MotorStorm Apocalypse Now Racing Online

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Now Racing Online

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. We are definitely glad things are starting to get back to normal, and as part of that I wanted to remind you about little game called MotorStorm Apocalypse that hit stores this past May 3rd.

It’s got 40 chaotic levels to race through, 13 vehicle classes to customize and upgrade, split-screen play for up to four players locally, and a deep online matchmaking mode. Matt Southern, Game Director at Evolution Studios, talks about what you can expect in the online multiplayer mode they’ve cooked up. But first, here’s a new trailer featuring some of the praise the game has received from the gaming press so far.

MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3: Skyline track

And here’s Matt Southern, the Game Director for MotorStorm Apocalypse, to tell you more about the amazing online gameplay waiting for you in MSA.

Hi again everyone! It has been a difficult few weeks for both PlayStation and our dedicated users and followers. As fate would have it, the release of MotorStorm Apocalypse fell during the outage, and so some of you may have missed it. So if you were one of the people who did pick up MSA, then firstly thank you…and secondly, let’s finally get round to some online mayhem! And if you haven’t picked up the game yet, it’s not too late.

MotorStorm Apocalypse online multiplayer (part of a mode we call Wreckreation) offers many hours of gameplay and progression and is as feature-rich as we could possibly make it. Every powerslide, every bit of airtime, every ram, every finishing position (not just first!) wins you ‘chips’, and winning chips lets you progress through 80 ranks.

Rewards will absolutely cascade at you when you start moving through those ranks. New vehicle shapes, new vehicle parts like wheels, spoilers, graphics, decals and paint jobs are all unlocked with each rank. This of course means that you can drive a customized vehicle that shows at a glance how much progress you have made and how good you are at the game. You also unlock new player icons that do the same thing.

An aspect of our online game that is proving to be massive is the betting. Before every race you can pick a rival from the board and bet against them – each one is worth a different amount of chips based on their current form. If you beat them, you win those chips, and you can cash them in immediately to add to your total. But you can also choose to gamble those winnings, increasing the amount of chips available in the next race. Watch out though: any time you lose a bet, you lose everything you’ve earned up to that point.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Upper Bohemia

So…if you keep beating the rivals, you can seriously increase your chip winnings, speed through the ranks, and unlock the cool gear at a tremendous rate. This simple mechanic means that rather than trying to win every race you can get rewarded just for beating one person, in whatever position they finish, making it a much more rewarding experience for useless n00bs like me.

Also – please note you can play four-player split screen in the living room; there has been some confusion about this. You can also play two-player split-screen at home against 14 others online, with dual logins. We’re really trying to make this one of the most feature-packed and rewarding online racers ever, inspired by the best online shooters, and hopefully you’ll give it a try and agree.

See you online!

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  • this is off topic but im a starwars fan and i liked battlefront 1&2 they should make BATTLEFRONT 3 that would please me and a lot of other people around the world alot.look at the YOUTUBE VIDEOS they’ll tell you sony.

  • @13 – Marcellino:
    I agree completely! It should say 1-4 players offline, 1-16 online and yes it’s an important sale point for a lot of people and can drop the game sales.

    Also, did you GUYS (and @Marcellino) have the CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS mention on the back of the box too? Because in Quebec Canada we have it but it doesn’t seem to be in the game or did I MISS SOMETHING?

    …and the PS3 boxes should even mentions the number of local players enable for online gaming and if it’s supprt dual login or not but hey it’s another topic, just not for MS.

  • AWESOME! Game news!

  • lol Thanks @28 – seph1r0th00
    Can’t believe I didn’t try it…haha! LOL In the few games that I have that support custom soundtracks I must enable it in the audio options of the game to read my XMB playlists…

  • Grace Chen! Grace Chen! Grace Chen! Grace Chen!
    Rey Gutierrez! Rey Gutierrez! Rey Gutierrez! Rey Gutierrez!

  • now what would be really funny is if sony made (motorstorm air) it was flying planes at one second and rideng in cars and motorcycles at another that would be sweet.

  • moterstorm dosent look bad

  • It looks fun

  • it kind of reminds me of Split Second…I wont be getting it though


  • I’m blown away by this game. Had it since day one and still loving it and with online now its sooooo much better. Best racer available IMO. Wish I could get my downloadable stuff though. And if you all want to put some add on tracks on the store I won’t mind…hint…hint.

  • Playstation Store ?

  • Will there be a demo once the store comes back online?

  • This whole Sony operation must be run by the biggest idiots. They say they would update that green map, but they haven’t. Plus they color all the states a similar shade of green so that it’s impossible to tell which states are back up, thereby rendering the thing useless.

    It’s no wonder Sony was such an easy victim.

  • Grandturisimo 5 is amazing so this should be to

  • Onje last thing: I was glad to see this game live up to and exceed expectations. A lot of games have sold b ecause of fancy trailers and this game actually plays like the vids show. This game was way under-hyped but I’m guessing that is due to the Japan-related delay and then the darkest 24 days in recent memory.

  • @61

    The green map used to be white. You’re an idiot.

  • nice to be back to the normal gaming posts, game looks amazing

  • Ahhh real news……I might buy this game just because its the first real news story in weeks…..Glad you guys are back!!!

  • Great game, the greatest arcade racing game I’ve ever experienced.

    Do you guys have a timeframe for the Logitech wheel patch?

  • Its almost like the 3d hurt the graphic in this one. It was not what I expected sadly. Pass on this one.

  • I suppose I could give this a rent sometime just to try.

  • I don’t care about this topic. i just want the PSN store back up. please hurry sony. i wanna put my PSN card into my account and i wanna download threads of fate

  • @juvenlast

    I already used it my time is up.

  • Any info on Modern Warfare 3 comming soon?

  • @GearofEvil

    Mine too… truthfully I blame Netherrealm studios more than Sony. Sure if the store was up we wouldn’t have the problem, but if these developers didn’t try to keep you from buying used with these stupid online passes, then it would all be gold.


  • Yeah I got the game and it’s perfect I love it and the distractive is really impressive good idea -EvolutionStudios- the best racing game ever !!!

  • I can’t believe Sony has the audacity to post /update the welcome back package and post two new game blogs before answering or dealing with any of the serious questions posted on the FAQ blog. Is this how it’s going to continue to be? We were kept in the dark a.k.a. hardly any updates when Sony shut down the network. Now we’ve got questions that are far more significant then “what are you going to give me?” and “when are you going to start talking about games again?” but the only answers we get are “thanks it’s good to be back” and here take these free products??? Were you hoping that would stop the whiners? It’s been well over 48 hours since you brought the network back online. We’ve had to wait for emails with links that won’t allow us to reset our passwords no matter how many times you correctly enter the letters and numbers. C’mon my patience is already thin. This is no way to win back customers confidence Sony!

  • I haven’t played a good racing game in a while. I’m gonna have to check this game out.

  • Only real complaint about the game is the way you spin to easy. No matter where I get touched, my car just spins. I know a few people who have stopped playing this game because of it.

  • I can’t acess anything sony because the playstation store doesn’t work.

  • PLZ bring the PSN back! not later, now would be a good time

  • comment on my last post, i meant the PSN store

  • I would be reporting that several people who die in Latin America are having problems making the change of password through the console and through the Computer Pages are giving problems and not being sent any email to persons who carried out the Registration using the system from Microsoft.
    I want a response from a representative of the Company on the solution of this problem believe that this is occurring because of new security policies of the Company. Oh also people complaining that the First Attempt Console is marking the error 80023156 and quickly as possible. Oh people waiting two days for the emails and the links work
    The company forgot that Brazil is in the same region that connection referring to USA / CANADA

  • Ahh talking about games again… it. Played MotorStorm at a friends house and loved it, going to pick it up if I don’t get it for my birthday this weekend!

  • which iz better:
    or wipeout??? ://
    im confuzed :111

  • Gaming news again! I am so glad to see that the PS Blog has its lifeblood back! Cheers!

  • game look epic to

  • very cool. nice to see the blog back to normal too

  • split-screen play for up to four players locally. now that’s what i’m talking about!!! oh yessss!!! Game makers sometimes forget that we do have friends that do come over the house and play.
    thanks Brian, the game looks insane cool :)

  • Really nice game sony keep up the good work.

  • This game looks sweet i am getting this soon.

  • I completely forgot that I bought the game. I didnt want to play it because I wanted to make sure I got all the game updates before hand. I am going to play it right now. Thanks for the reminder!

  • @ 5 DaveedT13.

    If you want your own custom music, just press the PS button, it will take you to the XMB and then you just select your own music from your HDD on the PS3.

    I have all the other previous Motorstorms, but I have to say, this one is getting to be my favorite.

    So much happening while you’re racing, it really keeps you jumping.

  • Hurray for game updates on the BLOG!!!
    I was mostly missing the updates due to the whole outage thing lol
    Anyway, the whole dual psn sign-in thing for online split screen for this game has REALLY priqued my interest.
    I might have to give in to what looks to be a really rad racer.

  • Definitely the best Motorstorm yet! Kudos to Evolution.

  • I believe patch 1.03 causes some infrequent freezing, both online and off.

  • Is there wheel support in this game? I found it disappointing that 1&2 didn’t support a wheel.

  • I think for the New motor storm there should be something like split-secound. WHOS with me?

  • How many does this game cost??

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