MotorStorm Apocalypse Now Racing Online

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Now Racing Online

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. We are definitely glad things are starting to get back to normal, and as part of that I wanted to remind you about little game called MotorStorm Apocalypse that hit stores this past May 3rd.

It’s got 40 chaotic levels to race through, 13 vehicle classes to customize and upgrade, split-screen play for up to four players locally, and a deep online matchmaking mode. Matt Southern, Game Director at Evolution Studios, talks about what you can expect in the online multiplayer mode they’ve cooked up. But first, here’s a new trailer featuring some of the praise the game has received from the gaming press so far.

MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3: Skyline track

And here’s Matt Southern, the Game Director for MotorStorm Apocalypse, to tell you more about the amazing online gameplay waiting for you in MSA.

Hi again everyone! It has been a difficult few weeks for both PlayStation and our dedicated users and followers. As fate would have it, the release of MotorStorm Apocalypse fell during the outage, and so some of you may have missed it. So if you were one of the people who did pick up MSA, then firstly thank you…and secondly, let’s finally get round to some online mayhem! And if you haven’t picked up the game yet, it’s not too late.

MotorStorm Apocalypse online multiplayer (part of a mode we call Wreckreation) offers many hours of gameplay and progression and is as feature-rich as we could possibly make it. Every powerslide, every bit of airtime, every ram, every finishing position (not just first!) wins you ‘chips’, and winning chips lets you progress through 80 ranks.

Rewards will absolutely cascade at you when you start moving through those ranks. New vehicle shapes, new vehicle parts like wheels, spoilers, graphics, decals and paint jobs are all unlocked with each rank. This of course means that you can drive a customized vehicle that shows at a glance how much progress you have made and how good you are at the game. You also unlock new player icons that do the same thing.

An aspect of our online game that is proving to be massive is the betting. Before every race you can pick a rival from the board and bet against them – each one is worth a different amount of chips based on their current form. If you beat them, you win those chips, and you can cash them in immediately to add to your total. But you can also choose to gamble those winnings, increasing the amount of chips available in the next race. Watch out though: any time you lose a bet, you lose everything you’ve earned up to that point.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Upper Bohemia

So…if you keep beating the rivals, you can seriously increase your chip winnings, speed through the ranks, and unlock the cool gear at a tremendous rate. This simple mechanic means that rather than trying to win every race you can get rewarded just for beating one person, in whatever position they finish, making it a much more rewarding experience for useless n00bs like me.

Also – please note you can play four-player split screen in the living room; there has been some confusion about this. You can also play two-player split-screen at home against 14 others online, with dual logins. We’re really trying to make this one of the most feature-packed and rewarding online racers ever, inspired by the best online shooters, and hopefully you’ll give it a try and agree.

See you online!

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  • I bought this last week. I finally got around to playing it yesterday. I got through Mash’s story and loved it. I’m still not sure if I prefer it over Pacific Rift, but it definitely lives up to the Motorstorm name. You guys got your work cut out for you figuring out where to go next. I’d suggest a Yosemite kind of deal. Snowy mountains, forests, open fields, rivers, and plenty of mud.

  • To all my SVER brothers on mag, system down but not out, will see u soon. KICK PLENTY OF ASS 4 ME. CELLBLOKS ( formely known as CELLBLOCKz) syl

  • OMG still cant get in the PS Store. If i c that undergoing matainace iamma flip. idc about the online gaming or these two new games warhack n motorstorm. i care more bout my add ons and map pcks etc. xbox making yall look bad. cmon Son yall can do better then dat. gettin real tired of waiting. yall need to tightin upn jus turn it on or tell us how may days we have left to wait instead of sayin things like shortly or coming soon. 2 thumbs down on dat note. we understand details so stop sugercoating with ur fan in jus turn on the store asap pleazzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this game looks like a better version of “Split Second”!!!

  • Kinda sad that a lot of people can’t enjoy PSN’s online functions being back up because the store isn’t running yet–it’s no wonder people are still asking about the store. What good does online play do if people can’t enter their online passes because the store is down?

  • Good argument agent im in the same boat as you because i can only do a trial on my Mortal Kombat but if you had games like COD or uncharted you can play those online atleast… Its a step i suppose peopl just need to relax and stop complaining at the moment atleast they are trying.

  • The only gripe I have about this game is if you are playing split screen you can’t view it in 3D. I hope they fix this with a patch.

  • The game is really good, the multiplayer is fun, but I wonder why my game / trophies do not appear in my account on PSN!

  • Stunner, I agree with you–it’s a step in the right direction. But expecting people not to complain is, at best, delusional. If the world was perfect, we’d all be patient and kind. Unfortunately, patience is wearing thin for a lot of people.

  • love the game
    its awsom

  • I’m getting this game


  • Glad to see the support for dual login when playing two-player splitscreen online — that’s AWESOME! I wish more multiplayer games supported that.

    But as a followup (if anybody who owns it can answer, as I doubt anyone from Sony reads clear to the third page of comments), what about the four-player local splitscreen? Do all four local players get to use their logins as well?

  • I want to play no contact in East Asia, why?

  • Is it me or they left out some cars. I see the rally car form the first game with the wheels on the back but in the actual game it is not there. Just saying.

  • I want to play no contact in East Asia, why? :(


  • Looks AWESOME!!! :) i have the first Motorstorm

  • i feel bad for the two proper gaming blogs getting people who don’t even care about the game just about their problems this isn’t the place for ur worries.

  • I got on last night to just get my trophy for completing my first online race. Didn’t expect to actually win it, lol.

  • I like Motorstorm (only played this and the original) but I feel the boosting is overdone. If you’re not boosting its like the car is standing still. I know its what helps separate Motorstorm from the rest of the generic racing titles but I just wish they’d scale it back to at least seem like you’re doing something when not boosting. Just my 2 cents…

  • It would be great if bets on people that dropped/quit aren’t automatically disqualified, which just punishes betters for bad luck.

  • i’ve never played any motor storm game. may need to check it out

  • add me at xfroxx to play some brink!!!!

  • I want this game

  • Awesome game! I have been enjoying it. Although I wish the motion comics were replaced with detailed cg actors with better acting. Other aspects of the game are mind blowing. I will be playing this game for hours.

  • @113 (FeistFan):
    I agree the multiple login of PSN IDs is AWESOME! : ) I’m pretty sure we can choose each our login in 4-player local too but I’ll have to verify…

    @115 (Freashd9002):
    Are-you sure the wheels for the back are not an unlockable part for one of the 3 in-game rally cars?

  • If only I could redeem my pre-order Gamestop code and the extras code that came with the retail package. I swear, between this LA Noire, Mortal Kombat and Brink I can’t redeem anything lol…

  • Sooooooooo, um when is the store going to be up. Who cares about theses games, I want more info on when the store will be up. Then u can give info abut these games

  • i just wanna try the demo before i buy this one, hurry up store… that wut sold me on all the others then when i got the real game it was a million times better

  • i want to get this game!!! looks like everything i ever wanted from a racing game!!! -except its missing girls lol

  • Sorry but is the store still down?

  • I’d try out the demo and see if it was worth buying but the store isn’t back up yet :\

  • I’ve been really enjoying the single player for this while the PSN was down, and I tried out the online today. It was fun but got discounted twice before a race, then once right after that first race, so I gave it up for now. Hopefully they’ll get some fixes in there. I chalked it up to “new game” online bugs. No problems with other online games so I know it’s not on my end.

    Love all the high-adrenaline destruction! However, the vehicles have this cartoonish, or maybe unfinished look to them compared to previous installments. I agree with another poster that the look of the vehicles have gone downhill since Monument Valley, including the vehicle damage/explosions. But honestly, it doesn’t deter from the fun factor. No regrets here :)

  • Uhm, first off I agree with SuddenDepact :D. Secondly when will the store be back up?

    P.S. Sony rules!

  • @127 (DaveedT13)

    Not sure, have not unlocked all the rally cars yet but I am talking about the base model, It is shown on the trailers but not on the actual game.

  • Ummm Let’s see. For those of us who can read, as it’s been stated 4,000 times before, full functionality of PSN and PSN Store will be restored by May 31st. Until Sony says otherwise, I’d go with that. Trolls need to go back below the bridge immediately. I swear if I knew a few of you personally I’d tear your arms off and beat you to death with them. Lazy and stupid is a deadly combination.

  • @ 136

    I’ve unlocked some new cars thru post-game challenges and online racing. Plus all the cars are customizable with unlockables from these challenges as well. Kinda sweet. Until I can download my add-ons I’m pretending with these options :) Fake it ’til u make it, as we’d say in rehab.

  • All I’m tryin’ to do is make an MPEG!!!

  • And, this game looks freakin’ AMAZING!!!

  • OMFG this Motorstorm in 3d is the most intense game I have ever played to date on any console. I was so drawn into the lifelike 3d movement & graphics that I was physically sweating! GOY definitely for me. Thank you devs!!!!

  • Its out! Looking forward to the demo, then the game! :D

  • Isn’t it a bit premature to start plugging your next lineup of games without fulfilling your obligation to your customers?

  • Burnout and Need for Speed and NASCAR have take a step down in the recent years but Motorstorm stays consistent! Love the new game.

  • Huuuuge fan of this game franchise! Do not have this latest installment as of yet but I have played the downloadable demo and will sure be buying it. Pacific Rift is amazing. Great soundtrack too.
    The visual effects and mind-boggling fast paced action make Motorstorm(R) one of the most exciting racing games around.

  • I cant stay connected! While in mid race it says that I cannt connect to the server! many people I’ve talked to also have this problem. I hope it can be fixed with a patch asap. Thanks, I’d like to be able to finish a race.

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