MotorStorm Apocalypse Now Racing Online

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Now Racing Online

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. We are definitely glad things are starting to get back to normal, and as part of that I wanted to remind you about little game called MotorStorm Apocalypse that hit stores this past May 3rd.

It’s got 40 chaotic levels to race through, 13 vehicle classes to customize and upgrade, split-screen play for up to four players locally, and a deep online matchmaking mode. Matt Southern, Game Director at Evolution Studios, talks about what you can expect in the online multiplayer mode they’ve cooked up. But first, here’s a new trailer featuring some of the praise the game has received from the gaming press so far.

MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3: Skyline track

And here’s Matt Southern, the Game Director for MotorStorm Apocalypse, to tell you more about the amazing online gameplay waiting for you in MSA.

Hi again everyone! It has been a difficult few weeks for both PlayStation and our dedicated users and followers. As fate would have it, the release of MotorStorm Apocalypse fell during the outage, and so some of you may have missed it. So if you were one of the people who did pick up MSA, then firstly thank you…and secondly, let’s finally get round to some online mayhem! And if you haven’t picked up the game yet, it’s not too late.

MotorStorm Apocalypse online multiplayer (part of a mode we call Wreckreation) offers many hours of gameplay and progression and is as feature-rich as we could possibly make it. Every powerslide, every bit of airtime, every ram, every finishing position (not just first!) wins you ‘chips’, and winning chips lets you progress through 80 ranks.

Rewards will absolutely cascade at you when you start moving through those ranks. New vehicle shapes, new vehicle parts like wheels, spoilers, graphics, decals and paint jobs are all unlocked with each rank. This of course means that you can drive a customized vehicle that shows at a glance how much progress you have made and how good you are at the game. You also unlock new player icons that do the same thing.

An aspect of our online game that is proving to be massive is the betting. Before every race you can pick a rival from the board and bet against them – each one is worth a different amount of chips based on their current form. If you beat them, you win those chips, and you can cash them in immediately to add to your total. But you can also choose to gamble those winnings, increasing the amount of chips available in the next race. Watch out though: any time you lose a bet, you lose everything you’ve earned up to that point.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Upper Bohemia

So…if you keep beating the rivals, you can seriously increase your chip winnings, speed through the ranks, and unlock the cool gear at a tremendous rate. This simple mechanic means that rather than trying to win every race you can get rewarded just for beating one person, in whatever position they finish, making it a much more rewarding experience for useless n00bs like me.

Also – please note you can play four-player split screen in the living room; there has been some confusion about this. You can also play two-player split-screen at home against 14 others online, with dual logins. We’re really trying to make this one of the most feature-packed and rewarding online racers ever, inspired by the best online shooters, and hopefully you’ll give it a try and agree.

See you online!

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  • i don’t wanna go off topic but can you guys talk more about infamous 2 and maybe post some pixs of the Hero Edition ^_^

  • This game is amazing! So many mind blowing shocking moments and online is so awesome. Definitely the best Motorstorm yet, going urban was the best decision you all made! Thanks! My racing Game of the Year 2011!!!

  • Killzone 3 dlc

  • Nice, game news……..everything is going back to normal. Thanks!! Really thinking of picking this game up. I’m a big racing fan.

  • Hi @Brian Dunn and @Matt Southern!

    MS:A online is AWESOME!!! Thanks for putting in the DUAL LOGIN, can’t thanks you enough! I bought 2 copies of your game, one for me and one for my brother (I’m 32, he’s 14, so, we don’t live in the same house lol) and I can play with him online and with my girlfriend (using his own ID!) at home at the same time, GREAT! : )

    The game is really nice, was a little affraid about the controls before buying it but they’re great! : )

    Just two things, it’s says “Custom Soundtracks” in french on the back of the box in Quebec, Canada but I can’t find the option to have my own music while racing offline…?? And, when I’m online with my little bro in my GROUP and I search for a race, my bro doesn’t “follow” automatically in the race found with me 3 times on 4. Will this be improved/patched? I really hope you’ll nailed this one… but apart from that, the game is really IMPRESSIVE! : ) The CHAOS is more than that! …and smooth as butter online, GREAT JOB GUYS!

  • Thanks for everything but please Sony can you let us know about the PS3 store. I want to know if my balance is still there and what damage there might have been done to my account. Please do not make this a ridiculous process,communicate . Just want some concrete anwsers rather than “coming soon” or “stay tuned”

  • I don’t really care about this. I can’t play Mortal Kombat Online because I can’t redeem my Kombat Pass as a result of Playstation Store being offline, so please get it on asap.

  • I really hope the online makes up for the abysmal singeplayer. I dont have much hope for the game at this point…between the horrible cutscenes, extremely cluttered tracks that just do not mix well with Motorstorms wonderful physics, terrible AI and the incredibly dense graphics that make it hard to see which way to go….this Motorstorm has been a huge dissapointment for me.

    It’s really a shame that Apocalypse turned out the way it did because Monument Valley and Pacific Rift were the two best arcade racers of this gen.

    Im really hoping the online redeems the game for me, but Im not expecting much since I already dont like the setting.

  • Been playing this in 3D and it is, hands down, the most amazing, insane, experience I have had on virtual wheels. I hit a guy while we were vacating the island and he flew right out of the screen, lol.

  • I still have both motorstorm copies, love the series. I wanna try this game first. Cant wait for the ps store to go back online so i can DL the demo.

  • I’ll definitely give it a try.

  • @+ GearofEvil

    If you haven’t used your free 2 day trial yet for MK you can at least have 48 hours of online play. Just a thought.

  • Hey guys, I’m loving the game, but there’s a HUGE flaw on the boxart! On the back, it lists total offline players as only one, when, like you said yourself, it actually supports up to four! Being a salesman myself, this “minor detail” is actually a major deal. When people come into our store looking for a racer, splitscreen is something that’s often times sought after (especially online splitscreen, which is awesome that it made it into this game), but not every customer or employee gets to play every game, so a lot of time all we have to go by is the back of the boxes. I think it’d totally be worth it to make sure when the second run of boxarts come out (the ones without the ‘Premier Pack’ logo on the fronts), that someone makes a quick fix to the back as well! Anyway, I’m actually gonna get back to playing right now! Hope we see a patch to fix some of the server issues affecting the game! Keep up the hard work!

  • This game looks alot of fun hopefully theres a demo when the store comes back up I would love to try it.

  • I love the game! Keep up the good work evolution studios I’m expecting some cool DLC down the line. :)

  • It feels weird, reading about video games here now. It feels fresh, but odd. I got used to the whole outage announcements. But it’s a fresh change like I said. :)

  • I was playing it all last night(in the UK)and it’s an amazing game online(& off-line to) :P

  • STop talken about psn store your lucky onlines up selfish

  • Yeah it’s nice seeing game talk again, but now I understand why they blacked out the site these last few weeks, as developers who would be posting about their games would just be bombarded with rude commends stating, “I don’t care about your game, when will PSN be up.” Yeah, I’d steer clear too.

  • Ah so glad to see the blog talking games again. This game looks really fun. I will definitely give it a try.

  • Looking GREAT!

    Gonna try the demo when the store gets updated. Most likely going to buy it, but just want to check it out beforehand.

    The action looks intense!

  • Oh man this setting is SO my style! But…

    I could just never get over the whole hit a bump and go B00M thing about the Motorstorm games. I would love this franchise if they added a option for exploration of a large enviroment and toned down the whole B00M thing as well. Like the old ATVoffroad fury games but with a meet and greet center, it just seems so obvious with that whole out in a wilderness/festival feeling always going on.

    BurnOut PC ruined me for straight race games…RUINED MEH!!! lol.

  • I am enjoying the online. Very deep, customizable and rewarding. My only complaint is very frequent disconnects; almost after every other game. Can we expect better stability soon?

  • The best Motorstorm to date. The last one was a B- but this is an A+ game. You brought back racing to ps3. Keep up the good work.

  • im just now playing CRYSIS 2 on online the BEST game i even play on MULTIPLAYER, now im just thinkin to buy that or not..

  • Woohoo, gonna have to pick this up this weekend.

  • Looks cool I may pick it up if I have enough money

  • Female-TLr-Rider

    UGH… Wish i could get the game. It looks super fun i watched someone play it and it looked incredible. Except for the loading that looked a little tooooooooooo long. Hopefully there will be a demo or something cause i want to try this game. :( it sucks not having money.

  • Evolution Studios! You guys make the BEST off-road racer out there. I can’t thank you guys enough for dual logins and 4player split screen. This game rocks!

    You just need to go into the XMB and select the music you want to play.

  • Online mode looks like the best yet

  • its better than rift but does not come close to monument valley real racing. i was hoping evolution would go more real but they keep going the wrong way rift and Apocalypse more like old arcade games(not really) and y do they keep screwing up the boost. go get motorstorm monument valley used less than 5 us dollars u will see what motorstorm is was just get it if u dont have it if u do come on back.hell maybe im crazy

  • i havent played online yet but im loving the single player campaign , this is Motorstorm at its best !!!! , love it !!!! no kevin buttler ad? anyways i hope Evo think about bringing the franchise to NGP with fulll psn online functionality ,

  • Get the store up!

  • I actually am looking more forward to Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

  • I feel bad, because I like the Motorstorm series… because of the delay on Apocalypse I ended up with both NFS Hot Pursuit, and Shift 2. I honestly don’t need any other racers right now, especially since I still have Mod Nation Racers too.

    Game looks good though. Not really what I would have expected, to be honest. I really like the lush forests and such in Pacific Rift, it made the game stand out from the rest.

  • Hey guys, are the ones who ordered from amazon still gonna get thier pre order codes?

  • I am getting me this game I just made 70 bucks this weekend woo hoo I know this is going to be a great game cant wait and I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The last paragraph now has me interested in the game.

  • 30 nemopetcat you may not be crazy see you in the valley. Apocalypse im at 63% its cool i suck online cant get the boost down ill keep trying. ps tikys already killing the game. monument valley thats the one.

  • We should Mercenary09 amazon emailed me that they’ll send us the codes when PSN is back up. Either way we couldn’t use the code since the PlayStation Store is down.

  • More JRPG announcements, hype, trailers, whatever.

    That is all :)

  • Oh, and you should have offered DCUO as a “Welcome Back” incentive – could have made a tonne off of subscriptions.

  • How many racers in 1 race in multipleyer.PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND!

  • how can i play online? psn is not even up yet??

  • Is the rubberband AI the same as the previous two games? That’s why I’m passing on this one after being such a fan of the first one.

  • its 16 players.

  • @coolVids19

    It isnt up for you? how could that be its up all around the world check your internet connection.

  • I’m liking the game a lot, but I can’t figure out why the makers cut the sides off of the screen on horizontal multiplayer. I only have a 30″ screen to start with, and with the cuts it looks more like a 19″. And vertical doesn’t let me see enough of the road. I hope that can be fixed with a patch so me and my girl can play without the headache it gave us last night.

  • Sweeet! It’s really a shame that we didn’t have the launch party for this and SOCOM that were expected to get. But I’ll try to praise this games greatness after I get it in my PS3. Thanks for nothing anonymous cowards. Get a real job.

  • Talk about the post, people! How rude.

    I’m looking forward to the demo for this game. I know it’s out, but I’d like to see how the game plays with all the chaos. I never did play the 2nd game, but the first Motorstorm has been one of my favorite video game racing experiences ever.

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