Welcome Back to SOCOM 4–With Free Maps and Weapons!

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Welcome Back to SOCOM 4–With Free Maps and Weapons!


We’re very happy today to announce that SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is now offering free maps and weapons to all PS Plus users! You might remember that we gave away the classic SOCOM map “Abandoned” and a couple of exclusive shotguns as an incentive to pre-order the game through GameStop. All PlayStation Plus users can now download “Abandoned” and the shotguns free for the next month! For those of you without Plus yet, don’t worry–your time will come shortly. Recall the blog announcement a couple weeks back announcing that, as a token of appreciation, the PlayStation Network will be giving all users 30 days free PlayStation Plus membership, coming soon. After a month of PlayStation Plus availability, “Abandoned” and the shotguns will continue to be available for SOCOM Pro members.

But that’s not all. When we announced SOCOM Pro shortly before SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs hit stores, we promised that we’d be delivering the oft-requested M16 and AK-47 shortly after release. We’re happy today to not only say that they’re almost here, but that they’re being packaged alongside a set of new competitive multiplayer maps!


Dubbed the SOCOM Pro Assault Pack, this bundle will be available as a free download exclusively to SOCOM Pro members and features three all-new competitive multiplayer maps: “Red Line”, “Double Cross” and “Driftwood”, as well as two fan-favorite weapons, the M16 and AK-47. The maps, inspired by missions from the single-player campaign, have been designed to feature tighter spaces with intense 8 vs. 8 matches in mind (not that 32-player skirmishes aren’t a blast on all three maps).


Assault Pack Maps:

“Red Line” – A monorail depot highlights this small and highly war-torn urban location.

“Double Cross” – A plane has crashed into a small mountain village, leaving wreckage and burning debris scattered throughout the area.

“Driftwood” – A small fishing village with a tight layout results in intense close-quarter battles.

Assault Pack Weapons:

M16 – This highly accurate Spec Ops weapon is great at range and, with a suppressor gained at Mod Level 2, can be used in stealthier situations as well.

AK-47 – This Insurgent weapon is difficult to control but inflicts a high amount of damage. It’s also capable of holding a large amount of ammo at Mod 5, making a very deadly option for aggressive players.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget that our Double XP bonus promotion is currently underway and affects not only every game type but both your player level and weapon progression!

“Abandoned” and the pre-order shotguns are now available for free to all PlayStation Plus members while the SOCOM Pro Assault Pack will be available this month as a free download exclusively for SOCOM Pro members, so be sure to check back for more news in the coming weeks. SOCOM Pro comes free with new copies of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, and is also available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $14.99.

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  • I want a real classic mode.

  • Socom 4 is amazing!!! thanks Zipper. any word on more MAG DLC?

  • let me repeat.what about black ops?yes sony read this and pass it on so the head of your company talks to treyarch and we get the map pack asap.well i hope so because im running low on patience.

  • I’m looking to get the Pro, but I’ll see what more they have to offer

  • Nice very happy with the socom 4 pro deal so far.

  • zombieslayer905

    why can’t it be free for regalar psn users that sucks

  • Nice to see we geting the weapons they said we will going to get in the first 30 days of the game release.

    Classic mode got
    *run button
    *cover system

    That a real classic mode.

    Don’t forget to vote for SOCOM 2 HD

  • MAG is so cheap sorry but it is.

  • Thats nice and all, but, I think we need a patch first! Oh, and that little thing called a PARTY SYSTEM..

  • @1 there are “REAL” classic modes. U gotta select them. The Pro deal looks like it is beginning to pay off now! Got the 1st batch of dlc already..hopeful that we get new co-op objectives

  • update on welcome back package please

  • what about black ops sony?there is a map pack we’re supposed to get right about now.

  • finaly!!!!! i added my card

  • I just got onto PSN with my MediaGo, since I can’t use WLAN with my wireless. I downloaded all the Dissidia DLC – only to get error coded when I tried to transfer. It’s not my cord, or my PSP, since I downloaded the system update and my older games fine. It’s JUST that DLC. The error code is 80048104. What gives?

  • Very Nice

  • Aaannnddd, what about UK and Rest of EU? Will we get similair add-ons?

  • IIn3wII_NuMb3rZ

    @ #6 it is free for regular PSN users. if u bought SOCOM brand new and not being cheap and bought it used u would have the SOCOM pro code on the back of your game manual to scratch off gettin u both the map and the guns and the future upcoming dlc all free. Only those who bought the game used will miss out and i dont mind that cuz devs get no money from used game sales so this was put in place to encourage ppl to buy the game new

  • Someone please help; I can’t log in and ask on the official Sony forum.

  • Game was a disgrace…

  • @11 thats exactly what was on my mind as i quited my black ops game just now..lol i hope we get the new maps nex week…because im going to be off for two weeks thanks to maturnity leave ..since my son should be born this week or the next. im going to be home njoying some infamous2 as soon as i put him to sleep :p GOD bless SONY ..and thier awesome exclusive games! :)

  • Thumps up for the prego Scorpion!

  • thanks got the free content soon as the store came…does socom pro give access to all the upcoming socom 4 content or will there still be some that has to be purchased seperately?? and when will we see more classic socom maps?

  • @NinjaNabs and#19, u guys got to realize this isn’t sony on this blog post its Zipper, the ppl behind Socom 4, so its useless and beyond rude posting tht stuff on this blog, if something post on something like the playstation store blog, insteadof other blogs which has no relation to ur topic of concern,

    and wow ppl could be rude to developers. Give some slack to Zipper, they’re a great studio, MAG and Socom 4 were better than wht ppl could said they were, both great games overall, I’ll be looking forward to the free weopens, ALL SHOTGUNS, hopefully its all gud…

  • i bought socom 4 the day it came out wich was before the psn went down and i got to redeem my code that it came with for the socom pro but it just gave me a shotgun..does that mean im in the socom pro or do i got to buy it?

  • xAsILaySnipingx

    When will this be available?

  • nice. free its me

  • Beta was amazing. Looking to pick this up pretty soon. and free maps are always great!

  • battlehammer1992

    thanks looks great. really love socom 4. does the pre order code that i got with socom 4 cover me for the socom pro membership? :)

  • @ NinjaNabs yeah i agree with you too. We should get Escalation for free too.

  • Add trophies and fix the matchmaking. I tired of getting owned by people 40 levels higher than I am.


  • Cool thanks :)

  • We have a new map pack but we still can’t join a match with our friends? It’s completely unacceptable that I have to spend 15 minutes trying to join my friend because the match(es) fill up way to quickly. No matchmaking was acceptable many years ago but now it’s just laziness on Zipper Interactive’s part.

  • Escalation for free? Ha! Like Activision would agree to anything that would cost them money by giving out free map packs.

  • the pro package makes me regret preordering the game lol oh well i do love the game but its sad not getting the pro stuff for free.

  • nevermind im and idiot

  • @ninjanabs Nobody cares about Black ops, worst FPS ever created. Sony should start supporting real games like KILLZONE 3 and BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2 and for the love of god start the marketting campaign for TWISTED METAL, Half of my friends didnt even know untli a week ago that Twisted metal is returning. seriously, Twisted metal and Uncharted 3 are the best games coming out in 2011 and theres even no hype for Twisted metal.
    also Killzone 3 steel rain dlc for free will be apreciated.

  • It seems that no one answers our comments on this site but what the heck when is black ops escalation maps going to be out????? And I’m not asking u haterz ok!! it’s a simple question that apparently ain’t getting answered. And to all the haterz… Ain’t no one bumping their gums about yur dumb questions and games u play so stop hatin!!!!

  • Wow! Wish I had Socom 4! What a serious package for everyone owning it. Congrats!

    And on a sidenote.. @Lokiroo420!!!! I know puberty’s difficult, but once you make your way through it, things like “personal views” and “addiction to cussing” will start to change… Just bear with it.. New horizons are out there kiddo.. Don’t give up hope!! XD

  • how about offering another mp demo of this game i downloaded on the last day i never got to play it????

  • the black op maps come out 30 days after they come out on the poopbox so if it came out on the poopbox the 3rd of may it should come out the 3rd of june or what ever day it came out on the poopbox

  • I haven’t been a SOCOM 4 fan for years, but I absolutely love this. I’m a PS+ member too, so I’ll be all over this. Thanks Zipper.

  • @pvtmarlowe shut up fanboy.i care about black ops and call of duty.shove your killzone and battlefield where i think (= .

  • where is the black ops escalation map pack?come on sony if your not gonna release it today then at least update us on when it will come out.give us a timeline for once!

  • thanks for the ps store

  • How about you guys finish the game first? A multiplayer game with no party system and no lobbies? Maybe fix the list of bugs from the beta first? This series has turned into such a joke!

  • Did they even update the store today? as I haven’t seen anything new in there

  • $10 says we won’t have another update for a whole ‘nother week.

  • Oh yeah, and Black Ops does suck. Next to MW2 it’s the worst Call of Duty ever made. The only reason I even play it is for Zombies.

  • If the updated anything today it was DLCs and that is kind of lame, what about all the games the were releases or launched that we are evidently still missing out on? No offense to Zipper or anyone who wants the DLCs but really a whole update with nothing but DLCs to games I don’t have anymore?

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