Latest Update on PSN Outage

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While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.

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  • meeeeedo!G.G

  • Yea too bad but you have to do what you gotta do to resolve the issue(s). Everybody is wondering what happened.

  • This sucks… I want more info.

  • wow how nice is this so much for a uncharted pluner event now has be canceled this weekend that i was gonna host for easter but now i can’t why to go SNEA you guys need to fix this and do what every it takes to get ruid of all them annoying hackers and etc who are runing our FUN on the Playstation Network

  • Well I have all of you beat. My PS3 died Tuesday morning so I went to buy a new slim model. I got it home, got the hard drive switched out. Restored my backup file and movies. Went to start the long process of redownloading and reinstalling all 67 of my PSN games and… no freaking network. I was already dreading starting this long tedious process and now the delay has really made it worse.

  • I hope LisaPomegranate will be ok not playing MAG for 2 days!

  • Also, the price of free my butt. I am a PS Plus member so I’m paying to be pissed off. Still, PSN has half the downtime of Live.

  • I love Playstation to death but for a company as big as Sony this unknown outage that will last for “one or two days” is really amateurish.

    Come on, guys, get it together. You can’t be having your network go down for days at a time and expect to be one of the big dogs.

  • oh thee agony of not being able to play online the hate i feel for the bastard that jacked up ps3 servers all over looks like ill have to play with the bots or play campaign on cod black ops

  • More than likely we have the wonderful hackers to thank for shutting down our favorite pastime.Good job guys sony wont know what to do when they dont recieve me monthly fe…………wait Sony doesnt charge [DELETED] for there network so why attack it and put all of the gamers in misery while we wait for them to “fix” the problem.I guess it would hurt if they dont have it back up in a week i am buying an x-box cause this everyweek not being able to log in is getting pretty old.

  • A day or two? Why did this have to happen right before the weekend…

  • How would it be related to the hackers, that has no reason behind it. Anyways, this is slightly annoying as I was going to play MK9 with some friends today and I can’t play T_T

  • NO!!!! Ughhh, better fix this soon sony…..

  • Until this is resolved……It’s time to go back to the good ol’ days before Online Gaming came around…..Offline Gaming XD

  • I hope it’s resolved by Friday, Uncharted 2 Triple Cash Weekend starts this Friday & ends Monday

  • People keep saying LIVE is better, but my friend says it crashes randomly all the time. Granted, its only short periods of time, but it still crashes.

    If you whine that you pay for PSN because you have +, that doesn’t count. You bought + for extra content, and it’s optional.

  • It’s gonna be more than 2 days.. it’s Easter weekend, they will just go home until Monday.. and leave us to wonder what is going on. Probably….

  • LOL @ Spidey817 …. So how long was YOUR MULTI MILLION DOLLAR gaming network down for ? Seriously … because you speak as if YOUR ONE OF THOSE BIG DOGS . Oh wait a minute you don’t own a network ??? Well then get back on the porch PUPPY !

  • well said Fuzzyclutter and very funny too lmao , some kids man i’ll tell you

  • Free avatars and themes as an apology?

  • Well hopefully this is fixed faster than 2 days as I was thinking about buying Dino Crisis 1 & 2, Threads of Fate and maybe Fancy Pants. Oh well luckily I did get a few other titles like Red Johnson’s and Puzzle Agent. I also got the inFamous beta and would love to try it out along with getting some online going in Socom 4.

  • @167 I hope so..

  • time to catch up on offline games – needed to do that anyway. being a network engineer for Sony is not a fun job right now, talk about pressure …

  • why dont you fellow gameers just pray to the Gaming GOD im sure he will hear us all out and grant us a gaming opporunity to save us from our miserable lives so we can have a good weekend or at least a good rest of the weekend

  • Ugh you people are silly, like i said before i doubt this is hacker related, and if it was, you are doing exactly what they want you to do, blame Sony. My personal belief is that this is related to the recently added Steam features which had a more heavy burden on their servers than they expected, causing it to crash, so what they are probably doing is making them better. Also i’m convinced no one plays single player on games which is really sad, you should play the single player before you even consider getting online, come on people. Nows a good time to play those campaigns and story modes most of you probably skipped out on.

  • @Ragnaroknight:

    SCEE has already admitted that this is hacker-related. The network has been DDoSed, the Store was hacked. The handful of Steam perks that Portal 2 added simply could not have done the sort of damage that Sony is trying to fix.

  • you all will be alright..

  • thanks sony for all the hard work
    thanks for making crackle available its a good time to watch free movies since psn is down

  • @sponge-worthy

    I was kinda just trying to get people to stop complaining lol, but thanks for the info =), like if you complain and blame Sony, you’re doing what the hackers want.

  • @167 not a bad idea at all! id be happy if they gave us the Dissidia Avatar Bundle that is available at Japanese PSN store

  • this is crazy they need to get on it asap im not paying for this

  • I can’t sign in at all. Really sucks as I was looking forward to play GT5 and Shift 2: Unleashed today. Oh, well. ;(

  • I Miss demon souls multiplayer i miss the blood stains the messages its just not the same anymore gah gonna have to play gran turismo 5 i guess LOL kill some time til the psn comes back

  • I love mps3 alot but i havent been able to log on for almost 2 days now if the problem is not fixed soon as well Sony improving Psn with a part system so i can easiyl stay in contact with my psn friends i will be buying a 360,

    You have done very well with Content Sony, But u have completely forgot about Social Gaming PLS FIX THIS ISSUE FAST OR I WILL BUY A 360 VERY SOON

  • I meant to say a PARTY SYSTEM BUILT INTO THE PS3 XMB INSTEAD OF THE GAME and better organization why dont u have a built in folder apart of the xmb that my movies and photos etc go in instead of me making mini folders underneath the icon its look clutterd like that ok that is all this has just been bugging me about the ps3

  • F***. XBOX 360 >

  • must play SOCOM beta……

  • It is what it is. Things like this can happen and it just did. Disappointing but not the end of the world. At most I believe PLUS users should be compensated for the down time and everyone else (myself included), needs to chill the hell out.

  • I love Sony, you could easily call me a fanboy, but the one thing that Sony does that I HATE is when this like this happen and they give very little details. I guess a “need to know” basis is reasonable, it just frustrates me

  • i know its a free servicem but just when i have holidays and i can play this happens, seems to be a very bad timing…

  • Well, that is interesting down for a full 2 days I thought Sony’s new security system was suppose to stop this.
    I am not going to name the system.

    But, I never been able to sign into the PSN forums and I been a legit user so, I am used to it. I even created 5 new accounts with them to end up useless after 5 days. And no its not a band , It is a glitch that has to do with the new forums. Heck I even tried a new PC Fresh out of the box and still no go…So I gave up on the American forums after I got a reply stating it was my OS issue. Eh Which OS I have 3 I ask them. I have OSX, Linux and Win7. they failed to reply. and it is pretty cold when they tell you it is an OS issue and don’t take the time to figure out what OS I am using. its been 2 months now with out the use of the american forums. and if they still want to think it is my OS then why can I sign into here and not the On-line forums?

  • Stop complaining about credit card info, you can cancel out any transactions that happen on your or the owner’s account and then sue the person who hacked the info by following their IP and data trail. I swear, is everyone on this comment page a bunch of lifeless 13 year olds? FIND BETTER THINGS TO DO

  • @ ClinToN Plus users arent paying for network usage , their paying for content . but seriosly those that pa to play DC UNIVERSE need to see if they can .

    @sponge worthy SCEE hasnt admitted to anything concrete .

  • A recent report has indicated that the Sony (TYO:6758) has stopped the manufacture and delivery of the Sony PSP Go in less than two years after it was initially introduced. An official Sony Computer Entertainment statement indicated that the Sony PSP Go will still continue to receive updates and support from the company although no units of eth Sony PSP Go will be coming out of the factory. According to the statement from the company, it will be concentrating on its latest gaming system, the NGP or Next Generation Portable.
    I wonder if the above article has any thing to do with them being down?

  • How could it be related to hackers?Seriously did u just start reading the news they were hacked by that stupid Annonymous group a couple weeks ago and people couldnt log in.

  • @KillerTomato(156) You sure about that comment? Half the downtime as LIVE? Really? I love PS3 as much as the next guy, but that’s just a load of ****. I’ve had PS3 for about four months now, and before my PS3 Slim, I had two other PS3’s. LIVE > PSN, sorry. Back on topic: I wanna play some Socom 4, come on, Sony. At least fix this by tomorrow afternoon, Jesus.

  • Hope you guys fix this!

  • Sony is it true that “SOE announced that it will eliminate 205 positions and close its Denver, Seattle and Tucson studios.”

    I am Curious, what is going on are you guys ok?

  • I was gonna try to do some Portal 2 Co-Op but I guess I’ll have to wait. At least they’re working as hard as they can, and hopefully fix it by tomorrow night.

  • @166: He has a legitimate point. For a network operation as large (in various terms: nodes, users, spending, etc.) as PSN to have such an apparent (since we don’t know the cause of outage) lack of redundancy or failover strategy seems like a pretty big FAIL.

    @189: Yeah, because touting your net-savvy attitude is real mature ;) It’s legitimate for people to worry about their credit card data being stolen. It’s even worse if they were using debit cards (which you really shouldn’t do). Not because any fraud cannot be undone, but because the process of reporting and cancelling those transactions is not always smooth.

    This *is* pretty lame. Perhaps the random seed used to encrypt passwords on their administrative accounts servers was returning a constant value :P (j/k, j/k)

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