    any chance of you reintroducing OtherOS to the firmware?

  • Serious question, we been asking for cross game chat for a very long time, its the #1 thing on the Shareblog. I would figure that be something you would want to talk about as soon as you could. I can understand if it is just not possible and if that is the case why not just be honest with your users? Like Jack said at E3 we are the life blood of the PS3 and yet things that deal with the PSN that we ask for, little things, like background trophy syncing still have yet to happen. Could you at least give us some kind of update on the status of those features?

  • PSP saves can be backed to the PS3 now? I’m guess this has to do with the recent HD Remasters or has sony finally decided to provide us with an emulator lol.

  • Dont know why you cant log in im loged in and havebt updated

  • 9 hours till i can get Imfamous 2 !!! lol :P

  • @ RecklessCracka69

    LOL! That was dumb.
    Sony please release a new v3.66 update with cross game chat.
    He mat sell his PS3 to someone else…who may be more grateful.

  • I guess if optional means that you can’t sign in without installing it, then yeah it definitely is optional.

    Does Sony know the meaning of the word optional?

  • Futureproof, the PS3 is not a social network. It is a gaming network. Until you find an actual game related flaw, Sony is keeping up their end of the “fight” so to speak. More so due to the fact that Xbox 360 sales are going down while PS3 sales are now catching up quite quickly…

    Getting cross game chat would only cause issues in games. It would provide lag, distracted members of the community, and absolutely nothing would be added to the games. The only positive side to giving us cross game chat would be to shut members of the community up, nothing more.


  • Thank god that SaveData Utility (minis) was an eyesore

  • @14

    I am with you on that, I do have an Xbox and Live myself but thats more to play Halo and talk to friends, one of the major reasons they won’t get a PS3 is because of the huge lack of social features on it. WE all like to just chill and chat watch videos and play different games. Like I said in my comment why won’t they just say if it is coming or not. At the very least it would shut up the people asking for it one way or another…

  • Did you guys see the cross game party voice chat system on NGP/PSV during the E3 press conference?
    If it’s on NGP chances are it will be added to PS3 in an update this fall.

  • @33

    Wow man you are so wrong, it makes games better and builds a community, most of my XBL friends I met though other friends in party chats. It is people like you that don’t understand the significance of such functionality that need to take a step back and see what others want. If you don’t want it then don’t use it, that simple.

  • RecklessCracka69

    @Death8u4u I have a PX 21 Headset and I would like to use it with Cross Game Party Chat.

    Why is it a dumb reason to switch if i’m not satisfied with Sony anymore? As for Skype nobody I know uses that so that is out of the picture for me. I love my PS3 but Xbox Live has better online and social features. I might just keep my PS3 just in case but I will buy a 360. PS3 has too much it could offer but Sony hasn’t shown much lately.
    Hate if you want but it’s just the way I feel. I use my phone for important phone calls and messages only.

  • @37,

    Yes I did I was very excited to see that, there has to be some major FW update coming soon that they have yet to talk about, I hope for cross chat between PS3 and PSV that would be great.

  • hmm… wasn’t too much news on the PS3 i hope this has some hidden secret…………………………………

  • Man, Sony makes something cool and then you guys have to go begging for more… Chill the heck out.

  • Oh thats a update for the hd psp games

  • I don’t want anyone having it Philaroni. It’s a dumb concept. If you’re playing a game you should be focused on that game and speak to people PLAYING said game. If you want to talk to some buddy playing Little Big Planet while you’re playing Battlefield 3, get off your rear and pick up the bloody phone…isn’t that complex of a thought.

    People like you demand Sony waste their time on a meaningless update JUST because Xbox has it. There’s no point or purpose to it and Sony won’t gain anything from it. So why should they bother?

    And it literally has no possible way of making a game better. It does nothing to the game short of distracting the community with conversations unrelated to the match at hand.

  • Anyone else having issues with this patch, tried downloading it on both of my ps3’s, and after it was done I restarted my ps3, and it said it failed to complete and offered to redownload.

  • Honestly people, are you forgetting that psn is FREE for cryin out loud. be grateful…Jeez

  • @all cross-game chatters If THAT is such a big deal to you, feel free to offload your PS3 and switch to the console that doesn’t do blu-ray, internet browsing OR 3D. For no additional cost. Be my guest. I and others like myself certainly won’t miss you.

  • Reckless, you stated you wanted to sell your PS3 because of lack of cross game chat. THAT is dumb.

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