Welcome Back to SOCOM 4–With Free Maps and Weapons!

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Welcome Back to SOCOM 4–With Free Maps and Weapons!


We’re very happy today to announce that SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is now offering free maps and weapons to all PS Plus users! You might remember that we gave away the classic SOCOM map “Abandoned” and a couple of exclusive shotguns as an incentive to pre-order the game through GameStop. All PlayStation Plus users can now download “Abandoned” and the shotguns free for the next month! For those of you without Plus yet, don’t worry–your time will come shortly. Recall the blog announcement a couple weeks back announcing that, as a token of appreciation, the PlayStation Network will be giving all users 30 days free PlayStation Plus membership, coming soon. After a month of PlayStation Plus availability, “Abandoned” and the shotguns will continue to be available for SOCOM Pro members.

But that’s not all. When we announced SOCOM Pro shortly before SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs hit stores, we promised that we’d be delivering the oft-requested M16 and AK-47 shortly after release. We’re happy today to not only say that they’re almost here, but that they’re being packaged alongside a set of new competitive multiplayer maps!


Dubbed the SOCOM Pro Assault Pack, this bundle will be available as a free download exclusively to SOCOM Pro members and features three all-new competitive multiplayer maps: “Red Line”, “Double Cross” and “Driftwood”, as well as two fan-favorite weapons, the M16 and AK-47. The maps, inspired by missions from the single-player campaign, have been designed to feature tighter spaces with intense 8 vs. 8 matches in mind (not that 32-player skirmishes aren’t a blast on all three maps).


Assault Pack Maps:

“Red Line” – A monorail depot highlights this small and highly war-torn urban location.

“Double Cross” – A plane has crashed into a small mountain village, leaving wreckage and burning debris scattered throughout the area.

“Driftwood” – A small fishing village with a tight layout results in intense close-quarter battles.

Assault Pack Weapons:

M16 – This highly accurate Spec Ops weapon is great at range and, with a suppressor gained at Mod Level 2, can be used in stealthier situations as well.

AK-47 – This Insurgent weapon is difficult to control but inflicts a high amount of damage. It’s also capable of holding a large amount of ammo at Mod 5, making a very deadly option for aggressive players.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget that our Double XP bonus promotion is currently underway and affects not only every game type but both your player level and weapon progression!

“Abandoned” and the pre-order shotguns are now available for free to all PlayStation Plus members while the SOCOM Pro Assault Pack will be available this month as a free download exclusively for SOCOM Pro members, so be sure to check back for more news in the coming weeks. SOCOM Pro comes free with new copies of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, and is also available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $14.99.

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  • @ Old_PopTarts: Haha yeah I know a good number of people dont even bother looking at the manual. To be honest, if I hadnt read about it somewhere, I wouldnt have looked for the SOCOM Pro code on the back of the manual. Plus who honestly looks at the back of a manual? I’ll flip through it for the controls and little hints but never the back

  • Thanks for the information I had no idea… I thought i had to buy pro and was definately considering getiting it

    Its funny they mention nothing in the blog above about having the code package with the game… only a price.

    Good lookn out… I must have missed this key information cuz I skipped rite past the book and started playing … who reads those anyways socom noobs??

  • yO roper !!!.. Wast up..

    dam am in socom blog. I swear i retired from it. Why all the fighting ? Calm down every one ..

    I think it would be ggod idea for zipper to release a game called socom :keyboard warriors. It would seell like hot cakes.


  • That is awesome news. Can’t wait.

    Now please, where is the party chat update?

  • SO if I but this socom pro crap do I get future DLC for free? or no?

  • Will i be able to download all this from the PlayStation Store without PS+ eventually?

  • If you’re gonna talk about Wack Ops, go find a forum full of kindergarteners. Socom 4 FTW!

  • Do the players still just wave their hands over their guns to reload in this game, or do they actually pull out the magazines and throw them on the ground?

  • can we get the m3 auto shotty from socom 2 it was the best shotgun ever..

  • Could use some MAG news. We haven’t seen a single Zipper post in – well, three months if you don’t count that month and some change that the PSN was down. You know, that month and some change where posting something would have been super-appropriately timed?

    Yeah, whatever.

  • When’s the release?

  • jus finished playn abandoned it looks amazing but something wasnt quite right… maybe it needs to be a night map instead

  • Cant wait for the new patch, and free dlc.

  • Is there a confirmed date on the free DLC? And what about the patches?

  • ll-DReaDBoY67-ll

    hey if this game fun or anything?cuz i heard it sucks and its nothing like the PS2 ones

  • lolol they better be free…

  • what about UK and Rest of EU? Will we get similair add-ons?????

  • Ill be sure and get this……on xbox….

  • how bout a patch first and instead of more new maps how bout old classic maps

  • for every map pack that comes out they should throw a socom 2 or 3 map in with it. also bring the stg77 back with a silencer, i loved that gun. also put the silencer back on the iw-80-a2. that was my fav gun but thanks to no silencer i hate using it now:( just some thoughts.

  • Today – curiously, I turned on the playstation where a new download was installed. Over the period of one hour or more, I gave socom 4 a chance to prove that multiplayer cheats are gone, there not.
    Socom 4 you will not compete with Battlefield ever because you suck and removing hacks – good luck in the future zipper you lost my support, forever. I wasted my cash on your junk. The one company that has support from playstation and the entire environment is hacked. Your pathetic zipper!!!

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