Welcome Back to SOCOM 4–With Free Maps and Weapons!

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Welcome Back to SOCOM 4–With Free Maps and Weapons!


We’re very happy today to announce that SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is now offering free maps and weapons to all PS Plus users! You might remember that we gave away the classic SOCOM map “Abandoned” and a couple of exclusive shotguns as an incentive to pre-order the game through GameStop. All PlayStation Plus users can now download “Abandoned” and the shotguns free for the next month! For those of you without Plus yet, don’t worry–your time will come shortly. Recall the blog announcement a couple weeks back announcing that, as a token of appreciation, the PlayStation Network will be giving all users 30 days free PlayStation Plus membership, coming soon. After a month of PlayStation Plus availability, “Abandoned” and the shotguns will continue to be available for SOCOM Pro members.

But that’s not all. When we announced SOCOM Pro shortly before SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs hit stores, we promised that we’d be delivering the oft-requested M16 and AK-47 shortly after release. We’re happy today to not only say that they’re almost here, but that they’re being packaged alongside a set of new competitive multiplayer maps!


Dubbed the SOCOM Pro Assault Pack, this bundle will be available as a free download exclusively to SOCOM Pro members and features three all-new competitive multiplayer maps: “Red Line”, “Double Cross” and “Driftwood”, as well as two fan-favorite weapons, the M16 and AK-47. The maps, inspired by missions from the single-player campaign, have been designed to feature tighter spaces with intense 8 vs. 8 matches in mind (not that 32-player skirmishes aren’t a blast on all three maps).


Assault Pack Maps:

“Red Line” – A monorail depot highlights this small and highly war-torn urban location.

“Double Cross” – A plane has crashed into a small mountain village, leaving wreckage and burning debris scattered throughout the area.

“Driftwood” – A small fishing village with a tight layout results in intense close-quarter battles.

Assault Pack Weapons:

M16 – This highly accurate Spec Ops weapon is great at range and, with a suppressor gained at Mod Level 2, can be used in stealthier situations as well.

AK-47 – This Insurgent weapon is difficult to control but inflicts a high amount of damage. It’s also capable of holding a large amount of ammo at Mod 5, making a very deadly option for aggressive players.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget that our Double XP bonus promotion is currently underway and affects not only every game type but both your player level and weapon progression!

“Abandoned” and the pre-order shotguns are now available for free to all PlayStation Plus members while the SOCOM Pro Assault Pack will be available this month as a free download exclusively for SOCOM Pro members, so be sure to check back for more news in the coming weeks. SOCOM Pro comes free with new copies of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, and is also available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $14.99.

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  • @ToaHahli shut your mouth fool.no one asked you opinion.

  • where is the black ops escalation map pack?come on sony if your not gonna release it today then at least update us on when it will come out.give us a timeline for once!!

  • Red Line looks the best! Can’t wait to play them all though!

  • Aww, what’s wrong Ninja? QQ butthurt CoD fanboy? Learn how to play a REAL game.

  • Fixing bugs and adding missing features does not make Sony more $$$$$

  • @ToaHahli shut up fool.

  • where is the black ops escalation map pack?come on sony if your not gonna release it today then at least update us on when it will come out.give us a timeline for once!!!!

  • I’m a fool? You’re the one posting the same thing over and over and over yet fail to realize, Sony has no control over when Activision decides to release THEIR content through Sony. Take it up up with Activision, not Sony, stupid fanboy.

  • @NinjaNabs shut up , they gave us a timeline before and it came true so stop being a kid and keep playing black ops same map ! is people like you that i hate cause you just type without thinking !.. SONY is doing what it can . so why dont you stop trolling and get off the blog please.

  • @MiNdS-_-13 wrong,wrong and wrong.wait did i say wrong?yep your wrong.sony gave us a dealine a couple of times and they didnt meet it.they disappointed and lied to us.at least they disappointed me.now they cant even do their job and actually get information on here about when the escalation will come out or when treyarch is planning to get it out there.then again sony has yet to talk to treyarch.but i guess theyre just neglecting a large number of their users again.im getting used to sony being unprofessional.

  • black-goldcity6

    great they get free maps bcuz its a unpopular game what about black ops wasnt it suppose to be out today well i didnt get my hopes up bcuz sony has crushed them like 10 times.

  • @NinjaNabs your a dum**** SONY is not putting information on this blog is zipper interactive. so why dont you go complaint to treyacrh and not SONY kid get a grip of yourself is only a map pack anyways calm down, PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND CALL ACTIVISION !

  • black-goldcity6

    @ToaHahli .im pretty sure black ops is a real game and much better then socom 4,besides hardly anyone has gotten none of my friends have it so shut up.

  • @MiNdS-_-13 I DONT WANNA CALL ACTIVISION!I WANT SONY TO DO THEIR JOB AND TALK TO TREYARCH!and illiterate fool,its treyarch who takes care of the black ops map pack NOT activision.black ops was created by TREYARCH.anyways go get a cup off tea and quit raging little boy.

  • Nobody has it because it takes a brain to play. Unlike your lonewolf/rambo Call of Duty where it only takes 1 person to win the entire match and it’s damn near impossible to finish under the top 3. Nobody likes tactical games anymore, Call of Duty makes sure of that. It’s a good thing though, it keeps retards like you and Ninja off of the good games and more room with people with a brain.

  • @black-goldcity6 i know right haha.i just call her a fool to sweep her away,what she has to say doesnt matter to me.i dont have socom4 and never will.i saw the gameplay and it was just horrible.i rather get homefront.but untill then,im gonna play black ops.

  • And on a second note, Im sure SONY has a right to post anyhting they want as this is the PLAYSTATION BLOG not activision or Treyarch. Everyone must not know what a blog is, It is a way to stress your opinion on things, EVERYONES OPINION, not just yours or just mine EVERYONES whether you agree or not is up to you

  • black-goldcity6

    all socom 4 is,is a copy of every other fps game the call of duty franchise will forever be on top so why waste ur money on some copy of a game thats already out

  • @midknight24 good point.

  • its all cool but comeon fix the party so we can plat with frends

  • @Black-goldcity6 and @NinjaNabs are a bunch of kids that still play COD games hahaha why dont you grow up and play soccom for once is a real men strategy game so why dont you both idiots stop crying and posting nonesense into this blog . RET*** lilltle kids crying mommy mommy i dont have the maps yet , KIDS GROW UP !!

  • @Black-gold…That totally makes sense, since Socom came out BEFORE Call of Duty. Battlefield came out before Call of Duty too. You may want to research before you open your mouth.

  • @black-goldcity6 None of your friends has gotten it cause there under 18 of age !!! hahaha there probably 13 and what not

  • black-goldcity6

    @ MiNdS-_-13 i bet ur one of those 42 year old no lifes who sits in a chair with lard chips and a beer playing drunk.GET A LIFE!!!!!.

  • black-goldcity6

    just bcuz it came out first doesnt make it better look up the tottaly number of alll call of duty games compared to socom.real men game? really its probably jus like any other shooter game dude!.

  • Nope im 19 years of age, i could buy mature games anytime without bringing my parents to gamestop and ask for permission hahahaha!! YOUR SUCH A KID hahaha

  • Actually no, it’s not. The only reason Call of Duty sells so well is because of advertising. If you wanna call a game full of racist 10 year olds screaming into mics a ‘real mans game’ I’d hate to see what you call a child’s game. Call of Duty is an ARCADE SHOOTER. Socom is a TACTICAL SHOOTER. I bet you think Brink sucks too, since you play Call of Duty and have no idea what team work is.

  • Soccom is a better good game then COD , it dont come every year like COD , how many COD games are out there ? counting with the playstation 2 games also i think 13 ? yep it sucks COD IS A FAIL !

  • black-goldcity6

    im 17,got a job and buy the good games, not wanna be call of duty games so stop riding socom d!ck.

  • black-goldcity6

    and you have no room to call me a kid! ur 2 frickin years older then me at least thats wat u told me.

  • black-goldcity6

    maybe if more ppl would buy socom they would be able to advertise.

  • Wow.
    I just read “for ps PLUS only”
    I was like

  • black-goldcity6

    and so what if it comes out every year it shows we have more ideas the socom you troll.

  • I’d rather have them advertise less than normal, so all the idiots would stay away from it. Much like the Battelfield series, they rarely have any type of advertising and that keeps the fanbase closer. Call of Duty advertises too much and as a result, they have swarms of people like you. Mindlessly defending a mediocre game, making up excuses, getting PO’d when someone corrects you. Seriously, it’s like the entire CoD fanbase is in middle school because of the way they all act. The only way CoD will get my respect back is if all the idiots would stay away from it.

  • black-goldcity6

    well im gonnwitch game is the besta go play a quick match and be back to tell you trolls,spoiler-black ops

  • Haha, more ideas? It’s the same game every single year. Good luck with disconnects and host migration!

  • black-goldcity6

    385,225 multiplayer ppl playing not including zombies witch socom doesnt have and dont even say zombies suck bcuz you have probly never played you socom nerd trolls

  • @black-goldcity6 your the troll your on socom.com and socom is a lot better than cod

  • Are you really that stupid? I said earlier that Zombies are the ONLY reason I play Black Ops. You’re the only troll here, go back under your bridge.

  • black-goldcity6

    sorry i didnt see that im not on the blog all day like you waiting for someone to say something wrong in your opinion.

  • black-goldcity6

    im not on socom.com im on the playstaion blog dum ass

  • It was only about 15 minutes ago and for someone not on the blog a lot, you sure are responding pretty quick. You may be on the Playstation Blog, but this entry is from someone who works at Zipper, not Sony. So essentially, it’s from Socom.com. Also, maybe instead of only playing one game you should branch out and enjoy every game you possibly can, like I do. Might make your life easier.

  • ok ps blog but on a socom part of it so not only a troll but a scrub too dummy

  • Take it from a long time fan of the Socom franchise that S4 sucks. They should have just given it back to Slant 6 and let them do a Confrontation 2 or something. I wish they would release a new map pack for Confrontation then I would be happy with playing that

  • when does the pro assault pack come out for socom pro?? and if i buy pro right now what exactly am i getting to start?? or do i still gotta wait for content??

  • Medal of honor is way better than black ops

  • So everyone doesn’t get playstation plus for free like promised?(the 31 days free) Why say something then dont go threw with it.

  • Wow sony now have sonic 2 free for plus users and other full games free until 6/7/11 yes 7,is the day for the welcome back program and regular users never enjoy this with the 1 month plus free promised,wow

  • I had no idea about the SOCOM pro. There’s a code on the back of my manual?? I never took it out and only looked at the multiplayer Resistance 3 beta code hah. Nice, I’ll have to take a look at that tonight.

  • Well, that’s a plus .

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